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3 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in California

  • Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, 14011 Rices Crossing Road, North San Juan, California 95960, USA


Personal Yoga Retreat California

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary embraces all of the gifts and challenges that come with living side by side with an array of differing energies, ages, and perspectives while daily attuning themselves to the one reality behind all differences. Come and join a personal retreat at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary and reconnect with the true spirit of yoga!


  • Daily yoga classes
  • 2 meditation sessions a day
  • Enriching recreational places
  • Maintaining a flow of sadhana (spiritual practice)
  • Fresh, organic vegetables and fruits from the garden
  • Informal and homey atmosphere
  • Diverse wilderness around
  • 2 nights accommodation

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodations include 13 feet yurt style cabins. These are small but very nice, full of sunlight, and big on views. There is a spare bedroom available in the main house, where Naomi resides, alongside a shared guest bathroom that is accessible to yurt guest from the exterior. An outdoor bathroom with two sinks and two showers fed by solar-heated water lines is available for use in the summer months as is a comfortable, compostable outhouse.

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary has tent platforms and some other sweet tent sites spread throughout the property. They like to have long-term residents tent when possible to keep the cabins open for retreats and workshops. Nearly half the year is perfect for tenting at their elevation. The retreat center serves as both the facility for visiting guests and as a sustainable homestead for the current long-term residents and co-founders.

The facilities in general are simple; this is not a polished yoga resort. No saunas, hot tubs or lavish studios, just enough comfortable space to gather for meals, classes or events, and a wild and diverse wilderness around us to enjoy. Think high-vibration rural homestead, with a touch of elegance.


  • A large, booming garden and orchard that yields much of the food year round
  • A lending library of spiritual books
  • Artesian well flows with sweet water
  • Fully equipped garden-kitchen with plenty of organic produce, grains, and tea
  • Solar panels that provide electricity

Taking a personal retreat is the most popular way of experiencing the sanctuary. While allowing for an informal stay on the land, guests have the option to partake in any and all activities that are happening on site, as well as joining in on scenic daytrips. Daily yoga classes, group meditations, instruction in meditation, and evening classes on yoga theory are some of the on going events that are available.

Spend the days at the Sanctuary in any way you want to achieve personal spiritual goals. Get the perfect start to your day by joining the Sanctuary's meditation practice from Monday to Friday at 06:00 to 08:00 and on Saturday and Sunday at 07:00 to 10:00. Throughout the day, you are free to practice your personal spiritual and meditation routines without interruption. If you prefer to meditate in seclusion, the Sanctuary will accommodate your preference by serving your meals to you in seclusion. The Sanctuary will provide any support it can to ensure you have a retreat tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Jamie Van Ess

    Jamie is a co-founder of Pleasant Valley Sanctuary and has been serving, teaching, and growing there since 2002. He currently directs the Yoga Life internship program as well as leading frequent silent retreats. In the late 90s, he received training on the Kriya yoga path from the two organizations that openly share Kriya yoga initiation in the Yogananda tradition, here in the West.

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is located on a secluded and truly charming stretch of the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California. Adjacent to state park land, the retreat acreage is a scenic blend of meadows, seasonal creeks with waterfalls, and picturesque views of the rolling foothills that line the Yuba river canyon. The atmosphere is informal and homey, appealing to those who do not feel drawn to organized settings.

Meals are lovingly prepared and delicious, consisting largely of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, carried from the garden to the kitchen. The meal plan is influenced by Ayurvedic principles and most of any special dietary need can be accommodated. Guests are well fed with food full of life force that is simple and easy to digest. Pleasant Valley Sanctuary has become accustomed to getting enthusiastic compliments on their meals. Please contact Pleasant Valley Sanctuary for more information on special dietary requests.

The following meals are included:

  • Dinner

The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

  • Organic
  • Other dietary requirements on request
(If you have special dietary requirements its a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)
  • Going to the Yuba River which is only a couple miles away.
  • Hiking opportunities abound with a seldom used gravel road winding through the scenic Bridgeport state park.
  • Visiting a number of sacred spaces on-site, including the main temple and yoga studio and a private cave, that carries a very deep vibration from many hours of intense meditation over the years. These spaces are a huge support for meditators at any level.

