Pathway’s Country Yoga Retreat is an escape from everything happening in the world to a tranquil space where you can simply just be in stillness.

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7 Days Traditional Yoga Retreat in South Africa

Available from March till December
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Jennifer Fitzsimmons

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Belinda Botha

from South Africa, November 2019

"Life changing and inspirational experience!"

I am not even sure where to start to ensure this yoga teachers training retreat get the 7 start review it deserves. I left completely changed, on so many different levels (intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual) and felt the training was some of the best in the world. The accommodation was spectacular, the food prepared fresh with love, vegetarian (as per my request), beautifully presented and delicious. The welcoming atmosphere filled with love, peace, fun, flexibility, customization, hospitality and individual care was second to none! Jen and her husband Lee are the ultimate hosts, professional and courteous, but fun and relaxing. A winning combination for sure!

Then over to my teacher trainer, Jen. I strongly feel that I have just completed my epic 200 hours teachers training with one of the most gifted, inspiring, fun, sincere, transparent, professional, accommodating and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher Trainers on planet ocean... Jen has this remarkable ability to instantly connect with you and tailor the course to your specific needs, personality, limitations and abilities. I left a changed human, a true yogini, on so many different levels! I recommend this place to all that is searching and have not yet found what they are looking for in their yoga training journey.... I think and feel different, about myself, yoga, the universe, the planet. How fabulous (and yes I will be back for my 500 hours course!)....Do not even think about it twice, just go! 🤗💙 Thanks Jen

Maleke Fourati

from Switzerland, February 2019

"simply truly amazing and a life enlightening experience"

The 21 days YTT with Jen was an absolutely amazing experience. Jen is extremely thorough, dedicated, knowledgeable and understanding. She has certainly deepened and enlightened my understanding of yoga and made me aware of its limitless beauty and power. I would recommend Jen to anyone, from starting their journey to being very experienced with the practice of yoga. The location is also an absolut bliss for a retreat. Lee and the rest of the family (that one will have the chance the meet once going there) are just as great and lovely.

Zeenat Khan

from United States, April 2018

"Magical Experience "

Jen... Words cannot describe her warmth and hospitality from the first point of contact. She instantly makes you feel at home. It was the start of an amazing journey for me with Jen leading the way. The accommodation was comfortable with breath taking views, beautiful sunrise from the deck and relaxing stroll with the dogs to watch sunset after your evening yoga session. Get back to a scrumptious dinner with Jen and Lee with great conversation. I can't wait to get back... Thank you Jen

Paulina Sabell

from Finland, March 2018

"The best thing you can ever do!"

Everything was just perfect during my stay with Jen and Lee at the yoga teacher’s training. Accommodation was luxurious,food amazingly good,surroundings so beautiful and peaceful, teaching top grade and the hosts could not have been more professional,kind and caring. You are pampered and you will change for the better. Do not hesitate to parttake in a course or a retreat - it’s the best thing you can do. I will miss it all, the walks with four lovely dogs, beautiful birds, yoga on the beach.. Thank you for an amazing experience,thanks also to the lovely housekeeping- Ntombikaya and Mso took super good care of everyone. Miss you!

Candace Greeff

from South Africa, February 2018

"Pathways to true transformation"

The sincerity and simplicity of a complete teaching of yoga with a focus on each student actually undergoing transformation within the space of the retreat. What Jen offers is the experience of the science not through asana, though this is more than adequately shared, but through the uncompromising addition of daily engagement with mantra, breath control, refined yoga nidra and gratitude as a way of life. Jen and her husband open their home to provide a very real and personal experience to each. I am deeply grateful for having trained with Pathways Academy of Life.

Virginia Pool

from DR Congo, May 2018

"Quiétude "

L’isolement et la tranquillité invite au repos et à la méditation. Le paysage est superbe. Bien plus qu’une simple retraite de yoga, Jen apporte sa touche personnelle et professionnelle, toujours attentionnée et au service de ses yogis. La retraite procure le bien-être espéré et fait prendre conscience de ce qu’est réellement le yoga.

Patricia Ruggieri

from Argentina, March 2018

"Excelente experiencia"

Entender q yoga es un viajeby no un destino, para lograr la unión de mente, cuerpo y espíritu

Vanessa Bühring

from Germany, February 2018

"Best decision ever! "

I had the most amazing time at Pathway Country Yoga Retreat, everything was better than I could ever expect it to be.

