8 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa, India

  • Oceanic Yoga at Riva Resort, Mandrem Beach, Goa, India

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Renewing Yoga Retreat in Goa

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Immerse yourself in a yoga, meditation, and detox retreat for a better and renewed self. The purification process begins with a proper yogic diet and deep meditation sessions that begin the process of healing the body, mind, and emotions. During the first two days, you will receive a physical consultation by an Ayurveda physician who will give you a personalized dietary plan.


    • Daily 2 yoga classes
    • 1 Ayurveda therapy session
    • 1 meditation or pranayama session
    • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Consultation with Ayurveda physician
    • 7 nights accommodation


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Oceanic Yoga provides 10 rooms attached with toilet bath, in beautiful set up surrounded by palm trees and little garden. Center has facility of vegetarian restaurant.

    Yogic practice

    Hatha yoga is the foundation of all types of yoga. These classical yoga postures, which are held static for a period of time to experience their benefits, form the very core of any practice and we encourage participants to explore the asanas at different levels.

    Vinyasa is synchronization of movement and breath. It was first developed by Rishi Vaman somewhere between 500 and 1500 AD for the Grihastha, meaning a common family man. Vinyasa yoga is a series of postures weaved into each other to create a flowing practice. Vinyasa yoga is a beautiful practice aimed at increasing metabolism and developing focus and awareness through movement and breath coordination. Our teachers endeavour to bring out this potential in each individual through their practice.


    We also recognize the importance of pranayama in our daily lives. Pranayama is the science of manipulating and regulating our breath to be able to efficiently balance our prana or vital life force which is important for our physical, mental and spiritual well being. We focus on first helping the participants understand and correct their breathing patterns. Slowly, as awareness develops, we introduce them to the myriad world of pranayama: cleansing breaths to remove physical, mental, and emotional toxins, cooling breaths to bring about calm, balanced, and harmonic breaths along with chanting pranayama to bring about a state of inner and outer equilibrium.

    With this awareness of the breath we move towards the subtle aspects of the mind through meditation. Through dynamic, walking, guided and silent meditations we encourage the participants to explore the realms of meditation.


    • We expect that everybody should be physically fit to practice yoga, walk, and meditate.
    • Anybody who is interested in achieving good health by yoga, meditation, and detox.

    Daily schedule

    • 07:30 - 08:30: Yoga class
    • 08:45 - 10:00: Breakfast
    • 11:30 - 13:00: Meditation/pranayama
    • 13:00 - 14:00: Lunch
    • 16:30 - 18:00: Yoga class/meditation
    • Above schedule is sample only. Schedule is subject to change.

    Variously known as Pearl of the Orient and a Tourist Paradise, the state of Goa is located on the western coast of India by the Arabian Sea. Goa was a Portugal colony until 1961. This is important to know and to understand the mix of religions (Catholic, Hinduism etc.), and languages (Konkani, English, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese). The magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendors of its Hindu temples, Catholic churches and old, colorful Portuguese homes have made Goa the most popular tourist destination in India and a favorite by travelers from all over the world. The tourist season favored by foreigners runs from mid-October until early March. Besides being steeped in history, Goa is famous today for its unspoiled tropical beaches, delicious seafood and laid-back lifestyle. Of special pride, the state of Goa is committed to environmental protection. Here you will find clean beaches and waterways, an un-littered landscape, and an unlimited supply of fresh air!

    Oceanic Yoga is located just about 2 minutes away from the serene Mandrem Beach in north Goa. Mandrem beach is very famous about its beautiful beach and sunset. From early in the morning people start some activities like walking, running, excerpting or yoga on the beach. Its never gets overcrowded and it is out of all party hectic. The beach is ideal who love the nature, Mandrem is small village but with all necessary facilities like, bank ATM, travel agencies, guest houses/huts on the beach, supermarket, taxi and restaurants within few minutes drive from the beach.

    • Pick up from the airport or any major train station in Goa
    • Accommodation for 7 nights - single occupancy with attached bathroom
    • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days
    • Consultation with an Ayurveda physician
    • Ayurveda therapy one session
    • Daily 2 yoga classes
    • One meditation or pranayama
    • Travel and personal expenses etc.
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Oceanic Yoga an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Marta Camoriano

