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Lina Brümmer

from Germany, December 2019

"Meditation Retreat"

This place is a wonderful place for meditation. It is very quiet and peaceful and you instantly feel at home. The second I arrived my emotions took over in the best possible meaning. I could see how my heart could let go because of the family-like feeling and saftey I felt..

Stefanie Verhoeven

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Spiritual activity during holiday in Nepal "

We did the 2 days living like a buddha life yoga and meditation retreat.

I really liked the reiki session, never felt this much energy ever before.

Also liked the teachings and Buddhist philosophy. We had some yoga and were tought different forms of meditation which was really interesting.

The mom of Swami was also really friendly and made us every day some hot honey-mint-ginger tea <3

Swami also took us for a sunrise meditational walk at 6 am up in the mountains to experience the sunrise and the view. Was amazing!!!

We were with a group of 3 friends and would defenately recommend this.

Wendy Ekels

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Living like a Buddha"

I loved the quantity of lessons we had in one day. It was a lot but I felt really relaxed and zen afterwards. It was good to escape from the busy Kathmandu (just 30 minutes drive uphill).

We had a great teacher for Yoga and for Meditation. I learned al lot about the background and meaning of buddha/boudism and meditation. Things you can really use in your daily life to get more relaxed.

Meg Midwood

from Nepal, March 2020

"A beautiful and deeply meditative journey. "

What a beautiful place. I am truly grateful to Swarmi and his lovely family for making my stay so comfortable and warm. The mediations we did were profound and deeply moving. In a way that has brought me closer to myself again and cleansed much negativity from my life. The location is nestled in a magical forest, where the birds sing to you every morning and dance through the day until the stars light up the sky at night. If you are looking for healing and peace, you will find it here.

Elaine Sabio

from Singapore, January 2020

"An incredible way to close 2019 and welcome 2020!"

What I love about this retreat is how small the group was, Swami Basu is quite attentive to our needs and I really loved home cooked vegetarian meals prepared by Swami's mom. I highly recommend this kind of retreat where you can just relax, meditate and enjoy the present moment. I love the different kinds of meditation we practiced, from breathing heavily to dancing - it's amazing how it decluttered my mind, released my emotions and gave me peace, relaxation. This kind of retreat taught me more to let go and go more inward and I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to take a break from their busy life. Thank you Swami Basu and to his family and to my mates during the retreat, it was a lovely experience!


from Great Britain, January 2020


A wise & funny instructor in a peaceful retreat, good food and good company.

Louise Tozer

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Detox and Start Afresh for 2020"

I got far more out of this retreat than I expected and am therefore delighted that I chose this venue. Swami Basu Samurpan is very attentive to individual needs and every day offers up new techniques, new perspectives. I am very grateful to him for my state of mind.

Petteri Hovi

from Finland, January 2020

"Enlighting experience"

I had wonderful time during five days that I spend with retreat and learned so much.

Aleksandra Luchanok

from United Arab Emirates, December 2019

"Beyond expression "

I literally loved everything about this retreat, starting from the unconditional kindness and compassion of Swami Basu and his precious family, their hospitality and warmth which made us all feel like home! Swami is a real Gem! 💎 His knowledge passed on me in a very unique and subtle way and he was open for every question or suggestion. I am deeply grateful for his existence and his unselfish contribution in nowadays Soulful Education. 💖

Eliza Piper

from India, November 2019

"An absolute must, if your even considering this...just do it"

Everything! The retreat was truly awesome in so many different ways. I went with my partner and we had the most wonderful time. Learning all the different meditation techniques and Basu sharing his knowledge and wisdom was so inspiring. This is a must thing to do. We have just started our travels and so happy that we did this retreat at the start of our trip. The environment was so comfortable and felt like a safe place to explore our spiritual sides. The family are so welcoming and we felt like we were part of it. Angela is a beautiful person and you will be so lucky if she is there whilst you are! We would most definitely do this again in a heart beat. Thank you for having us. It will be something that will remain with us forever 🧡

Nicole Paulus

from Germany, November 2019

One of my favorite parts of the retreat was the feeling of community that came along with it. Basu's mom was truly a ball of sunshine and Angela, an adopted member of Basu's family, made me feel right at home instantly. I liked that the itinerary was jam-packed and that Basu gave us a wide overview of meditation techniques. I really felt I got my money's worth!


from Finland, November 2019

"Overall great experience"

When I booked the retreat I just wanted to do something relaxing, get away from my everyday routine and learn about reiki. I didn't have many expectations. Of course I hoped for a nice experience but this has been more than I could have hoped for. Being a person who's very much a typical anxious and neurotic westerner, always running somewhere and trying to accomplish something, this experience was very much needed. Things I've known so far only in theory about meditation and spirituality, here I had a chance to experience firsthand.

