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Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Pilates Retreat Asia offers high quality, luxurious, and meticulously planned Pilates, wellness, and yoga retreats around the world.

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from US$1,468
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Mareile Paley

Core Pilates NYC (Pilates Instructor)

Mareile is an internationally recognized, innately talented Pilates instructor with a deep passion for the human body and its inextricable link to mental wellness. An eternal optimist, Mareile continues to pirouette through life as a steadfast business owner, insatiable traveler, passionate movement teacher, creative entrepreneur, forever loving graphic designer, devoted wife, and patient mother of two hyperactive boys.

Evelyn Dann

Evelyn Dann is one of the instructors in this retreat.

Testimonials 10

  • Natalie United Kingdom

    Pilates Retreat Asia

    I could say so much about the week, I don’t know where to begin. I really loved the balance between yoga and Pilates. I was looking for an introduction to Pilates, and ideally in a way I could combine it with my existing yoga practice, and I got exactly that. I would be delighted to be able to join you both on a future retreat, be it Turkey or elsewhere.

  • Inge Australia

    Pilates Retreat Asia

    Loved the Pilates Retreat with Mareile in Koh Samui. It was very relaxing, amazing food, beautiful location, lovely people and good accommodation. It was the perfect week away to unwind. Would highly recommend it!

  • Sandy United States

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    I thought the retreat was really well-planned and executed. When I signed up, I wasnt sure what to expect since Ive never done anything like this. But I thought the schedule for the day (balance of pilates and time off) worked really well and I loved the flexibility. I was particularly appreciate of the way you opened your home to us inviting me to the beach that first day I was there, having us over to dinner, etc. That was so sweet of you and really added to the feeling of connectedness that I thought was present throughout the retreat.

  • Verena Germany

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    I have been on several different retreats before. Pilates Retreat Asia exceeded my expectations as it was a holistic and private retreat with authentic care for mind, body and soul in a wonderful secluded, inspiring setting. In particular the authentic, personal and professional care from Mareile during the Pilates sessions and beyond made this an extraordinary experience.

  • Elise United States

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    Mareile does a wonderful job of working to make sure that all retreat participants have a meaningful experience, whether you are just a beginner or you have been practicing for years. The instructors were incredibly hands-on, and the location exquisite. I cant wait for the chance to sign up for another retreat!

  • Kate United States

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    The retreat I did in Turkey October 2014 nourished my body and spirit with personalized Pilates training in a beautiful place with an amazing group of wonderful new friends. I was reminded that new adventures are exhilarating so jump in!

  • Simon

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    Dear Mareile, It was so great to get to meet you and your family. Thank you for the amazing workshop. I am inspired to incorporate Pilates into my routine.

  • Sene South Africa

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    I just have to compliment you on how you managed to put together such amazing instructors that complimented each other so well. Having Tash and Casey as our leaders in making our bodies move the way they did made the retreat such an incredible experience for me. Words cannot explain, the emotions that were stirred up, the feeling of freedom, the feeling of accomplishment and being surrounded with the most special girls and environment.

  • Ken and Amani China

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    Kamalaya itself is wonderful and stunning. The combination with functional exercise and Pilates meant that the entire trip was a great balance between food, relaxation, physical exercise, enrichment of the spirit and rejuvenation of the soul. Thanks so much Mareile. Hope to do it again next year!

  • Dalia United States

    Pilates Retreat Asia website

    My best single memory of your retreat week at Kamalaya? I have more than one for sure! Two that pop in my head right away are: Swimming in the ocean with Andrew and Thilo and almost getting caught up in the middle of a storm! And, the dinner on the beach with the whole group! That was amazing!

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