Guanacaste, Costa Rica

PachaMama is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. It's a place to dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, and celebrate life.

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  • Gabriela Acuña

    PachaMama website

    It feels like time to share some words of gratitude for the life experience I got last year.

    At the time I already felt grateful to be at PachaMama. Now, with the distance and a different point of view, I cherish even more this amazing experience, PachaMama itself and all of you who created and keep on creating this paradise. Like really, THANK YOU, it’s not even enough to express myself!

    I came to PachaMama carrying a little seed wanting to grow. And it got one hell of a growth-power-boost! Barriers have fallen and many little dark corners got lightened up. I’ve been deeply touched on soooo many levels. Most importantly, I really connected with all the love and beauty within me. My heart could literally explode from all the love it contains.

    Hmmm, so so soooo much gratitude!

    The seed within is still growing and getting stronger by the time, slowly unfolding into the women I am.

    I’ll be back soon, ready to dive deeper, much deeper, and allow myself to fully merge with PachaMama.

  • Maren Brand

    PachaMama website

    While being in PachaMama it was so easy for me to be present and to live in the HERE & NOW. The forest helped me to feel grounded, yet the silence and ceremonies opened me up to the world of spirits.

    Since i left PachaMama i feel the huge transformation i went through while living and working in the community: my trust in the Intelligence of life and the wisdom of the body is stronger than ever. My connection to Great Spirit, Mother Earth and prayer is deeper than before. So much healing has happened.

    I truly love this unique place and all the beautiful people who are a part of the family.

    Grateful for a very rich experience, not to put in words…

    Sooner or later, I will be back for sure. Hopefully sooner than later.


  • Yael Haar

    PachaMama website

    MY heart is overflowing with gratitude for everything I have experienced since I arrived at PachaMama. The safe space, the depth and beauty of the forest, beach, river, the nourishment of the fresh produce and amazing meals, raw desserts/chocolates… I could go on. The workshops, silent retreat, yoga… Tyohar. One of the most touching parts was the people. Such beautiful, open-hearted, inspirational and loving friends I’ve made. During this roller-coaster of self-exploration where fear and doubt were ever-present, I was only met with encouragement, support, and love. As most of us in our mid-20s know the existential crisis and battle between conforming to a 9 to 5 job we have no interest in or living from our hearts can be hard. So, to be surrounded by this freedom and presence was a blessing. Brings tears to my eyes to have given myself this gift, I am so grateful, so thankful. I will treasure this moment and continue that to the present. Thank you PachaMama for such a beautiful experience. <3

  • Shakti United States

    PachaMama website

    With unspeakable beauty and humility, Adya and Velan open the mysteries and teachings of the many facets of yoga in a magical weave that brings deep transformation, rich understandings, and palpable evolutionary waves.

  • Brigette United States

    PachaMama website

    To describe this teacher training is beyond words. I could never have prepared for the transformation I experienced. I will never forget it!

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