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Phuket Cleanse

Phuket Cleanse is Thailand’s #1 Fitness & Health Retreat offering accommodation and different programs for its guests.

Instructors 2

Stanislav Salienko

He is an International Professional Yoga Teacher certified with International Yoga Alliance of RYT 300 and RYT 500. He passed professional training in various styles of yoga in Mysore (India). He also has a personal long experience of veganism and a healthy balanced diet. His yoga styles including Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Akro Yoga, and Arial Yoga (in hammocks).

Lexi Bosman

Lexi attained her Hatha/Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate in April 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then she has completed her 320 hours online 'Yoga Fundamentals' course through Yoga Synergy with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. In March 2018 Lexi also completed a 50-hour aerial yoga teacher training in Koh Pangnan, Thailand. Her passion is teaching dynamic, playful flow classes which encourage students to connect to their internal world through the use of breath, movement & creativity. Lexi's classes cultivate strength, flexibility and a sense of inner peace.

Reviews 3


from Singapore, August 2017

"Good place to relax and disconnect"

All the team were super nice, inclusive and welcoming.

I enjoyed the meditation sessions run by Anna. Neuro light meditation was great and a must try.

The evening "learning" sessions were really good; having experts available and on hand to answer questions and introduce new information was an added bonus that I hadn't expected to the degree we received.

I loved the cooking classes too with Abby - obsessed with Cacao after this plus she has a great energy.

There are a lot of activities on the schedule and would recommend at least 5-7 days so you can go at a steady pace and not burn yourself out trying to pack everything in.

Ending the evening with massages everyday was amazing!


from United States, February 2018


The location, the beautifuls villas, the staff, the quality of the trainings and the delicious food. And all the tiny details that make you feel at home. I met great people there which whom I was happy to share diner or train with.

Testimonials 5

richstokoe United Kingdom


My partner wanted to have the experience of healthy eating and healthy living. I was wholeheartedly sceptical about the whole thing, especially as the price isn't to be sniffed at of staying there. That, and the fact that the main selling points seemed to be eating weeds, drinking grotesque sounding smoothies and being dunked in an ice bath for enough time to contract hypothermia, meant I wasn't really feeling the love for going. I don't often say this, but I was wrong. Badly wrong.

Phuket Cleanse is something I have never experienced. A down to earth naturally bubbly and enthusiastic staff through to raw vegan food that even the best meat dishes would struggle to beat for flavour, workouts that push to to the brink of exhaustion if you want it to, scientific body analysis, meditation and breathing techniques that work and relaxing pursuits from stand up paddle boarding to gentle cycle rides all contributed to an incredible and life changing experience. All that in just six days.

I didn't feel pampered. I felt like I got out what I put in. I felt loved and that I could achieve things, like doing aerial yoga or kick boxing, which I would never dream of doing whilst back at home.

Perhaps my only criticism would be some of the other guests which, whilst would be a trivial matter in other venues, can make or break a trip to here. Some were lazy, some were greedy and some were spoilt. Certain activities were hogged by rude individuals which stopped others from trying them. Some took the best food or drinks. And some moaned.

But that was a tiny grips since there is so much fun and love to be had elsewhere in the Phuket Cleanse world that it didn't matter that these people were there to us.

Would I recommend this place? - my goodness yes. Is it worth it? - absolutely yes.

We hoped to take one thing each away from the experience, in the end we took about 20 things. It will be tough to implement but already the caffeine has gone as has dairy. Bikram yoga is coming next week and juice fasting too. This come from a man who smoked 20 a day and did no exercise 5 years ago!!!

Bec K


“Best rejuvenation holiday I've ever experienced”

I spent 2 weeks at PC and honestly, best thing I've done in ages. The standard diet here is raw vegan keto, but you can stray off slightly by requesting fish and/or steamed vegies if you like. The daily exercise schedule is mind boggling and caters to all ages and abilities, and all the peaks and troughs of your own PC experience. PC seems to be a meeting point for practitioners from around the world, so you'll have a different experience each time you come. From world class sportspeople, sports scientists and nutritionists - through to spiritual healers, pilates, meditation and yoga - honestly you will be hard pressed to do everything in one visit. Accommodation is great, but if you've only ever stayed at 5 star resorts with air-conditioned gyms, prepare to be moved slightly outside your comfort zone. You will work harder than ever before but you will get results you've never achieved before. I will make this an annual stay.

