Parahita Yoga Bali is a certified yoga school located in Bali with experienced yoga teachers and has produced many students registered internationally.

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25 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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    from US$2,400
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    4 Days Healing Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

    Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2019
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    4 Days Healing Yoga Holiday in Gianyar Bali, Indonesia

    Available in August, September & October
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    Dada Vibrakarananda

    Ni Komang Puspa

    Yovia Jogia

    Via Wijaya


    Dias Sutiono

    Reviews (23)

    Annie Garofalo

    from United States, August 2019

    "Fantastic people, positive attitudes, & purposeful mission!"

    I loved the course and would highly recommend! It’s a fairly new company, so they’re still doing a bit of test and learn but are growing rapidly and have an amazing community of instructors, staff, and previous students. The course is all-inclusive which makes it quite cost effective, and accommodations and food are great (for rural Bali). They have a few locations (all in Bali at the moment) - this one is in Gianyar and was in a remote villa allowing you to focus solely on the course, but they also have one closer to Ubud center if you're looking to be surrounded by other people/activities. Do note that this course is intensive, so whatever time isn't spent practicing yoga, learning in class, or bonding with other students is best used for rest! I am so excited to see this value-driven company grow and expand, thank you for such a great experience <3


    from United States, July 2019

    "Yoga Training in Paradise"

    Parahita was welcoming from the start in a perfect location that was removed from distractions. Staff was very attentive and accommodating to many individual needs. Teaching staff was very knowledgeable with high expectations and positive encouraging feedback to help us grow. The open air studio was wonderful for connecting with nature during meditation and inspiring views during physical challenges. The meals were beautifully presented and very tasty with quite a variety of flavors accommodating vegetarian and vegan diets along with other specific food restrictions.

    Lyle Laakso

    from United States, June 2019

    "More than I could have every asked for or expected! "

    From the second I got picked up at my previous villa to being dropped off in a Uluwatu this group is nothing but extremely welcoming and positive! They truly surpass their goal of making everyone involved from students through teachers, to staff and even puppies feel like family. The course structure emptied my heart of the old and filled it with new. I increased my practice 10 fold. Learned aspects I never knew were apart of yoga. Was encouraged to grow in many ways every day personally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. And was welcome to make the best lifelong friends I’ve ever had (both students and staff) highly recommending these people can’t even do it justice for me.

    Liviani Cinthyana

    from Indonesia, June 2019

    "Love the experience, truly life changing for me."

    The positive environment, delicious vegetarian meals

    Monique Kearney

    from Hong Kong, May 2019

    The Parahita staff does an exquisite job of making you feel part of the family and works towards making you feel at home during the entire program. Their pride and love for the work they do really shows everyday. The property is beautiful, overlooking the mountains and rice fields. The program is intensive and well-formatted to optimize your understanding of all topics covered. The teachers are inspirational, patient, and highly knowledgable. My time at Parahita can best be summed up as a genuine, heart-filled experience that I feel lucky to have been a part of and will never forget. I have left with amazing friendships, memories, and a strong confidence to explore teaching opportunities for the future. I love Parahita!!

    Millene Nagaishi De Oliveira

    from United States, March 2019

    "Amazing experience"

    I had a great time and experience with Parahita, everyone treats you like a family member!! The course was very good and what I like the most is that we get to learn about the Balinese culture! I highly recommend!

    Karen Lucas

    from United States, March 2019

    "My third yoga 200 Hr program, this was by far the best!"

    The instructors, staff, and owners did everything to try to fulfill everyone’s needs. They were all very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was extremely happy with every aspect of the program.

    Sandra Sofia Martins Da Fonseca

    from Netherlands, March 2019

    "Thank you!"

    Was really nice to come to know that part of the money i payed for the course is used for a foundation for disable people. In the future their goal is to run a foundation where everyone is included, live independent and feel usefull.

    In also liked to experience the balinese culture with their rituals and traditions.

