7 Days Ritual, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Floating Leaf, Jalan Jaksa, Pantai Purnama 42, Sukawati, Kecamatan Gianyar, Bali, 80361 Indonesia


Dance, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat Bali

  • 7 days with instruction
  • As you get the taste of the Balinese arts, culture, and rituals, you will be whisked away somewhere way beyond just a beautiful place to practice yoga on a vacation. Having one of the most magical landscapes as your backdrop, the peaceful Balinese lifestyle will teach, inspire, and transform you in the most holistic way possible. Be ready to to dive into a whole new world.


    • Daily yoga and meditation classes
    • Offering making class and a charity event
    • Arts and shopping excursion to a local artisan village
    • Guided purification ritual at the Tempak Siring Water Temple
    • A welcome and farewell dinner with live music and dancing
    • All delicious and organic meals daily
    • Convenient airport transfers
    • 6 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    The accommodation options are on private and double room basis. At Floating Leaf, there are six superior pool view rooms and four garden rooms, all of which are created for your comfort and minimal environmental impact in mind. No detail has been overlooked and each room is well appointed with modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel.

    Enjoy spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and the holy Mount Agung volcano and the surrounding rice fields. Great care has been given to ensure all materials conform to high environmental standards. The spacious, well-appointed bedrooms at Floating Leaf provide luxurious comfort and a perfect home base where you can enjoy all the wonders of Bali.

    The luxurious villa guest rooms feature sweet sleeping beds with incredibly comfortable mattresses imported from Belgium, topped with soft, allergy-free, and high thread count linens to ensure your sweet dreams for every night of your stay. Floating Leaf takes their beds, sheets, towels, and every detail of the rooms very seriously, as they want only the best quality and comfort for the guests.

    Institutions for higher learning such as Harvard Medical School and the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in San Diego have researched how a planned environment influences the mind and behavior and their findings tell that people's brain perceives angles, corners, and sharp contours as potential threats or hazards.

    Conversely, neuroscientists have concluded smooth contours signal the brain to relax. Inspiration, creativity, comfort, and healing are all said to increase within rounded architectural forms. Furthermore, it is postulated that it also fights against infection and depression as well as reducing cognitive decline.

    The gentle curve of the pool view villa bedrooms softens the sounds both inside and outside of the rooms ensuring greater privacy and less distraction. Sound waves are dissipated by the round forms to create a perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation, meditation, and creativity.

    Garden rooms

    Step across the koi pond to four beautifully appointed rooms set in a lush organic garden. Blending traditional Balinese antiques with contemporary sustainable comforts, each spacious room has a private terrace, air conditioning, and fan. The second floor rooms offer sweeping views of the surrounding rice fields, Indian Ocean, and the holy Mount Agung.

    The entire green rooftop is a flourishing fruit and vegetable garden and offers the best views Floating Leaf has to offer. Less secluded than the superior pool view rooms, the garden rooms offer an economical solution for those wanting to experience Floating Leaf.

    Pool view rooms

    The most secluded rooms take tropical living to its highest distinction. The three rooms upstairs boast wrap-around balconies with views of the surrounding rice fields, Indian Ocean, Bali’s outer laying islands, the most sacred spot on the island, Mount Agung, and of course, the healing pool.

    The ground floor rooms offer indoor or outdoor garden bathrooms with rain showers, two of which include a large soaking bathtub. All of the deluxe eco-luxury pool view rooms are perfectly round and each material is carefully selected and hand-crafted to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and of the highest quality. Delightful surprises and exquisite attention to detail will reveal themselves throughout your stay.

    The healing pool

    The pool can be used as yoga and meditation platform. It has an adjacent living pond with fish and natural filtering plants, chromatherapy lighting system, in-pool dinning, built-in loungers and water hammocks for reading and relaxation, and lotus platforms.

    It measures 56 feet or 17 meters in length for lap swimming. Many environmentally sensitive features are integrated such as the tiles and decking, using a saltwater mixture to lessen the need for harsh chemicals, and even the backwash is recycled for the use of the organic permaculture garden.

