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4 Days Transformative Yoga Retreat in USA

  • St. Crispin's Conference Center, 36302 St Highway 9, Wewoka, Oklahoma 74884, USA

Yoga Retreat USA

Deep inside you all yearn to recognize love, experience love and develop the capacity to love. Fortunately, you can fulfill this desire by practicing the six elements of love. With practice these capacities gradually grow strong and heal. Then you realize you are not alone and that human life is precious. You learn to be a true friend to yourselves and to others. The compassion becomes a steady force and you discover that joy and happiness are readily available, which motivates you to practice accessing them. Developing the capacities of the hearts doesnt spontaneously happen, it occurs gradually, through ongoing practice. You do experience noticeable changes as you progress. Other changes are subtle and show up over time. You learn to enjoy present moment living, to cultivate inner happiness, to treat the suffering with understanding, to trust in the goodness of life, to let go, let be and move on.


  • Art therapy classes
  • Gentle yoga classes
  • Mindfulness meditation classes
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • All meals
  • 4 days with instruction
  • English
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Each room contains two twin-size beds, a private bathroom, two desks, and an air-conditioning and heating unit. Linens and towels are provided, but you are asked to make your own bed. The Living Room is a comfortable common area open to any guest at any time. Relax to the sounds of the crackling fireplace, or play a board game around the table.


St. Crispins has ten bunkhouse cabins that will accommodate up to 120 people. Unfurnished bunk beds, a short walk to the bathhouse, and air conditioner and heater units - a great choice for those looking for the true camp experience. The cabins generally are open for use from March to mid-May and August to mid-November.

Oakerhater lodge

Oakerhater lodges architecture is its distinctive feature. Guests often request the warm, cozy, and pastoral setting evoked by the buildings wooden beams, lofty ceiling, and sandstone fireplace. Two hallways containing 16 hotel-style rooms flank the common area, providing sleeping accommodations for up to 32 guests. Each room has its own bathroom as well as access to the front or back porches.

In the daily lives you inevitably get caught up in the business of routine tasks. You dont take the time to strengthen the capacities most central to the happiness and wellbeing. For this reason it is truly invaluable to set aside time for retreat. One of the great values of spiritual retreats is that it builds your capacity to witness your thoughts. In doing so, your mind quiets and you enter into an extraordinary world of stillness and acceptance of what is. Resting in this quiet is wonderful by itself. It also gives you a center within, where you can see yourself through the eyes of your heart.

Throughout the retreat, outside of guided group discussions, you will maintain silence to facilitate deep transformation. The most transformative spiritual practices have been combined to create a powerful spiritual and psychological container for connecting into the inner wellspring of true happiness and peace.

Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness practices take you into the direct experience of the present moment in two ways. The first way is by becoming aware of your inner body. Doing so connects you to your inner selves so that you are not lost in thinking. You become embodied, in-the-body.

The easiest way to become aware of your inner body is by paying attention to the movement of breath. When your attention is focused on the flow of breath moving in and out, thoughts subside. Your mind becomes engrossed with breathing and becomes quiet. You orient to the inner world.

The second way of coming into present moment awareness is by focusing on what you perceive through the sensory capacities of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Paying attention to sensory perception connects you to the immediate world around you.

Silence at retreat

A retreat is a much needed break from daily responsibility and routine. It is a time to center and tend to the inner life. Other than two group meetings daily, the retreat is held in silence. Silence is a profound spiritual practice that allows you to move into your inner core and discover its inherent peace and tranquility.

You learn to connect to stillness and experience the wisdom, clarity and joy that arises from its depths. Silence is richly nurturing, yet some are initially uncomfortable with it, fearing that unwelcome memories and thoughts will arise.

In retreat you will discover that thoughts are just events in the mind and not reality. You learn to witness these inner events and not identify with them which transforms life. Together, the group creates a safe container for silence.

