Orange Blossom Yoga

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Orange Blossom Yoga organizes yoga workshops, classes, and yoga retreats in the United Kingdom.

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  • Hazel Breeze

    Orange Blossom Yoga website

    Christine Always makes me have confident to try all yoga poses / sequences. I look forward to both evening classes I attend because it is such a friendly, welcoming place. Christine is inspirational and I feel the benefits of attending these classes, which are a balance of good exercise and good relationship.

  • a traveler

    Orange Blossom Yoga website

    I am really enjoying the class! I don't feel that I have to 'compete' with others and can work at a level that suits me - good that I am given alternatives if I cant achieve full posture. I feel very comfortable learning with Orange Blossom Yoga.

  • Sally Thomas

    Orange Blossom Yoga website

    I find both classes really enjoyable and relaxing. I find the whole class relaxing, when we are doing the flows and postures, as well as the specific relaxing parts. It takes my mind off anything I might be worrying about. I love coming to class and I'm enjoying getting to know everyone. Chris is very helpful, friendly, and really patient.

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