Jen is a wonderful teacher. Lee, her husband is warm and engaging. The 4 dogs are the best dogs ever! The farm is beautiful. The food is more than perfect and delicious. The energy in the house is peaceful and full of love! I found a second home away from home!

The Yoga Teaching Training Course was fantastic, I learned so much about yoga history, philosophy, meditation and how to become a yoga teacher and feel confident about it. Jens kind and loving words and her personal teaching style gave me the awareness to live a more fulfilled life! She changed my life completely!

Thank you Jen and Lee! I'm very grateful for my time with you! Namaste! And a lot of love!

Iman Qarghahee

from Denmark, January 2020

"Life changing experience"

When I arrived to the yoga retreat in South Africa I had no clue on what to expect. It was my first time going on such a retreat and I had no experience with yoga. But I got amazed with the whole experience! The location was beautiful and so peaceful, surrounded with nature. Jen the instructor and her husband Lee were so kind and welcoming, they are truly inspiring people and full with love to give. Jen has the ability to make you feel calm and in peace and has a huge passion for yoga that will impact you in a positive way. Everyday we practiced yoga twice and had lessons about the theory behind yoga, which was very interesting and so eye opening. The food that Jen cooks herself was healthy and tasteful, she makes anything you like and prefer with love. The bed rooms were comfortable and clean. The staff were so sweet and kind and their stories will touch your heart! We also got the opportunity to go on safari, since the retreat was very close to different game drives, which was an unforgettable experience! We also went to spa re-treatment place which was in a safari park where we could walk on our own and we got to see the animals. The four dogs Jen and Lee has are so friendly! Before coming to the retreat I was afraid of dogs and not that comfortable, but now I miss them! I can keep praising the place and the unforgettable experience that changed me in so many ways. Today I meditate every day and I appreciate life in a different way.

Pam Saunder

from South Africa, November 2019

"excellent does not cover it 😊"

From the moment I walked in I knew it was an amazing place . Jen is someone really special , words cannot describe . Jens knowledge and experience of yoga , and her teaching style are awesome . And the food .. well , I have never eaten such tasty, well presented , nutritious food served with such love . The accommodation is also out of this world and Jens husband Lee also makes everyone feel at home . I never wanted to leave . I will be back !! Thank you so much Jen and Lee xx

Joanne Boyd

from South Africa, October 2019


Everyone experiences times in life when you need to consciously re-connect with your soul, realign and move forward more balanced and at peace. Thank you Jen and Lee for your amazing hospitality. Thank you Jen for your awesome yoga, meditations and workshops, for your fantastic food, and for opening your heart to all those in need. Namaste

Layla Al-hajjaj

from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

"Right place, right time "

The location is amazing if you are looking to be in the nature, and not within close proximity of a city. Accommodation is great! And Jen is not only a great holistic yoga teacher but also an excellent chef that prepares yummy healthy food that suites all dietary needs!

The dogs in the farm are a plus, you will struggle upon leaning and saying good bye :(

Thembi Lekganyane

from South Africa, December 2018

"7 day retreat "

Jennifer and her husband Lee were the most attentive and welcoming hosts. Her attention to detail and general compassion for others made us feel like we are their extended family within the first day of our arrival.

The food was made with lots of love and tasted good each time.

Jennifer has a wealth of information to share about spirituality and yoga and it was a pleasure to experience it all in real life through her example.

Claire Germiquet

from South Africa, July 2018

"I felt and heard my soul singing"


I cannot find the words to adequately relay my experience at Pathways Yoga Country Retreat... From my amazing, encouraging and soul-filled instructor, Jen, to her laughing and friendly husband, Lee, to their four big and beautiful dogs who lavished love on me, to the staff who assisted in creating a welcoming physical environment.

But actions often speak louder than words, so hopefully my extending my one week retreat to the three week Teacher Training is enough to show what a positively meaningful time I had here. This place and all of the people are etched in my soul now.

