Palace Gokbel private wellness retreat, a touch of luxury in a forest of natural beauty. The perfect place; with panoramic views to meditate, relax & enjoy yoga

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Naomi Alexandra Enser

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Bill Downing

from Spain, November 2021

"Namaste in Gokbel "

Naomi and Sean's grand adventure is a wonderful experience. The food is exceptional, hospitality warm and generous and the yoga nuturing and adaptive.

Don't even think about it. Go.

Sara Hills

from Turkey, September 2021

"Peaceful retreat, stunning views, improved yoga"

Naomi and Sean were wonderful hosts. The Food was excellent, the Yoga was wonderful amd challenging, helping me improve so much! The yin was the perfect way to end each day. Stunning sunsets each night to relax, enjoy a beautiful meal and relax after a soul searching day. Highly recommend for anyone looking to slow down, connect with nature and themselves in this geography location. Hope to be back again soon.


from Switzerland, August 2021

"It is a beautiful place that gives you peace,"

the view of the sea, the olive trees, the sunrises and sunsets are inspiring.

The yoga lessons made you want more. sometimes it was a bit exhausting, but always to the extent that it was possible to laugh together. Naomi always responded to questions and requests. After just 8 days I was a lot more flexible and was really amazed about that.

The food was delicious and the hospitality from Naomi and Sean cannot be beat. All in all, I am very grateful to have found this place with all the lovely, interesting people.

Irina Vartanian

from Romania, June 2021

"Great experience, very good yoga program"

The location is very clean and spacious and it is super well organized in order to respect all the COVID-19 safety measures.

The yoga terrace has plenty of space to practice without having contact with others and the view from the terrace is breathtaking.

Food is super delicious.

Naomi and Sean are both great people and they put a lot of passion into managing the retreat.


from Iraq, May 2021

"Lovely break"

My stay at Palace Gokbel was simply delightful. From the hospitality to the yoga practices by the way of the fusion cuisine Mediterranean/South-asian, the place itself were all above my expectations. On the top of this, the hygiene makes the whole experience safe and peaceful. I highly recommend a yoga reatreat there!

Kerstin Harder

from Turkey, December 2020


Beautifully detailed accommodation and garden, knowledgeable and friendly hosts, superb food! Although the location of Palace Gökbel is wonderful, be prepared to take a taxi if you want to venture to the beach. Sean is ever so helpful to organize that for you.

Maria Fraskou

from Iraq, December 2020

"A wonderful, relaxing yoga retreat with stunning view"

It was one of my most relaxing holidays, with creative and dynamic yoga classes in the morning and yin yoga in the afternoon. Gokbel palace is a beautiful place, the perfect set-up for yoga on the terrace, combining mountain and see views. Naomi is an experienced yoga teacher that builds on your level to improve what you already know, but also learn new things and create in the end your own flow that I will for sure keep practicing even after the retreat! The food is great, with variety in terms of ingredients and recipes. I was always looking forward to the dinner and the different menus gave me a lot of inspiration to add and change things in my cooking.

The day is quite full with the yoga, but there is still free time and things to do around, such as visiting the turtle beach. Even if I went in late November/early December, the weather was very nice to do the yoga outside and even do some sunbathing. Moreover, Dalyan is a nice city, not that far with many options for hamam, massage and other similar services.

Overall, Naomi and Sean are excellent hosts and they have created their own paradise on earth! Also to note that the place allows all the needed social distancing and covid-19 preventive measures, in terms of cleaningness and available space.

Do not hesitate even a minute to book for this retreat, you will not regret it :)

Barbara Senn

from Switzerland, December 2020

"Perfect & relaxing time at Palace Gokbel"

Everything was perfect! I loved the place, the yoga classes and the food. Especially at the moment during Corona very suitable, because there is a lot of space and you can keep the distances well. It was certainly not the last time I stayed at Palace Gokbel :)

Milena Carruzzo

from France, November 2020

"Amazing experience in a beautiful location "

Naomi and Sean are great hosts and made us feel comfortable from the beginning and making sure we had everything we need.

The place is beautiful, peaceful and quiet with an amazing view over the see. It’s exactly what I was looking for some place more secluded in the middle of the nature.

The food was delicious and the setting for dinner was very romantic for me and my partner .

I enjoyed a lot the yoga classes. It was very diversified and creative. I loved that Naomi encouraged us to be creative too by adding some of our own ideas and expressions.

Colin Snape

from Turkey, August 2020

"Wonderful Retreat "

Palace Gökbel is an incredibly beautiful retreat ran by two fabulous hosts, Naomi and Sean.