Massage therapy

A variety of massages and therapeutic services are available upon request for an additional cost. These services include:

  • Swedish massage ( 90 USD for one hour, 150 USD for one and half hours, 180 USD for two hours)
  • Thai massage ( 90 USD for one hour, 150 USD for one and half hours, 180 USD for two hours)
  • Therapeutic massage ( 90 USD for one hour, 150 USD for one and half hours, 180 USD for two hours)
  • Mayan abdominal therapy ( 90 USD for one hour, 150 USD for one and half hours, 180 USD for two hours)
  • Nervous system rebalance ( 90 USD for one hour, 150 USD for one and half hours, 180 USD for two hours)

An additional setup fee may be charged for certain therapist. All massage services are available according to the availability of the therapist. Advance notice is required to book these services.

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Access to a large, booming garden and orchard
  • Access to a lending library of spiritual books
  • Access to the community room with tea and snacks available
  • Daily brunch and dinner made from fresh, organic vegetables and fruits from the garden
  • Daily yoga classes and meditation sessions
  • Linens
  • Maintaining a flow of sadhana (spiritual practice)

Driving directions from the south, through Sacramento

  • Go to Auburn on 80 and take 49 toward Grass Valley, Nevada City.
  • At Grass Valley, take 20 toward Marysville.
  • The second intersection with traffic lights is Pleasant Valley Road.
  • Turn right and go all the way down to the Yuba River. Once you see the river, you are about two miles away.
  • Continue up the other side of the canyon for a couple miles and Rices Crossing road will be on your left.
  • Turn and they are the first property on your left with a big sign.
  • Review by Rebecca from Redwood City, California

    "Our stay at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary was absolutely wonderful, my fiance and I headed there for a quiet weekend away just 3 weeks prior to our wedding. We chose to stay in a cabin (instead of a tent), which was a nice way to stay rustic but also comfortably. The volunteers and other guests were so interesting and friendly and we loved sharing yoga, meditation and meals with everyone. The retreat style we found to be very easy for us because you can opt in or out of any activity and we didn't feel any pressure or judgement no matter what we chose. As two people new to meditation, we were offered guidance and instruction, which was generous and helpful for our stay. My favorite parts of the stay were the shared meals and the yoga. The meals were clearly prepared with care and love, and there was more than enough food and options for us, even my non-vegetarian fiance loved the vegetarian food! We had morning yoga classes, each about 2 hours long! Normally, I would have been bored or looking at the clock after 50 minutes, but these classes were a dream. It could have been the serene nature setting, but also the teachers were wonderful (and different each day). During the daytime we headed down to the lake and found the hike to be challenging, but mainly because it was an extremely hot day, so if you love exercise like we do, I suggest a hike to the lake or river, but bring a lot of water! We would definitely recommend this yoga retreat to anyone looking for a very different experience- to get off the grid, outside of your comfort zone and back to your hear." website, edited

  • Review by Debra

    "The retreat was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. I loved the intentional community at the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary; the people are so warm, friendly and heartfelt. And the meals were wonderful, as well. It was the perfect combination of natural beauty, yoga and meditation.I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after my stay there." website, edited

  • Review by Jennifer

    "My sister and I met at the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary for a long mothers day getaway. It was the best three days we have had in years. Everyone was there was loving and kind. We rested well and learned a bunch about yoga and meditation. We can't wait to return. Thank you all so much!" website, edited

