Path of Yoga provides a month program of yoga teacher training, skills, and everything you need to become a successful yoga teacher.

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Rory Trollen

James French

Tara Eden

Amy Edgington

Amritha Ganga

Emily Baxter

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Michoe Lowe

from United Arab Emirates, June 2018

"I gain so much knowledge and confidence "

I learn pranayama and philosophy of yoga it help me to understand yoga more deep. I apply to my practice, it wonderful moment for me


from Taiwan, October 2017

"Many seeds planted "

The teachers were wonderful- I learnt so much...and this is only the beginning as I found out. The practices, the teachings, the group- all amazing

Testimonials (5)

Candy United Kingdom

Path of Yoga website

James and Rory were my tutors on my Level 2, 300 Yoga Teacher Training. These two not only have a deep understanding of yoga asana and yoga philosophy but a very efficient way of communicating and sharing their knowledge, which is such an important skill. I learned so much from both Rory and James. They both have slightly different asana teaching styles, and I feel that they compliment one another in providing a full spectrum of approaches to asana and teaching it. Expect deep philosophy lectures, but to never be bored. I am really grateful for my time training in with them, and I can highly recommend the path of yoga to anyone wanting to dive deeper into their practice and teaching.

Liz M. United Kingdom

Path of Yoga website

Rory and James were born to teach. Nurturing, supportive, inspiring, hilarious and so passionate about what they do. A TTC is a test, both physically and mentally, and I'm so blessed I went on that journey with these two amazing men. I gained so much knowledge and practical advise on teaching 'in the real world' from them, as well as many memories and beautiful experiences I wouldn't have got training back here at home. Even after the course, James has continued to support my career recommending me to clients in London and helping build my business. I cannot recommend them enough.

Senada Greca United States

Path of Yoga website

My training with Rory and James was an amazing experience - they were incredible! If I would recommend anyone as teachers for your yoga teacher training journey, it would be the two of them! They were super caring, thorough in their teachings, yet pushed me enough to where I was able to establish and grow my practice.

I was truly a beginner, and now, after about one year and a half since my yoga teacher training, I practice daily and have started to teach yoga at my local gym. Thank you!

Irene Schultz United States

Path of Yoga website

It is not an understatement that James French has truly transformed my life for the better. Who would think that one person could equally make you laugh and cry yourself to sleep, and you would love him even more for it either way. To notice my vulnerabilities, foster humbling improvements with the body and the mind, and nurture my mind and soul to become stronger through adversities are all just bonuses in addition to receiving the most precise, clear, and informative yoga teacher training experience you will find.

Likewise, Rory Trollen is a human fortune cookie. His advice, knowledge, quotes, and insight are word perfect and sincere. He wastes no breath, as everything that escapes his lips is sure to inspire you and make you think, laugh, or cry, and all with good intent. From a student’s perspective, memorizing a new language, adjusting pre-conceived physical asana habits, and testing on thousands of years of ancient history/philosophy in such a short amount of time can be stressful, but Rory’s humor constantly brings you back to reality and the present moment, helping you make it through it all and come out even stronger in the end.

I was fortunate enough to have the amazing opportunity to complete a 200-hr YYT training in which both of these truly remarkable human beings were instructors on the course. In our email communication before the training even began, I felt welcomed and supported by Rory who made sure each student arrived safely and in peace. Rory immediately demonstrated his strong, confident, and knowledgeable character from the first day to the very last, and I felt safe and in good, trustworthy hands. Upon meeting James, on the other hand, his peaceful, observant nature at first made him out to be rather shy. However, I quickly discovered he is purely a lovely, gentle, affectionate, compassionate individual, whom I considered to be like a big brother throughout the training.

Their two contrasting personalities balance each other out perfectly, creating a well-rounded, well-supported, comfortable, yet rewardingly challenging, experience. Both men are sensitive to each individuals’ physical level, inquiries, personal interests, desires, needs, concerns, and overall mental, physical, and emotional health, no matter your gender.

These two are a yoga match made in heaven- or Samadhi, or the universe, or whatever higher power, if any, you choose to believe in, all beliefs and ideologies are welcomed and accepted. This non-religious, but certainly spiritual, journey is perfect for any intermediate to advanced yogi who either wants to receive expert training in order to successfully share the gift of yoga to others, or simply wants to deepen their physical practice and expand their consciousness. Whether your goal is to become an expert teacher, or to embark on a transformative, cleansing yoga retreat, either way you will leave feeling confident and recharged, ready to face whatever the universe has in store for you. It would be a pure honor to be in the presence of these two.

Caroline France

Path of Yoga website

Rory and James were my 200 hours ttc teachers and I learnt so much from them that, even after 2 years, I often think about what they would say in a given situation. They both have a strong practice and teach from a place of deep knowledge and understanding.

With them, I embarked on an inner journey where I explored the different dimensions of yoga. I learned a lot about postures and adjustments, but also about breath, philosophy, ethics, mantras and all that make yogis dedicated and passionate human beings.

Vibrant and humble, disciplined and funny, charismatic and friendly, they complement each other in a fabulous way. For instance Rory is incredibly knowledgeable in yogic philosophy and postures while James excels in breath work and adjustments.

They have immensely helped me in building the foundations of my practice as a yoga teacher. I am so grateful to these two!