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7 Days Spiritual Yoga Retreat Italy

  • Agriturismo Casa Faustina, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

7 Days Spiritual Yoga Retreat Italy

  • Agriturismo Casa Faustina, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Accessing Your Dream Italy Yoga Retreat

If Italy has ever been a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, then this is a perfect opportunity to ease into the magic and spiritually rich culture that is incredible in Assisi, Italy! This retreat offers a perfectly balanced combination between relaxation and reflection, where Mamy Coaching will provide you with the support, tools, resources, and feedback you need to give birth to your dreams, plus, space and time to unwind and work on your individual creative dreams.


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Silent morning walks
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Personal self-awareness coaching
  • Guided life strategy training program
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Group activities
  • Daily meals
  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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You will be staying at the Valle di Assisi Resort or Agriturismo Casa Faustina. Both quietly placed with both breath taking panoramic views. The fee already includes accommodation in double occupancy or single occupancy rooms.

To help you get the state of mind you need to effectively give birth to your dreams, Mamy Coaching has created a special five days retreat for you to:

  • Take your time and space to quiet the mind, take stock and think about what you really want in life - your dreams, passions, goals, and learn how to take action to realize them
  • Relax and recharge your life’s batteries
  • Learn new techniques about handling stress so you can overcome mental and physical challenges
  • Be fully taken care of
  • Create a fresh start by letting go of negative circumstances from the past
  • Get a clear sense of your life purposes

For five days, Mamy Coaching will take you through a unique and essential five steps method. This method will enable you to powerfully shape and live your life to your own values and terms. You’ll learn about the essential five steps that will help you develop a powerful and positive approach to overcome personal and professional obstacles that stand in your way from realizing your dreams.


  • Create closer connections and healthy relationships
  • Enhance a solid sense of your personal power and self-worth
  • Experience spiritual awareness and connection
  • Improve your physical health and well-being
  • Feel free from the emotional roller coasters of unresolved emotional issues
  • Increase joy, playfulness, and creative expression
  • Find the energy and passion to find the job that truly suits you and you can be passionate about.

Life strategy training

Under the personal guidance and leadership of an experience coach, each day you will intensively work on personal topics that you wish to address, whether it is related to your personal or professional life. The goal of this training program is to help you obtain a clear picture of your current life and, where necessary, blaze a trail that will help you get more out of yourself, your relationships and career.

Physical activities

To tap into your energy and live a life of vitality from a place of strength, it is essential to take the best possible care of your body. This is why Mamy Coaching devotes the necessary attention to the proper care of the body during the retreat. Mamy Coaching aims to inspire you to experience your body with more awareness and pursue a physically healthy lifestyle.

Feel your body slowly awakens and broadens your awareness with a relaxing yoga sessions. The yoga classes are appropriate for all levels, designed to challenge the experienced practitioners and to give support to the beginners.

Also, you’ll indulge your senses with the fresh aromatic scent of flowers and spices during a meditation walk in the lush and inspiring woods of Assisi and the Umbria region. During the walk, you will be taken to exceptional places, rarely seen by tourists.


Day 1: Arrival and getting settled in Assisi at Casa Faustina

  • You can go swimming, explore the surroundings or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Day 2: With awareness comes responsibility

  • You will start the day with an important part of the daily routine of the retreat: a delicious fruit snack and a short meditation session.
  • You will then take a walk in the woods of Assisi and the Umbria region. You can walk at your own pace and rhythm.
  • The walk is followed by a delicious breakfast.
  • After breakfast, you will join the life strategy training program, which will help you reflect on what you want most from life and what you want your life to be about.
  • After the training session you will enjoy a delightful vegetarian lunch. You can spend the rest of the day as you wish.

Days 3 and 4: “Shift your focus, change your life” - Tony Robbins

  • You will start your day with the relaxing morning ritual including a healthy snack and a short meditation session.
  • The ritual will be followed by an inspiring yoga session under the guidance of one of the leading and experienced yoga teachers in Europe.
  • After breakfast, the training program on day 3 starts with a workshop in which you’ll learn to connect with yourself and enhance your leadership.
  • On day 3 and 4 you’ll be focusing on acquiring knowledge, skills and mastery as the next step towards achieving your goals.
  • Over the course of these two days, you’ll closely examine your behaviour patterns in your relationships, health and career.