    Audrey Eberle

    from France, July 2019

    "Expérience unique"

    Les lieux sont agréables, la nourriture est fantastique (chaque régime particulier est pris en compte), les professeurs sont vraiment à l'écoute et géniaux, le staff est vraiment au top, ... tout est fait pour que l'on se sente à la maison ! Il ne s'agit pas uniquement d'une formation de professeur de yoga ... on y trouve une famille, des amis, ... on plonge en profondeur dans ce qu'est vraiment le yoga : l'union... Il s'agit d'apprendre, de grandir, de partager, de comprendre, d'accepter, ... Merci Parahita! Thank you everybody!

    Mann Chia

    from Singapore, June 2019

    "Excellent beyond our imagination"

    Staff were warm and hospitable and saw to our every need. The facilities were really good for the price paid (daily turnover, airconditioned, hot water). daily yoga classes were also well paced to accommodate yogis of different levels. and the instructor was very clear in her instructions.

    Olivia Philipp

    from Thailand, May 2019

    "Awesome YTT!"

    I’ve enjoyed every aspect of this ytt. The staff is so friendly, everything is well organized and the facilities in Bona are beautiful. Our teachers, Mano and Puspa, guided us with love and patience and I’ve learned so much. Findi is the master of organization and there wasn’t a request that she didn’t fulfill. I’ve found a second family here!

    Sara Santos

    from Great Britain, May 2019

    "Amazing experience!"

    There is no words to describe this experience. It was one of the hardest things I done in my life but definitely the best thing. I cannot describe how grateful I am for joining Parahita in this awakening experience. The looked after me when I needed the most and made a big change in my life. Thanks you 🙏

    Katherine Mcguigan

    from Australia, May 2019

    "Retreat with intention"

    The staff at parahita are all so lovely and humble. It's like you are treated as part of their family. The care and attention I was shown by the yoga teacher Devi was amazing and I highly recommend her class. Alit was also extremely warm and helpful. The program runs smoothly and is flexible to your level. If you're looking for a heartfelt experience then this retreat is for you. You will walk away with the feeling that the staff want you to be happy and nothing else. There is great intention behind this retreat.

    Jolita Aleknaviciute

    from United States, March 2019

    "My instructors name is Devi. Beautiful young soul"

    Peaceful and quiet area , well organised meditation retreat, all staff were kind and would go an extra mile to help you. I'm more than thankful for all 🌷

    Lina Radvilaite

    from Lithuania, February 2019

    "Life changing experience"

    One of the main reasons why I highly value Parahita is because it's not a money driven school as most of businesses are in our days. People working and teaching there are genuinely caring and they actually invest the profit in the community growth, supporting the less fortunate. It's a very authentic experience. Apart that in one month I have learned so much and feel ready to share my knowledge with others. It was an intense practice everyday in a very supportive and loving environment.

    Hanna Gramsbergen

    from Indonesia, December 2018

    "Can really recommend this YTT! "

    The atmosphere was very welcoming and warm. After only a few days I felt at home!

    Emily Mueller

    from United States, November 2018

    "Best experience of my LIFE! "

    I loved the energy of the staff, the knowledge and wisdom of the Teachers and Founder of Parahita. They all genuinely care about the main goals and values of Yoga which is why I came to get Yoga certified in Bali, but they did even better than I imagined.

    Kate De La Peña

    from United States, July 2019

    The love of the staff, they are very professional!

    France Rivest

    from Canada, April 2019

    "Qualité - Compétence - professionnalisme "

    Des enseignants engagés, expérimentés et passionnés.

    Toute l’équipe en place démontre une attention constante au niveau du service client.

    Logistique impeccable en lien avec les transports, les activités et sorties offertes durant le séjour.

    L’organisation transmet de belles valeurs et s’implique dans sa communauté.

    L’endroit est paisible, propre et à proximité des différents services et lieux d’intérêt.

    Anna Von Heyl

    from Germany, February 2019


    I loved our mantra, the intensity of the practice, the challenge, the kindness, the caring of the teachers and the stuff, the sustainability of the whole jouney, the content of the classes, the healing aspect and much more.