      "When you are asked to write a review about your experience with Oceanic Yoga how can you illustrate your personal experience?! I don’t think it’s easy to use words to describe it in a proper way, at least not for me, but what I know and I can clearly say is what I felt : an intense happy time for my heart my soul and my body. I randomly chose this place a month before my airplane ticket reminded me that I was almost ready to leave to Goa and this ‘randomness’ was the secret for not having any expectation, the best starting point ever. I was there for the seven days yoga package and I enjoyed every single moment of that: moments by myself surrounded by the ocean, the sun, the birds, the dogs (yes different setting from what we are used in our western society!), and moments with other people I was lucky enough to meet in my journey. I do appreciate every person I met: all the Oceanic Yoga teachers, the other guys who were doing their 200 hours program, the waiters and the cleaning staff (the meal was excellent and our huts were daily cleaned) and all the people who still make that place warmer with their smiling eyes. Somehow you become more opened more vulnerable in a way and able to share and be shared. Oceanic staff has been very kind and gentle, available and able to make our staying as comfortable as it was possible. I really need to thank them all from my inside and as we all need to take a break from our society at some point in life, I’d suggest to go there and experience yourself in a new magical way! So thank you very much to all, indeed. Namaste!"

      BookYogaRetreat's website, edited

    • Review by Marion from Warmond, Netherland

      "My yoga teacher training at Oceanic Yoga was quiet intense, me 58 years old and more than 20 years older than most of the other students. But I am happy that I made it! I learned to go on even when it is difficult. Our teachers really teach from the heart, I liked that a lot. It was very inspiring for my own work as Body Psychotherapist as well.Now I am happy with my certificate!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Germany

      "Der Retreat wurde als Veganer Yoga-Urlaub angepriesen, aber leider war es nur Vegetarisch. Zudem war eine Baustelle auf dem Gelände, an welcher Tag und Nacht gearbeitet wurde. Zusätzlicher Lärm war nachts durch die Partys in der Umgebung bis in die frühen Morgenstunde um 8 Uhr. Ärgerlicherweise musste ich aber - wegen Hochsaison - den doppelten Preis bezahlen. Zusätzlich haben die anderen Gäste des Resorts - welche nichts mit dem Oceanic Yoga Retreat zu tun hatten - das Umfeld und die Atmosphäre gestört. Es wurden 3 Yoga-Lehrer angekündigt, es war in diesen 8 Tagen aber nur 1 Lehrer da. Ärgerlich war auch, dass man nur 2 von 3 angebotenen Einheiten pro Tag nutzen durfte. Die Beschreibung des Oceanic Yoga Retreats auf Ihrer Website stimmt leider nicht mit der Realität überein."

      BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited


    • Review by a traveller from Texas, USA

      "I just completed the 200-Hour YTT in Mandrem (they have moved from Anjuna to better facilities). I learned loads, it was very informative, and I feel confident teaching. The training was full-on, without being too intense or with 5:00 am wake up bells. Said better: it wasn't a boot camp and there was flexibility in the schedule.The facilities are very good - single accommodation in concrete huts with bathrooms - no shared drama here. Very healthy and filling veg diet."

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Melvis from Melbourne, Australia

      "I had been uncertain which yoga school to try so I visited the school in person before I signed up. As soon as I spoke with Yogi Abhay I knew this was the right place for me. There are many yoga schools to choose from and many things one can do in Goa. What is special about Oceanic Yoga is the people here have created a place where yoga is the focus, and the teachers here are wise, unpretentious and humorous. 99999Over the course of the retreat I made some exciting progress, what I wasn't expecting were the meditation sessions to have such an impact on me. Having previously practiced yoga for years without much consideration for meditation, it was amazing to grow in ways I never considered possible previously. 999999I also loved being in the yoga shala itself; its a beautiful serene space, as well as the food and being close to the beach. The accommodation is simple and nice as well. 999999After completing this retreat and the 200hr YYT training in Koh Samui I can honestly say I would consider going anywhere in the world to practice with Abhay and his team again! I would recommend the retreat to everyone regardless of experience; it was one of the best experiences of my life!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Joe Tee from Germany

      "I came to do the 200h YTTC with Oceanic Yoga in November 2014. I did a lot of research on yoga schools before and I am sure I decided right to come here to Abhay and Manisha. They are great teachers with a lot of experience and knowledge and most of all a deep understanding of yoga and meditation. Students get personalized attention (small groups) and the development of each student was amazing over the 4 weeks. Accommodation and food were included and really good. I will come back to continue."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Donna from Manchester, United Kingdom

      "Oceanic Yoga has my heart. It's a wonderful course with fabulous teachers. A great program for learning. Food is fabulous made by the always smiling cooks that cater for whatever you want and need. It became my home for 4 weeks but will always stay in my heart forever. Great course for anyone that wants to be a yoga teacher. Or even to learn about the body and mind. I'm sure to visit again."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveller from Germany

      "Oceanic Yoga studio is a beautiful place. I enjoy every minute that I spend sharing my practice with the beautiful people at this wonderful. Heather's meditation class was the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience that I've had in months, and Vinyasa class is a great way to harvest good energy during my stay here. A tranquil and soothing environment to learn and expand your yoga practice. Instructors are very pleasant and smiley."

