8 Days Personal Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

  • Oneness Wellness Farm, Lot 50, Commodore District, Black Rock, Portland, Jamaica

8 Days Personal Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

  • Oneness Wellness Farm, Lot 50, Commodore District, Black Rock, Portland, Jamaica

Meditation and Yoga Retreat Jamaica

Better than anyone, you know what you need and want. You may have forgotten along the way and just need to reconnect so that you can hear yourself again. This is why coming to this retreat makes total sense. Only through your questions, reflections, and the choices you make, can you change the way you feel and create a life you truly enjoy and love. This is the intention and invitation, love yourself, self-initiate in creating time and space to hear you.


  • Daily morning yoga session
  • 2 daily meditation sessions
  • 1 life coaching consultation
  • 1 private wellness consultations
  • Excursion to the Reach waterfall
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 Daily healthy meals
  • 7 days with instruction
  • French, English
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Oneness Wellness Farm is a magnificent space giving a sense of calm, peace, and well-being by just being there. The inside is as beautiful as the outside; the rooms are simply and nicely decorated, offering a serene feel and vibe throughout.

Hammocks, swings, day beds, quiet spots, and amazing views are all there to be enjoyed. The farm is abundant with a variety of fruits and vegetables, coconut trees, and many of the Jamaican healing herbs, so most of what you will eat and drink is made with products from the land, fresh, local, and organic.

You will get a daily dose of yoga and meditation, twice a day if you wish, healthy and healing food to support the process, in a space created to bring you back to balance. Add a few consultations, some life coaching, a massage, some excursions, as you want it, the choice is yours.

Mind is the problem, and within it is the solution. As remedy, you’ll get a daily dose of yoga and meditation, twice a day if you wish, healthy and healing food to support the process, in a space created to bring you back to balance. Add a few consultations, some life coaching, a massage, some excursions, as you want it, the choice is yours.

Further enhance and personalize your retreat by booking some private time with Mangal Jot and ask about any topics you like or get a personal number analysis. Receive a personal program more tailored to your needs, giving you a plan of action to support you once back home.

Your date of birth for instance provides a window into life patterns; it helps you understand yourself better and guides you in expressing your most authentic self. Numbers give that clarity that can change everything.

You will enjoy an excursion to Reach waterfall.

This retreat will take place in Oneness Wellness Farm, Portland, Jamaica.

Most of Jamaica is mountainous, the mountains are covered in thick forests surrounded by flat coastal plains. Fast-flowing rivers form waterfalls as they tumble down mountain slopes.

Portland is still very much a natural untouched paradise representing a more rural and authentic experience of Jamaica and its people. On the East coast of the island there are the Reach Falls, Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande Valley, Somerset Falls, Zion Hill, Non Such Caves, and more.

The coastline is studded with beautiful beaches each having their charm and all within close proximity: French Man’s Cove, Winefried, SanSan, Boston Bay, and Long Bay one mile white sand beach.

Nearby places

  • The historical site of Port Antonio, 20 kilometers
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding / rental
  • Massage
  • Shopping nearby
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Hammock
  • Restaurant
  • River
  • Yoga studio
  • ATM / banking nearby
  • Baby sitting
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Local market
  • Shop nearby
  • Tour assistance

Food comes directly from the farm to your plate.Oneness Wellness Farm produces most of the organic vegetables used to prepare delicious wholesome meals for your nourishment, enjoyment, and delight.

  • Bamboo rafting excursions at Blue Lagoon/Rio Grande
  • Diving
  • Private / couple counseling
  • Learn to exercise, meditate, and eat well
  • Life coaching
  • Massage
  • Relax at the beach
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Wellness consultation
  • 2 private wellness consultations
  • 7 days full board
  • 7 morning yoga and meditation
  • 7 evening meditation sessions
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Excursion to Reach waterfall
  • airport transfers
  • entrance fee to Reach waterfalls: 10 USD

Arrival by airplane

You have to book flights to Norman Manley International Airport (KIN) in Kingston or Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay.

Transfer to and from the two airports can be arranged on request. Please ask Oneness Wellness Farm for driving directions if needed when making your reservation.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the arrival date.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • K
    Review by Kristi Thomas from Canada

    Spiritual Healing

    PROS Pros: Mangaljot and her partner offered their home, hearts and wisdom. The space was beautiful and tranquil.