Andrew L


We would have never have imagined we'd have been sad to leave a place where we were fed only raw vegan food, where coffee, alcohol, sugar and carbs were prohibited, where we got flogged senseless 3-4 times a day, be it Hiit, Strength training, Bikram Yoga, TRX, horrific hill runs, Thai Massages that made us scream in agony, ice baths etc.

On the other hand it was all balanced with cycling, snorkelling, Stand Up Paddleboarding, guided meditations, Reiki sessions, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Visyana Flow Yoga, saunas, pool time, beach time, market shopping, a boat trip to Coral Island, 4 x cooking classes, 6 x educational/inspirational talks, breathing classes etc.

The staff were brilliant, supportive, caring, attentive and passionate.

The food was outstanding and Mukesh is a genius in the kitchen.

The talks we attended were all deeply informative and delivered by experts happy to freely share their wisdom.

For anyone looking for the perfect place to re-create, rejuvenate and nurture yourself, we cannot recommend Phuket Cleanse more highly.

Stellayyl Hong Kong


“Best investment I've ever made for myself”

Phuket Cleanse lead by example, through the diverse activities available from SUP boarding, Muay Thai, Yoga, HIIT to snorkeling (just to name a few personal favorites) - you are bound to find one that suits your need. PC has a good balance of trainers and practitioners who are all experts in their fields – the more experienced ones will give you the confidence and safety net to break out of your comfort zones to try something new, while the younger staff are engaging, fun, motivating and pushes your limits! Training aside, you also have a fair amount of recovery sessions from ice bath, steam, meditation, physiotherapy and massages to ensure you get the optimal results from all your hard training!

Mind you, this is not a five star resort, so do manage your expectations. Having said that, they hold the same principles in everything they do – it’s not about perfection, but the consistency in always going the extra mile, and they do it with such heart – that’s why they are the silver bullet in their field. With that, they attract like-minded people from all around the world, and you ended up making lifelong friendships.

Yes, the food is raw vegan and as a carnivore, I have absolutely no complains on that front, so take advantage of their cooking classes so you can replicate at home. They also have talks on nutrients and overall well-being which gives you a fresh perspective and approach to what you consume and how you want to live your life.

PC builds a wonderful platform to help you reset your life and to kickstart your transformation. Everyone leaves PC with happy tears and the biggest smile…not only have our goals been met, but we walked away with so much more…healthy, confident, happy and love.

I dare say I found myself at Phuket Cleanse. This has now become a home away from home, I’ll definitely be back.

Sharmayne United Kingdom


I recently stayed at Phuket Cleanse to kick start my new year, healthy eating regime and try some new types of exercise. I was looking forward to trying clean eating and the complimentary massages. I didnt expect to find all that and so much more. The facilities are fabulous, the rooms are spacious and clean. The food was not only clean healthy and delicious, but then there were cooking classes to help you bring it home (I am a chai pudding and quinoa convert since being home) and the talks to help you better understand nutrition.

Being at Phuket Cleanse is like being part of an incredible family. Stanton and Mel have created a hub of activity and relaxation with such positivity all in one go. I thoroughly enjoyed trying paddle boarding with Tina and Ben, TRX and HIIT with Eli and Jason, completely fell in love with Bikram Yoga with Simon and had so much fun with aerial yoga I've now got social media profile pictures for years to come. The best part about my trip was seeing the sunrise in so many different contexts (and I am not a morning person), I almost forgot it was early. There was Yoga on the beach, running around the lake and a hike up to Big Buddha. I need to go back and do the hike from Kata Beach timing did not permit. My whole time at Phuket Cleanse was supported physically and emotionally, with plenty of activity but also plenty of rest and recovery. Amber was a complete star for me, she helped settle me in but also provided assistance and answers whenever I needed them - completely enjoyed my personalised yoga session too. I've made some life long friends from across the globe and I miss it already. I cant wait to go back as I have yet to try so much even though I packed it in! I cannot recommend this oasis in Rawai enough. You will get out way more than you expect, I promise.

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