Jen and Lee - namaste

Noleen Seymour-dowd

from Botswana, April 2018

"Retreat 7 days"

The surroundings are beautiful and natural

Marisca Fourie

from South Africa, May 2017


What a truly wonderful experience, so relaxing!! Jen and Lee go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at home. We enjoyed every minute and learned so much. Thank you Jen, I can even begin to explain the difference in my mental and physical state. I will definitely be back, as I enjoyed the relaxing environment just so much.

I don't forget all the furry friends, they just love taking you for walks all around the farm.

Noelle Van Muiden

from South Africa, May 2017

"If You Are Reading This Then You Are Already Meant To Be There"

Jen is a great teacher. Lee, her husband is warm and engaging. The farm is beautiful and tranquil. The food is more than enough and delicious.

Cynthia Bevis

from South Africa, May 2017

"An enlightening experience"

Jennifer provided excellent teaching about connections of yoga and how it relates to an individual's inner being. Meditation sessions were very helpful and provided us a desire to continue yoga and meditation as a lifelong process. The location and surroundings were a perfect atmosphere for a retreat. We had 3 yoga/meditations per day plus a daily afternoon workshop on the more in-depth understanding of yoga and meditation. The classes consisted of a lot of breath work and meditation.

Jennifer provided information to take with us to read and study as we continue our practice.

The meals were very good, and was difficult to restrain from over eating. Jennifer will adjust any dietary restriction you may have.

Susan Bleichenbacher

from Switzerland, June 2019

"Tolle Erfahrung"

Wunderschöne, ruhige Lage. Sehr viel gelernt über Yoga, die Lektionen wurden an das Niveau von den Teilnehmern angepasst. Sehr gutes, frisch zubereitetes Essen. Jen und ihr Mann Lee sind super nett und zuvorkommend. Sie machen das ganze zu einem tollen Erlebnis!

Corinne Vuitel Kaplanseren

from United States, May 2018

"Un lieu pour se ressourcer"

Un lieu magnifique perdu au milieu des champs de canne à sucre, idéal pour déconnecter. Jen et Lee nous accueillent comme des amis et on se sent à la maison. Jen prépare des plats délicieux et plein de saveurs.

Le rythme des sessions de yoga et méditation est ok, le cours théorique de Jen ainsi que ses expériences personnelles donnent un éclairage global sur la pratique du yoga.

Merci Jen, ton cours m'a permis de mettre ensemble ce que je connaissais en vrac du yoga.


Pathways country yoga retreat was beyond an experience for me. During my 21 day teacher training, my expectations of being in isolation, removed from the world brought me to accept no person can never escape the every day reality that may bring discomfort, tension, stress or unwanted emotions. My experience here taught me accept myself and the world around me, which is the only way to embrace every day, and letting it be as is, is the only way I learned love, finding peace within myself and with the world around me.

The practices Jen shared with me have given me an underling understanding I failed to interpret prior. The unification of my physical self and spiritual self through yoga. In this new found knowledge, I’ve learned yoga is the pure understanding or mastering of my physical body which becomes a transporting device to help my spiritual body to grow closer to truly knowing and loving myself, those around me and becoming more consciousness of all I am. These lessons have helped me find harmony, peace within and with all that is around me. I am no longer my title, my race, my belief or my status in the world. I identify myself as a unit, an instrumentation of love, where all parts work in unity to bring about a loving sound.

My time at pathways taught me to practice non-judgement allowing acceptance of myself, in return accepting the world around me. Relinquish the need to judge any given circumstance as being wrong, good or bad. This profound knowledge is giving me peace within. My time with Jen taught me self-acceptance is the ultimate goal of yoga. Jen and Lee welcomed me in their home. Truly Accepted me of whom I am, beyond my gender, race and religion. I observed Jen does not only practice yoga, but literally lives teachings. The practices and principles shared during my time here truly reflected her life. Serving and loving each person present. Each meal prepared with love, each yoga session given and life coaching conversations through out the day. I’ve taken these practices upon my own life, the amazing transformation I’ve witnessed, how I view the world is more appreciative than tension or discomfort. Learned to serve others as I would wish upon myself. Being an instrument of love, life is much more rewarding and enjoyable. I believe this peace and harmony is for every person to experience and embrace. I strive to share this knowledge every person I come in contact with.