Day 5: Your position and value

  • Once again, you will start the day with a refreshing morning ritual followed by a walk in the lush woods of Assisi. You can walk at your own pace and rhythm while reconnecting with your inner voice.
  • The walk is followed by a delicious breakfast.
  • On day 5, you will continue the training program to discover how you can fill your role and value in life giving shape to your true desires.
  • Take time to reflect on what roles you ‘play’, both privately and professionally. Learn to use your knowledge and skills to add value to your career and the loved ones in your life.

Day 6: From building knowledge to taking action

  • Energized after a relaxing yoga session, you will take the crucial step towards creating lasting results.
  • The final Life Strategy Training day is dedicated to embed all that you’ve learned in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional system. On this day, Mamy Coaching will help you to create a plan of approach for achieving your goals. After all, knowledge without action is futile!

Day 7: Farewell

  • After a delightful breakfast, you will say goodbye to one another and each of you will follow your own life path.


Magical hillsides and majestic mountains, ancient villages, friendly people, sumptuous food and wine, wildflowers - endless wildflowers, beautiful sunrise and sunsets all add up to a visitors awe-inspiring impression of Umbria. Umbria is often called Italy's green heart for its nature parks. Umbria also has one of Italy's largest lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and an interesting mummy collection. Umbria has retained many of Italy’s old-world traditions. In spring the countryside is splashed with red, pink, yellow, purple, and blue wildflowers. In summer it explodes with the vibrant yellow of the sunflowers harvested to make cooking oil. The charm of Umbria derives from its fusion of art, nature, peace and calm, the inspirations behind its various localities that comprise Renaissance masterpieces and small Medieval towns embedded in the hills.


Assisi is one of Umbria’s most magnificent hill towns, with buildings that glow pink in the sunset. To boot, it also happens to be the home town of St Francis who preached about the beauty of the natural world. Assisi is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Everything here revolves around its most renowned citizen, St. Francis, Patron Saint of Italy: from the Basilica, which is dedicated to the Saint and contains his tomb, to the hermitage (Eremo delle Carceri), a few kilometers outside the town walls, where St. Francis used to retreat in prayer. Assisi is very welcoming and lively, and its inhabitants seem to want to share their age-old traditions with visitors.

A light nutritious breakfast will be served to complete your morning. The chef will pamper you with three delicious homemade meals a day, using fresh, locally grown ingredients.

In addition to attending the life changing training program, you’ll have plenty of time for yourself each day to spend as you desire. You can go swimming, explore the surrounding, enjoy a lovely massage or take time to relax in the resort. You can also expand your program. Book a wonderful relaxing massage or a cooking lesson from Casa Faustina's creative cook. These activities must be reserved at least 7 days ahead of time.

A wonderful relaxing massage is available at an additional cost and can be booked 7 days prior to the retreat.

  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily nutritious meals
  • Free copy of the book "This is Water" by David Foster Wallace
  • Group activities
  • Training sessions
  • Air travel
  • Cooking class
  • Insurances
  • Massage
  • Transfers to and from Assisi

Arrival by airplane

Please arrive at Sant Egidio Airport (PEG) in Perugia.

Arrival by train

There are direct 2.5 hour train trips regularly scheduled from Roma Termini to Assisi.

Arrival by taxi

There are no public transports that reach the resorts but a discounted taxi service is offered at 25 - 30 EUR one way which holds 6 - 8 people.


  • Assisi train station, 10 kilometers - 15 minutes
  • Sant Egidio Airport (PEG), 10 kilometers
  • Rome, 180 kilometers


  • Review by Miranda
    9 out of 10

    "Mamy's from Dreaming to Achieving. The name says it all. I also had my dreams, but I didn't really know how to achieve them. Through this course I obtained so many insights into my own life, my method, the way I 'put things off'. In short, a mirror is held up in front of you. Taking the step to achieve seems very scary because you want to hold on to the certainties you currently have. Once you have taken the step, it feels as though your dreams can become reality, if you just do it. I always keep in mind that if you take a path you don't like, another path will always come. The dreams remain, but now I also have the courage to do these things! My experience is that my life will only get better because of this."

