Parampara Yoga is dedicated to creating a positive change in the world through yoga retreats, training, and workshops.

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Andoni Silva

Mayra Surya

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Nadine Fiebich

from Ireland, October 2019

"Most amazing experience"

I loved everything about the retreat. The food was amazing. Andoni is an amazing cook and I'm waiting for his cookbook. He is also a great life coach and really inspired all of us to make some positive changes in our lives.Maura is an excellent yoga instructor and her knowledge of the different types of yoga is sublime and I learnt a lot from her especially that my allignment was way off. This was my first experience on a SUP and I loved it so much I know bought myself one. Also the yoga lesson on the SUP was my favorite. We also had a great laugh with the pets Lira, Loulou and Puca. All in all a perfect lifechanging experience. I can't wait to go back.

Emma Meynell

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"My first retreat... and it didn’t disappoint! "

Mayra and Andoni were amazing hosts and made me feel very welcome and at home. They were both extremely knowledgable about yoga and meditation. The daily inspirational talks provided by Andoni were an added bonus as they allowed you to be mindful and feel motivated. Mayra is a fantastic Yoga teacher and made sure everyone in the group could do all the poses by offering different alterations for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

THE FOOD 😍 was sooo delicious, all vegan dishes and even the meat eaters in our group were very impressed. There was more than enough food to go around, plus Mayra and Andoni laid on a beautiful spread of fruit and nuts every day around late afternoon.

The paddle boarding was really fun, quite difficult as I’d not done water sports before but it didn’t take too long to get into it. The SUP Yoga was easier than I thought it was going to be (I had images of me falling in the water every other minute, but Mayra managed to keep us all calm and relaxed throughout the session and none of us fell in).

This retreat is suitable for those who are spiritually minded, or at least open minded to that sort of thing as there is a meditation session every day and the inspirational talks tend to be focused around how energy and vibrations affect us as human beings. I personally found this all extremely interesting and motivational so I would highly recommend attending all of the sessions if possible.


from Belgium, August 2019

"Complete ervaring"

Het volledige programma was heel professioneel in elkaar gestoken. An de retreat voelde we ons beide heel relax, veel meer ruimte in ons hoofd en met enkele zaken wat helderder.

Inspirational talks (ik was hier aanvankelijk wat kritisch over, maar Andoni zijn werkwijze/coaching is efficiënt en past mooi in het geheel van het programma).

De meditatiesessies.

De suggestie om op bepaalde momenten 'stil te zijn' , hebben een grote impact gehad (en voelden niet vreemd aan).

Het eten is fenomenaal lekker en gezond!

Godfrey Agyei-boateng

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Calming, professional, and informative Yoga Retreat "

I feel that I may not have enough words to fully describe the wonderful experience I had as an attendee of this wholesome yoga retreat. I also do not wish to come across as a sycophant, so will try to restrain my praise of the retreat, and the two wonderful instructors who facilitated my experience, as much as possible.

That said, my first praise goes to the wonderful Mayra, who was my yoga instructor for my stay. The direction she gave during our sessions were simple to understand and very informative and full of knowledge. She supported me, and encouraged me with such ease and grace which allowed me to just immerse myself in the fullness of each session, even though I found some poses and movements difficult. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable, lacking nothing I would have expected or needed.

My next praise goes to Andoni, whose meditation techniques and life coaching sessions are things that I will continue to practice and remember for as long as they continue to serve my journey. It is an amazing thing to be taught and reminded about things in life from someone who keeps it interesting, alive, and current, but is humble and soft with his delivery.

Andoni was the “chef” for my period of time at the retreat, and without exception, each dish served was a delight. Breakfast to dinner, I was satisfied and impressed by the quality and the nutritional information of each dish. I have ran out of words, so I’ll end with one for the whole experience...EXCEPTIONAL

Nasim Belone

from Spain, July 2019

"Life changing weekend"

Adoni and Mayra have truly found a slice of paradise. Not only is it a beautiful place but the instruction and guidance I experienced there has truly changed my life and way of thinking. I have returned to daily life and I am practicing a little yoga and meditation daily. The food was fresh, tasty and healthy. Stand up paddle and the massage were the icing on the cake. I can't thank them enough.

Katherine Gaines

from United States, April 2019

"Well-rounded Yoga Retreat"

Mayra's yoga classes and the different styles she presented. The yin yoga at the beach was beautiful. Andoni's inspirational talks and meditation sessions were wonderful. He has a very gentle way of talking and discussing things.