  • Review by Rachel Ward from London, UK

    "Pleasant Valley is a beautiful place, very calming and peaceful. I stayed in one of the two huts which are more secluded, very comfortable with my own terrace that looked out across the hills. You can also stay in tents which are placed around the land under cover which also looked very comfortable, one is even on the hill overlooking the creek and waterfall, absolutely beautiful. There is a regular bathroom and also outside solar powered showers which are wonderful, better to use in the afternoon once the sun has heated the water better. The food was delicious!! Cooked by a different staff member and introduced each day, it was mainly vegetarian and sometimes vegan, I was constantly asking how things were made so I can recreate it at home. Almost all of the vegetables and fruit are home grown in their organic garden and orchard. The yoga each morning was fantastic, mainly Hatha with teachings and guidance. I missed the morning meditations most days as I'm not a morning person but the evening ones were great. After dinner each day there was something planned, discussions on meditation techniques, yoga, spirituality them followed by an hour meditation, usually guided. The staff were also wonderful, some just there for a month or two and others living there permanently. From all over the world each bringing something useful to the community. They were all so welcoming, charming and interesting. Aside from that there is a beautiful creek with swimming pools and a waterfall right next to the house, and beautiful walks through the Yuba River national park. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a reset and reflection, or just some peace." website, edited

  • Review by Sannette

    "I had a fabulous, rejuvenating time. The people and atmosphere they create in combination with the surroundings is perfect for recharging and resting. My time there was exactly what I needed and I would recommend this to anyone who needs some peace and quiet in a loving, supported environment. Lots of love and light to everyone there!" website, edited

  • Review by Georgia Simone from California, USA

    "I chose to stay at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary because I was staying in the area and I really needed some retreat time. The first thing I noticed was how peaceful the land was. Clearly the ongoing energy of care for the land and spiritual practice has had its impact, and the land exudes deep rest - a direct invitation into solitude, meditation, and relaxation. That said, there is also the opportunity to very quickly and effortlessly integrate into the community here, so I really had the best of both worlds when it came to solitude, and interaction. I was pleasantly surprised by the unassuming friendliness of the residents, and the way in which they live and work together in harmony. I experienced the atmosphere to be relaxed and informal, with no imposed expectations. The land is also blessed with a creek where one can sit and bathe. The River Yuba is within walking distance and is powerful to swim in, not to mention utterly essential in the summer months. One can also simply stroll the land, or the state park nearby. Normally I don't like to operate according to routine but I found this schedule easy to slide into. I especially liked the chunk of time in the middle of the day where I could navigate my own time, without clock watching for the next activity. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes, and found the meditation room to be particularly potent for deep meditation. To cut a long story short, I knew I would return at some point, and I am now enjoying this place as part of a work exchange. As my experience here deepens I can say that nothing quite compares to the shared spiritual dedication among a family of beautiful, and committed souls. We live off the land, harnessing solar power for electricity, and grow many of our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We share spiritual practice, and often gather together for devotional chanting, and maybe even a game night or two. All in all, this place is a home for many who gather here, and has certainly in my case, found its way into my heart."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by A.G. from Rhode Island, USA

    "This place has been one of the most divine experiences of my journey so far, it has become a home. My time here has brought out the best in me and has left me feeling centered and grounded. Being able to apply my own creativity and gusto to the work exchange projects leaves me with a sense of worth and belonging. Pleasant Valley allows you to shine to your full potential with a supportive and knowledgeable community. Koia has taught me so much about Hatha Yoga and meditation to the extent that I can do my own practice in the mornings. The food is as divine as the atmosphere. Much of the food was harvested from the garden or from local markets, always fresh and organic. My skin is glowing! The outdoor kitchen situated in the garden is a real treat to cook and eat inhappy nature spirits at work. The Ananda Community is about 10 minutes away, giving off very high vibrations from visiting neighbors. Hot afternoons can be spent by the beautiful Yuba River, or reading in the temple. Such a treat to be a part of this sacred place, and I know I will soon return for a silent retreat. Love love love."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by A.M. from West Virginia, USA

    "I have learnt much from you and I am eternally grateful. I will continue on with what you have added to my spirituality. Good building materials I have been given here, I will use them to build, hopefully, a spiritual housing for my seeking."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by Katie

    "I had a great time at the Sanctuary. Even though I was only there for a few days I really felt that I connected with the staff and was able to begin a transformation that I have since carried outside the retreat. I love that place!" website, edited