    Mamy Coaching website, edited, edited

  • Review by Danielle van de Beurcht
    9 out of 10

    "The reason I decided to participate in Mami's training is that last year I came at a point in my life where I felt like I needed more clarity and structure. I felt like I wasn't able to see the wood for the trees, and she helped me with that. The training program has provided me with more structure and unity in my life. In particular, the need to break old patterns. What is special about the training is actually Mami herself. Mami is a very sweet, warmhearted and intelligent woman, who quickly sees things how they are."

    "This was part of how she taught me to change old habits. I can recommend Mamy Coaching to anyone who needs a more well-rounded life. Anyone with a need to alter negative routines in their life and is looking for the right tools to do so."

    Mamy Coaching website, edited, edited

  • Review by Ilse
    9 out of 10

    "I feel fantastic, I have inner peace, I feel more emotionally stable. My sense of well-being has improved so much that I can barely remember why I went in the first place. I am more in tune with my feelings. I feel that I understand myself and others better, and am therefore able to let go of things more easily, to accept things as they are. Instead of endlessly trying to escape or to prove myself, I can just be me! The sessions were fantastic, extremely practical and enjoyable. I enjoyed the relaxed, convivial atmosphere, and the warmth. After each session, I would go home feeling much better and with a clearer understanding of myself and my life. Extremely educational. Mami's approach is a breath of fresh air. Enjoyable and relaxed, no pressure, yet extremely effective. The spiritual aspect also appeals to me!"

    Mamy Coaching website, edited, edited

  • Review by Traveler
    9 out of 10

    "I went to Italy for a week with Mami. The journey was already an amazing experience in itself. Once I arrived in Assisi I travelled the last stretch by taxi (about 15 minutes), a friendly Italian taxi driver took me high in the mountains and yes, I had reached Casa Faustina. What a wonderful spot, how peaceful and what friendly people, a beautiful location surrounded by so many olive trees, delicious smells of herbs, plants and lots of art. In addition to the wonderful view, if you go a little further you'll see a lovely swimming pool and believe me, you'll really want to dive in and then enjoy relaxing with a book! A little further you'll find the dining area, next to the kitchen, where absolutely delicious vegetarian food is cooked. This used to be a farm and now they've converted it into an 'agriturismo'. The rooms are simple but clean, and you have everything you need: bed, shower, toilet, kitchen. Not to mention the wonderful space for meditation, yoga and sessions. An incredible energy radiates from here! In the morning you get up early, and at 7.30 you get started with the walk. A guide came with us to show us the beautiful spots, exciting treks and we even took our shoes off, to go through a stream to the other side, where we were suddenly among the horses. Breakfast was ready upon our return and then the first session started. This continued until 13.00, when the food was ready again, a bit of time to freshen up, then the second part of the session until about 16.00, and afterwards free time. And this programme is repeated each day, except that you have a yoga lesson instead of a walk. This yoga lesson was really good! You also have time to go to some nice places in the area if you like, with a taxi, because it's too far to walk. For me these sessions were something new, I really didn't know what to expect and I must say it was a very enlightening and rich experience. Mami is someone who can really explain everything clearly and who is very good at finding your emotional aspects. Mami is really amazing, there's nothing more for me to add than that it did me a lot of good. I look at a lot of things in a different way, I must search for my own path! And as you can see on the photo, going straight through the water if necessary!"

    "We laughed, we cried, it was really special! I definitely think that these wonderful sessions, combined with the beautiful natural surroundings, the sun (30 degrees), the changing programme (walks, yoga) and the friendly people really hit the mark."

    "Thanks again Mami, and I wish you the best of luck with your sessions in Italy!"

    Mamy Coaching website, edited