    2017-Aug-29 19:22:25

  • S
    Review by Sylvie Dobler from United States


    CONS Cons: Rien

    PROS Pros: La gentillesse et l'authenticité de ce couple qui mettent beaucoup d'amour dans tout ce qu'ils font. L'endroit est magnifique, calme, reposant. Un authentique havre de paix pour se remplir de positif et de délicieuse cuisine faite de produits locaux cueillis la plupart du temps dans le jardin de la propriété. Du temps pour visiter les belles plages environnantes. Des moments magiques alternant kundalini yoga, méditation et numérologie.

    2017-Jun-10 00:14:59

  • Review by Marie from Canada
    10 out of 10



    " Dear Mangaljot and Lincoln, Thank you so much for everything: the “welcome”, the open arms and heart, the good food, the coaching and of course the meditation and yoga classes. I’m gona bring home new morning routines, images and “MORE TRUST”; Trust in who I am (I am what I am), and trust in what I can accomplish no matter what."


    " Bless both of you, your friends and family, thanks again…"

    " ~ QC,Canada"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

  • Review by Eva from Belgium
    10 out of 10



    " Thank you Mangaljot and Lincoln, you “practice what you preach” and that is so inspirational. We should respect and keep respecting other’s cultures, lifestyles and habits. There is just one thing I know for sure for my case: is to look & touch inside, what feels right for me, practice meditation & yoga, eat healthy ~ nourish body & mind. I’ve learned here that by doing that one can be a better person for others and for me, myself. I came to Oneness Wellness Farm to pause, take a break, a yoga holiday, enjoy and stand still from the Belgian rush. It worked. And more. So glad I singed up for some extra nights and sessions, it really made it complete!"

    " Your approach and numerology wisdom was so accurate, blessings to that…"

    " Your passion awakened the drive to act, and that’s exactly what I needed to unblock, refuel to act. I’ll definitely take some kundalini wisdom at home. Keep your passion alive, keep passing it through, it’s such a beautiful gift you have."


    " Lots of smiles, thank you"

    " ~ Belgium"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

  • Review by Sylvie from Switzerland
    10 out of 10



    " Dear Mangaljot & Lincoln, thank you for welcoming me in your beautiful space. All was perfect, I had a very peaceful week and the colourful meals were amazing and delicious."

    " The love you put in everything is a gift I will never forget. I hope I can come back again."


    " Hug and Kisses"

    " "

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

  • Review by Linda Halme Storm from UmeĆ„
    10 out of 10

    "Booking one week at oneness wellness farm is the best gift I've ever given my self. I couldn't manage to leave but stayed one more week. Every part of it has been filled with healing. I'm still amazed by the consultations with MangalJot; she provided information about my self that totally makes sense and gave me a bigger understanding. Through the yoga and meditations I've come closer to the REAL me and I have found a sacred stillness on the inside. The food provided at the farm is beyond words.. so inspiring! But it's not just about the physical. MangalJot and Lincoln have created a home that is so vibrating, balanced and beautiful; it's impossible not to feel at home after a few days! I will carry the memories of their company and the many laughs, jokes and deep discussions forever in my heart."

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

  • Review by Liz from United Kingdom

    "Reset, rested and reconnected in 5 wonderful days, thank you Lincoln and Mangaljot. Soon come back, One Love."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

  • Review by Cara from Seattle USA

    "Where do I begin? Where do I begin to say thank you for opening your life, your heaven and love to me. You gracefully hosted me here for 12 days, showed me a great first time to Jamaica and were magnificent hosts. I appreciate all that you do for everyone in your lives. You both truly are wonderful people, very special, and I will not soon forget the peace and healing I began to have while being here. I came quite broken and now I am leaving with love in my heart and I am forever grateful of you both. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

  • Review by Jennifer and Domingo from United States

    "Mangaljot and Lincoln, I feel that you two are family. I am grateful to know you both. Thank you for keeping this sacred space and opening your hearts to Domingo and I. Nothing but love and respect for you. Thank you. I will return again and again. Soon come, One Love."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

  • Review by Victor from United Kingdom

    "I have known and loved Mangaljot for over 20 years and have watched her grow into this wonderful woman, doing even more wonderful things right here in Portland."