    The healing pool is partially saltwater, which feels softer and more natural and is less abrasive to the skin and hair. It requires much less chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Floating Leaf also employs the use of an ingenious system that purifies the pool's backwash water, which is normally an enormous source of waste water.

    Chromatherapy is said to effectively stimulate the flow of energy and balance the body’s aura. This is the theory, but Floating Leaf will let you decide. At the very least, the color-programmed lights offer a peaceful and romantic experience. The early Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese civilizations recognized that nothing grows in the absence of light and various spectrum of light influence the body and mind in profound ways.

    They theorized that the multitude of colors that make up visible light had individual powers that influence emotions and systems of the body. Today, many recognize chromatherapy as helpful holistic healing method. Varied hues evoke different responses in different people, often because of emotional connections from the past.

    Ancient civilizations and modern scholars consider light to be the language by which the body communicates through its chakras, or the primary energy centers, that resonate to the frequency of a specific color. When these energy centers become misaligned, color and light are used to restore the balance where it may be disharmonious; be it emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally.

    Yoga sanctuary

    The sanctuary is a 2000-square foot space that can accommodate large yoga classes, lectures, performances, and even weddings. It has been heralded as Asia’s best place to practice yoga and offers sweeping views of the holy Mount Agung as well as the Indian Ocean and Bali’s outer laying islands.

    After studying the weather patterns for five years, Floating Leaf was able to carefully design and construct the sanctuary, as well as the other buildings at Floating Leaf to take full advantage of the wonderful breezes the micro-climate offers. The continuous breezes that flow through the property protect guests from the humidity and mosquito problems experienced in many other areas of Bali, while maximizing passive cooling.

    The sanctuary makes use of passive cooling, green walls and roofs, sustainable materials and other eco-friendly methods to enrich a deeply natural yoga experience. Enjoy the feel of your bare feet on the strand-woven bamboo floors. Strand-woven bamboo takes the world's most sustainable material, bamboo, and converts it into a dense, ultra-strong material that acts like a hardwood and is designed to last for 30 to 40 years.

    Your time in Bali will give you space to reconnect with your own inner rhythms and become harmonious again with nature’s heartbeats. Get lost in the meditative sounds, movements, and ceremonies of the Balinese to find a new destination within your heart.

    Throughout recent history, Bali has been nicknamed the Island of the Gods. This could be because of all the divine beauty the senses intuitively soak up or the authentic loving kindness the Balinese are known to express to all walks of life or perhaps it is their devotion to the divine that is practiced daily through rituals and ceremonies that makes this place so sacred.

    Most likely it is all of those things, however, you would not know until you experience it for yourself. Feel the sacred humming of the universe, move with the rhythmical phases of the day and night, be a part of it and become one with this mystical place. Each day will be like a gift for you to unwrap that will reset your own equilibrium.

    During the first seven days, begin your days with a cleansing yoga practice led by Phoebe Miller. You will be guided through a sequence each day that will build upon the last one to unlock places that yearn to be rediscovered, set free, and return you to your core balanced being. You will also enjoy delicious and healthy organic meals every day with new friends.

    Days will be spent exploring Balinese life: attend a temple purification ceremony, participate in a Balinese dance class, learn how to make a traditional daily offering with flowers, and visit a Balinese artisan village to observe how they work on their various crafts. There will also be plenty of down time to relax by the healing pool or take a short walk to the the sacred Full Moon Beach, treat yourself to a spa treatment, read a book, or just zen out on your own.

    Your time will be yours to come back to balance. In the evenings, you will come together again for a restorative or meditation practice to unwind even more and end together with a thoughtfully prepared dinner.

    You will have an arts and shopping excursion to a local artisan village and a guided purification ritual at the Tempak Siring Water Temple.

    • Phoebe Miller

      Phoebe's teaching focuses on the importance of alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Through the teaching of asana in a supportive and playful atmosphere, you will gain a more profound understanding of your own body and mind. Her teaching inspires that through practice, patience, courage, and compassion. She thinks yoga can open a world of greater possibilities and deepen the connection to one’s core being.