from United States,

It's been two moons since my stay at Pathways Yoga, but the light and the love from that 3-week Journey still shines just as bright from within and from above. The water by the dams glistened in the moonlight by evening and the sunlight by day. The sugar cane fields surrounding us stood strong, rooting to the earth and reaching for the sky. The birds sang their morning and evening songs filling the air with beauty and movement. The dogs played, rested along side of us, and snuggled at all the right moments. If you love to go for walks, you will never be without companions (or you can just close the gate ;). These are the things that I might not have noticed without the insight and mindfulness that the training and teaching from Jennifer Fitzsimmons provided. The 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Pathways Yoga can be life-changing, as it was for me, and so many before me. It is truly an experience; something you cannot get from an online course or videos. Nothing can compare to expert training surrounded by the sounds of nature, the sight of the sun just as its rising, the touch of the sand on your feet at beach yoga, the smell of the earth and the sea, and the tastes of South Africa. Jen nourished our hearts and souls through yoga practice and teaching, and nourished our bodies with delicious meals every day. Oh the yummy curry, the fresh veg, fish and prawns, the papaya and muesli, tea with rand, and the most colorful salads...Jen truly caters to each person in the group! (And I need to shout out to dessert every night, homemade chili, Mrs. Balls sauce, Bouvril, Braii, and Biltong! Totally lekker!) I miss our family style meals talking and learning about different cultures and experiences from the international students and visitors who come together at the table. The bedrooms are lovely retreats to contemplate and to rest. Fluffy blankets, comfy pillows, evening aromatherapy, words of wisdom, and views that are unmatched await you. No matter from how far or near you travel, when you arrive you feel welcome and at home with Jen and Lee. Adventures to the market, to town and to the beach provide a sense of connectedness with the local culture. And when you stop the truck (aka bakkie) to let a heard of giraffes, zebra and wildebeests pass by on your game drive, you realize that life is truly a gift. I am so grateful. You will work hard. You will probably be sore. You will become a skilled teacher. And you will be amazed. Be amazed by your own strength. Be amazed by the beauty and love that is all around and within. Be open to the call that leads you to Pathways Yoga.

Eric Woodward

from United Kingdom,

I would rate Pathways Yoga as a 10/10 and it was certainly a highlight of our holiday. My Wife and I had a wonderful week and would happily return again. Jen and Lee were incredible hosts, very welcoming and the location was simply stunning. The classes were really well run and we both found the yoga nidra beneficial. In addition to this the food was delicious and there was plenty of it. By the end of week we didn’t want to leave but we have kept up our yoga classes so Jen would be proud :-) My Wife and I were total beginners when we turned up at Pathways and concerned that this might be an issue. It absolutely wasn’t, Jen was very patient throughout and everything felt very relaxed from the moment we arrived.

Helisa Ha

from Brazil,

I had the most amazing time at Pathway Country Yoga Retreat, everything was better than I could ever expect it to be. The energy in the house is peaceful and full of love, you will find a perfect environment to learn and practice yoga. The accommodation is beautiful, very cozy and the surrounding is breathtaking. Since day one I felt welcomed and at home, Lee and Jen are great hosts and they will make sure you feel comfortable in their place. The Yoga Teaching Training Course was fantastic, I learned so much about yoga history, philosophy, meditation and how to become a yoga teacher and feel confident about it. The classes are well distributed along the day, with lots of theory and practice, and we had extra fun going at the beach every Friday and doing other activities like visiting game reserve and local farmer's market. Jen is an amazing teacher, very caring, full of wisdom and experience. With Jen I learned more than yoga and it's philosophy, she taught me and guided me in a new lifestyle where I found myself more balanced and centered. Personally, this whole experience was exactly what I needed in my life and Jen, with all her knowledge, was the perfect teacher on my journey. Her kind and loving words and her personal teaching style gave me the awareness to live a more fulfilled life taking care of my body, mind and heart. Having the yoga teaching training certificate at the end of the course was just a bonus, the course impacted my life in such a positive way that all the tools that I got here I will take forever with me.

Oh I'm gonna miss all the delicious food, the long walks with the dogs, Lee's funny stories, Jen's loving classes and all the girls that I met there. Thank you Jen and Lee! I'm very grateful for my time with you and all the wonderful memories. Namaste!