(Please note: My daughter and I are from Australia, not the US)


from Maldives, February 2019

"Great experience in Hikaduwa"

The experience was very cool, relaxing and at the same time deep in the level of insights it provided. I loved all yoga sessions a lot. Also the group connected great and we had fun surfing and learning from each other.

Diego Rivas Rodriguez

from Switzerland, February 2019

"Relax, calm, professional and positive retreat"

The yoga lessons were very well prepared and easy to follow. Mayra corrected my positions when necessary and we tried different yoga styles.

The food was so tasty and it varies every day; I go the whole day food package and it was very healthy.

The activities included such as surfing and massages were also well organised and with a very good quality.

So far, I enjoyed having the yoga exercises, the interesting motivational talks and meeting new people too.

Scott Gaudette

from Canada, January 2019

"Marya and Andoni create a memorable week"

Both are warm and gracious hosts. Care deeply about their professions and it shows in careful attention to meeting guests needs, clear communication about activities and instruction during yoga and meditation. Relaxed atmosphere that keeps the guest at the centre to ensure tray you get out or your time there, that of what you wish.


from Switzerland, January 2019

Mayra is a great yoga instructor and incorporated bits of the yoga philosophy in our daily practice, and her flows were equally challenging and enjoyable. She was going beyond the asanas, taking time to explain the meaning behind them as well as focusing on little details of the poses. I would very much take yoga classes with her again, and recommend them to everyone who wants to deepen their practice.

Lucy Craggs

from United Kingdom, December 2018

Mayra and Antonio made me feel very welcome, it was the best way to start my trip in Sri Lanka! I was a complete beginner and the yoga and meditation teaching they gave was great, plus the food was delicious! Thanks for having me! I'll be back to one of your retreats again :)

Mirna Macur

from Sri Lanka, August 2018

"Valuable insight"

I liked yoga classes very much.This Parampara retreat is a great learning experience - of your body, thoughts and feelings.

There is a homely atmosphere, rooms are nice and spacious, meals are delicious.

Georgina King

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"Totally relaxing, beautiful surroundings "

I loved the location and the house. Was so peaceful and a perfect place to practise and improve my yoga poses. Mayra was so positive and encouraging

Tess Mimmo

from Australia, June 2018

"My stay here was so beautiful & relaxing!!! "

Everything!!!! Couldn’t fault a thing! The combination of yoga & mindfulness was exactly what I needed after a busy trip!

The food was incredible & the location is so quiet yet close enough to the beach!

The owner of the house & kanishka were more than accommodating :-)

Definitely recommend if you want some peace & quiet !!

Sylwia Szewczyk

from United Arab Emirates, June 2018

Mayra and Anthony (and also Kanishka and their 3 girls) are very welcoming and friendly, they made sure that I was always comfortable at their beautiful home and that I had an unforgettable experience. They made me feel special from the welcome ritual until the farewell... everything was nicely planned and well-thought-out. I really liked the daily schedule they prepared, it was well balanced and interesting, plus there was time for additional activities like massage, surfing lesson, walks at the beach. I’ve learnt new things about different yoga styles and meditation techniques. After 4 days in Hikkaduwa I feel relaxed and regenerated. Another great thing was the food, a delicious mix of local and international vegetarian cuisine.

Nataliia Iermak

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Place to replenish vital energy "

I loved the area and villa itself with its huge territory and pets, meditations and yoga sessions were very relaxing, talkings were motivating. Waking up under birds singing, walking barefoot, breathing deeply, connecting to your body ... what can be more life-iffirming?

Mayra and Andoni are prepossessing and friendly and make you feel comfy. I left the place with different thoughts, intentions and mindset. Thank you!

Natalie Shardan

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Wonderful experience "

Myra and Andony are great, the yoga and inspiration classes were amazing and the house is like a little heaven on earth. And the food, so yummy

Ainura Kenenbaeva

from United Arab Emirates, April 2018

"Hikkaduwa retreat with Mayra and Anthony"

I loved every moment of my stay in Hikkaduwa with Mayra and Anthony.

They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. All the instructions were clear and achievable. They made sure I was comfortable and felt at home at all times.

Very good time management. I had enough to practice and relax.

