15-Daagse Yoga Alliance Yoga Docententraining in La Ventana, BCS, Mexico

  • Villas Sayulita, Calle Rosalio Tapia s/n, Deportiva, 63732 Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

15-Daagse Yoga Alliance Yoga Docententraining in La Ventana, BCS, Mexico

  • Villas Sayulita, Calle Rosalio Tapia s/n, Deportiva, 63732 Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Sayulita Yoga Docententraining in Mexico

Yoga Maya is een Yoga Alliance erkende school, gespecialiseerd in yoga lerarenopleidingen. Je zult genieten van de yogalessen op jouw niveau. De nadruk ligt op het in Maya Yoga sequencing en hoe je een vinyasa, hatha, yin les samen kunt stellen. Tijdens deze training komen alle onderwerpen aan bod, van de traditionele tot de moderne yoga.

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Waarom deze reis?

  • Expect an action packed yoga adventure
  • Every day we begin with yoga classes morning meditation
  • Discussions, afternoon workshops, and asana assists, modifications, and break-downs
  • They specialize in preparing you to actually teach yoga
  • 16 nights accommodation for stress-free travel days
  • Mudra, mantra, and of course asana practice
  • 15 dagen met instructie
  • Engels
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Join them in La Ventana this February/March for a short but seriously sweet YTT-200 Yoga Alliance Approved course which will prepare you for teaching Vinyasa, Yin and a bit of Hatha Yoga. Prerequisite work will be due at the beginning of the course to get you ready for teaching. You will begin teaching day one! Low pressure but high gains!


Contemporary yoga and yoga styles

  • A contemporary approach to yoga
  • A core traditional yoga style
  • Dynamic Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin
  • The impact of yoga on modern society
  • Yogis of the present

The teacher and the business of teaching

  • Secrets to becoming an exceptional yoga instructor
  • How to sequence a class all levels
  • How to set up a successful yoga teaching business
  • How to keep a personal practice
  • Social media and marketing
  • Creating your tribe

Yogic lifestyle

  • Principles of Ayurveda (and the Doshas)
  • Suggestions for a yogic lifestlyle
  • Stress, mental health, fascia, pain and yoga


  • The six actions of the spine
  • Sun and moon salutations
  • Asanas and their principles of alignment
  • The benefits and hidden effects of asanas
  • Precautions and contraindications for asanas
  • Modifications of Asanas to various levels and injuries
  • Props and their many advantages
  • Yin yoga postures and teachings
  • Common yoga injuries and prevention
  • The asanas that cause the most injury

Yogic practices

  • Pranayama and mantra
  • Chaturanga, dandasana, and more
  • Bandhas and mudras
  • Yoga Nidra - the art of relaxation
  • Yogic massage
  • Meditation

The inner body

  • Nadis: subtle energy channels
  • The chakras
  • The koshas
  • Applied anatomy and physiology (asanas)
  • Ayurveda, doshas, and yoga
  • The benefits and study of Yin yoga internally

Teaching methodology

  • Principles of great sequencing and choreography
  • Spinal warm-ups
  • How to prepare peak, theme, and general classes plus lesson plans
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting, and class instruction
  • Practice teaching of asanas, meditation, and pranayama
  • Yoga injuries and theraputics
  • The art of savasana and Thai yoga massage
  • How to create a workshop
  • Creating flow
  • Yin poses and sequencing
  • Vinyasa sequencing (our main focus)
  • Hatha vs Vinyasa sequencing
  • Assisting and adjustments
  • Multi-level classes


  • A review of the yoga timeline
  • Patanjali and the eight limbs
  • The yoga sutras
  • The yamas and the niyamas
  • Yogis to know in history (old and new)
  • Incorporating history in your classes

Yoga Maya teacher training school offers a certification in the Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha disciplines of yoga. You really receive three trainings in one! Sequencing is the fundamental principle of your training. It's what you need to learn how to teach creative classes. Though rooted in tradition, Yoga Maya understands yoga is for most of you a physical practice. This practice needs to be creative to keep your students returning to the mat. They offer mudra, mantra, pranayama, and many other ayurvedic trainings. It's not just all about the asana. Yoga is so much more than the pose.

