OSHO Humaniversity

OSHO Humaniversity is an international school of personal growth offering workshops and programs ongoing throughout the year. They provide a supportive environment for people to study themselves.

  • Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
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from US$1,780
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  • Review by Ruerd Visser from Netherlands

    "Being there for only a couple of times has made a huge impact in my life. It gave me a different perspective."

    OSHO Humaniversity Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Monique Peperkamp

    "Grateful, that's what comes in me. Grateful for all the encounters, insights, feelings, and emotions in life!"

    OSHO Humaniversity Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Lucy Cornish

    "This is a Buddha field, a high energy environment where people can cleanse and heal on many levels, become reconnected with themselves, fall in love, and be inspired. Professionally run, this is a heartwarming place to celebrate and be grateful for your lives."

    OSHO Humaniversity Facebook page, edited