300-urige Vikasa Yoga Docententraining voor Gevorderden in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui District, Thailand

300-urige Vikasa Yoga Docententraining voor Gevorderden in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui District, Thailand

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand

If yoga is your passion, maybe now is the time to grow from student to teacher. The advanced training course takes the yoga teacher or advanced yoga student to the next level and is suitable for both the existing teachers or just serious practitioners who would like to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their practice.

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Waarom deze reis?

  • Airport pick-up transfer from Koh Samui airport
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 modules lead by Kosta Miachin and Yogi Amitram
  • RYS 500 Vikasa Yoga certification, eligible to register with Yoga Alliance
  • Graduation ceremony and special celebration with classmates
  • 5 weeks of accommodation
  • All daily special meals
  • 35 dagen met instructie
  • Engels
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Vikasa Yoga Retreat features different styles of accommodation making it easy to find the style that fits you best. If you're looking for absolute comfort, wake up in a king size bed of our Ocean rooms. If you're traveling alone, you can enjoy the sweeping views from our single yoga caves. Our eco-friendly Zen bungalows offer a unique experience. Most units enjoy views of the ocean. All our rooms are modern, clean, and comfortable.

Zen bungalow

Zen bungalows are built from eco bamboo materials offering cozy environment with a small ensuite bathroom (hot shower). Bed comes with a twin-size mattress suitable for one person only. Bungalows are air conditioned, there's a mosquito net over bed, and a safe box.

Yoga cave

Suitable for single occupancy only the room is quite small but warm and homelike with stunning sea views. All rooms feature a twin-size bed, A/C, and a safety box. The yoga caves use common bathroom and shower shared by 7 rooms. Facilities are located just around the corner.

Beach bungalow

Simple yet cozy beach bungalows offer unique waterfront living experience. Footsteps away from a private beach with crystal waters each bungalow is equipped with a queen size bed while five bungalows also have additional single bed. Bungalows come with ensuite bathroom with hot shower, A/C, mini fridge, and a safety box. Theres also a small balcony that comes with unobstructed sea view in most rooms. Superior beach bungalows are more spacious with a homelike feeling.

Ocean room

Ocean rooms are located on a higher level of Vikasa property hence the sea views are spectacular. Each room has a spacious balcony, A/C, ensuite bathroom with shower, mini fridge, coffee/tea making, safe box. Beds are equipped with high quality mattress and linen. Superior ocean rooms offer unobstructed sea view right from the bed!


Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with RYS 500 Vikasa Yoga. Registration with RYS 500 Vikasa Yoga provides a globally recognized credential.

The five weeks or 300 hours course consists of three modules, which are 100 hours each, or two weeks in duration and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Trainees can obtain a RYT-500 certification upon successful completion of the course. In order, to obtain the RYS-500 certificate, trainees are required to complete all three modules, or five weeks of training. However, you do not have to complete all three modules at once, you have an option to take all modules separately and complete them over a longer period of time.

The advanced training modules will be led by Vikasa Yoga founder, Konstantin Miachin. An experienced and dedicated teacher from India, Yogi Amitram, will join him. Majority of the practice sessions will be led by Kosta, while major of theory and some meditation sessions will be covered by Yogi Amitram. There will be one more assistant teacher for asana, who will assist and lead some practice sessions.

Overview of the three modules

The first module will focus on asana and the art of sequencing, and is an absolute must for any existing teachers willing to truly understand how and why asanas should be arranged for a balanced outcome, and how to teach different sub-styles of Hatha yoga. The foundation course and the first module of the advanced course is the absolute minimum requirement set by Vikasa Yoga for asana teachers.

Second module will focus on Pranayama and energetic body, which is an essential part of Hatha yoga practice and should be learnt and practiced by each serious practitioner of yoga. Here the trainees will have a chance to establish a steady daily pranayama routine, learn and practice control of energy through breathing techniques correctly, including breath retentions and the energetic locks, or the bandhas.

The third module is called meditation - the soul and spirit, and of course, as the name implies, will focus on more subtle mental practices, such as concentration, working with attention and awareness. Also, during this course, the practice of mudras will be introduced. Mudras are complete forms of asanas, where breath retentions, bandhas and internal orbits are used all together, therefore uniting all elements of practice and making it complete.

As you can see, the focus progressively shifts from practicing on more physical levels (asana), to more subtle levels, such as energetic (pranayama), and mental (concentration and meditation), therefore following the method. The courses are taught in the Vikasa Yoga method, which is briefly described above, and you can refer to the training matrix to see an overview of the topics covered, or proceed to a dedicated page with a full description of the course and each of the modules in detail.

Level 1 module

Asana - the art of sequencing

In level 1, you will be taught to deepen the practice of asanas and shat-karma kriyas, as proposed by the ancient texts of Hatha yoga Pradipika and practices in the current environment. You will focus on the proper sequencing of asanas and achieving a balanced distribution of energy in your physical body as a result of correct sequencing of asanas in your yoga practice. The result of such balanced energy distribution in your physical body is a balanced emotional and mental state as well.

Trainees are to understand there are no styles in yoga, but only a method, based on universal rules and principles of yoga. The goal of this training is for the trainees to understand such principles and finally be able to evolve into creative Vinyasa sequencing that brings yoga on cross mat, drawing mandalas in the three dimensional space with the body, thus achieving the ultimate freedom and balance, or intelligent freestyle.

Practice, what will it be like

The aim is to understand correct sequencing, effects of sequences on different aspects of the body, and how to correctly distribute the energy within the body through correct asana practice. Sessions will vary to introduce and practice different sub-styles of yoga as well, such as Yin. Trainees will learn and practice Vinyasa to transition to 4 directions, rather than just facing forward on 1 mat. For this two mats will be used in a cross formation. Various levels of Vinyasas will be taught to interlink all directions. Various complexity of Vinyasas will be introduced, from simple stepping, to transitions through handstands. Students will need to perfect their sequencing abilities and create unique sequences based on the principles of energetic balancing learned in the first part of the course.

They will be given all the tools to do it, and also a chance to practice their sequences later in self-practice classes and also in some teaching sessions.

Topics of level 1 module

Understanding energetic effects of training sequences of asanas

How to create multidimensional models of sequences

Balancing of the energetic effect on your physical, mental and emotional levels

Introduction to Mandala - yoga sequencing and methodology, based on universal

Principle of time minimization: minimal time - maximum effectiveness

Principle of super compensation - understanding and applying it to practice

Practical demonstration of multi-dimensional models of training sequences

Simplification and modification of standard asanas, working with multi-level groups

Training sequence creation, practical examples and student sequence creation

Deepening study of varieties of training sequences and practice sub-styles and their strengthening, active stretching, passive stretching, partner stretching

Understanding the methodology and moving towards intelligent freestyle

Balancing the Ha and Tha aspects in practice. (Yin/Yang, active/passive)

Creation of personal programs for students and individual yoga style development.

Teaching workshops - how to prepare content and get international invitations

Using physical adjustments to help students with alignment and progress in asana.

Shatkarma kriyas, ancient yogic cleansing and purifying techniques.

Level 2 module

Pranayama - the energetic body

In the second session of the advanced teacher training, you will explore the meaning of prana, the life force energy, and how to control and manipulate the prana to preserve it and keep our energy in balance. From understanding the breathing mechanics, we can experience the main techniques of pranayama and bandhas as taught by the ancient texts and yogis, preparing the respiratory channels with proper kriyas, training the body to let prana flow in full balance that will still the mind for meditation.

This course is based on the second chapter of Hatha Yoga Pradipika manual, in which you are also reminded that Hatha yoga and Raja yoga are mutually dependent on each other in order to bring about the highest result. No success can be attained in either without the proper practice of both.

Great care should be taken when one engages in pranayama practice. First and foremost, a good grounding in the practice of postures is expected. Instruction from a proper teacher is essential to the practice of pranayama. During the course, they will explain how disturbance in the mind may be related to disturbances in the breath and how learning to restrain the latter may bring about greater steadiness of mind. The practice of pranayama is geared towards purifying the nadis - all the nerve patterns - so that the prana can ultimately pass through the central channel of sushumna, and then awaken the practitioner to his/her true identity - which is beyond name and form.

Practice, how it will feel

In the practice sessions we will continue strong asana practice, while shifting the focus to more daily pranayama practice. Major pranayama techniques introduced in previous courses will be practiced, however the emphasis will be on self-practice and correct execution of techniques with proper ratios, bandhas and breath retentions.

In foundation course and the first 100 hours of advanced course the techniques were introduced, with some practice. During this module the techniques will be practiced more seriously and for longer periods of time. Expect sitting times for pranayama practice to build up to 1 hour per session by the end of the course. Overall practice time will be up to 3 hours per session.

Topics of level 2 module


Prana Vayu

Mechanics of breathing

Pranayama in ancient texts

Yogic Subtle Anatomy Part 1

Yogic Subtle Anatomy Part 2



Pranayama Practice Part 1

Pranayama Practice Part 2

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Pranayama: Daily practice and future progression

Healing sounds

Level 3 module

Meditation - the soul and the spirit

The aim of all yogic practices is to awaken the dormant Kundalini power. It is said to be the support of all the tantra and yoga practices. When it is awakened - through the grace of a guru (which can be your own internal guru, rather than an external teacher, at that point), all the centers and knots (the different charkas) are pierced through by prana. When the middle channel (sushumna) becomes the main pathway for prana, it is said that the mind becomes free from all the connections with its objects of enjoyment, which results in complete awareness of the self, or self-realization.