    "The welcome and treatment provided here has been nothing short of excellent from both Mangaljot and Lincoln. I have had a wonderful few days here and will return at the earliest opportunity for more relaxation, inspiration and bountiful love from you both. Love, peace and happiness always. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

  • Review by Carol from Jamaica

    "Lincoln & Mangaljot, blessings to you both. It was an amazing few days. Thank you so much. Love and light to you both. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


  • Review by Lorna from Canada

    "Oneness Wellness was more than I could have asked for…"

    "beautiful people, beautiful scenery and wonderful classes. I have never done this type of yoga, and I am so happy I got to, because it balanced me and made me feel more in tune with myself. Thank you for everything you have done for me! Peace to all, love to all, light to all"

    Oneness Wellness Farm, edited

  • Review by Angeline from Canada

    "Wellness is the most wonderful place to visit in Portland. The place is just the most peaceful, calm and relaxing resort I have been to. I have spoken often of this wonderful place to my friends and family and they love it as well. Mangaljot is the most wonderful amazing person and so is Lincoln. May God bless you both always with good health, strength and happiness."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Olivia from London

    "Thank you for a life changing opportunity to transform and reset, blossom and open and come back to my heart. The space, the ambiance, the food, the company and most of all the beautiful and unique practise. I will most definitely be returning and spreading the oneness love as I think so many people would benefit from spending time here. Always in my heart, an experience to forever remember."

    "Much love & gratitude"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Kataisee from Canada

    "Much love and gratitude to you, Lincoln and Mangaljot, for your hospitality and generosity. I will leave here re-energized and filled with trust and resolved to operate from faith and not fear."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Viktoria from Germany

    "Looking back to my days at Oneness makes me feel very thankful. I am glad I found this place and met its wonderful and inspiring owners, which introduced me to the powerful and healing kundalini yoga. I received just what I needed at this peaceful and magical place and hope I can return one day. Thank you for making my stay in Jamaica unforgettable."


    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Chaz & Niccy from United Kingdom

    "Thank you so much, we are very grateful for everything you provided us. We had an amazing stay, much love."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Aisha from London

    "Thank you so much for your beautiful space and hospitality and the great work you do. It has been a transformative experience."

    "Wishing you much love, and hope to stay again."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Nell from London

    "Oneness is such a special place. Thank you so much for sharing your space, time, food and practice. It’s been very insightful discussing a range of topics across the dinner table! The food has been delicious , everyday it felt such a treat to be cooked for, nutritious and made with love. I will definitely make time to practice going forward, my stay here has given me a lot of clarity. You are doing great things for the community, keep it up! Look forward to my return."

    "Be well"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Dean & Hannah from London

    "What wonderful & beautiful people. I feel refreshed and blessed with such a stay. Hope to come back to see you and One love puppy one day."

    "Peace & love"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Michelle from Canada

    "Yeh Mon, what an inspiration the two of you are! I love it. This place is a little piece of heaven on earth. Thank you for my new lease on prana and for all the great meals. Bless both of you for all the healing and positivity you will bring to the lives of many. I will take the vibration with me and use it in my work. All the best."


    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Rhonda

    "When the student is ready the teacher will come and Mangalijot is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. My time at the One Wellness Farm in Portland Jamaica was a divine appointment. Due to a lot of recent restlessness and anxiety, I began seeking a place of relaxation, respite, and answers. Through an online search (and there are no accidents), I found the One Wellness Farm and after reading the retreat description I knew there was something waiting there for me. I arrived 3 weeks later with hope and anticipation. Through the daily yoga and meditation practices and spiritual teachings, I was literally transformed from the inside out. Mangalijot is an extremely insightful, gifted, and passionate instructor who has put her heart and soul into creating a retreat environment that nourishes the whole person. The accommodations were wonderful (be sure to ask for a fan if it's hot), the vegan meals delicious, the surroundings breathtaking, and the Jamaican culture warm and inviting. If your soul is calling you into a deeper expression of itself, this retreat will certainly support you in becoming all you are meant to be and more. This will always be a major turning point in my life, and I hope to return for regular tuneups in the future. Thank you Mangalijot and Lincoln! You are awesome! Blessings."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Kefa Ab

