To know yourself and put it into practical life. To live a simple life, be present and content with things as they truly are.

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from Thailand, January 2020

"Wonderful experience"

A wonderful, healing, inspiring experience in a great setting with two lovely, loving people. Although it was challenging, it was also life-changing, and more than worth the trip and the money.


from Australia, October 2019

"Worth the challenge!"

I went into the 21 Awakening retreat without knowing much of what to expect. What I got was challenging 21 days with lots of ups and downs in a good way. Yigal pushes everyone to look at themselves and their belief systems and helps you re-evaluate everything. It helped me get rid of some old baggage and also have a different outlook in life. The tools you learn in the retreat are tools for you to take home and to keep working on yourself in the future. Being disconnected from the outside world was a lovely and very calming experience. The center is located in a beautiful green environment where you can relax and be yourself. Yigal and Ofir are caring hosts that always make sure you feel ok and the experience works for you. The delicious vegan food was a highlight for me every day. Some activities can be challenging but over time everything gets easier and there was plenty of time to rest in between. I would definitely recommend this retreat for anyone looking to change their lives in a positive way.


from Estonia, September 2019

"A life-changing experience"

In my opinion, every feature of the retreat was well thought out and structured so as to give the maximum beneficial effect to the participants.

Our watches and phones were taken away at the start and thereafter we were immersed totally in the full daily programme (which began at 5am and ended around 8.30 pm!)

The teaching was inspiring, interspersed with meditations and exercise and rest periods. ( The rest periods were welcome, in such a full programme.)

The vegan food was plentiful and delicious. And the whole staff were delightful!

Mo Guimaraes

from Netherlands, May 2019

"Wonderfull and challenging experience "

The location was wonderful, the food excellent. The tools we learnt and discussions we had are things that I will use for the rest of my life. I had a lot of aha moments. My body and mind felt strong and light at the end of the 10 days. I left the centre with a new kind of focus.


from United States, April 2019

"challenging & enriching "

If you are looking for a place to really connect with yourself without any distractions, this is the place for you. But you have to be willing to challenge yourself and to look deeper. You don't stay on the surface. Instead, you really go to the root of your belief system and put a lot of it on paper. I really liked that you get useful tools that you can access even after the retreat is over. I also enjoyed the delicious vegan food, the peaceful surroundings and the efforts of the whole team. You can really tell that they care.

Mareike Peters

from Cambodia, March 2019

I enjoyed my stay at the retreat centre so much. The people were lovely and I learnt so many helpful tools to deal with recurring beliefs and overthinking. I miss the atmosphere a lot, everyone cared for themselves but also for each other, like a family. The food was amazing and the movement classes were different every time. Would definitely stay again and recommend! ♥

Lelo Mphofu

from United States, February 2019

"Awakening experience "

I love everything about this place, the staff are so supportive and kind, you’re so close to nature it’s nice and quiet. Yigal really helps you to be more aware of yourself and remember the truths about your body that you have forgotten. It’s a must do retreat for someone feeling like they need to find they’re center and quiet their mind


from Ireland, January 2019

"Enlightening 10 days :) "

Really enjoyed every aspect of this retreat. From the self discovery, to the yoga, the walks and the meditation, all were so well run in sharing simple concepts that will increase my awareness. Everyone was very friendly and the food was fantastic :) Definitely recommend :) Thanks Ofir, Yigal and Aviv.

Karsten Füllhaase

from Cambodia, December 2018

"No pain, no gain"

I loved everything about the experience, and in hindsight even (or especially) the painful things I did not like. And of course: the foooood!!!

Kate Burton

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Highly recommend! This was a wonderful experience."

This is Gemma here who did the retreat - Kate kindly booked it for me.

This was such an amazing experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. It came at exactly the right time for me in my life and I am honestly viewing my world through new (and improved) eyes.

Everything was set up perfectly - there is a lot of physical work - long walks, yoga and more in the beautiful surroundings and grounds, lots of meditation and learning about living in the now and through yourself and not others. The group I did my retreat with were also wonderful and I’ve made some lovely new friends, and the vegan food was also absolutely wonderful.

Lots of work of really looking into yourself and discussing key issues in groups, to yourself and in 121 sessions. The whole week was full of different wonders and revelations.

I actually got a bit emotional when I left - I cannot recommend this highly enough and have been doing so to everyone I’ve spoken to since! Thank-you so much Om Ma Ya. :)

Saul Zarrate

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Profound opportunity to get back to basics!"

This retreat is a rare opportunity to re-connect with the inner-self, question basic life principles and find clarity on key life aspects.