  • Review by Judith from New York, USA

    "My retreat was fantastic! I had a very rejuvenating and rewarding experience. I would recommend Pleasant Valley Sanctuary to friends and family and will definitely be planning another stay myself in the future." website, edited

  • Review by Sangeeta from California, USA

    "I loved the yurt cabins, it had a comfortable bed, heat, a skylight, reading lamp, fan, chair, and dresser. I loved the unstructured format of the days (i.e. they provided an agenda but didn't require you to attend all the activities, you could grab food in the kitchen outside of meal hours). Very good yoga classes, satsang, and meditation sessions. Meals were prepared very thoughtfully, and were delicious. The residents at the Sanctuary were very open, warm, and friendly. Very simple, clean, beautiful, and quiet environment. It would have been useful to have an 'emergency contact' on site if we had questions during our stay (e.g. our heater stopped working at 9 pm and we couldn't find anyone to help fix it). It would be useful if the Sanctuary could provide a list of "things to do" in the area during the allotted free time (e.g. nearby trails, how to get to the Yuba River, books available on site in the library, etc)." website, edited

  • Review by Cindy from California, USA

    " My retreat was a great experience. I learned so much, and had incredible teachers." website, edited

  • Review by Matt from California, USA

    "My yoga retreat was wonderful. The cabin was great, just what I needed. Yoga was awesome. Meditation sessions were outstanding. The people there were great, friendly, and very helpful. I had a great time at the Pleasant Valley yoga retreat, just what I needed - the opposite of an airport and, an office." website, edited

  • Review by Pascale Cardozo from Barcelona, Spain

    "I stayed as a guest at the Sanctuary for 8 days in September 15. I just quit my very stressful and demanding job, and this was the perfect place to refuel my batteries, get deeper into my yoga practice, and be welcomed by nature. If you are looking to get away, and deepen your practice in a beautiful place within a fair budget, I highly recommend this destination. The best part is the flexibility, as others stated. You can participate in whatever you want, no commitments. The team is young and enthusiastic, with a goal of making this a diamond in the ruff destination for yogis, and positive people looking to learn more about themselves, and their spirituality. I look forward to seeing the new cabins and programs being developed by Jamie and team."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Emily from England

    "My stay was perfect. I would give them a 10/10. In particular the food and the massage that was arranged for me. They were so welcoming and inclusive but also happy to leave me be when I wanted quiet time. Lovely people and a beautiful location! I will be planning another trip there soon." website, edited

  • Review by Snow Piao from China

    "My silent retreat at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary was everything I hoped for, and beyond. The people there are so kind. They cooked and cleaned and took care of the gardens. I had some of the most delicious food there. Everyone there cares about each other, and cared about me while I was there. They made sure I had everything I need during the stay. They made sure I knew what I was getting into and taught me a lot of the meditation skills before and during the silent retreat. I came out of that place feeling so much more calm, and clear. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself." website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Canada

    "Magical is the only word I can use to describe Pleasant Valley Sanctuary. The staff and yogi's are incredible, the vegetarian meals are amazing, and the yoga classes are top notch. Also there is a beautiful river that you can take about a 40min walk to that is so beautiful and peaceful (plus the walk is surrounded with beautiful mountain scenery). Feel very blessed to have gone on a solo trip for 5 days here. Thank you Pleasant Valley Sanctuary for making me feel welcome and at home."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ishwar from India

    "I loved my time at Pleasant Valley retreat. It was life affirming and helped me reinvigorate my yoga practice. The environment, food and most of all the interns and teachers are amazing people. They are very kind hearted people and generous with their knowledge. " website, edited

  • Review by Courtney from US

    "I spent a peaceful weekend at The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary. I loved swimming in the Yuba River (the Sanctuary Staff pointed a trail that leads to a less crowded swimming hole which was divine) and the early morning yoga sessions. It was the perfect place to commune with nature and listen carefully. I hope to return some time in the future." website, edited

  • Review by Lindsey from USA

    "I spent a week at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, and it was exactly what I needed. I learned some new things, I explored new places, I ate really good food, but most importantly, I met some amazing people! I was able to develop some new healthy habits in a short amount of time, and I'm already noticing a difference. I would definitely recommend this retreat, and I definitely plan to return!"