    "Dearest Mangal Jot and Lincoln, thank you so much for opening your hearts and your space to me this week. It doesn't even matter that it was my 40th birthday. Anytime that I could have come would have been and anytime that I come back in the future will be truly sacred and special. You've created a beautiful haven here at the top of this hill. The peace is evident and palpable, I am leaving here reluctantly but full and fortified. i am leaving here with peace and love and more understanding to spread throughout life and pay forward to others as well. A ripple effect!Much love to you both! And to One the puppy is so cute and chill.Blessings and more blessings! Sat Nam, Ina"

    "I was inspired to spend the Summer Solstice at Oneness Wellness Farm with Mangaljot and Lincoln. It has been the best week of my stay so far in Jamaica. I've been nurtured spiritually and physically in the most exquisite, peaceful and tranquil environment in Jamaica! Daily yoga, deep breathing, amazing fresh fruits and inspiring, uplifting, encouraging talks with Mangaljot! I feel so blessed! Thank you both and long may you continue to provide this amazing space for us to come for rejuvenation, rebalance and reset. See you again soon, peace and many blessings."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Rhonda

    "Dear Mangaljot and Lincoln, thank you so much for your hospitality and going out of your way to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience on so many levels. I feel as though I have been fed spiritually, mentally and physically and challenged to move past my fears to what's awaiting me in the unknown. I love Jamaica and the people, the ebauty, the nature, and the calming effect it has had on me. I feel prepared to take on new journeys and discoveries both inside and out. May you continue to be blessed to do the work you are doing, it is so needed. Love."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Danica from Ireland

    "Another wonderful escape from a hectic world! Thank you to Mangaljot and Lincoln for helping the world stop spinning (or maybe helping me stop spinning in the world). Always a wonderful break!"

    Oneness Wellness Farm, edited

  • Review by Jennifer from California

    "I love things as they are. I return over and over again because I feel welcomed to do so. I also leave with a sense of renewal and stronger faith in myself and life's adventure. I can only say keep it up. You have cultivated an amazing space."

    Oneness Wellness Farm, edited

  • Review by Shelliann from Canada

    "The moment I saw the photos of Oneness Wellness Farm I fell in love. I'm glad I decided to spend my 40th birthday at Oneness Wellness Farm."

    "The setting is tranquil and magnificent, the food is delicious and healthy, and the rooms are clean and comfortable. I enjoyed the daily yoga and mediation outside with that spectacular view. If something in your heart tells you to go...listen and simple go! Thanks Mangal Jot and Lincoln for the wonderful stay you gave me."

    Oneness Wellness Farm Facebook Page, edited

  • Review by Fiona from Antigua

    "Sat Nam Mangal Jot, a friend told me last week to blossom where you are planted and that is what youre doing! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I have loved every second. I wish you much love, Joy and peace. I will always remember my first live Sadhana with you, watching the sunrise."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Sat Karam Kaur from Germany

    "In 3 wonderful weeks, I experienced one of the best times in my life, meaning intense and rich. I will take home a lot of new insights, and I give so many thanks to you for sharing your beautiful home and taking so good care of me.I loved the meals and the talks with you, and of course your delicious cooking itself! I can feel that my stay here had a lot of healing effects, Portland and your place being my point of reference here have found a place in my heart. Now I travel home and I am very much inspired to come back some days! Its all in Gods hands. May your place flourish more and more and develop in the direction it is meant to be and with which you feel most happy and authentic. May we women grow and share more and more and fulfill our mission to be woman for woman.With love and blessings for you strong lion woman keeping up in Jamaica, Sat Nam."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Jiwan and Dorji from India

    "Mangaljot and Lincoln, thank you for your kindness to us, we all felt so welcome and will be back, many times God willing. The food was so lovely. Thank you and may all beings be happy! Much love."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Amanda from United States

    "So its time for us to go and I'm not sure I want to leave. While the space is beautiful and the view is incredible, the energy here is the most amazing, spectacular thing. I needed a retreat long overdue in fact, and I could not have asked for a better 1st visit to Jamaica. I am leaving with new spiritual revelations and work to do to enhance my own spiritual path. Thank you Mangaljot and Lincoln for creating the space and honoring your path to do this work. The food (OMG!) and the yoga, conversations and company was just what I needed. Namaste."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Lily from United States

