Phillipayoga offers a range of yoga classes in London and also runs retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad.

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Peter C.

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Phillipa was able to accommodate everyone's yoga level and progressed slowly throughout the week and each of us had progressed in one way or the other. She was very open and easy going, fun to have around. Can't wait to go back with Phillipa and most probably back to Santa Maria del Sole.

Catherine P.

Phillipayoga website

Phillipa is wonderful, she offers a wealth of knowledge in both Ashtanga and Iyengar but is very non-dogmatic and unpretentious in the way she teaches. A joy to learn from her.

Vanessa R.

Phillipayoga website

Phillipa made the holiday, she is not only an amazing and very knowledgeable teacher, but she also has a special aura, kindness, and energy, and makes everyone smile and feel good! She was very flexible and made everyone very happy.

Sophie S.

Phillipayoga website

Phillipa is a great teacher! She is very knowledgeable in Ashtanga and Iyengar and I very much enjoyed our conversations. She accommodated everyone's level of yoga and I was able to deepen my practice. I had a relaxing and lovely time. The food was amazing, and the location and villa is beautiful. I highly recommend any retreat by Phillipa!

Katie L.

Phillipayoga website

I loved the yoga, Phillipa knows the practice inside out, she has complete understanding of alignment in the postures which from my experience is rare. This means you can move much further in the postures. The house was beautiful and very old. We had a vegetarian cook who created great tasting food. Phillipa is a strong teacher and a thoughtful and encouraging host. Overall I feel energized, refreshed, and a little transformed for the better, a great experience.

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