And of course the Villa itself is beautiful. Very clean and well maintained, with beautiful garden of fruit trees!

Don't forget the sweet puppies Kira, Lulu and my beloved Noga. They made the stay even more unforgettable!

I most definitely will and do recommend this retreat in Sri Lanka with them. One of the best relaxation and vacations I've had in a long time.


from United Arab Emirates, April 2018

"March/April 2018"

Location, teachers, timetable and schedule. We were given the space to explore and utilize our free time but help and advice were on hand when needed. Sienese was offered but not enforced so we had choice and options.

Classes were perfectly timed and well planned and designed/improvised to our needs. Very chilled and peaceful space where you felt at home. Surf lesson was really fun for a first timer. Food was fab and we got a tour of the garden where lots of natural fruit and spices grow and are used for cooking. Really sweet couple.

Beach and town are really close by so everything is at your fingertips.

Bedour Arrar

from United Arab Emirates, April 2018

"A real retreat!"

I loved the instructors they were so welcoming and made sure everything was perfect for us. My sister has some food allergies and Andony was super nice and always made sure he made the right meals for her. The meals prepared by Andony, Maya and Harishka were amazing! Don’t even try eating outside because the best food is in this retreat! The yoga and meditation classes were great. The location was secluded we were close to the animals we saw monkeys. Iguanas and squirrels too. It’s a short walking distance to the beach too. We were able to fully connect with ourselves and disconnect with the outside world. I felt really grounded and relaxed all the time. It was perfect.

Anne Aull

from Thailand, April 2018

"Great Experience!"

I really had a great time at this yoga retreat. Mayra and Andoni are very kind and lovely hosts. I enjoyed everything in this 4 days. The food was delicious and they made it vegan (for me) which I loved and appreciated a lot.

It was great to have free time between morning and afternoon/evening program but I personally would have enjoyed more yoga/meditation classes.

Also the program was not exactly how it was announced on the internet and at arrival which wasn't a big issue - would be just great to know what's about to happen.

I can really recommend this place to everyone if you wanna have a great time in a beautiful spot with beautiful people 🙏🏻

Sharon Hayward

from United States, February 2018

"Fabulous little retreat"

This is a new retreat (only opened early 2018) so Mayra and Antoni are super enthusiastic and keen to please. They are both lovely, authentic and genuine people and I love that the retreat recycled as much as possible and provided a water cooler (not plastic bottles). The house is calm and relaxing and just 2 mins walk from the beach. Each day we did a different style of yoga which was great for me to learn different approaches. The surf lesson was great too - I stood up first time! What a teacher! :) It was clean and eveyone there was lovely.


from Netherlands, October 2019

"Yoga en wielrennen is een ideale combinatie"

De yoga lessen van Mayra waren erg goed. Doordat we met een kleine groep waren, was er ook veel persoonlijke aandacht en werd je goed geholpen / gecorrigeerd. Het eten was echt heel lekker en meer dan voldoende. We hadden heerlijk weer dus het zwembad was een uitkomst voor de liefhebber. De inspiration talks van Adoni waren van de ene kant boeiend maar van de andere kant werden uitspraken gedaan waarvan ik dacht. Dit is wel erg kort door de bocht. Dus ging ik nogal eens in discussie met Adoni. Maar iedereen mag zijn eigen mening hebben. Ze hadden 2 hele goeie wielrenfietsen geregeld voor vriendin en mij. Wij hebben daar 2 dagen gebruik van gemaakt. De accommodatie ligt in een mooi gebied

Isabell Lagler

from Germany, October 2019

"Wohltuend, berührend und inspierend"

Es war ganz wunderbar, ich wäre gern noch länger geblieben. Tolle Erfahrung.

Corinne Stehli

from Switzerland, October 2019

"Entspannte Atmosphäre"

Andonis Meditationen sind gut angeführt und wirkungsvoll. Die Nobelsilence war inspirierend und eine neue, positive Erfahrung für mich. Die Yogastunden von Mayra sind professionell geführt, am Pool in schöner Umgebung wo ich mich bestens erholen konnte und dazugelernt habe.

Juliette Herault

from France, August 2019

"Very well balanced retreat"

It was a very well balanced retreat. A mix of yoga, paddle, coaching, relaxing, in a beautiful scenery. Very nice teachers and group of people. I highly recommend.