    "Love and Blessings to you, thank you for sharing your strength and wisdom and for your insight into my numbers. This place is magical and you have provided me with so much inspiration. May our paths cross again in this life.With love and gratitude,"

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Doris from Germany

    "I go transformed from this place!!! I learned so much through you, especially in times where it was not so easy for me .I thank you so much for all the learning and healing that happened for me. I definitely feel that I can embrace and love myself so much more than before I came to this place. So, Wahe Guru! Love and peace to you."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Roxanne from Brooklyn

    "Mangaljot and Lincoln, thank you both so much for the love and attention that you have put in the space. Thank you for the amazing sadhanas but most of all thank you both for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I am truly excited for commodore and the community members. What a blessing! With so much love and appreciation. Sat Nam."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Joan from United States

    "Dear Mangaljot and Lincoln, Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for creating this incredible wellness refuge. I had a great adventure and learned so much from you. I am Grateful for this experience and my time spent with you in beautiful Portland."

    Onenesswellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Sat Shabad from United States

    "What a pleasure this has been. To create a space for this kind of deep work is some kind of wonderful seva, and you have created some kind of wonderful space. We looked forward to this visit for many weeks, through a grey and cold winter, and it has been all we hoped it would be. May the long time sunshine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way home. Love."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Kay from United Kingdom

    "Mangal Jot, this has been an amazing experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the teachings and classes. I feel very refreshed and new. I shall change my way of life based on your classes, teachings, and inspirations. Thank you so much for your hospitality. May you continue to be blessed everyday of your life."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Leeza from United States

    "Dear Mangal Jot and Lincoln, thank you for your hospitality this past week. I loved visiting Portland and JA and loved your healing space. I look forward to my next trip here. Continue with the great work you are doing the people need you!"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Peter from Sweden

    "Dear Mangal Jot and Lincoln, thank you very much for a peaceful and relaxing stay in your amazing place. Your hospitality has been absolutely outstanding and everything from the food to the early yoga sessions in the mornings has charged my batteries and tuned me into perfect balance. I will for sure come back!"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Aqa Asusa Maak Ra from United Kingdom

    "Serenity, love, tranquility, nurturing! You will find all of this and more at Oneness Wellness Farm, not to mention that the food is delicious! I'll be back soon."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Sonia and Philippe from Canada

    "Dear Mangal Jot and Lincoln, Sat Nam, we were blessed to be in your wellness centre and loved every moment. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space that exudes warmth, love, openness, radiance, peace, and calmness. We were in sheer bliss and true paradise! May your centre prosper, expand, and grow to touch so many more, as it touched us. We will see each other again! God bless you both! Lots of hugs and kisses. Sat Nam"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Kefa Ab Mu Tchaas Maat from United Kingdom

    "Hetepu Mangal Jot and Lincoln, I've really enjoyed my stay here it is so relaxing and comfortable. The view is amazing, the environment is beautiful, the food nourishing and truly delicious! I will certainly be recommending Oneness retreat to everyone I know who is coming to Jamaica.This place is a taste of paradise - and I want everyone to experience it. May the Neteru and Shepsu continue to guide, support and strengthen you both to continue this great work. Tua Neter for your loving energy. Tema Meri Hur Hetep Sat nam. Peace and many blessings and thanks for making my birthday a very special one!"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Makaba from United Kingdom

    "Menge Kieno Mangal Jot and Lincoln, my stay at Oneness Wellness has been a wonderful experience. The place is relaxing, calm, and peaceful. The views are breathtaking, you feel so uplifted and truly a part of nature. The food is delicious, nourishing, fresh, and enhances that natural feeling of the environment. Added to all these, I had the best room (pink room). It was comfortable, airy and bright, with lovely views. May your retreat continue to bring pleasure to all who visits. May you prosper abundantly. Many thanks to you both for making our stay so warm and comfortable. Ingeta."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Puranjoti from United Kingdom

    "With love, light and immense gratitude."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Josephine from Australia

    "Thank you so much Mangal Jot and Lincoln for the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The yoga, the beautiful surroundings, the meditation, the food - all working together in perfect harmony to create a space for oneness and wellness. Thanks for your great company and all the fun spiritual chats. I cant wait to come back! One love."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Roxanne from London

