Unplug, reconnect, recharge, and re-inspire. A leader in transformational travel, Northern Edge Algonquin creates & hosts all-inclusive nature retreats.

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Lisa Denvir Toronto

Northern Edge Algonquin website

When I signed up, I figured I’d have a pretty good time. But I was astonished by how truly wonderful it turned out to be. And the impact that it had on me, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Wendy’s and Joanna’s gentle guidance, loving care and slightly wicked senses of humour – I not only had the best vacation I could imagine, but I was able to really relax, gain some much needed perspective, rediscover my love of yoga and the outdoors and overcome some hurdles which turned out to be more mental than physical. Then there’s Greg’s awesome meals. Yummy. In short, A Quest for Balance completely rocks! Once you experience it, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

Robert Byrne Canada


The food was the biggest surprise: every meal was a healthy gourmet treat - Chefs Greg and Ally were amazing, not just in their prep, but in explaining each meal -- Pizza served right out of an 800F woodstove, the best oatmeal ever (unlimited Maple Syrup from the property!), wonderful soups, meats, salads and breads, all locally sourced and very fresh. Everyone mixes socially in the dining room of the Lodge and you are prone to meet some very interesting and like-minded souls. Lingering over a scrumptious meal, while gazing out at the lovely lakeside setting, seemed to make conversation easy with guests from all over the world at your elbow.

Emily Hartman Canada


I had a wonderful weekend at the Edge, participating in ceremony with others and enjoying the natural beauty around us. Staff made me feel at home and well taken care of, and the other participants were lovely. I would highly recommend the Edge to anyone looking for a meaningful and rejuvenating experience in nature!

Vanessa Brown Trout Creek

Northern Edge Algonquin website

It’s difficult to put into words just how much transformation can come from a weekend where all we do is eat and breathe into the question of creation, and dig into ourselves in a way we might not in our ordinary reality ... Something changed in me. Something deep in the roots of my heart and something that outreached beyond myself

Victoria Lynes Canada


This is the 3rd time I have been to The Edge for a retreat. The moment I step onto this sacred land, I feel renewed. The energy here is incredible and so nourishing for the mind, body and soul! Attention to detail is found in every corner, from the warm, cozy beds, to the immaculately prepared gourmet meals. To every item displayed on the walls to a book case I could spend months pouring over . .