Om Shanti Yoga & Holidays is a retreat and yoga holiday center that holds Hatha yoga, meditation, Reiki, detoxification, and Satsang sessions.

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Anja Hettich

Lalita Devi

Asimina Stamopoulou

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Amanda Dechant

from Germany, June 2018

After going through the huge amount of retreat offers my inner compass fortunately led me to Anja and Costas for a wonderful and lovely week of pleasure and relaxation. I gained lots of physical flexibility and learned a lot about the backround of yoga. The fresh ecological smoothies, soups and foods made by Costas with love were delicious and everyday suprisingly diverse.

We were a wonderful group of woman from India, Hoand, Crete and Germany. I'm feeling blessed for all the things Anja and the others shared with me. In between the yoga lessons there was enough time to go to the beautiful beaches to relax and to go into deep encouraging spiritual talks. Namaste.