8 Days Relax and Resource Yoga Retreat in Canary Islands, Spain

  • The Apartment La Condesa, Avenida Maritima Charco del Conde 15, 38870 Valle Gran Rey, Canary Islands, Spain

8 Days Relax and Resource Yoga Retreat in Canary Islands, Spain

  • The Apartment La Condesa, Avenida Maritima Charco del Conde 15, 38870 Valle Gran Rey, Canary Islands, Spain

Spain Yoga Retreat La Gomera

With a new relax and resource program on La Gomera, OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen offers a vitality package for body, mind, and soul on this wonderful, energetic island. Why not changing from a normal holiday to really treat you? Take a break from daily life duties and support yourself and regain your strength. Scientific surveys proof that just relaxing doesn’t recharge your batteries as much as the right amount of activity and inspiration. Refill and support your equilibrium!


  • 5 yoga sessions
  • 2 exciting wild whale watching excursions
  • 2 selective massages or natural healing treatments
  • Equipment rentals, free entrance, and evening videos
  • Compensation of the flight emissions via atmosfair
  • Organization and guidance throughout the trip
  • A magic place, offside of the mass tourism
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • German, English
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You will be accommodated in a nice double bedroom standard apartment with cooking area, bathroom, balcony, and terrace in The Apartment La Condesa. The apartments are approximately 45 square meters large and offer a fantastic view of the ocean and the little harbor. All apartments are very bright and equipped to a very high standard. They have a flat-screen-TV, an internet connection, a modern bathroom with a glass shower, and also a small balcony with a view of the ocean.

The very well furnished apartments include a bedroom with two separate beds, a big wardrobe and a living room, which has a separated studio. If you wish, OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen can arrange a separate baby bed for you. You can also book a big apartment on the roof of the apartment house with an additional surcharge, which offers a fantastic panorama view from the very big balcony about 36 square meters.

If you prefer, it is also possible to book a higher standard apartment. Just let OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen know in advance and they will give you some options.

This great mixture between beneficial, individual treatments in combination with visits on the ocean to encounter dolphins and whales, and other offers like yoga, meditation, and excursions vitalizes and gives energy. It is a wonderful combination of program and your own leisure time on a beautiful and green island. Give yourself a treat!

Whale watching

OCEANO stands for respectful whale watching adhering strictly to the whale watching regulations set by the Canary Island authorities and therefore, they ensure that the cetaceans receive the respect they deserve in their natural habitat. You will sail on a small former fishing boat which has become a licensed whale watching boat and can only carry 10 people (including the captain and one Oceano member).

Oceano works hand in hand with research programs (M.E.E.R. e.V.) to establish an ocean reserve off La Gomera for the protection of the cetaceans. Their expert team onboard (on every tour) will constantly share their knowledge and experience with guests. Furthermore, they offer weekly lectures and a permanent exhibition on whales and dolphins in their Oceano office on La Gomera.

When you encounter a school of dolphins or whales, first of all, you will try to find out what they are doing. Are they looking for food, hunting or feeding, traveling or do they even come closer to your boat? Respectful whale watching means to adapt to the particular situation and adjust your sailing manner to the animals’ behavior.

It is very important to you not to disturb the animals with your boat but to watch them in their natural habitat. Often, they seek to get closer to you and the boat and even ride in the bow wave. Sometimes, though, they make it clear to you that you are not welcome and then you have to sail on, enjoy the ocean itself or you might even meet a different group of cetaceans.

Surely, you do influence the animals’ behavior if they are close by with your boat. To keep this influence as subtle as possible, Oceano team drives the boat according to the Canary legal regulations and to your best knowledge and belief, your intuition, and many years of experience.

Every one of their boat trips is new and different as they are dealing with wild animals, which are constantly moving through the ocean. So, you can never know exactly where they can be found in any particular moment. You have to search for them on every excursion a new - and Oceano are very much in favor of finding them!

The sighting rates peak in springtime with nearly to 100%. But the other months are very impressive too. In 2016/2017, Oceano had sighting rates over 90%. They never give sighting guarantees but expect from their nature loving guests that they will appreciate what the ocean is willing to show them on any specific day.

