For more than 42 years, we imparts traditional Yoga, so far 91 countries students became successful Yoga Teachers from our Institute, a proposed Yoga University

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58 Day 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Certification in Indore

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    from US$1,350
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    Instructors (5)

    Dr. Omanand

    Dr. BK Bandre

    Shivananda Diwakar

    Prof. Divya Darshan Shrivastav

    Dr. Vaishali Karambalkar

    Reviews (2)

    Shani Mileguir

    from Israel, March 2019

    "Paramanand Ashram- An amazing spiritual learning experience!"

    The experience I had while in the ashram as amazing and beyond what I had expected. I thank my teachers, Shiva Anand, Krishna Anand and Divya for their patience and wonderful teaching methods. I learnt so many new methods for meditation and practicing Asana and Pranayama. I was expecting to become a yoga instructor and I gained so much more than that, I got in tune with my spiritual self... I was so inspired by the anatomy and therapy teacher Vishali, I will deffinetly keep studying the scientific side of yoga! The meals where also amazing in the Anapurna kitchen and the rooms where spacious and comfortable. Couldn't ask for a better beginning of my Yoga Journey! Thank you Paramanand Family! Thank you Guruji for guiding me how to awaken my kundalini and feel bliss! Thank you Sunita for being my ma away from home! Thank you to all the staff and teachers! Om Shanti!

    Anna Zoria

    from Ukraine, November 2018

    I would like to say thanks for teacher Vaishali for her positive energy, patience and teaching methodology.

    Thanks Krishna - for asanas classes

    Thanks Lata and Vaishali - for yoga therapy classes.

    Guru Ji for deep meditation which help me a lot to balance myself.