28 Days 200 hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in India

  • Paramanand Campus,Rishikesh

28 Days 200 hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in India

  • Paramanand Campus,Rishikesh

India Yoga Teacher Training in Indore

Paramand Institute of Yoga Sciences offers residential yoga therapy teacher training and yoga teacher training in India in the serene and calm environment of an ashram. With the kind blessings and inspiration of Yugpurush Swami Paramanandgiriji, the ashram will give you space to learn from an expert who has been inspiring the world with yoga and Vedanta for the last 56 years. Students are mentored by one of the best team of yoga teachers and professors under the guidance of Dr. Omanand (Guruji). The life at the ashram is self-transforming, supportive, and creative.

Course objective

Yoga and yoga therapy both are complete scientific discipline that helps unification of body, mind, heart and ultimate energy. After completion of this course, students will become yoga teachers and also yoga therapist. They will be able to teach yoga anywhere in the world. They will gain knowledge and promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society.


  • Daily karma yoga classes
  • Self practice or meditation sessions
  • Learn with experienced certified yoga teacher
  • Accredited certification upon completing the program
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • 26 days with instruction
  • English
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All rooms are with attached toilet / bath, hot and cold water, and private cupboard.

Ancient holistic approach to Yog Chikitsa

Yoga therapy, or Yog Chikitsa, is not a modern word, but it is as ancient as yoga. There are often certain styles of yoga misleadingly branded as complete yoga. This could be for marketing purposes or to teach only a certain style of yoga asana sequence.

The style at Paramanand Institute is a traditional yoga which is in a deeper sense complete and authentic, and derives from ancient yoga scriptures as old as 10,000 years in Sanskrit taught in English. You will learn basic secrets from these scriptures which cover physical, mental, and emotional and energy levels.

Objective and benefits

Yoga therapy is an ancient science of healing and helping mankind to be totally healthy and happy. This complete scientific discipline helps the union of body, mind, senses, heart and ultimate energy. After completion of this yoga therapy teacher's training certification, you will become a certified yoga therapist accredited by the International Yoga Association.

Students will be able to first help themselves, then also help others. They will gain knowledge, promote positive health, and bring harmony and peace in the society. Masters with proven track records guide and teach this ancient yogic science to aspirants to become successful yoga therapists.


  • 06:00 Wake up and self practice / meditation
  • 07:00 Practice and Instructions of various techniques of meditation, asanas, pranayama, yogic kriyas
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:45 Karma yoga
  • 11:00 Yoga asana / theory / practical
  • 12:00 Yoga practices
  • 13:30 Vegetarian meals
  • 14:30 Self and personal studies, assignments / relaxation
  • 16:00 Anatomy, communications, presentations, philosophy, courses
  • 17.00 Meditation, yoga therapies, yoga Nidra, lectures, satsang, kirtan, yoga philosophy, discussions, question-answer session
  • 19:30 Vegetarian meals
  • 21:30 Self studies
  • 22:30 Sleep

Course contents

Apart from yoga course syllabus, the following lesson will be add on in each category in accordance with duration and advance studies:

  • Basics of Ayurveda
  • Basics of naturopathy
  • Effects of imbalance of chakras, nadis in yoga therapy
  • Methodology for yoga therapy
  • Therapeutic effects of asanas, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, bandhas, chanting and meditation
  • Yoga therapy techniques
  • Yogic life style, diet and yoga therapy

200-hour yoga therapy teachers training certificate

  • Therapeutic benefits of limbs yogic movements
  • Therapeutic precautions for practice and teaching Yoga
  • An understanding of yogic and ashram life
  • Therapeutic benefits of yoga asanas and of basic pranayamas
  • Therapeutic benefits and practice of basic Kriya science
  • Therapeutic benefits of Bandhas science, of silence (maun), of yogic cleanliness (shauch)
  • Therapeutic benefits of tratak, concentration, Dharna, and of the yogic lifestyle, Yam and Niyam
  • Therapeutic benefits of Pratyahar (withdrawal from senses)
  • Therapeutic benefits of prayers, chanting and Bhakti yoga, and of meditation
  • Techniques and understanding of teaching methodology
  • An understanding of basic principles of demonstration
  • Observation and review, assisting/correcting
  • Therapeutic benefits of the science of mantra and meditation
  • Qualities of a yoga therapist, and special techniques, and applied yogic sciences for healthy life
  • Anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and yogic system of energy/ subtle anatomy and physiology (Chakras, Nadis, etc.)
  • Yoga philosophy and lifestyle
  • Therapeutic benefits aspect’s study of Yoga Scriptures (Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, etc.)
  • Ethics for a yoga therapist
  • Practicum includes student teaching at school as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others
  • Assignments in related fields

Indore campus

6 acre campus is beautiful and under progress in Indore city, India. It attracts students from all over the world to carry on with studies and build their future in yoga and allied streams.