I very much enjoyed the meditation and yoga classes, also the reiki lessons. But most of all I liked that I could experience how different it made me feel, how I could feel my anxieties dissolving. I also liked the intimate and cosy atmosphere, Osho Divine Zone is located in a very nice place away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, but still being relatively close to the city.

I felt very welcomed by Swami Basu, his family and other guests from the beginning. Everyone was very friendly and kind. I feel very grateful for having met all the people I met and sharing this experience with them. It's hard to put into words how great this experience has been. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, but maybe especially to those who feel stuck in some ways in their life and need a fresh perspective.

Kristine And Donald Coutts

from Nepal, October 2019

"An excellent 2 day yoga and meditation retreat "

My husband and I wanted to experience a 2 day yoga/ meditation experience and found Divine Osho retreat. We were looked after from the time we arrived until we left and felt ‘at home’ with this family. The 2 days were lovely as we experienced different techniques of breathing, meditation and yoga. Some of it was challenging but we managed. This can be life changing and I recommend everyone to come see and feel/ very grateful!

David Rapelje

from Nepal, October 2019

"Great Experience in Kathmandu with Swami Basu Samrpan"

I had done a 16 day motorcycle trip from Kathmandu to Tibet and back. Looking to relax and expand on my interest in personal meditation I booked a stay with Swami Basu Samsarpan. From the minute I arrived it was an amazing experience which far exceeded any expectations I had. The instruction was well delivered but I was very impressed in his ability to explain and expand upon the teachings when asked. I loved that this is a Family affair with his Mother and Father part of the team and his Mom preparing excellent foods to eat.

My takeaway was a deeper sense of meditation and how to practice. I found Swami Basu Samsarpan to be extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. We had some great conversations on our walks and a meditation session on a hillside close to the retreat that I will always remember.

From the beginner to the advanced I think the program here has something for everyone, it is relaxing and by no means rushed. There was ample to time to reflect, relax and enjoy the area. I would strong recommend this retreat and the team there. I left with a renewed interest in daily meditation and yoga.

Ketija Line

from United Arab Emirates, August 2019

"The best birthday gift I could give to myself!"

I had a beautiful experience from the minute I arrived and met Swami Basu and his family. Retreat met my expectations highly and I got more out of it than I expected as Swami Basu is a very good teacher. The place is in very good location and surrounds are beautiful to go for a walk. Swami's mother is also a very good cook and a very loving person that you can talk to. My whole experience was excellent from the very beginning when I arrived till the day I left. I hope you will enjoy this place as much as I did!

Eriko Suzuki

from Japan, August 2019

"I could feel energy of universe!"

I like everything. All session is amarzing and exciting.If I have a chance, I'd join there again.

I recomend stressful people that YOU SHOULD GO TO HERE!!


from United Arab Emirates, August 2019

"Amazing experience "

I spent 5 days at Osho Divine Zone and wish I could have stayed longer. Just a few minutes drive from Kathmandu, Osho Divine Zone is located in Nagarjun forest reserve. It is very peaceful there and you are surrounded by mountains, trees and plants. The sunsets are very special. Swami Basu and his family are very welcoming and make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. All teachings and meditations spoke to my heart and I was able to re-connect with myself and get back to my spiritual journey. I highly recommend Osho Divine Zone and hope to be back soon.



Gurung Gagan

from Nepal, July 2019

"Great place ! "

Meditation class, location, food best

Isabel Tatom

from New Zealand, June 2019

"Five Days of Bliss & Divinity! "

Coming to the ashram I was a little apprehensive, all doubt in my mind melted instantly when I arrived. Swami Basu and his lovely family greeted me with open arms and made me feel so utterly at home. The meditation program was well planned, I never felt unsure of what to do or losing focus. I truly feel in this short time I have learned more about myself than I would in one year. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart & namaste. I will see you again!

Msc Benavides

from Bangladesh, June 2019

"unexpectedly excellent "

never pretentious, very sincere and humble .

Michael Camacho

from Nepal, May 2019


Jyoti specifically catered my training to exactly what I needed. We talked very openly about my concerns and the reasons why I needed the training. I felt incredibly comfortable opening up to Jyoti even though I generally do not feel comfortable opening up to people. The specific meditations had an immediate effect on me and helped me to release some of my negative emotions without repressing them. In short, it was life changing! I will miss you all, Jyoti, Alma, and Swami G!

