Paradise Found Yoga

British Columbia, Canada

Paradise Found is a healing and clarifying place of transformation and fun.

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  • Denise United States

    Paradise Found website

    Thank you for opening your home up and being the wonderful and compassionate person that you are. I feel so blessed to have met you and felt free as well as refreshed on my goddess retreat. I will do this again! You and Mark really made me feel so welcomed and at home (which I have never felt before).

  • Cathy Canada

    June 2014. Paradise Found website

    Nomi, thank you hardly seems to suffice. Thank you profusely for an amazing goddess retreat. I learned so much from you and I am forever changed (for the good) by this experience. I look forward to coming back very soon. In gratitude.

  • Nicole Canada

    June 2010. Paradise Found website

    Nomi, thank you for your one-on-one attention. This was exactly what was needed. It was relaxing and fun. Great little place to get away and vacation and a wonderful host. Ill think of you the next time I get the giggles in meditation.

  • Donna Fay Vigil

    Paradise Found Yoga website

    This time away was so very much needed and somehow I found that best place to regroup and rest. I had a wonderful time and got lots of opportunity to reflect on my life. Thank you for creating and sharing this haven. I will never forget the early chanting; the gentle and intense yoga classes (loved the bhamgara dancing) and the labyrinth walk under the full moon. Bueno, I hope to be back on e day and able to testimony to the power of manifesting the life I have created for myself. Con mucho carino!

  • Constance K.

    July 14

    These five days were like a taste of honey a reminder to dip more deeply into the stillness, the silence, the healing power of nature for the replenishment, and healing for breakthrough the comforts of earth consciousness to our divine infinite consciousness. In these few days I have had the warmth of all of this sacred place and carry this back with me. I leave my love, my blessings, and a sincere acknowledgment of Namaste.

  • Shannon

    August 19

    What can I say to thank you for this beautiful, beautiful experience? Ill never forget this retreat and the special day I spent here afterward. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom and humour and fun with me. I wish you all the best in all you choose to do and hope to come back for more in the future!

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