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PDI Ayuryoga offers complete lifestyle guidance through Ayurveda and yoga. Total health care for body, mind and soul.

  • Rishikesh, India
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27 Days 200-Hour Ayur Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

November | December | February | March, 2017–2018

Instruction language: English

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Offers starting at US$1,679
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27 days / 26 nights

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  • Review by Dafina Tanase from Holland

    "During my stay at PDI I had the wonderful opportunity to follow the Tantra Yoga classes given by Yonatan Saar. These classes as well as the discussions we had were great eye-openers to me. He has lots of knowledge and expertise which he shares in his own detached manner. Yonatan has advised me on health aspects and suggested the asanas that would help me most. As such I have experienced instantaneous pain relief, understanding the importance of regular practice.Thanks to his teachings and his encouragement I continue to practice yoga daily and as such my life is constantly improving. For all those who wish to deepen their understanding on yoga, but more important to experience its benefits, I heartily recommend Yonatan's classes"

    PDI Ayuryoga website, edited

  • Review by Ewa Panas from The Hague, Netherlands

    "I practice yoga myself for already 6 years now, and I met a lot of different yoga teachers during different yoga classes. When I heard the news that Yonatan was going to teach us yoga for a week I was curious about a new form of yoga to me (tantra yoga). I started the classes with no other specific expectations. During the classes of Yonatan I started to loosen up more. Everyday I got more knowledge about the spiritual aspect of yoga what turned out to be a great influence on my own yoga practice. When I got back home and continued my own yoga practice I noticed that I felt more conscious, wiser and happier. It almost seems like one week of classes with Yonatan pushed my consciousness to a higher level. His classes were simple, very clear and deep at the same time. His great guidance made the next stages of yoga more clear and he made me experience and realize more than ever that the asanas are just the beginning of the beautiful journey."

    PDI Ayuryoga website, edited

  • Review by Rebecca Jackson, MA CANTAB, student 2014

    "Yonathan is an incredibly knowledgeable, gentle and sincere teacher. His caring approach and continual support allow you as a student to really take your practice to a deeper, more meditative level. I feel confident to explore myself and am sure I have found not just a teacher for a class but a wise friend for life. Thank you."

    PDI Ayuryoga website, edited