Transformational practice

There are only two things you can become aware of, that which is true in your life and what is false. Habits, old stories, memories, and anticipations are false in that they stem from thoughts about the past or the future.

Events in the mind, they seem real because they live in the body and mind and are experienced as repeated patterns, motivations and uncomfortable emotions. They recur because you are unaware of them. Once you become conscious, they lose their life energy and their grip on you.

In retreat you engage practices to help you become conscious of old stories, ideas, and habits that recycle over and over. Nothing is forced or pressured. You simply invite that which is ready to come into awareness to do so.

St. Crispin's Retreat Center is located on 400 acres in the rolling, oak-covered hills of Seminole County within easy driving distance of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There are quiet hiking trails and two lakes that convey a felt sense of peacefulness, stillness, and serenity.

The retreat center lodge overlooks a tranquil lake surrounded by native oak-covered hills. The facility is a modern conference center with hotel style rooms. Each room has two twin beds and a private bathroom.

  • Art classes
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Lake
  • Lounge
  • Conference room
  • Wireless internet

St. Crispins proudly serves delicious, well-balanced meals in the dining hall that holds up to 200 people. From homemade blueberry bake for breakfast to lasagna for dinner, guests never leave the dining hall hungry. Dont pass up the fully stocked salad bar that includes yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, and mixed green salads for dinner (often with fresh vegetables from the garden). Vegetarian, gluten-free, or other dietary needs can be accommodated on request.

Listen to beautiful, evocative music

Participate in directed conversations

Play a board game around the table

Practice mindfulness meditation

Relax to the sounds of the crackling fireplace

Treat yourself with yoga classes

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • All meals included
  • Art therapy classes
  • Gentle yoga classes
  • Mindfulness meditation classes
  • Retreat center overlooking lake

Driving directions from the West

East on I-40 to Exit 200 (Highway 99, Seminole)

South on Highway 99 to stoplight (approximately 10 miles - Braum's on right)

East on Highway 9 for seven and a half miles, St. Crispin's on right.

Driving directions from the East

  • West on I-40 to Exit 212 (Highway 56, Wewoka).
  • South on Highway 56 to 4-way stoplight (approximately ten miles).
  • West on Highway 9 for four and a half miles, St. Crispin's on left.

Arrival by airplane

  • Please book your flight at Will Rogers World Airport (OKC), or Tulsa International Airport (TUL).


  • Tulsa International Airport (TUL) - 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) - 20 minutes


  • Review by Eric Steele

    "When I first discovered the retreat would be held in sacred silence, I wasn't so sure if I really wanted to attend. I love to talk and get to know new people, especially individuals I'll be spending several days with.However, I pushed through my apprehension and was rewarded with a profound, deep inner-peace I have never known before. The silence turned out to be much easier than I thought it would and was actually very soothing. I was amazed at how quickly the incessant voices quieted in my mind just by becoming a still and silent witness to everything around me.The environment Rick and Mary created was socially safe. Our daily schedule was well - organized and the setting at St. Crispin's Lodge was ideal. The retreat was nicely balanced between the gentle yoga, meditation and group inquiry exercises, while still leaving us some time to explore the beautiful property and squeeze in an occasional nap. The meals were nutritious and delicious, while eating in silence transformed my taste buds and awareness of what I was actually consuming to an entirely new level.What impressed me the most though was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from both Rick and Mary the entire retreat. In group inquiry sessions, we were never once told what we had to believe in, or explore, to find our own inner peace or guidance, we were only given suggestions from a rich tradition of perennial wisdom and encouraged to find the connection and truth that was pertinent to each of us as individuals on our own path of personal transformation. I highly recommend this retreat experience to anyone who would like to plant seeds for, or reconnect with, their spiritual growth and maturation.Namaste"

