Oneness Wellness Farm is a space for balance and transformation where you can relax, recharge, and totally reset.

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Mangaljot C.A. Dossou

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Eva Toth

from Netherlands, March 2020

"A truly magical experience!"

I have had 12 days to spend in Jamaica, and have chosen to spend 8 days in the Oneness Wellness Farm. One of my best decisions ever. I was quite new to yoga, meditation and to the chakra system, but Mangaljot provided us great insight on how to look within. My vibration certainly changed after the retreat (blessings on blessings☺️). And now, I have to do the work to make sure it stays at a higher level.

I have shared this truly special experience with other beautiful souls in a beautiful environment. And the view is breathtaking! The food was excellent, thank you Lincoln.

Again, thank you for everything, it was amazing.❤️

Juliana Hoft

from United States, August 2019

"Great Place to Reset, Relax, etc"

Great daily schedule, people and location. Highly recommend!

Jasmine Matos

from United States, January 2019

"Revived and Affirmed!!!"

Oneness Wellness Farm is more beautiful than any photo could show. You truly have to see it and experience it yourself. The property is spacious with many areas to wonder and sit back for some peace and relaxation. Mangaljot and Lincoln put a lot of love into every detail: the beautiful gardens and trees filled with fresh organic fruits and veggies, well decorated rooms with a warm feel, environmentally friendly, hammocks to nap on or journal and the two most adorable dogs I've ever met. I felt at home when I arrived. Mangaljot is a great teacher giving us so many golden nuggets of wisdom during our classes. Be sure to bring three pens! You'll want to write down every word, every idea that comes to mind during your stay. So many ideas, thoughts, topics came to mind each day. Writing in my journal has become my new hobby. And Lincoln prepares the best meals! I took notes on every meal he prepared to take home with me. Simple, healthy with exploding flavors made with resources from the land. I highly recommend longs walks outside the property as well and trips to Boston Bay or Blue Lagoon for some local adventures. Easily reached by a local taxi. Be sure to bring cash and take a few trips to town. You'll have plenty of time in between your practice to explore. I'll be back soon!

Jade Dressler

from United States, January 2019

"A Retreat Beyond Expectations"

This trip exceeded my expectations in every way! I was intuitively drawn to Mangaljot's poetic, nurturing and direct teaching style. The organic farm property was a draw as was the delicious food prepared by Lincoln, a mix of local Jamaican and familiar vegetarian recipes. The surroundings looked beautiful in the pictures, AND the location was actually even more fantastic, it was like being in a rainforest. The mountain top overlooking the vast sea was a gift. The rooms and bathrooms are each unique and comfortable. Mangaljot's vision is very attuned to beauty and you can feel this everywhere in this very special place. The most valuable take-away is Mangaljot's teachings based in "self-love." A perfect re-set from hectic NYC! I will be back!

Keisha Lambert

from United States, April 2018

"Safe haven and enriching cultural experience"

I liked that each of the 7 days of the retreat was committed to a practice that renewed and activated one of the 7 chakra points. Mangaljot was committed to the practice, consistent, informative and truly a spiritual guide sent from the divine. I am absolutely grateful for the enriching experience that she provided in such a beautiful garden in the heart of Jamaica's countryside. The food (carefully prepared vegetarian cuisine) was delicious and rejuvenating and the atmosphere was friendly and inviting. We had enough free time to see the sights and was provided a guided tour of Reach Falls and Frenchman's Cove, both of which were the cherry on top of an already pleasant and lovely experience. I cannot wait to visit again and hopefully bring along other people in need to reset and restore their spiritual selves.

