Our World Yoga

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Our World Yoga is a yoga studio that offers a wide range of Aerial yoga classes, workshops, and events for all abilities.

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  • Ali Park United Kingdom

    Our World Yoga Facebook page

    This place was a little haven of tranquility. A lovely warm welcome at the studio from Val continued into her teaching, she made you feel very relaxed and her dedication and enthusiasm was infectious. I can't recommend highly enough!

  • a traveler

    Our World Yoga Facebook page

    Aerial yoga, under Val's tutelage, has not only become one of the highlights of my week but has helped me with a slipped disc in my neck. The inverted poses allow space to be created between the vertebrate, lengthening the spine. This enabled my slipped disc to slip back into place! Roll on Thursday evenings!

  • Natalie Crick

    Our World Yoga Facebook page

    I have been coming regularly to Our World Yoga for about 5 months now and it makes a dramatic difference to my health, mood, and well-being. Val makes you feel really welcome and there's a lovely, relaxed sense of calm and she creates an atmosphere free from any hype or pressure while also showing utmost respect and love for the art and the practice. I look forward to attending all the sessions and, best of all, after suffering from migraines since I was a teenager and trying all sorts of remedies over the years, doing Val's yoga made all the pain disappear. Our World Yoga is now a permanent fixture in my weekly schedule!

  • Beth Lockhart United Kingdom

    Our World Yoga Facebook page

    I enjoyed another of Val's Aerial yoga workshops today. Each time, I have learned something new and been encouraged to go a little bit further. I had so much fun in such a friendly, supportive, and non-competitive atmosphere. They have a fantastic way to stretch but also work the core and there is nothing like the feeling of relaxing upside down and feeling your spine lengthen. I would recommend this to anyone from 8 to 80! They cater for all abilities. I will be back soon!

  • Cat Elliott

    Our World Yoga Facebook page, edited

    Val is such an amazing teacher. She treats everyone with so much love, compassion, and open arms. She is such a big heart, so much laughter, smiles, and a beautiful soul. Thank you.

  • Rhian Frances

    Our World Yoga Facebook page, edited

    Thank you, Valerie for being so patient today at my first workshop. I achieved more than I thought I would. What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning! I have been encouraging friends to try it out and hope to be back soon. It’s such a great first experience!

  • Carol Ann

    Our World Yoga Facebook page, edited

    Val makes what one word yoga is with her infectious warmth, enthusiasm, and skill. The Arial yoga classes are the best exercise classes I have ever done and they make me feel like I am nine again. The family yoga classes are great. She makes all feel welcome and really naturally inspires the possible, especially when you are hanging upside down, it is all also helped along by the fabulous surroundings. If you have ever thought you wanted to try yoga, this is the place to start.

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