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Come and join Yoga Tree this Yin yoga and holistic aromatherapy retreat. During this retreat, you will focus on Wood element and the nervous system.

Waarom deze reis?

  • 2 holistic aromatherapy talk
  • 2 guided meditation and pranayama
  • 2 Yin yoga asana targeted liver meridian
  • Delicious healthy lunch and dinner
  • Cold-pressed juices detox
  • Sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowl
  • Award winner villa


  • Beginner


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During this holiday, you will stay at Twinkle Villa, 700 meters above the sea level and surrounded by green and reserved tree. It has officially opened in December 2016 and is located in Tanarimba, Jung Baik, Pune. The resort is surrounded by woods and very close to nature but very luxurious. It is a place where you can unwind and escape for a while the busy life of the city. However, the network signal is weak at the resort and there is no Wi-Fi.

It is designed to create an isolated space so that you can fully enjoy the grace of nature with your family or friends. You will wake up in the morning with the birds in music and the gurgling water sound, a life that you will not find in the city. The architecture is very primitive and modern. It has a large transparent floor and ceiling windows, with cement walls and red brick walls in the middle of nature, truly a unique place to be.

Twinkle Villa’s main purpose is to help modern people put down technology products and have a quality time with friends and family. The resort has different amenities that can make your relaxation even better. You can visit the art gallery and tea house or explore the hot springs and waterfalls. At night, you can gather around and savor the delicious barbecue.

There are three different types of accommodation, namely Chengal House, Gaharu House, and Meranti House. In this retreat, you will stay in Meranti House in triple sharing (one on floor mattress) with attached bathrooms including a shared kitchen and the common area.

Yoga Tree Aromatherapy and Yoga Holiday Malaysia Program

This retreat is a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate, enjoy yoga, and learn about aromatherapy. You will be learning in depth and with safety about the therapeutic, aesthetic, and subtle aspects of essential oils using therapeutic base ingredients and aromatherapy. The five elements are a comprehensive template that organizes all natural phenomena into five master groups or patterns in nature.

Each of the five groups including wood, fire, earth, metal, and water include categories such as a season, a direction, climate, stage of growth and development, internal organ, body tissue, emotion, the aspect of the soul, taste, color, sound. The categories are seemingly limitless. The five elements reflect a deep understanding of natural law, the Universal order underlying all things in your world.

In Chinese medicine, the organs are not merely physical entities, they are functions. These functions reside throughout the body, not in one place. Just as the body overall needs these functions to maintain health, each cell also requires the same functions. You cannot say that just the body needs oxygen and needs to eliminate wastes. The function of respirations (via the lungs) and elimination (via the Kidneys) are pervasive: every part of the body needs to be fed, nourished, and its wastes are taken away.

The wood element is associated with the liver (and Gallbladder) and connected to the spring season. In ancient China (and many other places on the planet), people observed that the environment changed during the seasons and took note of how animals, plants, and the earth adapted themselves accordingly to live more in balance with the cycles of nature. The human body was seen as a miniature reflection of the cosmos. An entire universe working inside of us. You too have seasons that cycle through. Sometimes you have an exuberant amount of energy like the summer and sometimes you need to rest and recharge like the winter.

The essentials of essential oils

Here is how to harness to mood-boosting power of essential oils.


This warm, camphoraceous aroma is used to help inspire the calmness when you are stressed. You need to mix a few drops into a carrier oil and add to a warm bath.


This strong, camphoraceous aroma is used to help you breathing easier when you are stuffy. You need to add a few drops to boiling water, cover head with towels, close eyes, and inhale deeply for no more than five minutes.


This floral aroma is used to calm and relax to clear your head when you are tense. You need to mix six drops with one-ounce almond oil and dab under your nose and inhale for 15 minutes.


This fresh and sweet orange peel aroma is used to invigorate the mind and sense when you are tired. You need to add to a reed diffuser and leave on the desk for continual bursts of refreshing scent.

Peace and harmony blend

This minty, floral herb aroma is used to provide a scent to center and balance when you are meditating. You need to add to a diffuser so you can breathe in the benefits during meditation.

Peaceful sleep blend

This floral citrus aroma is used to help you to unwind and relax when you sleep. You need to add 30 drops to one ounce of water to spray scent around the bedroom.


This fresh, strong mint aroma is used to cool to stimulate clear breathing and soothe throat when you are under-the-weather. You need to add several drops to a diffuser.


This sweet, fruity aroma is used to help to bring the clarity and focus on the mind when you are scattered. You need to mix one or two drops with one ounce of jojoba oil and dab onto temples and wrists whenever you need a boost.