Expect the unexpected! Everything is possible; Guests have even encountered blue whales passing through this area. But please accept that every trip turns out differently and then just enjoy the ocean itself, the seabirds, there might be sea turtles, jumping tuna, flying fish or simply the sparkling light of the sun dancing on the surface of the ocean. During the warmer months, there might be time for a swimming break.

Included in the price is two exciting whale watching excursions, around three to four hours each, in a typical canary fisher boat. The meetings with wild dolphins and whales are always a highlight and OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen takes care of respectful whale watching with maximum 10 guests. They have a sighting rate of 90% all year round - 23 species have been encountered the last years. It is more than amazing!

  • Arnaia Christiane Doll

    Arnaia is a certified pedagogue and alternative practitioner. In her SoulSpa near the beach in Vueltas, she offers a real vacation for the soul: Yin yoga - “the art of letting go” as well as active and silent meditation. Her repertoire also includes professional single sessions, which are influenced by her qualifications in somatic experiencing (treatment for traumas), craniosacral therapy (part of osteopathy), integrative body psychotherapy, systematic family therapy, kinesiology, management training, and supervision as well as various qualifications in massaging.

This whale watching and yoga holiday will take place in the sun spoiled Valle Gran Rey at the west coast of La Gomera, Spain. This is a perfect location to relax and recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

La Gomera

La Gomera, one of the seven Canary Islands, is in a class of its own! With a diameter of only 22 to 25 kilometers, it astounds visitors with its incredible natural beauty, rare vegetation, and abrupt terrain: deep ravines, splendid views, impressive volcanic vents, uncountable palm trees perched on steep green valleys, small villages and hamlets, black fine sanded bays for swimming, the famous ancient laurel forest (UNESCO world heritage) and an abundant vegetation from bananas to dragon trees (Dracaena) to juniper, a green north and a dryer, sunny south and a lot to se(a)e!

Clear starry nights, flamboyant sunsets, and the view far over the surrounding Atlantic Ocean turn La Gomera easily into “La Isla Mágica” - the Magic Island. La Gomera is, like the other Canary Islands, of volcanic origin. The tourism still has a manageable size and consists mainly of nature loving hikers and a colorful mixture of individualists.

What sets La Gomera apart is also its mild climate, already declared by scientists as the world’s best. With temperatures that never drop below 18degrees Celsius by the sea and rise to a maximum of 30 degree Celsius, this climate is very pleasant all year round and the Canary Islands are justifiably called the Islands of the Never Ending Spring. Even so, every season is different and with its own charms, making the island worth a trip any time of the year!

Already in 800 BC, they were described as being like paradise by Homer, the famous Greek poet. This paradise can still be found on La Gomera, although the influences of civilization and tourism are part of a natural development. Natural gems, tranquil spots, and moments of timelessness can easily be found here in and amongst nature.

Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey - the Valley of the Great King, beautifully stretching out from the sea right up to an altitude of 800 meters, is the starting point for OCEANO whale watching tours. You will be accommodated there if you have booked one of OCEANO whale watching worldwide’s programs on La Gomera.

Valle Gran Rey is highly appealing as it has so much to offer; various small black-sanded beaches surrounded by 600 meters of cliffs, exotic lush gardens full of sweet smelling, colorful flowers, banana plantations directly by the sea, as well as everything you might need during your holidays: a variety of restaurants offering dishes from all over the world, nice little cafés with sea view, lots of small supermarkets and shops, internet cafés and photo shops, as well as a medical centre of international standard.

Everything is easily accessible by foot but you can also rent a bicycle, scooter, or car. The activities on offer include guided mountain bike or hiking tours, scuba diving, or a visit to the modern, well-equipped gym. You can also enjoy a wellness and relaxation program, with massages by a physiotherapist or meditation and a wide range of yoga programs. Visit the interesting exotic fruit garden, the local Sunday handcraft market, or the Bar Casa Maria - the legendary meeting point to watch the sunset and talk with other holidaymakers about the day’s adventures.

Landscape and nature

The island is of volcanic origin and roughly circular; it is about 22 kilometers (14 miles) in diameter and rises to 1,487 meters (nearly 5,000 feet) at the island's highest peak, Alto de Garajonay. Its shape is rather like an orange that has been cut in half and then split into segments, which has left deep ravines or barrancos between them.

