Orissa Yoga offers multilingual meditation and yoga retreats as well as classes as a place for everyone who wants to be fit and firm with friendly staffs.

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Mademoiselle Analine France

Orissa Yoga TripAdvisor website

This is my firs time here I'm totally enjoying my self I know this place from TripAdvisor and it didn't disappoint me at all . I think it's the cheapest place I can find but from what I get today it's totally beyond the price thank you Orissa for giving me such a great lovely experience in Thailand~

a traveler Thailand

Orissa Yoga TripAdvisor website

Kru Pui she's friendly, professionaI and helpful. She teach from her heart so everyone is enjoy the class.

a traveler Thailand

Orissa Yoga TripAdvisor website

I've been practicing yoga with my wife for a few years now in Chiang Mai. Pui's class is really one the best. Lots of techniques being used and every time you will have the chance to do something new. Sometimes she will bring new teachers to teach a whole different approach which is a very nice change every now and then.

Classes are both in Thai and English.

There is also a class for kids which my 9 years old daughter is going to.

Price is reasonable comparing to other places in the city.

It's really fun. Give it a try.