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3 Days Weight Loss Yoga Retreat in Brittany, France


Weekend Yoga Retreat France

  • 2 days with instruction
  • If you are looking to change your life for a healthier and happier path, then this retreat is for you! This successful weight-loss hypnotherapy and yoga retreat will gently and effectively enable you to achieve your goals, attain and maintain a healthy body and mind for life, and set you up for a lifetime of greater motivation, positivity, enjoyment, health and happiness. Set your own life goals while enjoying your very own French retreat by the beach, and be treated like a VIP!


    • Daily yoga practices
    • Hypnotherapy and coaching session
    • Opportunity to relax and explore the area
    • Complimentary airport transfers
    • All daily vegetarian meals
    • 2 nights accommodation



    • Instruction language: English
    • Spoken languages: English
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    For this retreat, you will stay in Paris St. Cloud's beautiful seaside cottage in your own comfortable, double bedroom.

    At an additional fee, guests can join this retreat a day early, from Thursday and there is also the possibility to extend the stay until Monday.

    This relaxing and enjoyable beach retreat is the perfect place to escape, unwind, immerse yourself in yoga, meditation, relaxation and healthy eating, whilst at the same time detoxing your body to feel refreshed, satisfied and revitalized. By the end of this retreat you will have had lots of fun, laughed often, and it will have changed your life for the better! This program offers clinical hypnotherapy sessions throughout the weekend and transformational, strategic coaching sessions towards the desired goal(s). The weekend will allow the customer to be fully empowered and fully able to achieve their goal. They can leave the retreat fully transformed and with the tools to move their life forward.

    Activities included in the retreat are yoga, meditation, massage, and Reiki healing. Alternatively, there are also other activities included, such as time on the beaches, walking, sightseeing, chatting, fun, as well as relaxation and free time.

    Sample daily schedule

    • 08:00 Optional meditation, beach walk, and yoga
    • 09:00 Yummy vegetarian breakfast (vegan option available)
    • 10:30 Hypnotherapy and coaching session
    • 12:00 Relaxation and free time or optional activity
    • 13:00 Deliciously healthy lunch
    • 14:00 Hypnotherapy and coaching session
    • 15:30 Sightseeing and activity
    • 17:00 Relaxation or optional transformation activity
    • 18:00 Optional treatment (massage or Reiki), yoga, or simply relax
    • 19:00 Candlelit dinner
    • 20:30 Evening activity and beach walk
    • 21:30 Evening optional meditation and relaxation
    • 22:00 Free time

    About hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy or treatment that uses hypnosis, which is a deeply relaxed state and an altered state of consciousness. Hypnosis is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits.

    Hypnotherapy is defined by the British Medical Association as a complementary therapy or treatment, which is scientifically proven to be highly successful in treating a full range of symptoms, issues, phobias, addictions, illnesses, and disease. Hypnotherapy is now recommended as a treatment by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

    Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, or feelings. It is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. You are fully in control when under hypnosis and do not have to take on the therapist's suggestions if you do not want to.

    If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state at anytime. According to Cancer Research UK, most cancer patients say they have had a positive experience with hypnotherapy.

    Benefits of hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy can simply be used to gain greater personal freedom and joy. Be happy for simply no reason. It can be used to help you make changes in your life. It can also be used to successfully treat stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, weight loss, smoking cessation, habits and additions (drugs, alcohol, or gambling), anger issues, trauma or PTSD, OCD, relationship and sexual issues, ADHD, IBS, and ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.

    It can also treat exam or interview nerves, public speaking nerves, sleep disorders, insomnia, high and low blood pressure, arthritis and rheumatism, pain management, recovery from surgery, cancer, ageing issues, mobility issues, dependency issues, children's issues, child birth or hypno birthing, parenting issues, career and school issues, corporate and business enhancement, life enhancement, loss or separation, grief, and life changes (such as divorce or new job).

    What you will expect during a hypnotherapy session

    Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective, and deeply relaxing therapy that can bring about positive change in an individual’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. The treatment is carried out using hypnosis in order to relax the individual into an altered state. You will all naturally drift in and out of altered states every day.

    Have you ever driven your car to a destination without being able to recall the actual journey? This is a good example of a trance-like state where your conscious mind drifts off allowing the unconscious part of the mind to take over, and it is the reason why you never forget how to ride a bike too. It is your subconscious doing the work for you! You are still aware and can come back to consciousness at any time you choose. This is the same as the altered state achieved in hypnotherapy.

    During a session, you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Although you are in a very relaxed state, you will hear and be aware of everything that is taking place. You will be in full control and can stop the session at any time. You will find that being hypnotized is an extremely relaxing and pleasurable experience.

    Your conscious mind accounts for only 10% of your entire mind. The other 90% of your mind is your subconscious mind where you are able to change your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and habits, and therefore, change your lives for the better. When you are in an altered state, the unconscious mind can be accessed and the hypnotherapist proceeds to offer positive suggestions for change to the unconscious. This can be very powerful in helping to facilitate change in an individual.

    During hypnosis, you will feel very relaxed, but not so much so that you fall asleep. You will be sitting (or lying down) on a comfortable chair, sofa, or treatment table. You will be talked through a progressive relaxation, which will bring you into the state of hypnosis. It is then, when you are fully and deeply relaxed that you can subconsciously work on your goals and desired changes.

    • Rebecca Jones

      Rebecca is a fully registered and certified clinical and professional hypnotherapist, a transformational coach, and a licensed master NLP practitioner. Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, she is now part of their trusted staff team in London, working with them at seminars and professional trainings. She has studied strategic intervention coaching from the Robbins-Madanes Training Center (Tony Robbins). She is also a certified Reiki master and teacher and a certified EAD teacher. Rebecca runs a thriving hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street, London.

    This retreat will take place in Saint-Lunaire, France.

    Nearby places

    • Beaches of Saint-Lunaire and Dinard - 2 minutes
    • Saint-Malo - 10 minutes
    • Massage
    • Reiki
    • Beach nearby

    This listing is vegetarian-friendly Click to see more vegetarian-friendly listings

    For this retreat, you will be served with vegetarian meals. Snacks are also available throughout the day. Vegan option is available upon request. Please inform Paris St. Cloud if you would like this option.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Snacks

    The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    (If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)
    • 2 nights accommodation
    • Airport transfers from and to Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport (DNR) or Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS)
    • All activities and treatments
    • All daily vegetarian meals
    • Snacks throughout the day
    • Additional activities
    • Additional meals
    • Airfare
    • Personal expenses
    • Tips
    • Travel insurance

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport (DNR). Ryanair flights are available from London Stansted and East Midlands, United Kingdom.

    Alternatively you can fly to Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS). Flybe flights are available from many United Kingdom airports.

    Transfer from and to the airport is included. Paris St. Cloud will pick you up from the airport.

    If you arrive on Paris, the TGV High speed train will take you to St. Malo, where you will be picked up by the organiser.

    Arrival by train

    Is also possible to come by train.

    Eurostar London to Paris and TGV High speed train from Paris to St. Malo.

    Arrival by ferry

    Portsmouth to St. Malo with Brittany Ferries. Overnight option available with a cabin.

    For further travel details, planning, and advice on your journey please send a inquiry to Paris St. Cloud.

    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 14 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid 14 days before arrival.

    Paris, France

    Paris St. Cloud runs a variety of exhilarating retreats in stunning locations worldwide. They look forward to welcoming you on their inspirational retreats.

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