The retreat is fulfilling. It's set up with an amazing supporting network which facilitates the experience and with a truly awesome and contagious energy that aided me to focus on obtaining a mindset to deal with my thoughts and challenges.

I'd suggest anyone interested, to consider the challenges set out by this retreat - this involves vegetarian food, waking up, healthy habits, lots of waking, breathing and meditation, no internet, questioning of preconceived life beliefs and full disconnection of the "external world" and its stimulation. The supporting networking put in place for this retreat with Yigal's leadership made it a tremendous experience for me to experience awakening, to be at peace, be present and be content.

The conditions of this retreat are superb. Located in "the middle of the Cambodian jungle" where life is minimalistic was perfect to reconnect. Yigal brings light and shares wisdom in a dynamic way and enabled me to deal with the "demons I have created myself". His experience and approach is invaluable. Ofir assists the retreat, complementing the work led by Yigal; in general the participants become a family for the individual and friends for life

The nature is spectacular and the food delicious!

I'd suggest anyone who is ready for such a challenge to do this retreat to increase mindfulness and realise awakening

Natalie De La Porte

from Cambodia, September 2018

"Excellent space to reconnect "

Yigal and Ofir were very welcoming and made every effort to help where possible. The surrounding space is so peaceful and beautiful and certainly makes it easier to focus on the personal work that needs to be done away from external distractions.

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who feels a little 'stuck' or 'lost' or looking for answers to life's purpose. The realizations are profound and you will be forever changed. Not only will you go through some transformation but you will have practical tools to use daily outside of the retreat to continue your journey.


from Laos, June 2019

"Live the moment"

I had a really good time at Om Ma Ya Om. I learned a lot about my mind and body and got to know some wonderful people. It's a lovely place in the nature with well equipped rooms. You start your day quite early, but as you go to bed early and don't have mobiles that's not a problem. You have three hours meditation a day which can be demanding at times. Every day you go to a walk or do yoga and have three very delicious vegan meals. Most important for me was what we learned from listening, talking and writing about ourselves: what defines us, what we want to be and how we change. I absolutely recommend doing this retreat if you want serious change and not just a nice yoga holiday.

Melanie Pilawa

from Thailand, February 2019

"Great experience! Amazing place! Lovely people! "

Meine Zeit bei OmMaYa war großartig! Zuerst habe ich am 10-days-Retreat teilgenommen und anschließend habe ich noch für das 21-days-Retreat verlängert. All meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen! Kein Tag glich dem anderen. Die Zusammmenstellung aus Bewegung, Pranayama, Meditation, Zeit für mich, Austausch und Übungen in der Gruppe war super! Das Leben im Hier & Jetzt steht im Fokus. Bei OmMaYa hatte ich die Gelegenheit genau das zu erfahren und zu leben! Ich wurde stets liebevoll daran erinnert, achtsam und präsent zu sein. Durch Fragen, Challenges, Selbstreflexion und nicht zuletzt durch die anderen Teilnehmer durfte ich viel über mich selbst erfahren, lernen und wiedererkennen. Im Nachhinein kann ich sagen, dass ich eindeutig fokussierter, beweglicher, energetischer, mutiger und generell entspannter bin als zuvor. Ich konnte meine Meditationspraxis vertiefen und fühle mich wieder mehr verbunden mit meinem Körper und meiner inneren Stimme. Ich bin dankbar für jede einzelne Erfahrung und Erkenntnis und habe viele neue Tools kennengelernt, welche ich im Alltag umsetzen kann. Mir hat das einfache und bewusste Leben gefallen. Alles ist reduziert und konzentriert aufs Wesentliche. Keine Ablenkungen von außen, kein Schnickschnack, kein Telefon. Für alles war gesorgt. Das vegane Essen ist superlecker, gesund, abwechslungsreich und wird frisch und mit viel Liebe zubereitet. Die ganze Location, die Zimmer, die Energie, die Umgebung, die Natur - wundervoll! Danke für alles!!!


from Thailand, January 2019

"Au-delà de ce que j’avais imaginé "

L’alternance entre réflexion et mouvements, les excellents repas diversifiés, l’opportunité qui nous est donnée selon notre volonté, le cadre. Le professeur disponible 24 h/24 ! Tout est mis en place pour pouvoir se focaliser sur se recentrer.

Nadja Brügger

from Cambodia, December 2018

"Worth it!!! "

They're sharing their experiences with you. There's no right or wrong and they support you very well. I've learned a lot and I am very grateful!