Pete Guinosso Yoga creates yoga retreats with a spiritual yet light-hearted environment for students to uncover the benefits of yoga.

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Maggie Ng

from United States, January 2020

"A lifelong memorable experience"

It's hard to use a traditional travel site review rating system to do justice to Pete's new year retreat. Because it's very spiritual. As someone walking in with barely any yoga and absolutely no retreat experience, I managed to fully engage and open my heart and mind right away. From then, every moment was beyond expectation, including the sharing, meditation, yoga, hiking, and all the small chats/laughters here and there with everyone else at the retreat. It's sincere, but no serious; it's authentic but casual. Thankful...


from United States, January 2020

"Wonderful way to start the year!"

The land of medicine Buddha is beautiful and calming. The rooms are simple but comfortable. The vegetarian food was flavorful and filling with Gluten free and vegan options. There is a fridge if you have to bring your own food. There are always a nice tea selection.

The retreat with Pete was everything I was looking for: Meditation, Yoga, hikes, personal exploration and lots of laughter.

Many of the attendees (about 25) were from the Bay Area and have taken classes with Pete for years. There were a few out of town people. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive.

I would consider the yoga intermediate level but Pete is always there for modification and instruction. There were a few people new to yoga.

The weather is cool and damp (it is the area’s rainy season) but the yoga is in a heated room