The third session will focus on the processes of attention and concentration to reach the state of meditation and finally of samadhi, the ultimate bliss. A physical, psychological and philosophical understanding of the mind structure will lead the students to the ability of managing the minds activities to attain the state of yoga.

Different techniques will be proposed an explored: focusing on the breath, an object, a mantra or silence students will be gradually able to improve the concentration abilities and to train the mind into stillness. Traditional techniques and rituals combined with the unique and peculiar experience proposed by the teachers will let the student explore meditation as taught by ancient text to transversal contaminations with other disciplines as proposed by the Taoist meditation. To complete the meditative gesture we will propose the practice of mudras, the energetic seals, which stimulate different parts of the body involved with breathing and to affect the flow of Prana in the body.

The final goal of yoga is therefore not enjoyment of this world or even the world to come but to achieve complete self-realization and karmic freedom. What is to be awakened is the inner receptivity to a life force within. This force is not simply mere association with the senses but an internalized refinement, which may bring about an awakening to this mystic power.

Practice, what it will be like

The practice, which starts from the gross with asanas and Pranayama, now moves to the subtle realm of sealing or locking (Mudra) the energy from within. The ancient text of Hatha Yoga Pradipika states clearly that the main purpose of all the 10 Mudras is solely to awaken the Kundalini. Therefore, although we will still practice strong asana, and the pranayama techniques from the previous course, concentration and other mental techniques will be the primary focus of the training, and also we will finally combine all of the elements that we studied previously to achieve mudras. Students need to be familiar with all of the previous elements to be able to follow.

Expect asanas be practiced with breath retentions, locks, and mental practices such as internal orbits. This is very powerful as it might and will be different from your typical asana practice, and will make it more complete. When the bandhas become strong and ones energy is no longer dissipated towards external objects, the practice of Bastrkas is said to be the quickest way to awaken this dormant power. Once Kundalinni enters, Prana will follow and success is sure to follow for the Yogi. However, great care must still be taken to avoid a fall from grace. Consistent practice is to be followed until the final goal of Raja yoga is reached. Expect extended seated meditation sessions, building up to 1 hour or more per session. Overall length of practice sessions will be up to 3 hours per session.

Topics of level 3 module

Meditation (what, why and How?)

The nature of mind and its functioning

Managing the Mind to create a Personal Sadhana

From Concentration to Meditation

Mudras and It`s Hidden Mysteries

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation and Sound

Yoga Nidra

Kundalini Kriya

Kundalini Awakening

Schedule for the three modules

  • 07:00 to 09:15 - Asana and pranayama practice
  • 09:30 to 11:30 - Healthy brunch buffet at Vikasa Life Café
  • 13:00 to 14:00 - Group Dynamics / Self-study
  • 14:00 to 16:00 - Theory / Methodology
  • 16:00 to 18:15 - Yoga practice
  • 18:30 to 20:30 - Healthy dinner buffet at Vikasa Life Café
  • There will be 1 day off per week, which is usually on Saturdays. The schedule may vary.

Evolution of the Vikasa yoga method

Vikasa means evolution when translated from Sanskrit. The Vikasa method is based on personal evolution and spiritual development. The concept of evolution of yoga is centered on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. The primary goal as a human race and that of any living organism is evolution.

Yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. The practice of yoga changes with time and place. New techniques are constantly being introduced and the approach is becoming more technical, precise and scientific. Therefore, the Evolution of Yoga approaches has to be seen as an ever evolving process, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system. Everyone can contribute to the overall evolution of the species by evolving him/herself first.

The Vikasa Yoga method is an integral system of yoga based predominantly on classical Hatha yoga, with some influence from Himalayan Vinyasa and higher Taoism practices. A fusion of the three lineages allows for a very effective and complete system resulting in personal evolution, and adapted for the modern life in western society. The techniques and understandings are to be collected and processed through self-practice with an emphasis on personal interpretation and contribution. It is an honest system with self-realization, self-development, self-actualization, and individuality at its core. The method is a set of rules and principles that ultimately allow the practitioner complete freedom from any particular routine. However, there is a very organized structure in terms of building daily practice sessions based on universal rules of yoga.

The method is based on a principle of realizing and controlling external layers of vibrations that we all perceive as physical reality. The focus is then shifted to the internal, or subtler layers of vibrations, such as energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. The practitioner will learn to control a certain aspect, starting with the easiest to understand - the physical body. This is mainly done through asana and physical practice. The method progresses to a more internal and subtle energetic layer, where control of energy flow is achieved through control of breath. After this practitioner is ready to move on to mental layer of practice, where concentration becomes the emphasis. Mastery of all of the above techniques will give the key to unlock the Kundalini awakening.

Results - the real deal

This method will produce maximum results in the minimum amount of time, bringing your awareness and focus from external to internal level, leading to meditative states and awakening of consciousness and creativity. The practice is designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency on the physical level, with safety being a top priority. The Vikasa Yoga method balance all aspects of a person, such as physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and karmic through systematic practice. The ultimate goal of this yoga system is about realizing your maximum potential.

Individuality - celebrating uniqueness

Emphasis is placed on the journey, or evolution of an individual. Encouraging evolution leads to a natural progression of individuality where uniqueness is celebrated as a natural piece of the oneness we are all part of. This opposes is often found in the dissolution of identity and ego which can inspire conformity and unnecessary isolation. A careful distinction is drawn between oneness and conformity. Oneness being the acceptance of what is, including all that is around you and inside you. Conformity is referenced to include unimportant religious practices and dogmatic systems.

The system encourages function within an existing society, rather than against it or apart from it. This allows for deeper connections with the spiritual and physical beings that surround us on a daily basis. Key principles and rules of yoga are taught, allowing the teachers of Vikasa Yoga and dedicated practitioners to become free from any routines by gaining understanding, knowledge and insight into the methodology and the effects of practice. It is possible to reach your personal goals using principles of energy conservation, transformation and Taoist circulations. When individuality is inspired and oneness within community is celebrated, the teachings become inclusive of infinite possibilities.

  • Konstantin Miachin

    Yoga 23; Sivananda Yoga; Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga; Andiappan Yoga; Universal Yoga (Yoga)

    De reis van Kosta heeft hem naar plekken op de wereld gebracht, van de ashrams aan de Himalaya, tot zijn master in het monnikenschap bij de heilige Sak-Yant ceremonie in Thailand. Zijn passie zorgde voor zijn zoektocht naar zijn eigen persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Zijn jaren van wereldwijde ervaring zorgde voor een dieper begrip van yoga als een persoonlijke reis en spirituele evolutie.

  • Amitram

    Yogi Amitram has been raised in a traditional Indian Brahman family in Varanasi where his grandfather, Yogi Ramswaroop (Guruji), was his first yoga master who sowed the seed of yogic lifestyle in his soil of consciousness in his childhood. His present vision is to offer the ashram he is building as a sacred place for spiritual seekers to practice yoga meditation and Ayurveda in an eco environment ideal for inner contemplation and self-understanding.

  • Will Lau

    Yoga Alliance International (Jivamukti Yoga)

    Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

    Will is een duo-lineage houder voor twee invloedrijke yogasystemen voor de hedendaagse yoga beoefenaars, Universal yoga van 500 uur RYT, afgestudeerd aan Andrey Lappa, en een certificering voor Jivamukti yoga voor gevorderden, en afgestudeerd bij David Life en Sharon Gannon. Will serveert yogi's op een gepassioneerde manier, vooral in Azië, waar hij doceert in Hong Kong, Shanghai, China en Taiwan. Will genoot de lerarenopleiding voor mentor (2010-2011) samen met David Life en Sharon Gannon voor Jivamukti yoga, een 350-urige opleiding in New York, en was facilitator voor Universal yoga voor een 200-urige lerarenopleiding (2011-2013) samen met Andrey Lappa.

  • Jason Milne

    Jason immersed himself in the study and teaching of the spiritual and esoteric aspects of the science of yoga. He has been practicing yoga for fifteen years and he has been teaching yoga professionally for over ten years. With comprehensive training in various lineages, three 500 hour certifications and dedication to continued study of the subject of yoga, Jason brings his wealth of knowledge in both theory and practice of Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Yoga Therapy to this course. Jason is a registered E-RYT 500 yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time on Koh Samui is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Enjoy the natural energy of palm trees, white sand, purple sunsets, turquoise waters, dense jungle, and exotic waterfalls. Despite being so easily accessible, Samui remains an idyllic island in the sun.

The yoga teacher training takes place in this perfect setting. There is a beautiful open-air and ocean in front of the yoga shala offer a serene setting against a soothing ocean backdrop. Its a special place for completing a yoga teacher training. The retreat offers many spaces to socialize as well as many hidden natural surroundings that offer solitude and peace. Koh Samuis wellness-centric vibe is the perfect place to recover, revive and grow. The peaceful Thai culture, quiet island life and Buddhist surroundings all add to this ideal space to grow and become inspired for years to come.


  • Samui Airport - 15 minutes

Vikasa Life Cafe serves wholesome health-conscious meals in buffet style. Kick-start your day to an amazing brunch. A freshly squeezed juice, tea and coffee, a sunny side up or vegetable omelet, wholegrain toasts, oatmeal/muesli with yoghurt, or chia seeds pudding, super foods, barely boiled veggies with specialty in-house organic dips, vegetarian sandwiches or pancakes, and of course a variety of fresh-cut tropical fruits. Dinner includes a hot soup, typical local dishes with tofu, brown rice, two or three vegetarian dishes, fresh salad, dahl, and always has a seafood dish. For dessert you will be served with fruits, occasional delectable mango sticky rice or other uniquely Thai dishes. Their signature tea is a perfect finish to your meal. They will also serve light snacks during afternoon breaks.