Daily schedule

Day 1

  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Arriving and check in
  • 15:00 Aromatherapy with wood element
  • 17:00 Relaxation
  • 17:15 Yin yoga asana
  • 18:30 Break / shower / light dinner
  • 19:30 Pranayama
  • 20:00 Sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowl
  • 21:00 Rest

Day 2

  • 06:00 Bell ring
  • 06:30 Pranayama
  • 07:00 Breathing with essential oil part two
  • 07:30 Yin yoga Asana
  • 09:30 Tea break
  • 10:30 Questions and answers
  • 11:30 METTA and Certificate ceremony
  • 12:00 Check out


Katie (Surya) Chong
Sivananda Ashram, Himalayan Mountains (Sivananda Yoga)
Surya is a well-trained and certified teacher in Hatha and Sivananda yoga. She has completed a 30-day intensive teacher training course and received a yoga teacher certification from a Sivananda Ashram at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in October 2009. She has taught in New Zealand after she completed her teacher course.
Frédérique Suriya
Frédérique Suriya is a passionate and holistic aromatherapist originally from Marseille, France. Trained and graduated since 2013 with Lydia Bosson, Usha Veda, in Switzerland and Gabriel Mojay, Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, in London, she lives a simple and rich life in the jungle of Malaysia and has done so for the past 15 years. She knows how to share her love for nature and aromatics with great enthusiasm.


The retreat will take place in Pahang, Malaysia. If you look at the maps, you will see that Janda Baik is positioned on the highlands of the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang, where the famous 130 million years virgin rainforest national park, Taman Negara, is founded. Therefore, the surrounding jungle is still relatively undisturbed; indeed one can find numerous rivers and waterfalls as well as luxuriant flora and some hidden wildlife that can be spotted by the patient and observant adventurer.

Nowadays, this village starts to become quite popular with urban dwellers of Kuala Lumpur seeking to escape the bustle of the city for a brief respite, most probably because here is their closest, coolest, quietest, and most natural place to get away from it.

In addition, the preservation of the trees, particularly fruit trees, adds some appeal for guests. Here, if you are lucky to come during fruit season, you will taste a full array of tropical fruits such as the infamous king of the tropical fruit, the durian, and the favorite queen of the fruit, the mangosteen, but also rambutan and pulasan, soursop, jackfruits and chempedak, guavas, langsat. One can also find on the land few kind of ulam that can be known as herbs and leaves that can be eaten raw and are considered as good medicine, food full of nutrients.

Nearby places

  • Bentong - 45 minutes
  • Bukit Tinggi Chinese village - 15 minutes
  • Genting Sempah - 20 minutes
  • Kuala Lumpur - 1 hour

Deze yoga retreat is vegetariërvriendelijk

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Your lunch, dinner, cold pressed juices, and tea are included in the price. Experience raw food and home cooked vegetarian foods with no msg, simple yet nutritious meals. Your meals include vegetarian lunch, raw vegan dinner, and cold pressed juices as breakfast in the morning of day two.

De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten
  • Drankjes

De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

  • Vegetarisch
  • Veganistisch
  • Rauw voedsel
Als je speciale dieetwensen hebt, is het een goed idee om dit alvast door te geven aan de organisator bij het maken van een reservering

Wat er te doen is

  • Attend to a night safari (35 MYR per person)
  • Enjoy unplugged live band music by Rimba Harapan (600 MYR)
  • Experience a fishing trip on the nearby river
  • Join telematch games with friends (55 MYR per person)
  • Learn the basic to survive in the jungle such as how to set the camp, cook rice in the bamboo, find vegetables, fish, herbs, and etc
  • Take tours and day trip around Lentang Hutan Lipur - regional forest protected area, Orang Asli museum in Gombak, elephant reserve and deer land at Kuala Gandah or Lanchang or Temerloh, Genting highlands, Bukit Tinggi themes resort, Bentong hot springs, or visit and shopping in Kuala Lumpur
  • Trek and explore beautiful scenes in the jungle
  • Visit and have lunch at Khalis nursery, one of the most beautiful gardens in Janda Baik (25 MYR per person)

In de prijs inbegrepen

  • 2 Yin yoga asana targeted liver meridian
  • 2 guided meditation and pranayama sessions
  • 2 holistic aromatherapy talk
  • Asana sessions
  • 1 night accommodation
  • Delicious lunch and dinner with cold pressed detox juice

Niet in de prijs inbegrepen

  • Airfare to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
  • Transport to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request.

Arrival by bus

Go to the Titiwangsa monorail or Star station where there is also a bus station, there you can find at lorong four a red bus called Central Pahang, this is the bus going to Bentong or Raub every full hour. Take this bus for 4,40 MYR and ask to stop at Bukit Tinggi Chinese village, Selesa Hillhomes. Call for a lift, or even better, call Yoga Tree before leaving Kuala Lumpur and they will wait for you 45 minutes later.

Arrival by shuttle

Shuttle from Bukit Tinggi Chinese village, Selesa Hillhomes bus stop is available at an additional cost of 10 MYR.


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
  • De betaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet 30 dagen voor aankomst worden voldaan.
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Extended early bird discount

The prices below include an early bird discount of 30 MYR per person. To benefit, book or reserve before February 15, 2018.

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