The uppermost slopes of these barrancos, in turn, are covered by the laurisilva - or laurel rain forest, where up to 50 inches of precipitation fall each year. The upper reaches of this densely wooded region are almost permanently shrouded in clouds and mist, and as a result, are covered in lush and diverse vegetation. They form the protected environment of Spain's Garajonay National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

The slopes are crisscrossed by paths that present varying levels of difficulty to visitors, and stunning views to seasoned hikers. The central mountains catch the moisture from the trade wind clouds and yield a dense jungle climate in the cooler air, which contrasts with the warmer, sun-baked cliffs near sea level. Between these extremes, one finds a fascinating gamut of microclimates; for centuries, the inhabitants of La Gomera have farmed the lower levels by channeling runoff water to irrigate their vineyards, orchards, and banana groves.

Nearby places

  • Beach - 1 minute
  • Additional whale watching tours
  • Additional yoga and meditation sessions
  • Hiking tours or bike tours
  • Kayak on the ocean

The price of this retreat includes two treatments (massages or natural healing treatments) by an alternative practitioner. The massage therapist uses high-quality herbal oils and tinctures for all massages.

Choices of natural healing treatments

  • Somatic experiencing - trauma healing
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Bio-resonance therapy

To recognize and treat health problems in a targeted manner and strengthen the immune system, you can choose the following treatments:

  • Acupuncture and bio-resonance with different targets such as clearing process, detoxification, strengthening the meridian
  • Orthomolecular therapy (to explore vitamins and vital substances, herbs and vitalizing supplements)
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advice about alternative hormone therapy
  • Advice for smoking cessation

Choices of massages

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
  • Massage of the connective tissue
  • Detoxification massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • Nervous system special (massage with the use of the seven-pointed star needle to stimulate the nerve endings)
  • Classical massages to lose tension and pain
  • Energy system massage together with Moxa and hot rolls of towels
  • 2 exciting whale watching excursions in a typical canary fisher boat
  • 2 treatments
  • 5 yoga sessions
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Compensation of the flight emissions via atmosfair
  • Free entrance to all information and video evenings about cetaceans
  • Free filtered drinking water
  • Organization and guidance throughout the trip
  • Various services like renting snorkel equipment and parasols, books, and beach toys for the kids
  • Additional yoga sessions
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Shuttle service
  • Transfers from Valle Gran Rey to La Gomera and vice versa

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flights to arrive at Tenerife-South Airport (TFS). OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen recommends a comfortable transfer with their partner Autobus-es Mesa. They pick you up at the airport, take you to the ferry, and then to your accommodation in Valle Gran Rey. The price is 88 EUR per person, including the ferry tickets.

Additional service charge of 10 EUR is applicable per person. Changes of arrival and departure dates as well as the pick-up location after getting the booking confirmation will be charged with 10 to 40 EUR.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 21 days before arrival.


  • Review by Stehle

    "A highlight: The encounter with the Brydes’ whale during our first trip. The willingness to stay “almost in petting distance” to the boot has been very touching. The whole team has been very enjoyable and helpful. I will promote you intensely."

    OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen website, edited

  • Review by Christel H.

    "I was very impressed of how much engaged Susanne is also in the sustainability part but it is really worth it and it is a great way. I know now how I want to travel in the future. Susanne has shown me how."

    "I was part of a group but always free at the same time. The diversity and the selected lovely places were whether in the water or ashore. I enjoyed being close and intense in nature ashore as well as on board. If you experienced it all in this intimate and intense way, then you are not able to tell what has been the very special. Who else has the opportunity to do such a journey? Well, those who travel with Susanne."

    "I loved the close contact with whales and dolphins, the opportunity to feel them and being connected to them, the Red Bay, good food, many good conversations, and conventions. One highlight followed the next one. Everything was well organized. Susanne had it all together. She is an excellent manager and companion. Even personal things had enough space. The excursions on Hawaii were so intensive and the experiences were so deep in an emotional way."

    "Thank you so much - Susanne, Margareta, and Mana. You were always there, it was work for you, but you could not tell!"

    "Thank you for translating and thank you that I could fulfill a life’s dream, even without the knowledge of English, after all those years.”"

    OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen website, edited

  • Review by Gabriela

    "Volker is very respectfully and carefully in the way he is dealing with animals and humans, which I personally highly appreciated. Mindfulness, awareness, and appreciation are felt for everything. This is what the OCEANO crew is living, too. Thank you."

    "I have found a deep connection to the ocean and my family. I am admiring the Canary fishing boat and I thank you from the depths of my heart for you being there."

    OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen website, edited

  • Review by Anja and Sonja from Germany

    "The catamaran tour in Baja California was our top destination with top-sightings! We are two women from the North of Germany that are doing respectful whale watching since many years in different destinations. In the Sea of Cortez, we found a huge range of marine mammals, fascinating sightings of big whales, and huge groups of dolphins."

    "We really have been spoiled by the crew on board of the catamaran. In the evening, we anchored in little bays, enjoyed the sunset, and slept on board. Our daily routine was mainly determined by the marine mammals. We were “full” and highly satisfied because of all those sightings on many days: a Blue whale mother with a baby, jumping Blue whales, quite often big groups with common dolphins, Orcas at close range, Humpback whales, Pilot whales, Gray whales, and besides, we could watch pelicans feeding and swam with sea lions!"

    "For us, it was a perfect trip, always on the water with a fresh breeze calming down from the daily routine, having many fascinating sightings - a lot of experiences we will never forget. We are going to repeat this journey for sure."

    OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen website, edited

  • Review by Carola

    "My first OCEANO week intensive in November 2010 created the foundation for wonderful and unforgettable experiences in truly heavenly settings. Thanks to Susanne Braack and the whole OCEANO team that there were four following journeys after this visit, until spring 2013. Just until now!"

    "From the beginning on, they knew how to fascinate me with their kindness, their relentless and professional work, their caring and thoughtful dealing with nature. You feel from the first second on that every one of the team is not just doing their job, but truly doing it with all their heart and soul and that they are facing nature and humans in a very honest way. They make it easy for new arrivals to make them feel like being home and feel being part of the team. The respectful contact with nature and the animals, the willingness of the skipper to reduce disturbances of the marine mammals and other sea dwellers as much as possible, the great explanations and conversations with the marine biologists and the guides on board - all that makes every single tour something special and unforgettable."

    "I will keep all those moments like the excursions on the island and the hikes in the rain forest or up to La Fortaleza in my heart and with a laugh in the eye. Volker explained every genesis and contents about the island; together with us, he examined every single plant and told us about every detail. Also, the stop at the restaurant La Montana with Donna Efigenia is an absolutely experience and highlight for itself."

    "Nevertheless, it was always the whale watching excursions which touched me the most and if I do close my eyes, I immediately have the images of unforgettable hours in my mind. The opportunity to watch dolphins and whales and also other sea dwellers like turtles, sharks, tunas, marlins, seabirds, and more in their natural environment is just an unexplainable moment. Whoever saw dolphins of a group of 300 and even more crossing the boat, full of joy and elegance, will never forget this picture. Just like those moments where the engines of the boat were switched off and you do hear nothing but the noises and breathing of the dolphins around you. This is quality time spent with friends. I can say that I could never imagine seeing such big groups of dolphins with my own eyes. To see them in company with these fascinating people and in this great environment is a gift. Some were that close that we could even look into each other’s eyes. It was like a promise which I kept four times until now. And it was not the last time for sure!"

    "I was able to meet many new friends in the water and ashore. And I will foster those friendships! Thanks to everybody for that."

    OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen website, edited

  • Review by Monika Wiese from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "Eine unglaubliche Reise... erwarte das unerwartete... Ein Motto, das für mich mehr als übererfüllt ist. Danke, dass ihr mir diese schönen Orte gezeigt habt."

    OCEANO Whale Watching Travel Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Franz Mecky Schneider
    10 out of 10

    "Es war ein Traumhafter Urlaub, mach nochmal einen mit den beiden! Danke für die schönen Erlebnisreichen Tage!"

    OCEANO Whale Watching Travel Facebook page, edited

Aichach, Germany

OCEANO MEERZEIT Reisen offers journeys to extraordinary destinations for extraordinary people. These journeys are magic, exclusive, and always point to the sea.

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