If you ask ten different locals which beach is their favorite, you would get ten different answers. The truth is, Samui has such a diverse selection of beaches youre bound to find your own favorite. Although completely secluded and private, Vikasa is just minutes away from beautiful beaches such as Chaweng Noi, Coral Cove and Silver Beach, and also just a short drive from the most popular and busy shopping and dining areas of Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut.

Fishermans village

In the traditional heart of Bo Phut, is a fisherman village on the east side of the beach. Enjoy walking the street bazaar every Friday for local shopping. If you want to try the local seafood, your fresh catch is prepared before your eyes.


This is another nearby area, situated along the second biggest beach after Chaweng. It also has a shopping street with many shops and restaurants. The main road is closed for a walking street festival every Sunday evening. Lamai is home to the lady Muai Thai boxing ring and a variety of local food stalls.

Central Festival

Central as the locals call it, is the largest shopping mall, movie theater and restaurant complex on Koh Samui. Large chain stores as well as local designer boutiques can be found here. Central boasts some of the best western food on the island. So, feel free to get your fix of comforts here including sushi, pizza or even Belgian beer.

Island activities

Koh Samui is loaded with fun activities to keep you entertained during your stay. Take a break from the yoga and health oasis of Vikasa, and venture out into the wild of Koh Samui. Youll find everything from bungee jumping to jet packs to remote jungle hikes or the infamous lady boy drag queen shows. Dont miss the two walking street street market festivals, every Friday and Sunday in Chaweng and Lamai areas respectively.

Recommended activities:

Water sports


Muay Thai lessons

Sky gym

Night life party experience

Thailand wildlife

Koh Samui is home to many wild animals and insects. Sighting wild animals can be fun and exciting. Always be sure to use caution, respect and common sense if you should encounter wildlife. At Vikasa, we have the utmost respect for our local flora and fauna. Koh Samui has a unique ecosystem full of exotic creatures.

Some of the animals you may see during your stay include:

Wild orchids

Tokay gecko

Green garden snakes

Scorpions and centipedes

Monitor lizards


The Vikasa Spa offers a range of comforting services that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. They specialize in authentic Thai massage, as well as, offering Swedish and Indian styles as well. They use quality organic and locally manufactured products for our scrubs, facials and skin treatments. The spa is open-air and constructed on a stunning ocean cliff-side. For a unique experience, enjoy one of their special treatments such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage or a detoxifying Herbal Thai Compress treatment. Their signature Thai yoga massage emphasizes the assisted stretching that is a smaller part of most Thai massage and enhances your yoga training by increasing flexibility.

  • 5 weeks of accommodation
  • All educational classes and academic fees
  • Learning materials such as workbooks and charts for you to keep
  • Full access to Vikasa Yoga Retreat facilities such as Wi-Fi, infinity pool, spa, chill out lounge and gym
  • Friendly airport pick-up by the Vikasa car from the Koh Samui airport.
  • A graduation ceremony and special celebration with your classmates
  • RYS 500 Vikasa Yoga certification, eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.
  • Rights to your own yoga franchise using the Vikasa Yoga Method and Vikasa Yoga name
  • A special meal plan designed to maximize your potential including vegetarian and Thai options
  • New friends for life and unlimited love and care

Arrival by airplane

Koh Samui is easily reached via an increasing number of direct international flights and over a dozen daily 1-hour flights from Bangkok. Arrive easily with a direct flight from any Asian hub on Bangkok Airways. The award-winning airport will receive you with a selection of shopping and eating options making flying in or out of Samui a breeze.

Arrival by ferry

If you're traveling on a budget, and feeling brave, you can also reach the island via ferry from the mainland Thai city of Surat Thani. Be sure to check ferry times, as the schedules are sometimes limited.

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    Beoordeling van Rachel Barrow uit Australië

    Great Retreat - Accomodation needs some work

    CONS Contra's: The pool was dirty and my bathers are now stained orange!!! The room was an ocean view room but I had very little view of the ocean and much cheaper rooms had better views. The aircon was old and took a long time to work. The water was completely not working in my room for a full day. The room was over priced and if I did this again I would just choose a beach bungalow. Meditation workshops were great but I'd prefer this in the morning before yoga. I found it too late and there were a lot of bugs in the yoga Sala at 9. It's too hard to sleep after an hour of relaxation.

    PROS Pro's: The food was amazing with excellent variety daily. The yoga was excellent but quite advanced. The mediation work shops and tantra workshops were really interesting. The instructors were lovely and very helpful. Especially enjoyed yin class. While expensive the spa was very nice.

    2017-Jun-12 03:02:51

  • S
    Beoordeling van Sarah Kmieciak uit Frankrijk

    Un retraire bien si l'on souhaite être seul

    CONS Contra's: Ce qui m'a déçu c'est le manque de proximité entre les gens, ce n'était pas si facile que ça de parler les uns aux autres. De plus aucune activité ne le permet, c'est dommage. Comme l'endroit est grand, c'est encore plus difficile si l'on souhaite créer du lien avec des gens. De plus le site est assez loin de tout.

    PROS Pro's: J'ai beaucoup aimé le site: très belle vue, belle place où déjeuner et bonne nourriture Les cours de Yoga étaient très bien et dans un bel endroit Tout était très propre

    2017-Jun-06 10:07:26

  • F
    Beoordeling van Anoniem

    Blissful week

    PROS Pro's: The classes offer a good variety and the teachers are all amazing! I had a great time and would come back anytime. Besides yoga my highlight was the yummy food that is included as well as the a la carte in the restaurant. So good! Massages are a bit pricey compared to other places on the island, but definitely worth it. Great atmosphere and vibes over all at Vikasa.

    2017-Jun-06 06:29:50

  • C
    Beoordeling van Céline Zaugg uit Thailand

    2017-May-29 10:43:16

  • Y
    Beoordeling van Yulia Jammes uit Verenigde Arabische Emiraten

    2017-May-29 07:54:41

  • M
    Beoordeling van Marielle Falkenberg uit Duitsland

    Sehr gute Yoga Erfahrung

    CONS Contra's: Die Zeiten für das Buffet könnten ein bisschen früher sein ( vor allem Frühstück erst ab 9:30) und länger gehen (Abendessen nur bis 8:30h. Außerdem ist es ein sehr langer Weg von den Beach Bungalows bis zum wunderschönen Pool der Anlage, da man einmal komplett Ober herum muss um dann an der Straße entlang bis zur Rezeption zu gehen um dann von dort wieder runter zum Pool zu laufen. Ein Umweg der eigentlich nicht sein muss, da könnte man sich doch mal was einfallen lassen, denn so hab ich mir 3 mal überlegt ob ich noch mal zum Pool gehe und das war schade.

    PROS Pro's: Ich habe zum ersten Mal Yoga gemacht, die Atmosphäre dort ist wunderbar und die Yoga Lehrer sind allesamt wirklich richtig gut und schaffen es mit ihrer Leidenschaft für Yoga anzustecken und zu begeistern!

    2017-May-27 00:56:02

  • S
    Beoordeling van Svetlana Faber uit Thailand

    Es war alles sehr schön

    CONS Contra's: Die Lage des Resorts Man muss egal wohin ein Taxi nehmen

    PROS Pro's: Das Essen war jedes Mal sehr gut!

    2017-May-25 03:19:57

  • H
    Beoordeling van Hyim Brandes uit Thailand

    2017-May-24 04:28:30

  • D
    Beoordeling van Danika Fromm uit Australië

    Amazing Week Away

    PROS Pro's: The classes were high quality and challenging without leaving anyone behind. Vikasa is in a beautiful setting in an easy to reach location. The FOOD was amazing. So healthy and so tasty. Im not vego but did not miss meat one bit!

    2017-May-15 00:50:50

  • M
    Beoordeling van Maria Neicu uit Verenigd Koninkrijk


    2017-Apr-29 12:46:08

  • T
    Beoordeling van Tanja Flaig uit Duitsland

    2017-Apr-23 03:14:14

  • E
    Beoordeling van Eliza Krul uit Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

    I recommend Vikasa to everyone!

    CONS Contra's: Nothing

    PROS Pro's: The setting! Its a fairytale and you get in touch with people easily

    2017-Apr-20 12:53:36

  • C
    Beoordeling van Courtney Williams uit Vietnam

    Worth every cent!

    CONS Contra's: No negatives!

    PROS Pro's: The food was amazing definitely one of my favorite things about Vikasa. The yoga teachers were lovely and I learnt a lot.

    2017-Apr-08 11:17:35

  • L
    Beoordeling van Leezil Rossi uit Verenigd Koninkrijk

    PROS Pro's: Great staff, teaching quality, philosophy of the place. I hope it does not turn too commercial as it's popularity takes off . I will return and recommend.

    2017-Apr-02 07:52:31

  • M
    Beoordeling van Melissa St. James uit Verenigde Staten

    Pretty but...

    CONS Contra's: The front desk staff, with the exception of Jun, was almost always rude and unhelpful (had no answers about the area, transportation, money, etc.. ). The food, with a very few exceptions, was mediocre at best. We asked for two beds when booking and were given one(they offered to move us to a much less desirable room w/two beds). We asked for a mosquito net ahead of arrival and there was none (they did install one for us though). The climb from our bungalow to the restaurant was 700 steps, only 100 of those on flat ground, the other 600 literally stairs! The website woefully understated this aspect. The yoga classes were awkwardly scheduled with regard to meals.

    PROS Pro's: Jun (at the front desk and via email before arrival) was amazing, helpful and friendly. A few of the food items were great (omelets and fresh fruit). The view from our room was amazing. The restaurant staff was excellent.