    This retreat will be held in Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat, Bali, Indonesia. Floating Leaf is set in a small traditional Balinese village among verdant rice fields. The secluded location is nestled between Sukawati and Pantai Purnama on the eastern shore of Bali which puts it far from the traffic, pollution, and the crowds of tourists found in Ubud and southern Bali, but it is still conveniently located close to the beach, airport, and other key Bali landmarks.

    People enjoy living in Sukawati, as it is a peaceful oasis where guests are able to fully relax and focus on the moment, whether that consists of a deep yoga practice, a serene spa treatment, or just enjoying time with friends and family by the healing pool.

    Nearby places

    • Central Ubud - 20 minutes
    • Keramas and Pantai Purnama - 5 minutes
    • Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) - 40 minutes
    • Sanur - 15 minutes

    All meals, including a welcome and a farewell dinner with live music and dancing, are included in the retreat. Floating Leaf takes your food choices very seriously and they promise to serve only the healthiest and the most nutritious rich foods available. All of their meals are thoughtfully crafted with your optimal health in mind.

    Floating Leaf has been heralded as one of the world’s healthiest destinations as they use the freshest and most organic ingredients available. Their menu has traditional Indonesian specialties as well as raw, vegan, and vegetarian options. In their on-site organic permaculture garden, Floating Leaf grows as much as they can to craft your meals.

    Enjoy fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables brought directly from the garden to your table. Feel free to stroll through the garden and select ingredients you would like the private chef to include in your next meal. You can speak with your private chef in the mornings and let her know what you like and what you do not like and later that evening, she will create a mouthwatering feast for you.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Drinks

    The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

    • Organic
    • Other dietary requirements on request
    • Raw food
    • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    (If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

    If you decide to extend your visit to Bali a little longer with nOMad always at OM, you will be staying at The Yoga Barn, a sanctuary that is tucked away in the bustling city of Ubud. For the three extra days, you will have lots of free time to transition back into the faster paced rhythms of life.

    During your free time you may take a yoga class, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, attend a dance performance, go to a temple, spoil yourself to a spa treatment, or go search for special treasures to take home. Whatever you do, it will be your time to discover. Explore all that the Yoga Barn and Ubud has to offer.

    A sanctuary of holistic wellness set amongst the tranquil rice fields and lush landscapes of Eastern Bali, the Melati Spa of Floating Leaf offers spiritual traditional Balinese treatments and organic, eco-friendly spa therapies designed to nurture health, and beauty and rejuvenation.

    Bali spa and wellness packages

    The spa has carefully crafted a select number of day spa packages that reflect their commitment to nourishing mind, body, and spirit. Melati Spa's aim is to offer a customized personal experience for each guest. Provided in each spa package is a personal consultation to determine your preferences, skin type, and desires.

    The highly trained therapists will suggest a number of natural remedies and treatments for you and you may choose whatever feels right for you.

    Happiness Day Retreat

    This package includes a one and a half-hour yoga class, professional wellness consultation and treatments based upon your condition and needs, massage, body treatments, facial, poolside healthy lunch including a bottle of wine, and you may enjoy the wellness pool. The cost for this is 1,900,000 IDR per person for five hours with a minimum of two people.

    One-day wellness spa retreat

    This package includes a one-hour yoga class in the morning,professional wellness consultation and treatments based upon your condition and needs, massage, body treatments, facial, and a healthy lunch including nourishing elixir. The cost for this package is 1,600,000 IDR per person for four hours with a minimum of two people.

    Exotic body rituals

    Bali body ritual

    Includes massage, body scrub, body mask, and Bali spice bath. From the heart of Indonesia comes an original concept in treatment that is remarkably modern and up to date with the latest aromatherapy theories in deep relaxation but rooted in traditional Balinese healing.

    Because of the plethora and abundance of types and varietals of spices grown in Bali, Floating Leaf is able to deliver a deeply restorative experience in this unique two and a half-hour treatment. The cost for this ritual is 650,000 IDR for 100 minutes.

    Deep blue revitalizing body ritual

    Includes massage, body scrub, and body mask. A secret combination of sea salt, lavender, geranium, cypress, and other essential oils, passed down through generations. This ritual has an alchemistic power that is greater than the sum of its parts. It will revitalize, awaken and renew your body and mind after long days of travel and exploration, and get you ready for more so you can make the most of your Bali holiday. The cost for this ritual is 650,000 IDR for 100 minutes.