Stefanie Walraven

from Belgium, August 2019

"1st yoga retreat with most inspiriring couple I've ever met"

As this was my first yoga retreat experience, I didn't really know what to expect. It started with a very warm welcome from Andoni, Mayra, Kira & Lulu (their 2 rescue dogs). What I loved about the retreat was the serenity from the finca, next to the activities there was plenty of time to do some soul searching and just enjoy the view/pool/dogs. Personally the dogs roaming around freely was a big plus since I adore animals. Having them around really had a calming effect, thank you again for that. :) The food was fantastic, as were the inspirational talks and yoga classes. I have truly never met such an inspiring couple as Andoni and Mayra and I highly recommend everyone to book this retreat and experience their hospitality for yourselves!

Enya Van Den Biggelaar

from Netherlands, August 2019

"High quality retreat! Dive deep into personal development"

Includes everything to relax, recharge, reflect on yourself and set up a plan for your future. Very nice people, location and food.

Mareen Jedro

from Germany, August 2019

"Exzellentes Retreat für Leute die nach Ruhe suchen "

Mayra und Andoni sind ein sehr nettes Paar, sie kümmern sich liebevoll um das Essen, die Yogastunden und andere Bedürfnisse die man so hegt. Das Anwesen liegt in der Nähe von Sa Pobla bzw. Albufera inmitten eines kleinen dörfchens. Leider abseits vom Meer und Albufera Nationalpark. Jedoch sind die Zimmer sehr schön, minimal aber gemütlich, das Bad ebenso, es gibt Dusch und Cremeprodukte bei Bedarf und der Salzwasserpool ist phänomenal! Die Meditationen und Yogastunden sind sehr angenehm und auch für Anfänger geeignet, auch die Inspiring Talks bringen einen wirklich auf andere Gedanken-lasst euch drauf ein!


from Germany, July 2019

"Amazing Experience ..."

...since the first day I felt so at home. Mayra and Andoni welcomed us very warmly. The atmosphere at the finca is beautiful, relaxing and calm.

The dogs and cat are so cute ;-) I like the programme with morning yoga in different styles with Mayra - she is a professional yoga teacher! The inspiring Talks with Andoni were really inspiring ;-) I got to know interesting tools how to start changing life and habbits. And I loved the Meditation part as well - it was very relaxing and helpful. but there was enough time to be with my self - perfect programme. I´m very happy that I have choosen this retreat and I´m convienced it will something change in my life! I´m now working on that :-) Thank you Mayra and Andoni for this amazing experience!!!

Coraline Arnaud

from Germany, July 2019

"Unique experience in paradise "

This was my first yoga retreat experience and Mayra and Andony put my standards very high !

Andony and Mayra will welcome you in their little paradise with their 2 cuties dogs and cat in the middle of the mountains, as soon as you step inside the villa, you will feel much more calm and relaxed.

I learned so much about yoga with Mayra, she will teach you several type of yoga with amazing personal corrections. Every day a different yoga !

I learned a lot about myself and mediation with Andony, mental coach, who will bring you to another level of reflexion to work on your life happiness. Be ready to live a beautiful life change when you come back home !

They accept only 5 persons maximum so as you can imagine, the welcome and the treat is very intime. They really care about you and give you little attention toward the all trip.

Without forgetting the DELICIOUS various vegetarian food( local food, but also Asian since they lived in Sri Lanka), hand cooked by Andony for every meal of the day !

Those 4 days fell like a 2 weeks experience, I met inspiring and nice people and I came back full of good energy.

It is a UNIQUE full life experience, you have to believe me.

I HIGHLY recommend it !

Georgia Le Fort

from Germany, April 2019

I had wonderful days at Parampara Yoga. I learned a lot and improved my yoga skills. The food, the talks and the yoga were great! I really enjoyed the time at this peaceful place.

Ferda Öztürk

from Switzerland, January 2019

Nice other Yoga Friends there.... Good food, clean rooms


from France, August 2018

"Cours de qualité et diversifiés dans un bel endroit propre "

J'ai apprécié l'endroit qui est spacieux et propre et faire du yoga "avec la nature" dans l'espace aéré. J'ai apprécié les cours qui n'étaient jamais les même ce qui m'a permis de connaître d'autres types de yoga. La maison est placé à 10 minutes à pied de la très belle plage d'Hikkaduwa. On mange aussi très bien.

Lisa Fuchs

from Sri Lanka, March 2018