    2017-Apr-02 00:48:29

  • Beoordeling van Agl uit Duitsland
    10 uit 10

    "We stayed fin Vikasa for Yoga Vacation and had a wonderful time. The Place is absolutely fantastic, great view and very well equipped. From everywere in vikasa there is an unbelieveable oceanview. The accommodation was lovely and with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The food was delicious and the buffets have a great selection of healthy and tastfull dishes."

    "The rooms have a fabulous view, spacious and clean. The staff are unbelievably accommodating and pleasant. Expecially Jun is very helpfull and tried all to give us a good time."

    "We can recommend the place absolutly!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Janine Werner uit Duitsland

    "I stayed for 5 days Yoga Vacation and had such a beautiful time. The Resort is absolutely fantastic, great location, simple charming Bungalows and very well equipped. The Yoga and Meditation classes were great, especially the ones in the early morning with sunrise on the Yoga platform with unbelieveable oceanview. The food was amazing, massages very good and all staff all times very helpful and friendly. I will come back for sure one day. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Heaven Howes uit Groot-Brittannië
    9 uit 10

    "I loved the yoga, the location, and the atmosphere of Vikasa. "

    "The instructors were so knowledgeable and offered adjustments when needed and the staff always greeted you with warm customer service. The Life Cafe was my favorite part! Wholesome and clean food to compliment the experience. "

    "Vikasa was such a great time and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants that exotic getaway with deeper intentions. "

    "The only reason I gave it a 9 was because of all the stairs or difficult hills at the resort. While I personally had no problems with this, I fear that it may make it problematic for people who struggle with injuries or certain disabilities from being comfortable going to and from their room. "

    "Again, I loved my stay and would return any day!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Astrid uit Zwitserland
    10 uit 10

    " It was absolutely amazing, definitely a 10! I would have been easy for 1-2 weeks, great location, great food, great hours / offer and very friendly staff - feel completely comfortable, recharged, balanced and healthy! And since then do yoga and to keep me healthy and balanced."

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Mehrnaz Baranriz uit California
    10 uit 10

    "My yoga retreat was amazing and Vikasa is absolutely beautiful especially the yoga shala. I am not vegetarian and the food was so delicious, I literally still dream about their cashew cheese, fresh juices and porridge. The yoga instructor's are top notch, management team is friendly and the walk to the yoga shala every morning was breath taking. I would not recommend staying in the yoga cave if you are a light sleeper (garden bungalows have much more privacy and less noise). You can hear the chairs and noise from the main dining hall and it's very loud. In addition, they have daily or half day excursions which I highly recommend. I did a half day excursion to the water fall with Ronnie and a few other people and we had a blast. Definitely this place deserves a 10. I will be back for sure. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Renata uit Brazilië
    7 uit 10

    "I stayed almost 3 days at Vikasa Yoga Retreat and I had a good surprise regarding the classes. I have been practicing yoga for the last 5 years and I can say that I experienced some postures that I had never listened before. The first class in the morning (with pranayamas, meditation and postures) were the best ones! It is indeed the high point of being at Vikasa."

    "Another great point that I would like to highlight its the food, I have beento 8 places in Thailand during this trip and for sure the food at Vikasa it was the tasteful and colorful one, all fresh and delicious. The staff it was also very thoughtful always trying to serve as the best manner."

    "The only contradictory thing about all this is related to the cleaning and maintenance of the chalets/rooms. Unfortunately the chalet that I stayed was not in good maintenance (with wall showing hole covered with concrete, not painted, old etc.). The other thing was related to cleaning: the chalet and yoga room were dirty, even for Asian standards. The floor at the yoga room was sticky, at the chalet I saw some small things that showed that the place was not cleaned properly like: dirty floor, dust and dirty lid. I even not slept well my last night due to a mice that ran all night at the roof making a huge noise. It's really a shame because I loved the purpose of the retreat about uniting yoga + relaxation. Even though I highly recommend Vikasa for yoga lovers, I hope Vikasa staff will change the cleaning conditions of the place in the near future :)"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Svetlana uit Duitsland
    10 uit 10

    "Vikasa is the safe place for anyone who is looking for emotional experience, meeting true friends from all over the world, having an amazing few from your room and the best, fresh, delicious food from the Vikasa Life Cafe. I've been staying here for the Yoga teacher training and summarizing it in few words - it is life changing and heart worming."

    "Thank you very much, to the whole team, from teachers to reception and cleaning personal. You made the stay perfect. A very special thanks to Alex, who supported me during the training and while I came with strong pain in the lower back, he helped to get over it within one week."

    https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/paros-yoga-shalla, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Esmee Leegwater
    10 uit 10

    "I went to Vikasa Yoga Retreat for 5-6 days and I was absolutely surprised when I arrived. It's a huge complex with nice zen bungalows. I would really recommend the bungalows. The yoga was great. It's possible to do 4 sessions a day, but most of the people do 2. I loved it to start the day with meditation and yoga and then to have a fantastic buffet breakfast. After breakfast you could do whatever you wanted to. There's a nice beach with nice fishes and coral so it's nice to rent a snorkel set. There's also a nice swimming pool with a beautiful view. And at 4 or 6 the next yoga class starts. After that again a nice and healthy buffet. Many people come by themselves so it's easy to meet people. I absolutely had a great time at Vikasa. I would absolutely recommend it!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Marie Steiding uit Zweden
    9 uit 10

    "I had a fantastic experience at Vikasa. The yoga was great and the food was amazing and varied during the days I was there. The staff was helpful and service minded. I booked a Zen bungalow, it was newly redecorated and so nice. Basic, but all you needed, including A/C and fan. No view as such but very close to the pool. "

    "Vikasa is set on a hillside so be prepared to climb stairs, but the views and the food are worth the climb. "

    "There is no easy access to the sea as there is no beach only rocks, but the pool was nice and 10 min walk you can get to a beach. However, the walk is along a very busy road. "

    "The wifi worked really well everywhere on the premises. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Conny Kern uit Oostenrijk
    10 uit 10

    "Vikasa was my first ever yoga retreat experience. Therefore, I might lack the ability of comparison. However, the quality of each and every yoga lesson leaves me speechless. No matter what yoga style, teacher or level of difficulty – I enjoyed every single class. Beginners lessons were great to get into details how to thoroughly do poses and align correctly. It was always exactly the perfect level of challenge by learning about own edges and limitations."

    "Besides the physical effort it was especially a mental learning experience. The meditation and breathing practices had an amazingly inspiring and grateful impact on my feelings and emotions."

    "All of it to be thanked to the great teachers, who authentically embody and pass on the mindful yoga lifestyle. With everyone putting across their individual spirit and personality."

    "In fact, I will be coming back myself next year and might even consider to take the teacher training course at Vikasa maybe some day."

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Dianne Morris uit Sydney Australia
    8 uit 10

    "I have had a very good initiation into yoga retreats visiting Vikasa yoga retreat on Koh Samui island and I am sold.... I had been travelling from Europe, after visiting my family and heading back to Sydney Australia, where I currently live and work, I thought this would be a great stopover holiday."

    "There is yoga/meditation from 7am. I even had a singing bowl meditation session which was mind blowing . There is no pressure to join in any classes and classes are aimed at all yoga levels not just super advanced yogis and yoginis who can stand on their heads."


    "The food was fantastic and I was introduced to meals I have never eaten or heard of before.... At one sitting I indulged in two bowls of mango sticky rice, it's a pudding and very delicious satisfied my sweet tooth and my carbohydrate cravings."

    "The retreat is built on the side of a cliff looking over the gulf of Siam and so there are a lot of very steep inclines, and stairs to climb, great for exercising the calf muscles, the staff get around on mopeds which looked like fun... The retreat also has access to a beach and I had an afternoon sitting on the rocks taking photographs of the shoreline of the gulf of Siam . Beautiful and serene in every way."

    "Staff were very friendly, helpful and spoke English, thank goodness, because I don't speak Thai yet. The accommodation was classically simple, very comfortable and private, they used lots of natural materials to make the furniture which I liked."

    "They also offer alternative therapies you can indulge yourself in, from Rieki to Massage. The Rieki session I had at Vikasa was powerful and left me feeling very present. A big thank you to Jason Milne . The massage addressed an issue I have had with my neck for months, she was such an intuitive masseuse. Fantastic experience."

    "Availability of an excellent quality Wifi connection was not something I was expecting, so a very pleasant surprise."

    "This being my first yoga retreat I would give Vikasa 8/10. And I would definitely come back and bring my sisters next time."

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Pearl Huang uit Taiwan
    10 uit 10

    "It's a very good choice to stay in Vikasa resort. The restaurant, room , location , and yoga class are super awesome. Plus the teachers are professional as well. Because I take all kinds of yoga classes and I have been practice yoga for 2years. That's why I recommend Vikasa resort. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Amie Taheri uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    "From start to finish, my experience with Vikasa Yoga Retreat was a smooth and stress free one. When I emailed questions prior to booking, someone would always reply very promptly. I opted for the airport pick up option, and was greeted by a friendly driver, who took me to the retreat in a very comfortable car. All the staff at Vikasa were approachable, friendly and welcoming. I wasn't so sure if I would "belong" here as I'm quite new to yoga, but any doubts quickly vanished as this place caters for all levels."