Juliana Hernandez

from United States, January 2018

"Book this retreat now. "

The retreat is well balanced - daily yoga and meditation practice and enough free time to relax on the farm or explore Portland & Port Antonio. The farm itself is peaceful, calming and presents a true opportunity to reset from the bustle of urban life. The experience Mangaljot offers is welcoming, informative and, most importantly, liberating. As a healer, Mangaljot invited me to free myself from all the negative thoughts, bad habits, and cycle of doubtful feelings that rob me of my peace. She coached me in a very short period of time to recognize my obstacles and create workarounds/solutions. When she shared my numbers, it was illuminating and explained a lot of the difficulties I was having with communication and personal balance. She equipped me with the confidence and know-how (through the Kundalini Yoga practice she taught that worked through the Seven Chakras and the meditation practice) to reset and live more aligned with my truth. The daily meals were terrific - Lincoln is a great chef (bring money to buy his pepper sauce when you leave - you'll want it!). And the community that formed among everyone was lovely. There are great beaches of all types (touristy, local, water activities, music, etc.) in Portland to visit and the trip to Reach Waterfalls was aqua-therapy and stunningly beautiful. One Love - their dog, is also a sweetheart. And my room was everything I needed to relax and sleep at the end of the day. All facilities were just right.

Kristi Thomas

from Canada, August 2017

"Spiritual Healing"

Mangaljot and her partner offered their home, hearts and wisdom. The space was beautiful and tranquil.


from United States, November 2019

"Lovely retreat in rural Jamaica"

Mangaljot is an amazing person and she runs a beautiful retreat. I enjoyed the daily conversations about life and the meditation sessions. I returned home feeling rejuvenated and with a more positive outlook on life. Also, I had no idea that vegan food could be so creative and delicious. Lincoln is a fabulous chef and the meals he prepares are so healthy and flavorful.


from United States, July 2019

"Amazing! Soul healing & Life changing "

Everything moment was perfect!

Samantha Rubenstein

from United States, July 2019

"One Wellness Farm"

I had an absolutely magical experience at One Wellness Farm, and I highly recommend this Yoga retreat. The facility is beautify, the food is excellent and Manjolit is a special spirit who will lead you through a heart-opening journey.

Hm Hm

from Saint Martin, June 2019

"A piece of heaven in Jamaica "

Everything was as expected and more. Oneness Wellness is just place to be if you want to reset and reprogram your heart mind and body for better ,more possible and positive outcome. Up there you really feel the peace within,far from the reality of world. The days are designed with one morning session of yoga meditation and one afternoon session of meditation and inspiring you have plenty of time to reflect n relax oved day or see around. Mangaljot is such a strong peaceful warrior who will encourage you wherever you are on your soul journey. Lincoln is the chef who cooks besf hearty foods. Amazing experience recommends to all.

Brittini Jackson

from Costa Rica, February 2019

"Best week of my life!"

The farm had a beautiful and calming vibe. I was very relaxed and immediately felt comfortable upon arriving. I felt a connection with the other participants as well as with the instructor. It was just what I needed and I walked away with more knowledge on how to better take care of myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Natasha Karunaharan

from United States, February 2019

This reset was absolutely perfect. Mangaljot and Lincoln are a wonderful team. Mangaljot jot is a beautiful and inspirational individual who has the perfect set up and formula to reset. The combination of Yoga, meditation, one to one sessions and conversation were perfect. Lincoln cooked delicious, beautiful meals made with love and both were great company at mealtimes. Oneness is set in a beautiful hillside location with lovely gardens and stunning views down the hill to the sea. The open Yoga Shala Again has beautiful surrounding views. It’s a great place to watch sunrise and stargaze at night. Oneness is peaceful and tranquil yet only a short drive away from a selection of stunning beaches. All of this created the perfect formula to reset and recharge. I loved every moment!


from United States, February 2019

"✨Book The Trip ✨"

Great trip! Will definitely go back❤️

Do yourself a favor - visit the blue lagoon - look for a friendly guy named King Saba.

And take a taxi ride to Port Antonio - a lot to see there!

A journal is a must. You will have the most vivid dreams. A place to get clarity to your inner world.

Ghisa Lourens

from Curaçao, December 2018

"Best experience!"

I loved my retreat! It was everything I expected and more.. the moment I got there I felt at home and Lincoln and Mangojoy felt like family. I enjoyed the quietness and tranquility in the resort but also the must see spots. Had a super strong bond with the dogs as well.

Mangojoy thought me a LOT! And she breaks it down so anyone can understand her teachings. I felt really safe to share my experiences with her. I'm really grateful for her.. I'm much more excited about my journey and fully ready to trust my process and work on my own passions in life.