The Yoga was excellent and tailored to my needs, I learnt more on 10 days than I have in 3 years of practice.

The food was amazing, I have never eaten so well and again tailored to my specific needs, having a wheat intolerance.

There was no issues with Social Distancing during yoga or at any other time as the location easily allows it. Even during yoga at least 6 to 8 people could practice safely without coming close to each other.

The overall experience was outstanding and I will definitely be returning.

I arrived as a guest but left with two new friends for life.

Meka Walters

from Burkina Faso, November 2019

"Great getaway in paradise. "

Honestly what’s not to like. It’s a beautiful location if you’re into being surrounded by nature and absolutely stunning views.

Naomi is an extremely connected knowledgeable yoga instructor. She’s probably one of the best instructors I have been privileged to work with in such small numbers on a retreat.

The Naomi and Sean team do whatever they can to make sure your trip is a truly pleasurable one, the retreat feels a bit like you’re staying with close friends who are excellent hosts.

They can put together the ideal retreat for you if you want to save or splurge. There’s lots to do in terms of day trips, trips to the hamman / spa, and angel reading (highly recommended) or you could have an equally amazing time enjoying the various nooks and crannies the two of them have created in and around the gorgeous palace on the side of a mountain.

The animal lover in meet enjoyed the 8 cats living at the palace whom I could stroke and cuddle.

I felt thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated when I left. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to give themselves some much needed self love. This place does the trick. Just book it. You won’t regret it!


from Puerto Rico, November 2019

The retreat is a haven and Naomi and Sean are wonderful hosts.


from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Pure relaxation "

Superb location, Naomi is a fantastic yoga instructor and cook!! Absolutely awesome experience.

Annie Evans

from United Kingdom, September 2019


Naomi understood me and my abilities and pushed me in all the right ways.

Debs Philip

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Fabulous experience"

This was one of the best retreats I have ever been on

Najwa Sahmarani

from Lebanon, September 2019

This is such a timely and perfect experience for me. What I loved the most would definitely be the beautiful energy and warmth of Naomi and Sean. They are the perfect hosts. You'd feel

I arrived there exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally and left with a joyful and peaceful heart.

I did not expect the yoga to be demanding honestly but it was! And I loved it!! We had 3.5+ hours of yoga per day but suitable for any level. Naomi has this special power of noticing your every struggle on the mat and making sure she caters to your needs and supports you to the fullest reaching the next level with your body. I also chose to not leave the Palace during the 7 days. I swam in the lovely natural pool, read, meditated in the garden, and relaxed, in addition to the yoga of course. And this was exactly what I needed. However, if you're into exploring there would be easy ways to access the town & nearby places and anyway there are excursions included.

The food was heaven for me! I chose to eat vegetarian for the week I was there. The food was so refreshing and rich. I feel so much lighter :)

I am already missing my time at Palace Gokbel <3 Grateful for Naomi and Sean for the effort and love they put into making my stay memorable.


from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Amazing experience "

I came as a yoga newbie and left as someone with a plan to incorporate yoga into my life. There were very fit and advanced yoga people at the retreat at the same time and Naomi managed to give us all a great experience. She's a remarkable teacher, hugely generous with her time, drawing on an incredible breath of knowledge to give you personal attention and a plan, whatever your level. Regardless of your experience or fitness level (mine is dire!) she makes you feel positive and included.

Yoga apart, Gokbel Palace is a fantastic place for a relaxing holiday - it's a beautiful purpose built retreat, with an open air yoga terrace, incredible views of the mountain and ocean, a lovely garden with an olive grove, a natural pool and loads of sunbeds, hammocks and nooks and crannys to sit and enjoy the sun. The rooms are great - all have big french doors with great views. The food is really good - healthy and enjoyable.

Naomi and her partner Sean, are fantastic hosts. They include a couple of trips out during the week, but if you have the time, try and research the area before you go - there are amazing beaches (including the famous turtle beach), beautiful ruins, and mudbaths in the area and I think they'd be happy to arrange any trips out you wanted.

I really hope to go back and would highly recommend a stay to anyone - whether you want an intense yoga experience in a beautiful place - or just some great rest and relaxation.