    "I decided to stay in one of the Ocean Bungalows. Although it's simple, I loved it. It has its own bathroom, balcony with beanbag and good air con. "

    "The classes were excellent - you're given a timetable for the month and there's at least 4 or 5 a day to choose from. You can go to as many as you like. And it's not just yoga, I done Pilates and meditation also. I was really impressed with the classes. And the location is excellent - in a tent overlooking the sea. "

    "You are provided with a brunch buffet and dinner buffet everyday. All the food was delicious, it's all homemade, healthy, vegetarian. "

    "If you want to visit nearby Lamai and Chaweng, they're just around 15 minutes drive away. You can reach them easily by just walking outside the resort and catching one of Koh Samui's version of the tuk tuk. I loved my stay so much here that I ended up staying an extra night. I have been recommending here already to my friends, I cannot fault this place."

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Louise uit England
    10 uit 10

    "The staff are great, constantly smiling and helpful with any query I had; and their language skills are brilliant. The yoga/meditation instructors all had their own unique style and it was a great surprise as to what I was turning up for that day. I wish I spent longer here!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Christine Tong uit Nieuw-Zeeland
    9 uit 10

    "Vikasa is in a beautiful setting...doing yoga looking out onto blue sea is quite an experience!"

    "There are so many different types of classes, and for all different levels. And also other classes such as singing bowls, gong therapy (interesting experience...not my cup of tea!), and a talk on tantra. You can do as much or as little as you like. The staff are really helpful, and provide you with lots of info about the classes and other options available. I had a Thai yoga massage, and did a float tank (off site, about 15 min drive away). Both were really great!"

    "Oh...and the food is yummy! Worth going just for that! I stayed in a Yoga cave, very comfortable and with awesome views. "

    "Definitely recommended...it may be a little more expensive than other retreats, but is absolutely worth it!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Joaquin Mellado uit Spanje
    9 uit 10

    "It was really good in Vikasa."

    "Vikasa achieved my best expectations. I selected superior ocean room, and it was wonderful. Everything was extremely clean. The bed was big and comfortable and bathroom was ok (maybe not like occidental hotels..). What I never know is why rooms never have blinds! the sun was shining before 6AM. The yoga and meditation classes was very complete, and you can choose between a huge schedule of different yoga classes (5/6 daily). But if you are beginner you don’t have more than 2 per day. So there are strongly recommend to have some experience if you are thinking to go.But the best was the massages!! wonderful!! maybe more expensive (around double) what you can find out from Vikasa, but otherwise it really cheap for an occidental tourist."

    "Definitely, I strongly recommend you to go!!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Heike Pratsch uit Duitsland
    9 uit 10

    "I unfortunately only took a few days off during a business trip to Bangkok to hide away to the Retreat, from Friday midday to Monday morning. I think minimum a week would have deepened the experience significantly. But nevertheless it was a very unique and healing experience and absolutely worth it. I loved the special style of each teacher, enjoyed especially the Simon Yoga and Serge´s Pilates !! and participated in two different very special evening meditations. One I immediately integrated into my daily practice, the candlelight gazing. And I got a high motivational push to work a lot more on/with my body. The incredible role model the teachers present with their great fitness is a real inspiration. I loved my small but cozy bungalow (standard) with the great ocean view, enjoyed Thai massage at the Crystal beach and was more than happy with the great healthy food and wonderful place in general. Yoga with ocean view, cannot imagine a better place ! I can highly recommend it - if you like the idea of being fit :-) the classes can be quite tough for a currently untrained body like my one if you take it seriously :-) and I hope to be back soon !! Thanks to everyone, nice staff, thoughtful teachers and in general relaxing atmosphere."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Reshma Khan uit Kenia
    9 uit 10

    "It was super!!!! I really have no complaints but a big THANK YOU!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Monica Pereira uit United Arab Emirates
    8 uit 10

    "The retreat was just amazing. Amazing facilities. .. amazing and friendly staff. The yoga teachers were all very professional and patient. The location was smth great as well, very easy to go to the beaches around. I am definitely coming back and will tell other people to go. The vibe there is just amazing. Keep it up Vikasa."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Madlena Mirsalimova uit Rusland
    9 uit 10

    "I spent 8 days at Vikasa Yoga retreat in February 2016. Wonderful place to practice yoga, relax, meditate and admire nature perfection. Wide variety of yoga classes on open air, professional teachers, excellent sala (white sala) for practice. Balanced vegetarian meals for healthy fit. Very nice and attentive staff!"

    "Our room with beautiful sea view was ideal place for complete relaxation."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Esther uit Nederland
    8 uit 10

    "I had a good time at Vikasa. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. I stayed in one of the zen cabins, which was very good value for money. Simple but providing in everything that I needed. The yoga classes were all good, although some better then others. There was a wide variety in the types of yoga, which gave me the opportunity to try a lot of new things. "

    "All in all I had a good three days and would definitely recommend Vikasa to every yogi or yogini wanting to go on a retreat but being a little bit on a budget."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Penny uit Taiwan

    "I really enjoyed the holidays in Vikasa and all the things there are amazing. I love the ocean view there especially during the meditation and yoga classes. The place and facility are wonderful and teachers are very professional, nice and patient. Although I am a beginner of yoga practice, I could fully feel and enjoy the meditation and the yoga spirit."

    "Besides meditation and yoga, the food and spa there are also perfect!"

    "The Vikasa restaurant provides very healthy and really yummy food for the yoga holiday people during the brunch and dinner time without any extra charge. The restaurant is at the top of the hill facing the ocean, a simple and beautiful place."

    "The Vikasa Spa, the spa on the rock! I took four spa treatments on this yoga holiday and again, loved it very much. The Vikasa Spa therapists are professional and patient. However, unfortunately, there are only two therapists there and for some days, there is only one therapist can provide the SAP treatment. So, the reservation is essential."

    "This yoga vacation brings me lots of energy, and I feel myself healing from this serene environment. I would like to recommend Vikasa yoga retreat to someone who likes to have a trip to stay in a place for calm and peace. "

    "Last but not least, BookYogaRetreats is a very good website for the related information and the connection! Thank you very much!”"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Letizia uit Zwitserland
    9 uit 10

    " I have spent one week at Vikasa and from the first moment on I felt like home. The room was very clean and with a great view. The view from the hotel is simply breathtaking. The yoga classes as well as the teachers were great. However, if you are a beginner, the classes can be quite challenging. But you can really notice the progress you're making. Also the food is very tasty and varies daily. The staff is very friendly and always looks after you very well and makes you feel like home. I'm really grateful for all the people I have met, because you become like a small family. I definitely recommend Vikasa if you're looking for a great yoga retreat or if you just want to disconnect and find yourself. I will definitely come back, it was a great experience!! "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Rimma uit Canada
    10 uit 10

    " I really enjoyed my stay at Vikasa. The venue is beautiful, the food is delicious and people are very nice. Staff was very accommodating when I chose to change from Zen bungalow to Standard Bungalow and did not even charge me the remaining balance. They were so nice! I will definitely come back and will recommend Vikasa to my friends. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Jasper Chan uit Hongkong
    10 uit 10

    " I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Vikasa. I am pretty sure I will return at some point, and will definitely recommend to anyone, especially those who enjoy yoga, and also those who would like a quiet, relaxing vacation to cleanse their minds. Everything matched my expectations -- from accommodation, to food, to facilities, to classes, teachers.. so yes, for me, it's 100%. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Mirthe de Graaf uit Nederland
    8 uit 10

    " I had a very pleasant stay at Vikasa Yoga! Amazing place and very nice atmosphere! Also a lot of different yoga classes to choose from as well as other inspiring classes such as meditation etc. The only comment I have is the fact that there is no one who asks you how experienced you are in yoga. The classes are mixed with all levels and for me as a beginner it would have been nice to have someone know where you are at in yoga experience to help you get the best out of the classes. Other than that it was perfect! The food was the best, people are amazing, all very inspiring !"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Law Pei Yee uit alaysia

    " Is a great place to connect with nature and yourself but not disconnect to the world at the same time. The yoga instructor is approachable and only expect you to do the extend of your ability. They believe you should listen and respect your body. Thank you. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Christine Ronge uit Singapore

    " Resort: Beautiful Resort, so nice with beautiful view. Spacious room and very comfy bed Yoga: The Salas are great, teachers great, they always reminded us that there is no competition and that we should just focus on ourselves and not look left and right (I tend to go further than it is good for my body so that was very helpful for me), good variety of stylesMassage: I had Swedish Massage (fantastic) and a Sports Massage (for me that was not deep enough, still too soft)Food: OMG OMG OMG, the food was soooooooo good!!! I always eat double portions, it was just too yummy!!I will definitely come back for a weekend stay!. "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Kat uit Thailand

    " I absolutely loved Vikasa! The yoga classes were excellent, the teachers at Vikasa have a wide variety of knowledge, brilliant techniques and are very inspirational. The resort itself is breath taking, the staff are lovely and I can't wait to go back and visit them! Finally I have to say the food was incredibly delicious and healthy! I will definitely be going back for a visit! "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Madeleine uit Australië

    "I had a really great time at Vikasa. From the moment I got there, the staff were warm and attentive and keen to ensure I had a good stay. Their driver picked me up from the airport and was a great first impression as well, he waited in the heat whilst my plane was delayed and I really appreciated it.The classes were really good for someone keen to improve their yoga practice, with a range of instructors all with different styles, and I learned something new from each one of them. The meditation was also an interesting addition to a usually fast paced lifestyle and was a great start to each day. The time went so quickly and I met some fantastic people at Vikasa who I will be keeping in touch with. I am sure I will return at some stage in the near future."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Roberta uit Italië

    " My yoga retreat was lovely. Overall I have only positive comments. Good atmosphere, good food and nice location. I can definitely recommend it"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Silvia uit Italië

    " This holiday is been special. Something different. I had never been in holiday alone and neither in yoga retreat. I decided to go becouse few people suggested to me. So I booked the flight, I booked 7 days in Vikasa resort and the programm with Bettina. good choise! Bettina in some way changed my life, she understood some my prolems regarding the energy and what i need to bring little more peace in my life. She taught to me some breathing and yoga exercises, also now in this big caothic and stressfull city as is London, still to fell those peace's and freedom's sensations that I felt when I was in Vikasa Resort with her and all the other theachers. The place is wonderfull, quite and clean, on the hill in front of the sea. The food is very very good and healthy ( I've lost 3 kg in a week) and the staff is always smiling and friendly. I wish to came back soon in this paradise!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast


  • Beoordeling van Nicolette uit Thailand
    10 uit 10

    "My partner and I began our 5 week holiday at Vikasa, Thailand, staying for just one week and oh how we wish we could have extended for the full 5 weeks! The cute little bungalows are nestled on one of the prominent hills facing the East coast of Koh Samui boasting some of the best views and always receiving a cool ocean breeze. The rooms are a little outdated however kept clean, tidy, and have all that you need (including a balcony on each to sit back, relax, read, or let the afternoon sun fade away)."

