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NowHere Yoga

NowHere Yoga seeks to channel the multiplicity of creativity with an understanding of wellness in body, breath, and awareness in people with yoga.

Instructors 3

Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Morgan teaches a flowing, dynamic form of yoga practice, very influenced by the work of a teacher called Simon Borg-Olivier and the Yoga Synergy school, which teaches traditional yoga for the modern body which is a blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan yogas, and Western physiotherapy, aimed at making yoga practice safer and more effective for modern practitioners.

Malwina Ostrowska

Malwina is a Barcelona-based Synergy yoga teacher. Her journey started with Iyengar and Hatha yoga, with tough attention to detail and proper alignment. Later on, she joined more dynamic styles such as Vinyasa and Anusara, where she discovered more fluidity in the practice. The same year, she began practicing meditation and studying Buddhist philosophy with a curiosity to deepen her inner exploration and mindfulness. For the last three years, she has been practicing Synergy style with Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss.

Carlota Amargós

Carlota Amargos moved to Michigan, USA, in 2008 to continue her music studies and there she connected with the yoga state community, where she studied Vinyasa yoga with Jen Hayes, Christopher Venetis, and Justin Barnes. In 2013, she decided to take the teacher training in Yogaroom Barcelona, and since then she combines teaching yoga with her music career. Carlota's classes are dynamic and energizing, finding a challenge, but in a conscious way, respecting the body’s needs.

Yogaroom Barcelona (Vinyasa Yoga)

Testimonials 3

Rebecca Field

NowHere Yoga website

I have been on two retreats with Nowhere Yoga, and have found them truly life-changing. On both occasions I have come away rejuvenated, refreshed, and filled with inspiration to develop my practice. It was an honor to experience the beauty of Menorca surrounded by such warm, authentic, supportive people. I will be back for sure!


NowHere Yoga website

Loving playfulness from Malwina, Delicious nourishment from Carlota, Hamonious fluidity from Morgan… These days spent in the natural beauty of Menorca with a community of colourful yogis provided me with the right amount of inspiration for the Spring. Thanks for curating this special retreat, giving us the opportunity to have space outside of our daily routine and to reconnect with our natural blissful state. I look forward to practicing with you again and to get to know better the newly met NowHere tribe

a traveler

NowHere Yoga website

The NowHere yoga retreat was filled with good people, tasty clean food, and yoga taught by knowledgeable, calm, and attentive teachers. It created a lasting ease and sense of well-being which came back home with me. See you again soon!

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