Geoffrey Thomas

from Hungary, August 2019

"Yoga Taj Mahal"

What was not to like? Palace Gökbel is a small architectural wonder with its garden, pool, olive grove, lotus lounge, air conditioned rooms, stunning views of the sea and yoga terrace. Sean and Naomi were marvelous hosts and I felt at home immediately. Naomi offers a highly varied range of yoga, meditation, und nutrition expertise. The yoga was often quite demanding but Naomi is always encouraging and gives lots of help to improve. I achieved one of my goals, which was to improve my balance poses. I have gone from a shaky tree to seven minutes of balance poses in sequence. Naomi set me the goal of ten minutes. She also gave me lots of help with fitness and nutrition as well, thus I have a better idea of how these relate. Naomi cooked wonderful vegan food throughout the week and introduced me to many dishes. Her vegan deserts are super and you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy them. Sean is the master of the garden and the builder, so kudos to him! It was a marvelous week and my best friend oohed and awed over the pictures I made. She is dying to come.

I only left the palace once for Iztuzu Beach, which is wonderful, but I preferred the palace in the end. Highly recommended.

Andrea Muirhead

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Yoga in the mountains"

Location, owners, food and service all excellent. A truly nurturing experience.

Norene Feteih

from France, August 2019

"development of the individual’s self awareness and growth"

I gained new insight to yoga and breathing techniques this time with a different perspective therefor my emotions shift automatically with the change of how I see yoga or what depth of meaning held beneath! Yin yoga is my fav at 6 PM realised it did help in calming me down as I pursue it now five days after the retreat.. vinyasa is a bit difficult for me in certain moves but I believe yin does a good job along with breathing techniques taught there and reasons behind most of them and when to use each one and how. Loved the sinus one 😍 of course little details were taken care of that not anyone would comprehend, I’m an obsessive thinker and tend to go deep with my analysis. I can tel each corner was made with a story. I genuinely appreciate every and each one of them to heart. Let alone I’m not the only one that had depression or major depression / injuries / .... and visit that retreat leaving with such delight and impact! I’m sure many had/ hadn’t different mental issues (to a mild moderate aspect of course) have been there and left with great positivity and more calm then first entered. Liked true food habit been wanting a long time to try and start but happened there and yet continuing and blessed. Didn’t have a cig since 23 July 2019 so we wait and see 🙃

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from Lebanon, June 2019

"Great place, great food, customized experience"


The location is absolutely wonderful, the view breathtaking and so relaxing, with multiple spots for quiet relaxation and unwinding both in and outside the garden. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the lounge has a great view. Both Naomi and Sean are friendly people and created an amazing place for a retreat.


Naomi is a very thoughtful and creative cook. She created very good recipes for me despite all my dietary restrictions. The food was healthy and generous in portions. Everyday the menu was also accompanied by a great quote relating to meditation and relaxation. Even the written instructions about the accommodation were personalized.


I stayed for six days and enjoyed a couple days of private sessions with Naomi as I was the only one there during that time and those were naturally the ones I felt I made most use of. She customized the activities to suit my injury and I came away with a great yoga routine plan to follow, including posture and time variations. I've already started implementing this and I'm very happy about it. She also gave me great tips on how to incorporate relaxation and meditation into my routine, as well as very good dietary tips. It could take you a bit of time to get used to Naomi's informal style of instruction as the morning sessions include chats relating to yoga rather than a very structured punctual routine with instructions only. The evening session on the other hand has little talk and little guidance.

India Roberts

from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

The location is perfect with wonderful views of the sea and surrounding mountains. You really feel surrounded by nature. All of the rooms have great views. There is a lovely olive garden which was a nice place to meditate and read books during the day. The small group size was great. The yoga classes were varied and we practiced different styles. We also practiced specific postures throughout the week, some of which I felt I improved upon in such a short time. Naomi's tips and guidance have really helped my practice. A week at Palace Gokbel has made me feel healthier (especially thanks to Naomi's delicious healthy meals) and motivated to continue practicing yoga every day. Thank you for an amazing week!

Hannah Edwards

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Just wonderful.!!"

What an incredible place.! Literally the best week in the sun and beautiful surroundings. THAT VIEW..! Naomi and Sean are such lovely hosts and created such a warm and welcoming environment that felt very relaxed. There is no pressure to attend any class, but I enjoyed them so much I went to every single one.! Naomi is incredible. So passionate about what she does, and this really shows in her classes- which felt tailored to me and my level and ability. Not only that, she’s a brilliant cook and a lovely person to chat to, and Sean. The rooms are clean and spacious and the yoga terrace is such a great place to practice. The most beautiful view ever.! I came home feeling totally relaxed. Highly recommend this place ❤️

Ryan Little

from Germany, April 2019

"Heaven on Earth"

Naomi and Sean have created the most idyllic experience one could possibly hope for. I arrived a harried, stressed out office worker and left a chilled-out, tanned yogi :) The place itself is paradise and your hosts are spectacular. Naomi challenged me just the right amount in yoga, really developing me so much in just a week. The food was delicious and the healthiest I've ever eaten. I'll be back for sure.