    "My partner and I have never done Yoga, however we now have a new found love and respect for the all that it involves. The teaches, not that we can compare however, are the most genuine, accommodating, understanding, and helpful through the bends and stretches of our bodies. To wake up and head straight to a yoga class, with the most stunning view whilst you watch the sun rise, has to be one of the best experiences we have ever felt!"

    "The food: I could write an essay on just how AMAZING the food was!! Included in the package was the buffet breakfast and dinner. My partner loves his meat however the spreads on both the lunch and dinner buffet were nothing short of outstanding. My partner and I both work in the Hospitality industry and can wholeheartedly say that this was some of the best food we have ever eaten - Plus, not to mention the healthiest!"

    "Now I am not one to return to the same destination as the World has so much to offer, however after spending 7 days at Vikasa, my partner and I are already planning our return. HIGHLY recommend this for everyone!"

    TripAdvisor, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Izunia uit Australië
    10 uit 10

    "Well, what can i say? Every person seeks something different. I personally ended up with my local Yoga studio last year for a week at VIKASA and what a week it's been! All in all was PERFECTION! Particularly the buffet food (breakfast and dinner) I ended up going this year AGAIN and am now planning my THIRD visit to VIKASA. The yoga is nourishing and classes are led by passionate and experienced teachers. The variety is also fab!"

    "As to accommodation, one can choose between the very cute (single occupancy) ZEN bungalow, over various other bungalows and rooms (as i understand, they are expanding, so there might be more rooms available and different options again)."

    "Vikasa is positioned at a spot, which is not directly on a beach (but VERY close to the beautiful Silver beach) which I personally love, as you won't get too many tourists with families, which makes it very peaceful."

    "The LIFE Cafe is amazing! There is an extensive menu of raw, organic, vegan and vegetarian options availble. The food is organic, locally sourced and super fresh, PERFECT for a detox! The staff is super friendly and helpful. Keep it up VIKASA! I'll be definitely coming back!"

    TripAdvisor, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Traveler uit Canada
    10 uit 10

    "I really enjoyed my stay at Vikasa Yoga Retreat. I booked Vikasa last minute, and was only left with the option of booking basic accommodation. Based on previous reviews, I was worried about construction noise/ disruption, lots of stairs, and bug-infested rooms. I was pleasantly surprised! "

    "When I arrived at Vikasa, I was greeted by friendly, helpful staff. They gave me a free upgrade to a superior beach bungalow located steps from the beach. My room was perfect! Clean and comfortable. Yes, there was a little construction noise, but not enough to bother me. And I actually enjoyed the stairs, a good cardio workout to compliment yoga and meditation classes. I booked a massage treatment at the spa, and highly recommend it! I attended all yoga, meditation, and special interest workshops and was never disappointed. "

    "Go with an open mind, empty stomach, and you won't be disappointed!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Linda uit Canada
    10 uit 10

    "I read mixed reviews about Vikasa but the only way to really find out was to check it out myself. The reception staff were very helpful from the start and Harry the bellboy was so nice. I stayed in an ocean bungalow far off to the side close to the white shala. I loved not having neighbors to one side and the view does not get old. Waking up to see the endless ocean was breath taking. The room was nothing fancy but had everything you needed with a super comfortable bed. "

    "I actually enjoyed having to hike up and down the stairs. If you are coming to a yoga retreat to maintain or improve your health and complain about having to walk five minutes while having the ocean as a backdrop then...no comment. To each their own. "

    "All the yoga and meditation classes were great. The teachers were all different and brought their own style to class which I really enjoyed. A lot of big yoga centers control their teachers and try to make them more uniform but not here. Teachers have a more flexible time frame instead of being forced to cram their classes into one hour. Vikasa seems to allow their teachers to truly come into their own. "

    "Massage was great. You won't find a better, more relaxing place for a massage. The buffet was delicious and healthy. I definitely went overboard a few times and couldn't help myself. The kitchen staff and cook were always smiling and provided good service. Everyone looks very happy to be working there which gives off a nice vibe."

    "Overall, amazing from start to finish. Don't take my word for it. Do try it yourself and you won't be disappointed."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Traveler uit Canada
    10 uit 10

    "I stayed in the yoga cave - AMAZING VALUE and did a yoga vacation for one day (all I had left). My trip to Thailand was primarily for diving. I came here to give myself some extra time before flying. The yoga, meditation, pilates classes were all so great - except the mosquitoes, they were annoying. Brunch and dinner are so delicious and the variety is very healthy and the buffet makes it as filling as you want it to be. Staff are super kind and helpful. The cafe is very expensive but I suppose that's normal for resorts and since they include brunch and dinner .... go to the 7 eleven/across the street if you need a snack. Thought the stay was a steal for one day yogacation."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Antonia uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    "This was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. First time to Thailand, travelling on my own as a 26 year old girl, not really much of a yogi but I came away having had the most incredible time! Just book - you absolutely won't regret it!!!"

    "Where to start....firstly, the welcome when I arrived was wonderful, I was given a cold scented towel, a fresh cold coconut and an introduction to the retreat. The views are outstanding and after 20 hours travelling you literally feel like you've arrived in paradise."

    "The food is beyond amazing, so healthy and fresh and the people working there are so charming and lovely. Sipping a papaya shake after a morning yoga class whilst watching the sea from the balcony is one of my favourite memories."

    "The classes are absolutely fantastic, the teachers are so serene and knowledgeable and with a good choice of 1 hour classes or the Vikasa Complete 2 hour classes you are getting such incredible value for your money. In between classes you can head to a nearby beach, relax by the pool or just chill out in the beautiful location."

    "I stayed in a Yoga Cave which was perfect, you can also stay in a little bungalow hut which is just as great but no aircon. It's very humid there (depending on when you go) so coming into an aircon room after a busy morning is real bliss."

    "I only had 7 days but I met some amazing people and felt so utterly amazing after the week (even though I went to Koh Tao and ruined all my hard work with too much partying on the beach!) go, relax and come back feeling energised, happy and calm. Thank you Vikasa for such an amazing experience, I'm coming back next year!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Cœlia

    "Best place on earth to focus on yourself and be you who truly are. Amazing service, very nice accommodation, delicious food, best staff, extraordinary spa with professionals, and of course the best yoga teachers!!! These four weeks have been a real change in my life. I can only recommend Vikasa. Thank you and love you!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Ambre uit Australië

    "The Room: I visited Vikasa from 22 - 25 April, stayed in an Ocean Room - Superior... And I had an amazing stay! The room did not disappoint, I woke up to a beautiful ocean view & sunrise everyday and all amenities were top standards. I did not experience any construction noise nuisances like I could see in some reviews. The staff was lovely, very helpful, the only thing maybe that I would recommend is to just take one of the airport cabs from the airport, I booked through the hotel for 600 baths and confirmed with a few emails my arrival time but they still were over 30 min late (after I called to check) - All good in the end but and I used their drop off on the way back without any issues. Yoga: I am very new to yoga (only had 2 classes before going) and yes the classes were challenging but all teachers were very helpful, showing multiple movement variations for every level. I was surprise of what I was able to do after only a couple of days there! There is a lot of different style classes as well, so you can find what suits you best, and the teachers are very approachable and relaxed. The meditations classes were very interesting as well! My time there inspired me to take my newly found yoga practice back home :) The food was quite nice, I am vegan and there was always lots of options for me to choose from. The food was very much like the one I would cook at home: fresh & organic products. The massages are a bit pricier that what you can find on the beach etc.. but you cannot beat the quality and the setting (and it is still heaps cheaper than in Australia so I thought it was worth it!) The surroundings are just beautiful, as described. The vibe is enchanting, relaxing and inspiring. I was traveling solo and met a lot of great people from all quarters of the world which was very interesting. I will definitely be back! Sooner rather than later! =)"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Dawn uit Singapore

    "Returning to Vikasa for the second time given the wonderful experience I had last year. Coincidentally I had the same room from my last visit. Room 105 has amazing view and probably one of the biggest room in the resort I suspect. The bathroom has been upgraded since my last visit but it's time to look into the aircon and the flooring. Vikasa has made some changes to their classes and it includes two meditation classes (morning / night) and 3 yoga classes. Class starts as early as 7am and last class is at 9pm. They cater to all levels which is great. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend all the classes as I'm nursing a hamstring tear but my friends enjoyed them. Food is amazing as usual. Lunch is not included but the restaurant has a great ala carte menu. Staff were friendly and helpful. Special mention - front desk manager, Jun. We were trying to get rooms close to one another and he was very patient and accommodating and tried his best to assist. I'm definitely coming back to Vikasa again and hopefully they have upgraded the A/C."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Erika K uit Finland

    "I spent six nights in Vikasa and would definitely come back. The view especially from the restaurant and my ocean room was absolutely mindblowing and the food and smoothies were delicious. The location between Lamai and Chewang is also good, and about 10 mins walk from another nice beach. As a person who loves airplanes, it was awesome to be located opposite of the airport. There's a minimart, funky bar and ATM across the road, but the last one was out of order."