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Deborah from Ibiza, Spain

      "I've been visiting Oceanic since I first came to Goa in 2011. This school has been an anchor for me over the three years I've become deeply involved with 'my India'. Abhay and Manisha have been more than teachers to me, I consider them friends, having been invited to their home for gatherings, meals, and conversations. The atmosphere there always has a special quality that brings out the best in me. In the last two years I've also become friends with Vinod, a super teacher. All are sublime! Keeping asana fun and energized and guiding gently with meditation. I spent the winter back in England and felt ready to do my yoga teacher training. I felt strongly this was a huge step to take in my life and was cautious not to move to this path 'till I was absolutely ready. My instincts were right as it turned out to be an intensely transformative experience which called on every cell in my being to be awake and aware.Whilst in England I'd research many schools in India and worldwide, wondering if I would go somewhere new, as I was feeling I'd had so much Goa time over the years and that there might be something else out there for me.The costs were a factor in my decision. It is very hard to compete with the package offered by Oceanic. Though in India it is possible to get similar deals. In the end it was an instinct to go to a place I knew and trusted. The course was fully booked so we were a good sized group of 12. This is where things got interesting. It was March, so the Indian summer was reaching for us. Early morning asana was a paradise as the air was fresh and full of bird song. I'd been concerned I wasn't quite fit enough ( I really do have a lazy streak!) but I had nothing to worry about. My body was willing and able. I had weak knees and was very careful not to hurt them but the leg muscles strengthened the knee. They really are a constellation of incredibly different people and personalities. The atmosphere was supportive and grounded in human truth. The people who were attracted to Oceanic turned out to be so right for my own journey. Manisha is a world class teacher with more wisdom in her little finger than almost anyone I've ever met! The general classes were excellent from all teachers but Manisha gave some special ingredient I will treasure forever. I grew. It hurt at times! My shadows into the light. But the team gathered were sensitive and this turned out to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I highly recommend Oceanic Yoga."

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Sue from Berlin, Germany

      "I learned a lot and everyone was wonderful!! The place was beautiful and the food was good. Thank you so much!"

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Carly from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      "Oceanic Yoga is set in a very quiet beach of Goa, Mandrem. The course I followed, 200-Hour YTT, was professional and more than I expected. The teachers were very friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I would recommended the place to everyone!"

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Thora from Spain

      "In Oceanic Yoga's teacher training course, I found a very deep knowledge of yoga, yoga philosophy, asana pratice, anatomy, teaching practice, and detailed explanation. The training was very interesting. As a Pilate and martial arts teacher, my body is very flexible and I came to know yoga is not limited to asanas only but it is vast with its philosophy and meditation. I could understand the real meaning of yoga and I am practicing. I feel happier and I am on the path. "

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Freja from Australia

      "Upon completion of the Hatha teacher training course, I feel very fulfilled and excited by my new learning and I am looking forward to share and deepen my practice on return to Australia. Thank you Oceanic Yoga for providing such an inspiring and humble environment to learn and further develop my yoga practice! "

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Marina from Russia

      "TTC course in Oceanic Yoga School is a great possibility to change your life, when you decide its the time. Deep knowledge and attention to students, there are the strong points of all teachers of this place. It was the great pleasure and privilege to have this time together. Must continue. "

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Murina from Ireland

      "I started the Vinyasa Yoga TTC looking for insight into the anatomy and physical benefits of yoga. As a physiotherapist, I was hoping to bring what I learnt back to my patients for a more holistic and rounded approach to their care and treatment. I certainly attained this insight, but I also learned so much more. I learnt that yoga is not just a physical act, but something that encompasses your whole being. It is a great journey into you. I have gained more awareness of my own body, the power of my own breath, and my mind. It has been an incredible journey with incredible people and I will never forget it. "

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from South Africa

      "Abhay, Manisha, and Ilse are absolutely amazing people and teachers. Their patience with the students is amazing. I have learnt so much and I recommend everyone to drop in for an amazing yoga class or a meditation session. It's really inspiring and the energy is mind blowing. There are good vibes, friendly people, and a super relaxed environment. Ten out of ten, if you are in Goa, India Oceanic Yoga and Meditation School must be on your list for places to visit or to drop in for one of their classes. "

      Oceanic Yoga website, edited