Yoga halls

We have 3 yoga spaces, one is approximately 3000 square feet; another is approximately 2500 square feet and the third one is almost ready with 10.000 square feet. This will cater to the needs of students and society at large. Sometimes, large yoga workshop/ assembly is organized at the 10.000 square feet hall.

Hospital cum guest house

Within our campus, there is a beautiful neat and clean granite and marble building, extending hands for health and happiness to the needy. Nearby few outdoor patients visit in the morning hours from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The treatments are done on charitable basis at nominal fees. This building has consulting chambers, 5 guest rooms with western toilets and bathroom.

Pyramids and meditation huts

There are meditation pyramids and meditation huts for self and deeper yoga, and meditation practice. Those are temporary huts.


  • Maheshwar, 90 kilometers
  • Mandu, 92 kilometers
  • Omkareshwar, 72 kilometers
  • Patalpani, 27 kilometers
  • Ujjain, 50 kilometers

During the program, you will be served daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Following optional can also be done during your stay in the ashram with additional payment:

  • Ayurveda cooking certificate: You will be guided practical basic Ayurveda / vegetarian cooking including basic sweet dishes. This you can learn during your stay in the ashram while pursing your yoga teacher training course. Notes are provided. The course costs 140 USD.
  • Ayurveda panchakarma and massage certificate: Ayurveda Massage / panchkarma certificate at the ashram's Ayurveda center is available for practical self-experience and training. Ayurveda department will be delighted to guide basics of Ayurveda massage and pachkarma. Notes are provided. The course costs 140 USD.
  • Personal yoga therapy treatment plan/ healing / private consultation with Dr. Omanand: For your personal health problems / relationship / healing, a personal guidance, consultation and treatment plan by Dr. Omanand will be provided, subject to his availability. The course costs 150 USD.
  • Trips to Omkareshwar or Ujjain or other cities or nearby areas are also available. This can be shared among students. Some time it cost around 5 USD round trip. This can be planned by the students in spare timings; but normally, during studies it is difficult to spare time.

Nearby historical cities/ places:

  • Ujjain - 50 kilometers: Lord Krishnas Ashram (Lord Krishna studied there), Guru Gorakh meditation caves, Mahakaleshwr, Kalbhairv, Paramanand ashram
  • Omkareshwar - 72 kilometers: holy River Narmada, Omkareshwar
  • Mandu - 92 kilometers: beautiful palaces and forts
  • Maheshwar - 90 kilometers: most beautiful banks of the world
  • Patalpani - 27 kilometers: beautiful water fall and Paramanand ashram
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • Accredited certification upon completing the program
  • All arranged activities
  • Books, manuals, certificates
  • Daily karma yoga classes
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Learn with experienced certified yoga teacher
  • Self practice or meditation sessions
  • Additional activities
  • Excursion
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • T
    Review by Tmimi Jaylane from Indonesia

    CONS Cons: My experience at paramamand was not as good as expected. Some classes as Rama's and Divya's were really good, they are both helpfull and excellent teachers. About the rest of the training, it was disappointing. The bedrooms and bathrooms were dirty, the meals were basics, repetitive and unhealthy ( too much oil, carb and no fruit). The organization was also a problem : the schedule is always changed . I understand that we experienced the ashram's life but the staff really keep the level at its minimum and it is difficult to get a proper training in these conditions. As a conclusion , i don't recommend it.

    2017-Jun-10 15:39:29

  • W
    Review by Anonymous

    The best teachers!

    CONS Cons: The communication in the organisation needs to be improved. Sometimes teachers don't show up, no one knows if we have class yes/no. Facilities are very very very basic and there are many things which needs to be fixed (and easily can, but it just doesn't happen).

    PROS Pros: The teachers and the guru are awesome, they are so skilled and nice! The employees would do anything to make you feel at home. I liked the excursions we did.

    2017-May-31 06:54:05


  • Review by Heba Ma HariGeet
    10 out of 10

    "Paramanand is not an ordinary school where one enrols to receive a certificate that entitles him or her to teach. Paramanand is an Ashram for the life of the seeker. Guruji is extraordinary, under his guidance and blessings one cannot help but transcend this mundane life of ordinary teachings to receive the ultimate and eternal knowledge. No words can express my gratitude to Guruji who has kindly blessed by School with his presence and supported me to lead my students into a new era of knowledge , love, bliss ,higher consciousness, and divinity."