Abdalla Alshamsi

from Azerbaijan, April 2019

"Love it "

I liked every thing , instructor , place , people there , food , atmosphere every thing was fantastic and spiritual:)

Alberto Massimino

from Italy, March 2019

"Meditate, amici cari!"

Ho voluto provare una nuova esperienza partecipando a questo ritiro di 4 giorni, dal 16 al 19 marzo 2019, sebbene la meditazione non sia proprio il mio forte. Tuttavia, pur essendo cattolico, ho molta fiducia nella tradizione, nel pensiero e nella fede buddista. In particolare, ho subito provato una grande fiducia in Basu, l’insegnante di questo ritiro, per la sua gentilezza e per la sua chiarezza di idee. E’ stato proprio bello vivere il ritiro insieme a tutti; così come è stata grande la mia gioia per le strade di Kathmandu e il rientro alla mia casa, ai miei affetti, al lavoro, alla palestra, alla mia città, a una vita ordinaria che io continuo ad amare.

Niina Topp

from Nepal, March 2019

"Blissful meditation retreat"

I stayed at Swami Basu’s home for five days, spent the days meditating and practising yoga and reiki. His house is on a beautiful hillside on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Swami Basu’s mom is a great cook and his family is very welcoming and loving. Had such a lovely time and truly enjoyed the authentic experience. Would highly recommend the retreat to anyone.

Kat Ling

from Australia, March 2019

"Do it for yourself!"


If you're interested in integrating meditation into your life in a way that is sustainable and fun, this is the place to go! Osho Divine Zone takes a really fun approach to mediation , making it light hearted and doable when you get back home. The retreat gives you the opportunity to search within yourself as Swami Basu asks thought evoking questions to ponder over. Before the retreat, I've never been able to reach a true meditative clear mind, but with his help and guidance the mind was left at the door by choice. Previously I always thought I understood the true meaning of living in the moment, until the retreat. So give it a go, and learn the absolute beauty in the moment of truth.

Spiritual journey:

This retreat is just a stepping stone in your spiritual journey in understanding love and soul. Swami Basu sets you up with books, daily practices and truth searching questions to discover the answer yourself after the retreat. So if you wish to continue the journey and learnings, you'll be set up perfectly for you and where you are up to.

Swami Basu and female safety:

As a young female that participated in this retreat solo, I was slightly apprehensive about my safety. I am confident to say that you will have nothing to worry about. You're quickly welcomed into the family home, with loving arms from the mother, father and Swami Basu.


Surrounded by nature, there's no shortage of birds chirping, flowers or the sound of natural water running. You'll

Max Cal

from United Arab Emirates, January 2019

"A WOW experience"

The best thing when exploring your inner self is the environment and hospitality to feel comfortable. At Osho Divine center not only do you get the family atmosphere but you also get a great space in a beautiful nature to really feel yourself. Mommy Ama's simple yet amazing cooking is one of a kind and really makes you feel great. Swami Basu's approach and warmth is beyond magnificent with so much wisdom and knowledge about not only the spiritual world but also how shitty life can be! I sincerely want to thank the whole family for making me feel like i was in my own house and was able to relax fully! I am already planning my next visit for more exploration of Reiki in June! See you my dear friends! Love and blessings to you!


from Spain, May 2019

"Verwöhnprogramm für die Seele"

Es ist ein kleines und sehr familiäres Ashram, wo man vom ersten Tag an zur Familie gehört. Im Haus, in der Familie, unter den Teilnehmern und Lehrern wird eine sehr grosse Wärme und Herzlichkeit ausgestrahlt. Das Programm hat mir sehr gut gefallen und ich bin innerhalb kürzester Zeit "angekommen" und habe viele neue Meditationspraktiken gelernt. Die Lage ist perfekt am Rande von Kathmandu, sodass man viel Natur und frische Luft hat.

Audrey Boureau

from France, May 2019

"Une expérience à vivre"

Me lâcher et faire des choses qui peuvent sembler un peu folles, mais qui sont vraiment libératrices. Et la nourriture était très bonne merci à la maman de Basu. Jyoti qui aide basu est un ange et parle français !!

Eva Ilmer

from United States, February 2019

"Thank you so much"

This retreat is really amazing! It inspired me in so many ways. All the lessons are varied, meaningful and give you so much energy. Besides the lessons I also really enjoyed the environment, the location, the food and of course the love from the family. Dear Swami Basu, mom & dad, thank you so much for making my stay so lovely. It felt like home. All of you are very inspiring people! See you soon!


from United States, November 2018


We had a wonderfull and inspiring time, the courses were always meaningfull and varied, the stay in the family was very warm hearted