Peak Beings is a 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered School offering yoga teacher training and retreats in Bali and Hawaii.

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25 Day 200-Hour Online Unified Yoga Teacher Training

August | September | October | November, 2021
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52 Day 200-Hour Online Unified Yoga Teacher Training

August | September | October | November, 2021
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Troy McPeak

Tara Hostnik

Reviews (10)

Millie Briggs

from Great Britain, February 2021

"Life changing beautiful experience!"

The best decision I have ever made. Troy is an inspirational teacher along with Tara. Thorough and informative posture assists. Troy is ALWAYS there for support and is quick to respond to any questions. It is credible how personal and in depth the training feels even through an online platform. The content is easy to use and has a progress line which % increases every time that you complete a module, this helps to keep track of your progress. There is from day 1 an emphasis on the individuality of learning styles and Troy has managed the training in a way that applies to all types of students. Not once through the training did I feel pressured or observed due to the calm and freeing nature of the course. I started as a student of yoga for 4 years and I finished feeling like a teacher. Troy even called us Teachers which was a lovely touch. We taught a 1.5hr at the end of the course which was left up to our perception and teaching style. This allowed for us to make the class our own and explore creativity and a lack of rules really helped. With peak beings you will become a better version of yourself. Great value for money and a great mixture of lectures, asana classes, anatomy, homework presentations, material and support. I made some great friends from all over the world. The zooms were relaxed, interesting, often funny and most of all informative and some involved group activities for the social aspect to remain online. Troy makes you feel more like a friend than a student.

Clare Flint

from Great Britain, January 2021

"Well structured, enjoyable and comprehensive training"

The online 200 hours YTT from Peak Beings is a really well structured course. It was obvious a lot of thought had gone into the timing of each section and I felt my knowledge build as the course went on. There was a good variety of tasks each day as well.

The online tutorials (through zoom) worked well and this gave us an opportunity to work with other course participants.

Both Troy and his assistant teacher Tara were very clear in their explanations and made the course fun.

Alicia López Entrenas

from Germany, November 2020

"Perfect blend between the art and science of the subject"

A very well and thouroughly presented exposition with the best cues from high quality videos as well as defined and marvelous techniques for any basic teaching sequence. Inspiring, uplifting and proximity from the teachers in the way they approached to practice itself and mentoring. Excellent follow up exercises and altogether a sense of deep comprehensive round up experience.A unique and tactful inspiration to explore into one's own practice, beliefs and spiritual upbringings. An invitation to tap into the resourcefulness of self discovery while offering the opportunity to analyze and step with detail into the practice of asana. Wonderful anatomy, balanced with chakra, mantra and other fun and delightful practices. Highly recommend for any body being just curious or wanting to dive deep into the practice of self awareness.

Ana Voroneanu

from Germany, October 2020

"What a great experience!"

I have enjoyed this training so much! Troy has been very responsive from day one, and helpful in getting all things lined up for me to be able to join the training despite my late registration. He has also been flexible, allowing me to switch from the 25-day to the 52-day training option, which was a much better fit for my schedule. The training has a thorough agenda, covering history, philosophy, yoga types, breathing, poses, alignments, teaching styles - pretty much everything to get you started as a yoga teacher, but also on a journey of self-discovery. And I have appreciated Troy's and Tara's dedication to helping us finding our paths on this journey. I have done the whole training online - due to the 2020 pandemic situation - but have felt as belonging to the group and enjoyed the sense of community that Troy has helped shape up despite of us all being on different parts of the world. Troy has also been available for questions and issues - be it yoga-related or simply logistical. I did start the training with high expectations, but this experience has only exceeded them. Thank you Troy and Tara for this!

Lulu Z

from United States, August 2020

"Amazing training. Highly recommend! "

This training was incredible and exceeded all my expectations! It was very well organized, structured, and detailed. Troy and Tara are fantastic teachers. They offered excellent yoga classes, lectures, and demonstrations. Their in-depth guidance, feedback, and advice was invaluable to me. Also, Troy went above and beyond in preparing the training, making sure we were each given individualized feedback, and really explaining important yoga concepts to us. I like that the training focused a lot on holistic yoga teaching, breath, anatomy, and movement. Both the individual and group assignments really challenged me to dive into teaching head on. The training offered the tools, skills, and concepts to actually teach yoga (in any style), and I feel very well equipped to do so. I have been teaching one class each week since the training, and am constantly referencing the materials, knowledge, and experience I gained from the training. I am also grateful to now be part of a supportive community of yogis and am happy to know that I can always lean on Troy/Tara for support as I continue my yoga journey.

Michele Scialpi

from Great Britain, February 2021

"YTT 200 Review "

The course is structured perfectly and touched all the important points.

Troy and Tara through videos explained and eliminated all the doubts or questions I had.

Splendid course, intense and a nice journey.

Highly recommended!!

Janet Goddard

from Great Britain, December 2020

"Fantastic course for beginners teaching yoga"

The course was very well thought out, very detailed and packed a lot into the 52 weeks. The regular feedback and group zoom calls made it feel like a community even though we could not meet in person. Troy is brilliant, his yoga philosophy is inspiring and he ensures that every one is treated individually by accommodating different yoga styles in the group.

Philipp Novak

from Austria, November 2019

Das Training war eine unglaubliche Erfahrung und eine große Bereicherung für mein Leben. Die gelehrten Themen wurden unglaublich toll und interessant gestaltet und vor allem der Anatomie Teil verschafft eine ganz andere Ansicht auf die Asana Ausübung verschiedener Menschen. Troy ist ein wahnsinnig guter Lehrer und konnte jeden einzelnen die Lehre von Yoga bestens auf unseren Weg mitgeben.

Janine Fortnagel

from Germany, September 2019

"200 Stunden Yogalehrerausbildung Bali September 2019"

Sehr gut organisiert und lebensverändernde Erfahrung in sehr schöner Anlage in Canngu , Bali

Marina Martinez Ruiz

from Spain, August 2019

"Power of uniqueness"

-everything is explained deeply and slowly.

-we were from different countries/languages but the course went surprisingly well. No communication problems at all. Yoga definitely unifies.

-the manual book was amazing to read/study

-the course was well taught and detailed enough to start being a teacher.

-wonderful staff and breakfast.

-it was an advantage to stay at the same place, of course.

-even for beginners at the end we all felt strong enough to be teacher and felt our own practice improved.

-I'm glad I did this training, I've never imagined how good and fulfilling it was going to be.

- Danielle was the assistant and made everything really easy for us