Osho Healing Buddha provides yoga, meditation, detox therapy, and healthy diet in the mountains with great views of the valleys and the Himalayas.

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Ekant Shrestha

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Liliane Scarpin

from Nepal, December 2019

I had a lovely stay in Anand Yoga Home. Ekant is a very good yoga teacher. He adapted the classes to my level of experience, also he helped me with my back pain. The yoga classes are in the beginning of the day with the sunrise. In the afternoon we went for hiking in nature in the beautiful Nagarkot mountains

I loved the experience so much I decided to extend my stay.

The house is very modest, run by a local family Shyam and Gyani. They have two small daughters. It's the opportunity to live with a true Nepalese family and enjoy delicious home cooked meals.

I will definitely come back if I have the opportunity