    "I travelled alone, but luckily got to know lovely people right from the start of my stay and I was delighted to get company for the duration of my entire stay. We also explored the island a bit, but one doesn't have to go anywhere to get one's senses nulled - if only you can stand a lot of stairs or walking a hill. "

    "This was my first yoga retreat, but at least compared to the classes at home, yoga was excellent and all teachers were really professional. However, the big white yoga sala is close to the road and there are washing machines under the floor. It was quite annoying to feel and hear them being on during the classes. I also felt sorry for some beginners who left one class, which was supposed to be relaxing Alignment and turned out to be ashtanga. Only because the teacher said she is an ashtanga teacher."

    "I was lucky to get an ocean room from the corner, so no one walked in front of my windows. But if you want privacy, these rooms are not for you. I also heard that two people staying in villas got their rooms changed due to some inconveniences. For me the clearest downside was the staff in the restaurant: they didn't speak English very well and some of them did their job without any joy and in a quite lazy manner. "

    "All in all, my need to relax, do yoga as much as I wanted, sleep full nights, eat and drink well, meet unique persons, take sunbathes on the beach and at the lovely pool were completely filled. I've already recommended this place for my yogi(ni)-friends. :)"

    TripAdvisor Website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Lori D. Frazier uit Verenigde Staten
    10 uit 10

    "Located on the shoreline of beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand, this resort offers a wonderful yoga immersion that combines asana, pranayama and the other spiritual principals of yoga. The rooms are beautiful with views of the mountain, the gardens and the sea. The staff is warm and very helpful. The resort offers excellent healthy and creatively prepared local food and other fare for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians."

    Vikasa Yoga Retreat’s Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Alejandra D

    "I've been to yoga retreats around the world. From India to the Bahamas. This retreat ranks among the best. My yoga class today had two instructors to help make sure everyone got personalized adjustments and assists. The teachers are excellent. There is also a great free gym across the street for other workouts. Plenty of classes and workshops to choose from. The beach is lovely. The accommodations are amazing with ocean views. The food is superb!! The best I've seen! Don't hesitate. Book it. Worth every penny."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveller uit London

    "This was my first yoga holiday and I loved every minute of it. There was an extremely relaxed vibe and because you can arrive any day of the week there was a lot of flexibility about what classes you could take. Also this meant that there were lots of different people always coming and going meaning you were able to speak with a broad variety. I stayed in an Ocean Room - I wouldn't say it was the height of luxury but it was clean, had an amazing view and the bed was super comfortable. The food at Vikasa was excellent as well and the staff really friendly and helpful. Really easy to flag a taxi from outside to go and explore the rest of the island as well. I had nothing to complain about and really enjoyed my time here."

    TripAdvisor Website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Alenxandre A.
    10 uit 10

    "I have lived on this island for more than two years and this is one of the best places on the island to do yoga, have a healthy and tasty meal, enjoy great accommodations or simply visit some friends and take breathtaking pictures. All the staff is really great and very kind. The energy is amazing. You will love to spend some time in this paradise. Namaste."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Ann Marie S. uit Vietnam
    10 uit 10

    "The roadside sign and health shop enticed me off my scooter as I was buzzing past. Natural beauty, calm and peace reign here! Oozing respect, it offers a range of accommodation in beautiful natural surroundings with stunning ocean views (residents I spoke to were happy, if not joyful). The menu and buffets are nutritious (try the scrumptious energy balls). There are medium-sized four-poster pavilions set right on the cliff rocks so you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean as you have your massage. The small-sized pool overlooking the ocean is lovely for a dip or to laze beside and read a book. I returned from passing by, to check into Vikasa for what was my second to last day on Koh Samui. I was greeted with smiles and professionalism. There were no brochures at the desk, but the website, if you have access to a laptop or tablet, is informative and inviting. My day package included the yoga classes offering for that day and I enjoyed them; a perfect setting. I was glad though that I had been stretching and toning over the last week. This was also really helpful in climbing up and down the staircase. No lift. How I wish I'd booked into Vikasa for my week's stay. It left me with a positive impression of the island and wanting to return!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler uit Finland

    " I did not have an accommodation at this place but I participated to the yoga classes. I really enjoyed my visit at the yoga classes. Place provided yoga mats, mosquito repellent and small towels. The view from the yoga hall is breathtaking. You can buy for example 3 classes for 1000 THB."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Judy Ng uit Hongkong

    "I went into the Universal yoga training having already completed two other trainings. However, I would say that this one is incomparable. With the extensive amount of information and the in-depth exploration of yoga that teacher Andrey Lappa offers. "

    "Prior to practicing Universal yoga, I felt limited by fixed sequences and asana variations as I progressed. Since learning the UY system my personal practice, teaching and understanding of yoga have completely transformed. Universal Yoga provided me with the method or backbone of sequencing, which I could then freely apply with creativity to produce new sequences that are applicable and effective for the individual."

    "UY has helped me develop awareness and consciousness. The physical asana practice is consciously crafted in a way that tackles the more subtle layers, creating an energetically balanced effect. All this I have learned from the UY system and I am eternally grateful to my teacher Andrey Lappa. I've stayed at Vikasa three times as a student and a teacher and every time I go back it feels like returning home. The staff are warm and friendly; the food is healthy and delicious and the people are easy going and relaxed. The energy there is just vibrant and up-lifting. It is a place I would always recommend to my friends."

    Vikasa Yoga Retreat website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Supapan uit Thailand

    "The unique system of Universal yoga and Shiva Nata not only changed my personal practice and the way of spreading yoga in the modern world, but also slowly revealed the deeper aspect and the real goal of yoga through the transmission from guru. Although my story of yoga started not long before I met Andrey, within a short period of time the deep information guaranteed that there would be more than just yoga asanas to be explored in the world of yoga. I was able to really understand what union is and why yoga is 'universal'. No one can explain that better than Andrey Lappa. I love being balanced; I love playing with right and left; I love challenging my brain and my love and passion for yoga led me to a fate of meeting with my guruji Andrey Lappa who can give me all of that in one practice and whom I believe can guide me through the secret realms of yoga and freedom."

    Vikasa Yoga Retreat website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Will Sen Lau uit Hongkong

    "Universal yoga is the most complete form of Hatha yoga practice available to the modern 21st Century practitioner. It's not a method that's an edit short form of some common asana yoga system. It's the pure distillation of effective methods from realized yogis and Buddhist high monks. Andrey Lappa holds his degree in Ph.D and so his methods are purely scientific with effective means to achieve the goal of Hatha Yoga which is Kundalini awakening. The crucial step to the final goal, Raja yoga. Universal yoga is not a style. It is science. And from this science the trainees will learn all effective means to teach all aspects of yoga for the modern 21st century practitioner. "

    "Being a 500 hour certified teacher of Universal yoga and three times training facilitator for this course, I highly recommend it to all learners that yearn for real teachings of Hatha yoga. It is exciting news that Universal Yoga teacher training will be available in Thailand for the first time and hosted by world famous Vikasa Yoga School. I encourage all practitioners to take this training and learn ways of practice that will blow your mind."

    Vikasa Yoga Retreat website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Lavin Leong uit Maleisië
    10 uit 10

    " A lovely place with stunning view, friendly staff, great yoga class, and yummy healthy organics food! I will love to come back again for longer stay!! Thank you, Vikasa."

    Vikasa Yoga Retreats Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Rachel L. uit Volksrepubliek China
    10 uit 10

    "We are a couple from Hong Kong who stayed at Vikasa for 4 days. We went for yoga classes everyday. The classes were taught by very professional teachers who were friendly and helping. Classes had a variety of levels to suit guests of different levels. We were really able to relax and enjoy ourselves in the classes which were taught in a yoga shala facing the ocean. The food was likewise great but may not be suitable for meat lovers as most are vegetarian. However, you do have to go early for the food otherwise there may not be much left when the dining session past halfway. Room was clean. Highly recommend for yoga lovers and those who are looking for peaceful getaway."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Kirsten uit Maleisië
    10 uit 10

    " I really loved my time at Vikasa, it was just what I wanted and what I needed at the time. A restful ocean view, simplicity, and a like minded group of people. The yoga and meditation provision was great and unlike other places I have been, very accepting of a whole range of levels. The teaching was high class, non esoteric and the teachers were delightful and supportive. Food was simple but plentiful. Do not expect luxury, but expect reality. Reality of intention and reality of delivery. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a chill out and also to learn more about yoga in a supportive way "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Raine uit Singapore
    10 uit 10

    "The ocean view rooms were nice enough. But love the yoga, meditation sessions as well as the beautiful views over the ocean. I really liked the complimentary access to the gym right opposite too.. it was unexpectedly huge! "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Michael Lazano uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    " I stayed at Vikasa in September of this year and wow! What an amazing experience! The yoga was incredible, with an amazing group of yoga teachers teaching a range of different yoga styles. The best yoga classes I have ever attended! I loved the whole set up with its weekly timetable of classes which you could choose to go to or not - I went to pretty much every class in the 9 days I was there and found each teacher to be of a really high quality; I really enjoyed experiencing all the different yoga styles, all of which where fabulous in different ways.The location was simply perfect with stunning views of the ocean and the accommodation was really lovely and authentic feeling (I went for a beach bungalow), with a balcony overlooking the ocean; the food is delicious and the buffets have a great selection of healthy dishes. The spa was in the most perfect setting, overlooking the ocean and the masseuses are top class! The place seems to draw really great people as everyone I met there was lovely. The feel/vibe/energy of the place is beautiful and I can't wait to go back!Prior to this trip, I had previously practised yoga for about a year, once a week at the gym - I had enjoyed it, but since this trip I have fallen in love with both yoga and Vikasa! I also opened up my body and deepened my practise more in the 9 days at Vikasa than I have in the previous year practising yoga! Unbelievable! "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Grant P uit Massachusetts