    Personal Transformation website, edited

  • Review by Kay Sweeney

    "I was so anxious about committing to this retreat! Although I felt my motives were good, it was hard to know what to expect in terms of my own adaptability and comfort with the unknowns I was so casually waltzing into. As I have done so many times in my 65 years, I went with my heart and the almost constant reminder voice in my head on the last day to make the reservation.The experience was almost too good to articulate, I want to so that if someone reading this will benefit half as much as I did, that they will hear this. It was pure. It was healing. It was non invasive. It was non-threatening. It was pure. It was love. It was restful. I am still resonating with the inner glow of growing a little, having hope that I can continue to grow and change and become a bit more loving as I age. Did I mention pure?There was simply no pressure to do or be or believe anything other than to take a look inside and upward and gracefully connect the two.Rick and Mary, thank you."

    Personal Transformation website, edited

  • Review by Joseph A. P, Ph.D from Bristol, UK

    "I have now worked as a clinical psychologist for slightly over thirty years. During this time there has been increasing interest in mindfulness and meditation within mainstream psychology. Within the past five years alone there have been nearly three hundred articles published in mainstream psychological journals focusing on the effects of mindfulness practice and meditation. The results in study after study have been overwhelmingly positive.Just this month (11/08) yet another study was published showing that the type of mindfulness practice that these researchers taught not only increased mindfulness, but helped individuals to better identify their purposes in life, to increase social support, and to decrease illness symptoms. The researchers concluded that those practicing mindfulness and meditation reported increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms. This study was representative of the body of research that continues to develop.As a result of reading such studies, I decided to attend a workshop for mental health professionals on mindfulness, conducted by Mary. I was struck not only with the content of the workshop, but also Mary's presence during the workshop. During the workshop she mentioned that she and her husband, Rick, conduct weekend silent meditation retreats.After I got home I told my wife about the workshop and downloaded some of the information for us to read. Neither of us had practiced meditation nor were we acquainted with mindfulness except in the theoretical sense. We both decided to attend, not for professional purposes, but rather as something that we thought might be helpful to us and to our relationship.The retreat far exceeded our expectations. The beauty of Saint Crispin's retreat center, the environmental quiet (not even any traffic noise), and the social silence provided the perfect setting for this experience. I do not need to describe all that we did during the retreat - the website does this well - but I think that it is important for potential attendees to know the authenticity that Rick and Mary bring to the workshop. These are two wonderful people who clearly walk-the-walk, and showed us day-after-day how practice can be transforming.My wife and I have continued regular practice since we have returned home. We believe that we have embarked on a very positive new journey, and we would encourage anyone reading this letter to attend this retreat."

    Personal Transformation website, edited

  • Review by Nathalie from Mary

    "I have never been on a meditation retreat before this one, and I was a little concerned that it might be more rigorous than I was ready for. It was gentle. I was concerned that it might be full of far-out, flaky, or fanatical teaching. It was intelligent. I wondered if I would be pushed into doing things that I didn't feel comfortable with. It was respectful. I hoped that I would learn to meditate better. I did. I wanted to get to know myself better, to see what was behind some of my thoughts and feelings, and to be able to let go of the past. I did all that and more. Thank you, Rick and Mary, for sharing your gifts and your love. Blessings, overflowing."

    Personal Transformation website, edited

  • Review by Helen

    "Now retired, I have been going to spiritual retreats since I was a teenager to get closer to God. They have all been beneficial, giving encouragement, honing spiritual disciplines, and bringing wisdom. The most recent retreat with Rick and Mary NurrieStearns, was one of the two or three most profoundly transforming of my life.Rick and Mary are a great team, being themselves very transparent and open. Then they provide an environment that is amazingly conducive to interior openness. yoga, social silence, meditation indoors and out, times of inquiry/sharing, play, and free time to journal, walk, and reflect provided a safe place for all of us to let love and light illumine both the dark and divine parts of our being. The result for me was connecting to my true self in ways that continue to unfold, bringing peace and congruence to every aspect of my life and being."

    Personal Transformation website, edited