Yoga Maya tries to adhere to the schedule, sometimes they add and or subtract certain trainings. This depends on the group, their needs, and also the teachers you have with you at each particular training.

  • Deborah Krejci

    After several significant spinal injuries, Debbie turned to yoga and Pilates for more rehabilitation after all else had failed and found that they offered what was needed to heal and strengthen her body. Gaining her ERYT-200 and Advanced RYT-500 signifies Debbie's commitment to yoga. She is a Yoga Alliance CE provider also. Debbie's experience, light-hearted approach and clear instruction enable students of all levels to find ease and joy in their practice of yoga.

  • Willis Johnson

    An Oklahoma native, Willis has made cities such as New York and Las Vegas his home, performing as a dancer at the Metropolitan Opera and Cirque du Soleil. Through the stressful and sometimes painful life as a dancer, Willis found yoga to be the most beneficial compliment, both mentally and physically, to dance. His relationship with yoga has since deepened throughout his years of practice.

Casa Tara, La Ventana, Mexico. Baja California Sur.

Three delicious meals a day are provided.

You can go to the Beach, swim, hike, shop. Eat street tacos. Live the life!

  • 16 nights accommodation
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Approved YTT course
  • Afternoon workshops and asana study/sequencing
  • Certificate for registration (if desired and all hours and criteria are met) with Yoga Alliance
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Delicious food
  • Morning meditation sessions mudra, mantra, and discussions Ridiculously awesome beach front accommodations
  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
  • De betaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet 31 dagen voor aankomst worden voldaan.


  • Beoordeling van Leah Nicole Tisdale
    10 uit 10

    "I love guest teaching with Yoga Maya! The group of students is always so eager to learn, friendly, and by the time they visit me, which is towards the end of the training, they have learned SO much! Debbie's committment and authentic love for training teachers shows through beautifully in the students she trains. A great addition to the Sayu yoga community."

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Mariah
    10 uit 10

    "I recently finished a 200 hour YTT with Debbie of Yoga Maya in Sayulita and I can easily say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Debbie is a gem of a person and an amazing teacher. She has a beautiful spirit that shines through her teachings. Her YTT was well organized and prepared, covered a wide range of material, gave us lots of handsome teaching experience and challenging (in a good, healthy way!). I'd recommend Debbie and her YTT to anyone :)"

    Sayulita Life website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Margaret uit Verenigde Staten
    10 uit 10

    "I recently finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Debbie in Villas Sayulita. Words cannot express how incredible the experience was. Thorough, accommodating, compassionate, funny... The list goes on. Debbie makes every individual feel right at home in her classes. She has the ability to transform yoga classes into fun, light-hearted experiences. Even if you've never taken yoga, go to Debbie! You will walk away feeling full of confidence and energy! "

    Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jaime uit Toronto
    10 uit 10

    "I did my yoga teachers training with I love yoga maya and I am so happy with my experience! Debbie is a fun, loving person which transfers into her teaching. She is alway offering modification and makes yoga accessible to everyone! The light hearted atmosphere she brings to the room allows you to sink deeper into your practice. Debbie's yoga teachers training was well put together allowing students to gain knowledge and confidence needed to go out and teach once they got back home. "

    Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Simone uit Nieuw-Zeeland
    10 uit 10

    "I took the 200 hour YTT with Debbie and of all the yoga teachers I've had she was by far and away the most fun. She is extremely funny and kind but still know her S#!T,and sure knows how to make yoga fun! She also brought in a plethora of amazing teacher for us to work with from deep meditation with the lovely Carmela to ex cirque du soleil preformer Willis. I would HIGHLY recommend Debbie and I cant wait to giggle in her classes again! Thanks Momma Debs!!!"

    Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jessyca uit Sri Lanka
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie's yoga classes are a treat. She is an outstanding knowledgeable teacher of both anatomy and sequencing as well as quick to offer a variety of modifications. She is truly one of the best teachers I know. Encouraging, inviting, supportive, and challenging. I cannot wait to take another class - or even better training with Debbie!"