    " I started my trip to Thailand at Vikasa for 4 days, left and came back for another 5 weeks. The yoga instructors are phenomenal, they all have different teachings which equally impacted me. The food and restaurant staff are amazing, there are 2 organic buffets. The view, trees and rocks are perfect. It was a life-changing trip that I am very grateful for. "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Teeny uit Thailand
    10 uit 10

    "I just had 5 nights in an Ocean View room and loved it. The room was large and spacious and the view was incredible. You could just sit and stare at the view for hours. Air conditioning and WiFi worked well. Yoga teachers were all excellent and offered a variety of classes. Food was vegetarian and somewhat repetitive, but you can always order off the menu if you want something extra. Girls at the front desk were extremely helpful, especially Pinky! Just be aware that there are a thousand steps to climb everyday, which with the right frame of mind can be a good thing and add to the whole "fitness" experience. On the whole, I loved it!"

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Fi
    10 uit 10

    "Vikasa is a beautiful place in many ways. If you want to rest, get refreshed, and get fit at the same time I cannot recommend it highly enough. I stayed for 7 days and I will return. The instructors are unbelievably good, technically amazing, strong, etc. On top of that, they also teach the holistic side of yoga. Food is excellent. Rooms are good and clean and the service and staff are excellent."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler uit Maleisië
    10 uit 10

    "I stayed at Vikasa for 6 nights for a Pilates course. Loved the whole concept of the resort. Food was great, staff was friendly and room was spacious. Lots of walking and stairs climbing, great for those who are into fitness and planning to get some exercise walking and climbing.I only have a few things to point out. My room doesnt have wi-fi, so it is a walk and climb to the restaurant. The weather was pretty humid and hot there when I was there just 1 week ago (17th May-23 May 2015). The air conditioning in the room was above the entrance door and bed was at the other corner blocked by bathroom wall. I hope this can change as I was having a shower almost 5 times a day.While we were doing our Pilates course, we had 5 days in a row of yoga participants coming to the wrong shala for their meditation or yoga classes. So, a notice board at the foot of the stairs pointing to which shala the classes would be conducted would be great. The shalas were not labeled except the big one, or small one, or the white one.I was taken down to my room with a motorbike and no walking directions given to me. Being a single female staying there, trying to get up to the restaurant at night for dinner was not fun. Turn right or turn left? Can I go up through these stairs? A directory in the room would have been great, e.g. which direction to head up to the restaurant, to the shala, to the pool, etc."Overall, I had a great peaceful time and Vikasa and will return again for sure. Thank you for making this experience great!"

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler
    10 uit 10

    "My friend and I came to Vikasa spontaneously during a trip to Thailand. When we looked for a easy accessible / not outrageously pricey yoga location on the internet, Vikasa clearly stood out. And on arrival the glossy photos were actually topped by the stunning location. 10 out of 10 for that.But as much as it a beautiful place, it has not yet become the efficient business venture it has set out to be. Although the staff was all very friendly, they did not always know what was happening especially with the yoga side of the business. Classes were moved between shalas and information did not flow smoothly.The yoga and meditation classes on the whole were great. Of course everyone has preferences and for us Simon was the best teacher, as he realised the skill level in the class and adjusted to it. Others were more focussed on the programme itself, which was quite challenging to follow ( for beginners anyway).I have to second some previous reviewers with regards to the attitude displayed in the communal areas by some of the instructors. It felt like intruding, when we approached them for some help or a chat - an elite not to be disturbed. That did not really overshadow our stay, as we found some like minded travellers to enjoy the food and view.All in all my summary would be that I would happily return, but on the same would love to work on some business improvements. I think the vision of the owner needs to translate into more day to day things to match the location."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Kerry
    10 uit 10

    "Having spent a month here, I didn't want to leave the fabulous family I had come a part of at YTT. The rooms have a fabulous view, spacious and clean. The staff are unbelievably accommodating and pleasant. The food in the Vikasa life cafe is so wholesome, healthy, fresh and I believe organic too. The yoga style is something I have never experienced before, takes over body, mind and soul. The teachers know their yoga as they don't do asana but rather practice yoga living. It's inspiring. The place itself is so peaceful yet full of life and energy and not far from Chaweng town or other neighbouring towns and places. A must do if you want to chill out and switch off from the busyness of life! I cannot wait to go back!"

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Laura uit Brazilië
    10 uit 10

    "It was almost by chance that I booked the yoga retreat at Vikasa and once there, I realised the I great choice I had made. The teachers are top notch, the staff helpful and friendly, the people there, open and willing to share their experiences with yoga training. On top of that, of course the scenery is breathtaking. I had a view of the ocean from my room and for the first time in my life I woke up at 5 am happy as a clam! I totally recommend and surely will be back."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler
    10 uit 10

    "This is a very special place at Samui. The front desk staff is just extremely hospitable. The place has some unique atmosphere. There are amazing secret corners in front of the sea where you can just relax, do some meditation or just let the time pass by while you feel like you are in another dimension. I had an amazing experience thanks to Kerry, who is one of the most inspiring human beings that I have ever met. 100% recommend it!"

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler
    10 uit 10

    "We stayed at a Cliff View room what was no problem at all. The Cliff View is the hotel next door and the additional distance to the yoga classes or the breakfast/dinner/reception area is a minute at the most. While there are some benefits like access to another infinity pool, daily room service and comfortable beds, the Cliff View hotel area seemed a little run down and deserted, and we would have rather stayed at the Vikasa. Both hotels are located between two major beaches on a cliff with beautiful views and great photo opportunities. You can easily get to the beaches by taxi, tuktuk or scooter. Good scooters and very bad helmets can be rented at the hotel.The food at the Vikasa is very delicious. Freshly squeezed juice from different fruits every day and different kinds of never-heard-of-but-very-tasty teas. The buffet style breakfast and dinner varied every day with the one constant being massive amounts of fresh fruit. For the carnivores: If you can't make it without meats for a few days: the buffet usually includes a shrimp or fish dish and you can always order la carte.There is probably no point in rating individual yoga classes since everyone is looking for something different, hence just a few general comments: We enjoyed the combination of pure meditation classes early in the morning and other classes afterwards but felt that 3 yoga classes offered each day didn't really give a choice of what class to take. More classes would make the difference between a hotel with yoga and a yoga hotel. Also, we would have appreciated an earlier start with a first class at 7 am."

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Sebli uit Turkije
    10 uit 10

    " I did my yoga teacher training here. I loved every bit of it. The teachers, staff, and everyone was wonderful. The food is amazing. The view makes you feel that you are in heaven. The rooms are so comfortable and clean. You should also try Vikasa Yoga Style. "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Marina uit Verenigde Staten
    10 uit 10

    " The location is spectacular. It's away from the buys towns, so it feels really chill, but you can get out and see some action in less than ten minutes and for a 1 USD or 2 USD a ride. The yoga is really strong. I've been practicing for a while and my husband is fairly new to yoga. We both got a lot out of the classes. The food is unreal. So healthy and so delicious. We did the "yoga vacation" where we paid upfront for the room, yoga, and two buffet meals. We were a little skeptical but it was amazing. One thing to consider is there are LOTS of stairs. I loved it, because it was like an extra workout. But this is not the place to go with a sprained ankle. Lastly, the owners and main guys we dealt with are these very cool Russian dudes who were in ridiculous shape and very helpful and cool. I can't explain how happy we were to stay here. It was so special. "

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Frances uit Thailand
    10 uit 10

    " I attended the TTC in July/August 2013. My teachers were Kosta and George. In my opinion, they are the best teachers I have ever had. They explained things so clearly and demonstrated asanas wonderfully( I'm sure Ill only aspire to many of them). The TTC was a wonderfully supportive course for both teachers and students helped one another. If you are looking to become a yoga teacher or want to develop your practice, I would recommend that you seriously consider Vikasa. "

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  • Beoordeling van Becky uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    " I can't wait to go back to Vikasa again! It's in a great position - a few facilities nearby and walking distance to a gorgeous beach, but quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. The views are stunning, the yoga and meditation classes are diverse and plentiful, and the healthy food on offer is just fantastic. There is a good range of accommodation to suit all budgets and the cafe area with open sides is a wonderful place to relax. The vibe is laid-back yet everything still happens when it's supposed to. It's very well organized. Excellent value for money and I can't recommend it highly enough! "

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  • Beoordeling van Looyee uit Maleisië
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    " I came to know about this place through a fitness instructor. The moment you step your feet into Vikasa, you feel the sea breeze and hear the ocean. Here, I get to practice yoga and eat fresh and healthy food. The rooms are clean and basic. Meeting people of the same interest Practicing yoga with very good instructor/ yoga teacher. "

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Koh Samui, Thailand

Het Vikasa Yoga Resort inspireert een persoonlijke ontwikkeling door middel van yoga, eten, wellness en filosofie in hun unieke Vikasa community.

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Students who have completed the Vikasa foundation yoga teacher training are eligible for a special discount of 10% off per person when they sign up for all 3 advanced yoga teacher training modules.

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