Parimukti is a registered yoga school dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every individual who wants to explore themselves through this ancient science

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Lacy Archer

from United States, December 2018

"A Work in Progress: As We All Are "

I enjoyed every instructor on the course and what they brought to the course. They each were diverse in their backgrounds and tools, personable, knowledgable, and tried to meet us each where we were on our yoga journeys. It was a growing and healing experience for me with much new information and ways of looking at yoga. Rana and Latta, our house staff, were truly my favorite part of every day.

Testimonials (4)

CJ Welnick

Parimukti Facebook page

The school is operating very nicely. Classes are on schedule. Teachers are dynamic and bring passion and good vibes to each class. Very well run program and they deserve the high ratings.

Roos Aap

Parimukti Facebook page

Really enjoyed my teacher training and I have learned so much! What I really like is that you develop your own style of teaching. Loved it!

Anastasia Aixi

Parimukti Facebook page

I went straight from the "Class of Nov 2016" to teaching at an eco resort in Cambodia. The training gave me the know-how, tons of information and exposure to different styles to have confidence putting together and leading my own classes. Getting great feedback and feeling super grateful to all the people at Parimukti. Cheers!

Azuka Kantimatta

Parimukti Facebook page

Professional inspiring and open heart ... Merel and her team are so dedicated authentic knowledgable teachers guiding you on ur path to grow . NAMASTE ♡