Unique in the field of yoga, meditation, and spirituality, outdoor yoga retreat is dedicated to serving and educating humanity through spiritual wisdom & yoga.

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Rohan Kumar Verma

Pratima Priyadarshini Kujur

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Manjiri Mudgal

from India, March 2021

"Nice and peaceful retreat"

I had a wonderful experience at the outdoor yoga retreat. Both Rohan Ji and Prateema Ji are very kind and helpful. The classes are adapted as per your requirements and both of them are very patient and knowledgeable. It was indeed a very calming and peaceful experience. The retreat location is brilliant providing excellent views.

Alen Nichols

from India, February 2020

"Best Place for Most Authentic Yoga Experience"

Where to start, from the moment we booked the yoga program communication was excellent!

Arriving at Dehradun I was greeted with a huge smile and welcoming energy.

Driving through the chaos of Rishikesh and up through the hills and mountains, we arrived. The view even a night was breathtaking, the accommodation was absolutely spotless and the resort was the perfect location for a peaceful, spiritual retreat. The food, staff, location, accommodation and facilities, everything was top notch.

I feel like I learned so much, the nice gradual build-up for the asana classes, deeply informative philosophy classes and the excursions were thoughtful and much appreciated. I really enjoyed the enchanting kirtan meditation. The knowledge of the instructors is deep and profound, I really admire them.

Rohan and his wife were incredibly accommodating and flexible with how the yoga program went as on this occasion it was just myself and a few more which was not a negative at all - I feel even more grateful as it felt a lot more personal and in-depth.

I will be back for more of your teachings and thank you very much also to Neer Ganga Resort, that place alone was exactly what my body and mind needed (stillness, peace, and nature) but with this lovely couples retreat I feel refreshed, connected and full of Prana.

Namaste and thank you very much :)

Shivam Pathak

from India, February 2020

"Super host & Best Yoga Retreat"

What an amazing experience, the hosts are super friendly and humble. This retreat turned out to be a divine vacation for us. Everything about this retreat was exceptional. I really enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere there.

We explored the hidden treasure of Spirituality and Yoga. Gratitude, I yearn to visit again 🙏

Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Stay Blessed.

Vicki Gale

from India, February 2020

"A Divine Yoga Retreat" - Highly Enlightening Retreat"

I really had a peaceful retreat with Outdoor yoga retreat! The location, food, and the teachers are such highly knowledgable people who knew and taught a wealth of information on physical, mental and spiritual practices. The entire program was very refreshing and spiritually enlightening. If you are a seeker who wishes to explore authentic yoga, spirituality and would like to get deep and authentic yoga knowledge, I highly recommend this place.

Thank you for such a wonderful journey. Back to home.

Theresa Hall

from India, December 2019

"Highly Recommended - Best Yoga Retreat "

Excellent Retreat ... I Really enjoyed the Serene location situated at a hilltop near a small village. It is 30 min uphill from Rishikesh near a nice waterfall. The classes were quite good and informative. I had a great experience with the food and stay as well. The few Ayurvedic tips were awesome to stay healthy. I wish I could stay more. Thank you for this wonderful spiritual experience.

Tita Kalco

from India, November 2019

"Amazing & Highly Recommended Spiritual Yoga Retreat :)"

Divine experience, the hosts are super friendly and humble. This retreat turned out to be a divine vacation for me. I really had a great time exploring the deeper aspects of yoga and spirituality. A very satisfactory retreat for me. Got to know the real and authentic wisdom of Yoga and Spirituality in the foothills of The Great Himalayas. Hope to see you soon.

Thank You and Namastey :)