    BookYogaRetreat website, edited

  • Review by Jeff from USA

    "The yoga retreat was a divine, nature centered, vegetarian, hiking delight." website, edited

  • Review by Neela from India

    "We had a fantastic time at the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary. The yoga classes by Maya were excellent and felt very refreshed and energetic. Maya is an inspiring teacher and she led the class with so much attention to every detail. Her positive warm spirit was contagious. Healthy food served everyday was a treat including plenty of fresh greens grown right at the farm. The many spiritual conversations with Sirian and Jamie were thought provoking and interesting. The Kirtans every evening were soulful. Hiking the beautiful Yuba river trail with Naomi was a bonus. Thank you all for a memorable retreat. Eager to come back soon." website, edited

  • Review by Katie from Santa Monica, CA, USA

    "My stay at PVS was short but sweet for certain. I only was able to stay one night but it was fantastic! The owner Naomi is a beautiful soul and the people who live / work on the land are just as wonderful. I enjoyed all the delicious fresh meals prepared and the full moon late night canyon topped it off. " website, edited

  • Review by Veronica from Lausanne, Switzerland

    "I had an amazing experience in Pleasant Valley, there's one and a half hours yoga per day, and there is also meditation and classes on the theory of yoga. Jamie is so wise and understanding and I felt right at home. There is great freedom and love in this little paradise. I would recommend it for open minded people. I felt so energized with the great food and the atmosphere. It is certainly a place to find oneself." website, edited

  • Review by C. Heywood

    "My time at this miracle Sanctuary was magical, mystical, transformative and shed so much light and clarity upon my journey. I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful souls that hold the space, maintaining its high vibration and smooth flow. Jamie has incredible depth and understanding of the soul and so has great versatility when it comes to leading others, mindful of their individual strengths and offering beautiful support when the time calls for it. Naomi offers grace and warmth in wonderful doses. She's more than happy to assist those seeking Spirit connection with her varied and lifelong experiences in meditation and yoga."

    "I do hope I can return sooner rather than later."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by L. Hendricks

    "Im not quite sure how to describe on this little piece of paper how special and vital to my overall being spending my week up here has beenI was divinely guided and have continued to be the entire time Ive been here. I have felt nothing besides safe, comfortable, welcomed and understood. I cannot put a price on the experience I have had here with all of you."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by Jemma P.

    "Thank you for reawakening my spirit with incredible doses of wisdom and light! Thank you for being an inspiration of stillness, compassion, and devotion to the infinite. This has been a profound and epiphany-filled living and learning experience which has left me feeling totally transformed and refreshed!"

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by Shabnam A.

    "These past days have not only brought me back to my center, but shone new light in dormant places of my soul. I will look back on this small sliver of time with you often. Thank you for teaching me how simple and perfect this world can be."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by Karen M.

    "Words cannot describe how wonderful my time was at the sanctuary. The natural beauty was amazing, but it didnt come close to the beautiful people I met while there. Naomi and Jamie will be forever etched in my memory as inspiring teachers. Their wisdom and kindness radiates throughout everything they do. I was a beginner in meditation and yoga practices, but the sanctuary opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the divine everywhere. So much love to everyone there."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by B.J. Fromm from USA

    "I left feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually elevated. As if I actually graduated into the next phase of life, as a better, clearer, higher, calmer, more aware soul than the one I was upon arriving. This last stretch of time here at the sanctuary has been transformative and quite pivotal for me. I will even go so far as to say this last week / two / month has been one of the most clear and positive periods of my life (and thats saying a lot!). Ive been waking up alive and giddy and positive and motivatedthe cherry on top being, Im also waking up calm, peaceful, and most amazingly: unhurried."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by W.S. Reno from Nevada, USA

    "Wonderful healing experience, the food was medicine for my body mind and soul. I loved the yoga, meditation and chanting. You are shining stars. Thank you!"