    Goddess Matahari after sun soothing ritual

    A special treatment for sunburned skin. Bali is known for its tropical beaches and fantastic weather. With so much to experience outside like visiting temples, surfing, cultural celebrations, etc., the sun occasionally takes its toll. The Balinese, in their traditional wisdom, have the perfect remedy and it feels so good as well. The cost for this ritual is 550,000 IDR for 70 minutes.

    Jet lag remedy

    Includes foot bath, Balinese traditional massage, and Bali flower bath. This treatment is a lifesaver after a long flight. It welcomes you to the beautiful Bali, washes away your stress, and sets the tone for the vacation of a lifetime. You owe it to your body after cramming it into that plane seat for all those hours.

    Surprisingly, this treatment has become quite popular with those about to leave as well. It makes the return flight much more bearable and relaxing. Unfortunately, Floating Leaf cannot make the flight any shorter, the seats larger, or the food any better; but they can make it much more relaxing. The cost for this remedy is 650,000 IDR for 90 minutes.

    Traditional Balinese hair treatment

    This proprietary aromatic hair treatment with pure essential oils and deep natural conditioners has been perfected over generations. The special formula provides rich beneficial supplements for your hair and scalp, while producing a sweet aroma for calming the mind.

    Floating Leaf offers several essential oil combinations so you can choose the one that resonates most perfectly. This traditional Balinese treatment also includes a healthful scalp and neck massage. The cost for this treatment is 350,000 for 60 minutes.

    Zen bliss for the body, mind, and soul

    Includes hot stone massage, body mask, and Bali green tea bath. This transformational treatment will take your body and mind to a peaceful oasis of Zen tranquility. This Bali green tea ritual is precisely formulated to balance your energies, align your chakras, and put your body, mind, and soul in harmony. The cost for this treatments is 650,000 IDR for 100 minutes.

    Hand and foot treatments

    Bali foot spa ritual

    Remind your feet how valuable they are by treating them to this fantasy Bali foot spa ritual. Revive, relax, and refresh your tired feet from days of pounding the pavement. Your newly perfumed and pampered feet will awaken a new fetish that you can never walk away from. This includes foot massage or reflexology. The cost for this ritual is 350,000 IDR for 60 minutes.

    Exultant manicure

    A wellness and maintenance treatment that will soak, trim, cut, and file your nails. Includes exfoliating and deep hydrating treatment combined with the best hand massage for maximum benefits. It insulates hands from premature aging and provides nourishing moisture. Te cost for this manicure is 200,000 IDR for 50 minutes.

    Exultant pedicure

    A wellness and maintenance treatment that will soak your nails and trim your cuticles. Smooth, cut, buff, file nails to perfection, and remove dead skin with foot file and also includes exfoliating scrub, callus, and dry skin removal, and a relaxing Bali foot massage. The cost for this pedicure is 350,000 IDR for 60 minutes.

    Traditional Indonesian herbal steam therapy

    The herbal steam simultaneously cleanses the body from the inside and the outside, providing a doubly detoxifying effect as well as a very relaxing, soothing experience. The highly aromatic medicinal herbs quickly absorb into the bloodstream and circulate directly into the body’s tissues, delivering therapeutic benefits to the cells and organs.

    At the same time, the hot steam opens the pores and allows the herbal vapors to enter the skin to draw out toxins with the perspiration. The cost for this therapy is 160,000 IDR or 125,000 IDR if added to any other treatment.

    Massage selections

    Bali mini maintenance

    Basic professional cleansing, exfoliation, and therapeutic mask with an added Balinese touch. The cost for this massage is 350,000 IDR for 40 minutes.

    Calming facial for rosacea or sensitive skin

    Special facial for sensitive or inflamed skin. This facial helps balance, soothe, and protect while helping decrease skin sensitivity. This will leave your face cleansed and moisturized. The cost for this facial is 550,000 IDR for 60 minutes.

