North Wales Retreats

North Wales Retreats organizes yoga retreats and workshops in beautiful North Wales, with a focus on enabling participants to work at their own level.

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Claire Mace

Claire Mace is an experienced Forrest yoga instructor and shamanic practitioner who has been learning from a modern master of yoga, Ana Forrest, for the last four years. Claire lives and teaches in North Wales. She is deeply moved by the depth of this ancient landscape and the power of nature. Through her intuitive and warm approach, she guides her students into deep transformative places where they emerge as more alive and vibrant human beings.

Sandra Robinson

Sandra Robinson is a Forrest yoga guardian. She is one of the hand-picked senior teachers of international yogini superstar Ana Forrest. She offers workshops and teacher training both from her studio in Peterborough and around the world. She is also a body psychotherapist and fascinated by how change happens through a deep acceptance of who we are. She has a talent for working with groups, creating a safe environment where students can explore their own process.

(Psychotherapist, Forrest Yoga)

Jules Cooper

Jules Cooper is a wild plant expert and hedewitch who lives on a smallholding on the Isle of Anglesey. She is passionate about the preservation of our native hedgerows and wild spaces, and regularly runs workshops teaching people about the wonders of wild plants. Jules is also known on Anglesey for her award winning hedgerow-inspired fruit leathers and delicious cooking.

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Gillian Brownson Thompson

North Wales Retreats Facebook page

I have attended Claire’s weekly sessions and one of her more intensive workshops and intend to go again. With her gentle encouragement and helpful advice, her sessions make for an ideal yoga experience. Thanks Claire

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