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by A.S. Berkeley from California, USA

    "For those seeking spiritual support, transformation, and community, The Sanctuary offers abundance. My time here has been a magical journey. We meditate morning and evening, work in the garden, plant and harvest organic vegetables, eat real tasty food (I never liked watermelon until I tried one from the garden, there is realness within the food), work on many different projects such as creating paths, clearing spaces within the forest for more tents, harvest beautiful Surya flowers. The vibrations in the Sanctuary, and throughout the Ridge, are full of power which really supports the inward transformation for Divine Spirit. Jamie is full of spiritual support and awakenings with many years experience with meditation and Raja Yoga. Hes an inspirational guide to the Divine:) OM Shanti Shanti Shanti."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by M. Eskina from USA

    "My life has been shifted entirely thanks to the space, practice and environment that you have created here. No wonder my road led me here. Theres not much I can say besides thank you."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by C.R. from New York, USA

    "A homey, relaxed atmosphere perfect for cultivating sanity and good health. The food is to die for, (almost everything comes right out of their own garden), and the hospitality is unmatched anywhere Im sure. Whether youre looking to meditate six hours a day, or just relax in a healthy, beautiful, and soulful environment, Pleasant Valley Sanctuary will tailor a retreat thats perfect for you. Also, the cost is unbelievably reasonable - a testament to the generosity and earnestness of the hosts."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by G.R. from Denver, USA

    "I just wanted to write and say thank you again for accepting me into the Pleasant Valley Sanctuary community. I feel like my time there really brought a lot of things to the surface for me, and opened my eyes to the joy that I can feel from inside of myself. I think that what you are doing is amazing, and I am thankful that you are sharing it with the world."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by R. Smith from USA

    "I think about the sanctuary and our meditations/discussions every day. I have never had a practice and teachings resonate so strongly and passionately. I cant thank you enough for that!."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by H.P. from Utah, USA

    "What an amazing retreat center. The cave and the temple have such a high vibration. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and garden. Beautiful! I found it a perfect environment to go deep into my practice. Total Bliss!"

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by A.N. from Baltimore, USA

    "I feel so fortunate to have spent time at this retreat, and learned so much. I cant thank you enough for everything you've done for me. After coming back to Baltimore I felt so spiritually awakened and excited, life has been very different for me"

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

  • Review by Ella B. from Canada

    "The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is one of the most inspiring places I've been to. Seeing this small community living in a mindful way, not in India or Bali, but here in California. This is the place to connect to yourself and to connected to nature. The sky full of stars and the river is full of joy, a great place for a personal yoga retreat."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jerome P.

    "A great place to unwind, relax, become still and look inward through yoga, meditation, hiking, and reading. Great food, spectacular scenery and thoughtful people. I travelled on a personal retreat and participated in yoga, meditation, kirtan, and meals. What Pleasant Vally does very well is not put any pressure on you to do anything. It's all about personal choice, and some of my most rewarding times were spent at the dinner table in conversation with the staff and interns."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Alex H. from London, UK

    "I would 100% recommend Pleasant Valley Sanctuary. I had a wonderful week there staying in a tent to myself, practicing yoga every morning and meditation. The remote setting and peaceful nature of both the environment and staff enabled me to master a level of 'calm' and meditation that I haven't been able to previously. I felt I learnt a lot in a short time, and met some amazing people, both guests, and staff. The Pleasant Valley family are filled with wisdom but also wit, and don't take themselves too seriously, which made for a rich environment of spiritual development combined with fun, and warm energy. I liked how laid back and open the program was to follow your own schedule or as much of theirs as you wished. My best retreat experience to date."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by D.D. from New York, USA

    "The air is different here. Whenever I breathe in here I feel peace, acceptance and love. From the moment I arrived my experience with the people here has been everything I needed and more. A place like the Sanctuary attracts those who are looking for a home with others where their spiritual thirsty quest for love and acceptance is nurtured. The warm vibrant energy of the people here has embraced me like majestic wings and I feel so grateful to have met people who are working on being closer to the divine and being consciously aware."

    The Pleasant Valley Sanctuary website, edited

California, United States

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