If you've stumbled on this page.. I suggest you go to Jamaica! I'm certainly going again. It was my best birthday experience so far and I'm sure it would bring you too lots of peace, love and light..

Alexandra Sheppard

from Canada, October 2018

"An amazing and enlightening experience!"

Listening to Mangaljot’s teachings was the most powerful aspect of the retreat. She is so incredibly kind, wise and welcoming. I felt so comfortable there, and she constantly inspired me to think deeply and gain clarity about things I had been struggling with. Our one on one sessions were invaluable and truly helped me transform some of my thinking patterns and see things from a different perspective. I feel so grateful to have shared the same space as Mangaljot and I know that it was meant to be that I found this retreat. For anyone wanting to look deeply into themselves and find a new sense of peace and self-love I highly recommend this retreat! Also, the food was incredibly delicious, fresh and healthy. It has definitely inspired me to change my eating at home because I felt so good from eating so well there! The space itself is beautiful, with a stunning panoramic view of the ocean below. There was plenty of time for me to quietly reflect on one of the many platforms looking out across the view, and Mangaljot shared many amazing books with me that I had never come across before! This was a time of deep, loving introspection and I feel like in that short period I have made leaps and bounds in my own self-evolution. A truly powerful experience, I am so grateful and will never forget it.

Hsanni Henry

from United States, August 2018

"Lovely healing experience "

The whole experience was amazing! Food - location - instructor - quality of services offered thorough and effective! I can’t wait to return.

Tiera Carroll

from United States, May 2018

"Everything I hoped for ❤️"

The views were absolutely breathtaking & the food was delicious! Both Mangaljot and Lincoln had great hospitality and accommodated my needs. I also really enjoyed time doing yoga/meditation, venturing to the beaches and having a numerology consultation. I was very pleased with my overall experience at the Oneness Wellness Farm & would definitely recommend this retreat for those seeking inner peace, connectedness and some r&r.

Sylvie Dobler

from United States, June 2017

"Authenticité "

La gentillesse et l'authenticité de ce couple qui mettent beaucoup d'amour dans tout ce qu'ils font.

L'endroit est magnifique, calme, reposant. Un authentique havre de paix pour se remplir de positif et de délicieuse cuisine faite de produits locaux cueillis la plupart du temps dans le jardin de la propriété. Du temps pour visiter les belles plages environnantes.

Des moments magiques alternant kundalini yoga, méditation et numérologie.


from Canada,

Dear Mangaljot and Lincoln, Thank you so much for everything: the “welcome”, the open arms and heart, the good food, the coaching and of course the meditation and yoga classes. I’m gona bring home new morning routines, images and “MORE TRUST”; Trust in who I am (I am what I am), and trust in what I can accomplish no matter what.

Bless both of you, your friends and family, thanks again…

~ QC,Canada


from Belgium,

Thank you Mangaljot and Lincoln, you “practice what you preach” and that is so inspirational. We should respect and keep respecting other’s cultures, lifestyles and habits. There is just one thing I know for sure for my case: is to look & touch inside, what feels right for me, practice meditation & yoga, eat healthy ~ nourish body & mind. I’ve learned here that by doing that one can be a better person for others and for me, myself. I came to Oneness Wellness Farm to pause, take a break, a yoga holiday, enjoy and stand still from the Belgian rush. It worked. And more. So glad I singed up for some extra nights and sessions, it really made it complete!

Your approach and numerology wisdom was so accurate, blessings to that…

Your passion awakened the drive to act, and that’s exactly what I needed to unblock, refuel to act. I’ll definitely take some kundalini wisdom at home. Keep your passion alive, keep passing it through, it’s such a beautiful gift you have.

Lots of smiles, thank you

~ Belgium


from Switzerland,

Dear Mangaljot & Lincoln, thank you for welcoming me in your beautiful space. All was perfect, I had a very peaceful week and the colourful meals were amazing and delicious.

The love you put in everything is a gift I will never forget. I hope I can come back again.

Hug and Kisses