    I Love Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Melanie and Tom uit Canada
    10 uit 10

    "Such great classes! We loved them all. My husband loved the Yin the best of all. Where as I could not get enough Vinyasa! Debbie is such a welcoming and real teacher. You can tell she knows what she's doing and makes you feel right at home. See you again soon Debbie!"

    I Love Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Heather uit Ohio
    10 uit 10

    "I had never tried yoga before. Debbie made it a relaxing and comfortable experience. Debbie is a fabulous teacher! She is a very encouraging and energetic soul that makes the yoga flow nicely. I feel empowered after each class. I completely recommend giving her and I Love Yoga Maya a try, you will be so glad you did!"

    I Love Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Beth Anne uit Costa Rica
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie is amazing. Her knowledge of the human body, alignment, and principles of yoga is abundant. I learn so much from spending time with her. Not only does she make the classes fun, she also tailors them to your needs. Whether you are a beginner yoga student or have been doing it for years, Debbie is able to teach you new things in a way that you understand and can continue to use in your daily home practice. I love my time with Yoga Maya and always look forward to going back."

    I Love Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Beth Anne
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie is a phenomenal yoga instructor. She incorporates her vast knowledge into a fun and playful practice. I truly enjoy Debbie and her classes. I highly recommend meeting her and joining Yoga Maya."

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Dawn T. uit Ohio
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie makes yoga very fun and allows each person to progress at their own pace and based on the queues from their own body! She is really awesome and I highly recommend giving her classes a try! You won't regret it!"

    I Love Yoga Maya website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Manola Enchilada Suiza
    10 uit 10

    "Yoga with Debbie is definitifly a thing on the to do list! She gives very clear instructions and she always tops it with a portion of humor :) She radiates a beautiful positive energy and her smile is contagious! And a secret tip-if you get the oportunity to hug her-go for it :)"

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Luke Klusty
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie is an excellent instructor, she is very good at what she teaches! She is very passionate about yoga. I love this lady she is great!"

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Dawn Keeley Troup
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie is awesome! Very skilled yet fun and relaxed! I love that she has a sense of humor and encourages work at your own pace and listening to your own body! I went to a class of hers as my first yoga experience (outside of videos in my own home) and I felt very comfortable and welcome. She is a class act! I highly recommend giving her a try, you absolutely will not regret it!"

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jillaine Heather
    10 uit 10

    "Debbie has drive, passion and most importantly a sense of humor all of which are reflected here in Yoga Maya. I love that Debbie is constantly learning new skills/information and exploring new avenues with which to approach yoga and life. I was fortunate to practice yoga with Debbie several times over the last month and I found her to be extremely engaging, very calm and with a great eye for detail. I look forward to her return to Puerto Vallarta and to taking more of her classes."

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jennifer Worlow uit Ohio
    10 uit 10

    "I think it was great.Very well explained and demonstrated. Debbie is a great instructor with lots of patience."

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Natalie Perez uit Verenigde Staten
    10 uit 10

    "Yoga with Debbie is a real treat! Her instruction is always clear and delivered with warmth and humor. You'll walk out with a smile for sure!"

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Kim McPherson uit Mexico
    10 uit 10

    "I was lucky enough to attend a yoga class of Debbie's and it exceeded all of my expectations! The class flowed and I felt comfortable in her presence. Thank your for a brilliant experience I will definitely be back for more! Namaste"

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jane Startzman
    10 uit 10

    "I am new to yoga but have known Debbie for a long time and have taken her classes. She goes the extra mile to give a class that is personalized and beneficial. I trust her to guide me through an experience that is pleasurable and relaxing and yet challenging. I have found that my back pain lessens considerably after classes and I look forward to more positive progress as I continue to study with her. I highly recommend finding out more about Yoga Maya and exploring the options that Debbie has to offer."

    Yoga Maya Facebook page, aangepast

Nayarit, Mexico

Yoga Maya biedt overal yoga docententrainingen aan en stelt de lessen samen op een leuke, veilige en effectieve manier.

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16 dagen / 15 nachten


Aankomst: maandag 16 april, 2018
Vertrek: dinsdag 1 mei, 2018

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