    "I have spent a whole month learning about numbers and yoga. It has been insightful and I have a lot to take home and ponder over. I have really enjoyed my stay and have loved the company. The yoga was intense but worth it. I pray that I can adapt the yoga to fit into my lifestyle back home. Thank you. Sat nam."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Makda from Norway

    "Mangal Jot and Lincoln, thank you for the best start to 2015 that I possibly could have imagined or maybe I got what I imagined and asked for, as I've learnt from my stay. I've healed, I'm rejuvenated, re-energized and packed, and ready for my 2015. I'm already looking forward to next time. Again thank you for all the love and care and ginger tea! Best wishes and love, sat nam."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Karena and Afiya from United Kingdom

    "Dear Mangal Jot and Lincoln, thank you so much for looking after Afiya and I on our stay at your beautiful home. You have been so accommodating to having a two year old running around and made it possible for me to have the much needed revitalising break. Oneness Wellness Farm truly is a retreat from the world to recharge ready for another day. I look forward to completing my 40 days challenge! Much blessings for the future"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Anna, Mick, and Maia from United Kingdom

    "Thank you so much for the most wonderful stay. Your energy is amazing and we have felt really at home and relaxed. It has been wonderful to have another mummy for Maia! Thank you for your patience with my yoga and my aches and pains! I really do feel much healthier than before and truly inspired to become more disciplined in finding time and space for myself to help me cope with the two big jobs - motherhood and midwife. We've been really amazed by the beauty of this place and the local area: swimming in the Blue Lagoon, getting the massage of our lives in the Reach Falls, and we loved the beaches, each with their own character. Thank you so much Mangal Jot, we will be back! Love and blessings."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Emerlyn from Australia

    "I am grateful for my intuition, which eventually led me to your haven. I am at peace with my past, and blissfully living in the moment. I have much love and excitement for my future with this new perspective. I will share my experience and recommend it to everyone. Know that my cup is more rich and full since being in your presence and wisdom. You are beautiful, a true teacher, and friend of mine. Our connection will last through this lifetime and many more. I look forward to crossing paths with you again. Sat Nam with love."

    Oneness Wellnes Farm website, edited

  • Review by Greta from Lithuania

    "Thank you for a truly wonderful stay. I cant imagine a more beautiful and serene place to celebrate my birthday! Everything was absolutely perfect - lovely morning sadhanas, incredible sunrises, delicious food, and your generous hospitality. Thank you for creating such a nurturing and relaxing oasis. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement, until next time! Sat Nam and many blessings."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Sharon from United States

    "What a beautiful serene time I have had. I have learned so mch from our lovely long chats. I am taking peace and rest home with me, as well as some changes in diet. Mangaljot you are wise beyond your years, all the best in your future endeavors. I hope to see you again soon, thank you for a wonderful time. Reach Falls and the Rio Grande raft trip were fantabalous!"

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Luna from United States

    "Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and being such a gracious host. You inspire me! I love the way you live, farming your food and making such wonderful meals with your harvest. Thank you for sharing! You are an amazing woman, I wish the best for you. Thank you for all your great advice and thank you for taking me on such wonderful journeys. Love and laugh."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

  • Review by Sandra from Ecuador

    "Dear Mangal Jot, I cant thank you enough for being here in Jamaica and made me come to this beautiful place of yours. I experience peace and love and attention in a different waythis time because I felt here, this was my time to treat myself. I will never forget Reach Falls and the experience of being there with you and the waking up at 05:00 to have time for myself is going to be an habit from now on to connect with God and start the day giving thanks and blessings to our Creator God. I really admire you Mangal and I think you are an inspiration for all the women in this community. God bless you, bless this community, bless your relationship, and bless all. I am taking home with me your courage and force and the will I need to carry on. I have to be thankful for what I have because I really live in paradise. Whenever you feel like you need a break please come to Ecuador, it will be my honor to have you at my house. Big hug, kisses. and love."

    Oneness Wellness Farm website, edited

Portland, Jamaica

Oneness is a space for Balance & Transformation ~ peace, nature, yoga, meditation, great food & amazing location = perfect to Relax Recharge and totally Reset .

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