Amy Chillery

from United Kingdom, April 2019

Our stay at Palace Gokbel was wonderful. Naomi is an excellent teacher for anyone at any level, happy to adjust for different abilities and injuries, and encourages all her guests to do their best whilst making them feel comfortable about their limits. Her previous experience as a fitness instructor means that she understands difficulties arising from sports injuries (my partner is a runner/swimmer and very inflexible) and difficulties from lack of activity (I have had health problems which lead to weight gain and loss of muscle mass). My partner and I both enjoyed her sessions and were pushed in different ways, and we came away from it healthier and happier for it. Her cooking is also excellent, she uses local produce and is very aware of dietary needs, including severe allergies. It’s an idilic stay in the mountains with several towns within easy reach if you do get itchy feet and want to explore the local area. Both Naomi and her partner are very accommodating and eager to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, whether it be providing advice about the local area, giving you a lift into town, or arranging boat trips/hamman visits for you.

The accommodation is very comfortable and clean, every room has an ensuite and beautiful views over the mountains towards the mediterranean sea. The grounds of the villa include a mature olive grove, including hammocks strung between the trees, and a pool for cooling off when it’s hot (shallow though, not suitable for swimming lengths).

Louis Stewart

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Simply Sublime"

Ever booked something online and the place was not the same as the pictures, or they only photographed the best bits? Well here the photo's 'DO NOT' do it justice at all and there's a lot more great stuff going on than you can't see in the pictures. The view is utterly breathtaking and the building itself is to be marvelled at. Naomi and Sean are truly brilliant at what they do. We were made to feel very welcome from start to finish and they went above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions as hosts. Here are some thoughts:

Yoga - first class from Naomi. We own a hot yoga studio and learned a lot from Naomi and her beautiful manner of teaching. We attended almost every class but there's no pressure to do so. It's also a wellness centre so the yoga is optional.

Food - It's hard to believe that everything is handmade by Naomi, even the deserts. The cooking and presentation should be awarded a michelin star.

Building - It's almost like something you could imagine being in the ancient city of Babylon. The design and architecture are magnificent and the materials used inside are luxurious. Sean built this from scratch, what a legend!

Experience - You will quickly find yourself slowing down almost to the point where you sleep more than the resident cats.

We got back yesterday and we haven't shut up about our experience to everyone and anyone. We are already planning our next trip back. Thank you, thank you, thank you and see you soon! L&L xx

Oliver Schumacher

from Germany, October 2021

"Ein sehr schöner Urlaub.. Entspannung pur "

Eine sehr schöne Unterkunft, sehr ruhig gelegen in den Bergen von Gökbel, totale Ruhe und ein fantastischer Ausblick aufs Meer. Das Zimmer ist sehr hübsch eingerichtet. Yoga findet auf der Sonnenterrasse statt. Sean und Naomi sind exzellente Gastgeber. Naomi ist eine sehr erfahrene Trainerin und entwickelte Flows mit uns gemeinsam nach unseren Fähigkeiten. Sie kocht selbst und gibt sich auch hierbei riesig mühe. Alles in allem kann ich dieses Retreat wirklich weiterempfehlen

Ludwig Kurz

from Turkey, April 2021

"Das waren herliche Tage in Gokbel. "

Ich bin 60 Jahre alt. Habe das erste mal Sport / Yoga gemacht. Denoch konnte ich die Woche bei tollem Essen ( Klasse statt Masse ) von einer wunderbaren Landschaft Umgeben, inmitten der Natur, der Berge, der Luft voll und ganz genießen. Die Yoga Stunden bescherten mir einen richtigen " Muskelkater " doch es war wirklich gut erstmals seinen Körper zu trainieren und mal wieder etwas für seinen Geist zu tun. Ich habe wirklich "königliche" Tage bei Seon und Naomi erleben dürfen. Danke dafür. Lui.


from Turkey, July 2019

"Yoga was good, it was good to have classes twice a day. "

I liked the variety in the yoga classes and the way that Naomi built up sequences with us. I really enjoyed the ‘animal walks’ which was a creative, novel approach to yoga and I found the yin classes really great. I also learnt some new assanas and Naomi showed us different ways to get into them which was great.