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Buddhadev Ghosh
    10 out of 10

    "It was an amazing experience to be among about one crore devotees and monks during the final sahi snan at the mokshdayini Kshipra river in ancient temple town Ujjain. Mahakaal called me and I along with an office colleague went there. It was an impromptu decision. I took the holy dip at around 3.30 am along with lakhs that included people from age groups of 8 to 80. What a fantastic feeling! ! And after taking dip , we walked along side the river and crossed one after another ghats while taking snaps. Also took photos of Naga sadhus. Meanwhile, my colleague lost in the meelee. However , I traced him after some time.. Again, took holi dip at Narsingh ghat in the morning. Also visited Bhukimata & Ram ghat. It was a life-long memory. It could not be possible without the grace of Lord Mahakaleshwar. Jai Mahakaal."

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Ma Mangla Anand
    10 out of 10

    "Paramanand Institute is the best place to do the inner journey to find out our true nature and experience the true Yoga=union. It is an Ashram, it is an Institute but it is also a family where you can grow up and where you can share experiences with other people. All this is possible for the grace of Guru ji, always present, always attentive, always available. A real Guru. Thank you!"

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Damon Shelly from New Zealand
    10 out of 10

    "To anyone on the path of yoga who would like to deepen their knowledge and experience - I really recommend Paramanand Institute. Excellent teachings, small classes & a welcoming family atmosphere. Cant wait to return. Namaste "

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Gulumser Ozgul from Germany

    "Back in my hometown in my old life I feel that nothing is like I left it before. I am transformed.In June 2014 I went to Italy for a 5 days Yoga course. There I met my Yoga teacher Maa Lakshmi (Lise Baronet). Having a course with her I realized that there is something very special and unique about her way of Yoga and Yoga teachings. I found out that she was at the Paramanand Yoga Ashram in Indore.I decided that I needed to go there for a 500 hours Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Course in December 2014. I am a very much beginner in Yoga. I thought I will learn some postures that may help against musculoskeletal pain and I will benefit with more physical fitness.Paramanand Ashram taught me the ancient deep and pure path of yoga. It is a tight syllabus, and you need work hardly to go through. In this two month of my stay, there was a lot of doubt, anger, hesitation, disbelief, neglect and fighting inside me. Under the guidance of Guruji, trough practice and reflection I could move from darkness to light (tamasoma jotirgamaya). I feel my life is transformed.I wanted to learn some postures to achieve some physical fitness and additionally to have a certificate from an internationally approved Yoga Institute. Of cause I am a yoga therapy teacher now, but further than that, I am on the yoga path, I got keys to experience deep meditation, to observe and to control my own mind, to live a life in my own peace.I feel deep gratitude. I want to thank Guruji for his kind, patient, loving and caring guidance. Hari OM Maa Gita Anand. "

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research website, edited

  • Review by Sebastian Cuenca from Argentina

    "How to talk about a place that feels like my own home but with words full of thankfulness and happiness?I first came to the ashram in 2013 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Really transforming.Even though I was a practicing yoga teacher before coming, I found an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration in every teacher. Guruji helped me to find the real roots of yoga and the true meaning of meditation. Meditation sessions with him were enlightening. Without any doubt my yoga and life have benefited since my fist visit.This is the second time i am in "my" Ashram, and the experiences are different but as profound as the first.I highly recommend to every yoga aspirant, who wishes to visit India to study in Paramananda Institute...Nothing will be the same after that experience. "

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research website, edited

  • Review by Dr. Valerie Naiman Eco from United States

    "Paramanand University is going to be a beautiful learning environment. It is so amazing that this great development has happened. The opportunity to be a student at Paramanand University is one of the most valuable of opportunities one could ask for in their life."

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research website, edited

  • Review by David from Israel

    "I am highly impressed with the powerful personality and deep knowledge of Om ji. I want to continue learning and receive guidance from him."

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research website, edited

  • Review by Mirih from Turkey

    "I had been practicing yoga for over 19 years, but now I realized that I just started practicing true yoga and meditation, which I learned from Omji. I am indebted to him."

    Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research website, edited

Indore, India

Paramyoga offers residential yoga therapy teacher training and yoga teacher training in India, in the serene and calm environment of an ashram.

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