    Facial treatments

    The face accurately reflects what is going on beneath your skin, the body’s largest organ. A high quality facial by a trained professional helps boost the immune system of the skin and improves circulation, which helps refine pores and reduce wrinkles. It is truly the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

    Power regeneration facial

    Ideal for prematurely aging, dry, or sun-damaged skin. This healing treatment provides nourishment and regeneration by combining vitamin and hydroxyl acid, along with energizing massage techniques and a nurturing contour mask that will leave your skin noticeably firmer, smoother, and revived. This facial costs 550,000 IDR for 60 minutes.

    Relaxing massage with rejuvenating facial package

    This package last for 110 minutes and costs 850,000 IDR.

    Therapeutic massage

    The specially trained massage therapists offer several healing, wellness, and restorative massage treatments like the signature Balinese aromatherapy for 375,000 IDR, hot stone massage for 450,000 IDR, deep tissue massage for 500,000 IDR, and Swedish massage for 375,000 IDR. Each treatment lasts for 60 minutes long.

    • 6 nights accommodation
    • A welcome and farewell dinner with live music and dancing
    • All meals
    • Arts and shopping excursion
    • Charity event
    • Daily yoga classes
    • Guided purification ritual
    • Offering making class
    • Transfers to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)
    • Use of facilities
    • Airfare
    • Snacks and beverages outside the meal times
    • Spa treatments
    • Traveler’s insurance

    Driving directions from Ubud

    • Head to Jalan Raya Sukawati and take it as far as you can.
    • As you approach Sukawati Art Market, the road becomes one way and you will need to take a left at this point.
    • Take your first right.
    • You will head to the Banjar named Gelumpang, continue on this road until it comes to a "T” intersection where you can either turn left or right.
    • Choose left and continue on this road all the way to Floating Leaf.
    • The road will turn into Jalan Pantai Purnama and Floating Leaf is at 400 meters before the bypass.
    • You cannot miss the Floating Leaf rooms among the rice fields.

    Driving directions from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)

    • Take the new and beautiful Bali Mandara tollrRoad towards Sanur.
    • In Sanur, take the Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai North.
    • Heading north on the Bypass from Sanur, you will pass McDonald's on your right and then KFC on your left.
    • You will then see a sign and follow it toward Bali Safari and Gianyar.
    • You will then see the large "Ida Bagus Mantra" sign, take a left at the third traffic light from this point.
    • At the second light, you will see a sign for Sukawati, continue straight over the bridge.
    • At the third light, you will see another sign for Sukawati, this time, take a left and head away from the ocean.
    • The street is Jalan Puntai Purnama, here you will be able to see the Floating Leaf building with a large leaf-shaped roof.

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to the airport is included. nOMad always at OM will pick you up from the airport. Contact nOMad before booking your flight to Bali Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) to coordinate possible meet up on layovers or pick up in Bali.


    • Review by Srinivasan Pillay

      "Elizabeth is a remarkable person, always interested in expanding her awareness of yoga, and integrating this so as to teach people the same basic message in the ways they can receive it. She is a brilliant innovator, an accomplished professional, and someone who is revolutionizing the world of yoga day by day."

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    • Review by Cynthia Nixon

      "Elizabeth is a real teacher, healer, and yogi who profoundly understands the therapeutic and transformative effects of yoga. She has a true passion to share her gifts and help others heal."

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    • Review by Barbara Brennan

      "Elizabeth has not only brought the ancient techniques of yoga up to date and applied them to our ever-expanding life experience, she has integrated them with the path of personal growth."

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    • Review by Natalie Lin

      "Pack your bags and enjoy your getaway with nOMad. Travelling with nOMad always equals to some deep self reflection time for me. Phoebe's warm, supportive, and fun. The beautiful practice shifts away all the noise and present the clarity in my life."

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    • Review by Edwinna Bernat

      "I recently joined a nOMad retreat in Yelapa, Mexico and could not have been happier with my experience. The surroundings were rustic and beautiful and gave us a real taste of Mexican village life, especially since there are no cars there. Everything went smoothly during our retreat due to the careful planning of our nOMad leader, Phoebe. I didn't have to worry about a thing and was able to enjoy every minute in that tropical paradise."

      nOMad always at OM website, edited

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    Arrival: Saturday September 2, 2017
    Departure: Friday September 8, 2017

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