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7-Daagse Vinyasa Yoga Retraite in Murcia, Spanje

  • Rustic Retreats, Appt. de Correous, 277 Totana, Murcia 30850, Spain

7-Daagse Vinyasa Yoga Retraite in Murcia, Spanje

  • Rustic Retreats, Appt. de Correous, 277 Totana, Murcia 30850, Spain

Vinyasa Yoga Retreats in Spain

Return to your center on this core-focused yoga immersion in wild nature, aligning with your natural rhythm. Participate in core-focused rhythmic yoga flows and playful self-enquiry. As the summer heat subsides and the nights start to grow longer this is the perfect setting to feel a connection to your core - your inner strength - your sense of self. This retreat will offer a supportive and grounding process that mirrors the quality and direction of nature at this time of year leaving you lighter, brighter, and stabilized despite the transition towards winter.

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Waarom deze reis?

  • Yoga and meditations twice daily
  • Daily workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Several different styles of yoga taught with focus on spiritual and healing
  • Yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain for meditations and workshops
  • 6 nights accommodation in beautiful surroundings and eco-friendly site
  • Use of beautiful swimming pool, hammocks, and terrace
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices
  • 6 dagen met instructie
  • Engels
Verberg alles

Accommodation is provided in beautifully furnished 5-metre bell tents. Nestled amongst the lemon and orange groves, the bell tents are simple but sumptuous, with electricity and comfortable beds. Each tent can sleep up to three people. Crisp bed linen and pool towels are provided. There are solar hot and cold powered showers facilities. Internet access is available. There is a small shop on site for all those little essentials you might need.

Styles of yoga

The classes and workshops on this retreat will follow the style of Vinyasa Flow. While Rebecca practices and teaches a variety of styles of yoga she connects most deeply with Vinyasa Flow. Through this style she feels best able to deliver to the students the ability to move better and feel better in themselves on and off their mat.

Classes are accompanied by ambient sounds from music or nature and follow a clear intention for students to focus their mind on. Each class or workshop has a different intention and therefore the class content pace and sequencing changes to support that intention. Rebecca loves teaching Vinyasa flow as it allows her to be creative and inventive and always requires me to be intuitive to her students needs.

On this late summer centering retreat we will move through yoga postures to the rhythm and sound of music with conscious breathing and mental focus. The aim being to offer you a liberating and sensory way to improve movement skills, mental focus, positive mindset and a deeper awareness of your inner-space.

The yoga classes will be taught in a light-hearted manner that is authentic to Rebecca and her experiences with the intention to offer you a means to find balance in your movements and your sense of self. The classes and workshops will provide the space for you to find valuable insights to support yourself physically and mentally and adventure into the world of self-discovery in a playful yet sincere way.

Sample daily timetable

  • 07.30 Pranayama/morning meditation
  • 08.00 Morning Yoga practice
  • 09:30 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15.00 Free time
  • 19.00 Evening Yoga practice
  • 20.30 Meditation or yoga nidra
  • 21.00 Evening meal

Times will vary slightly on each retreat. There is one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. There is also the option to visit local markets on Wednesday and Sunday.

Your Rustic Retreats Journey

Late summer (also known as Indian summer) is one of the most beautiful seasons. Not just for the bountiful colours and harvest we enjoy from nature but for the nourishing and supportive vibe that this season offers.

Intuitively, we seek to rebalance and centre ourselves after the highs of summer in preparation for the down tempo pace of autumn and winter so this is the perfect time to retreat, nourish and be good to ourselves. On this late summer retreat we will tune inwards and discover the many tools of yoga that draw us back to centre to give us space and power to better know ourselves.

The aim is to leave feeling more self assured and confident – feeling lighter, brighter and capable of fulfilling our potential – and feeling motivated to take what you’ve learned to develop a sustainable personal yoga and meditation practice.

All classes and workshops on this retreat will follow this late summer theme, using grounding rhythmic yoga flows, core strengthening, breathing techniques, energy work and mindfulness to create a supportive and nourishing journey towards feeling centered in our body and mind while developing a strong connection to the earth element.

Relaxation and meditations throughout the week will be nature focused and take you on a sensory journey inwards. Since these retreats will take place around the time of the Autumn Equinox (a time when the period of light and dark in our days becomes equal) our meditations will celebrate a collective space of balance and oneness using mantra, mudra and guided meditation.

Morning yoga sessions will be energizing with a focus on core strengthening and mobilization of the spine and joints. Beginning with the stillness of meditation and then moving to ambient sounds through yoga postures with conscious breathing and mindfulness to energize the body and mind for the day ahead.

Evening sessions will be very sensory to bring our awareness inwards to tune-in to how we feel in our body and mind throughout the practice. We will move through postures meditatively with conscious breathing and apply our core awareness and strength to support us while we strengthen and lengthen the major muscles in the body and develop a strong sense of center and self-worth.

Workshop 1- ​Earth element awareness

This workshop will be in the format of an interactive seminar and discussion. Learn about the concept of energy in seasons as distilled from ancient wisdom and how to apply it to how we live today.

We will learn about the interaction between the elements throughout the seasons with principal focus on the Earth element and the dominant organs and subtle energy lines closely related to the quality and direction of the energy in season in late summertime.

We will learn how we can apply this to how we practice yoga and move in ways to nourish the dominant organs and meridians for late summer.

Workshop 2 - Energy awareness.

This workshop will be a practical experience introducing you to various methods for managing our energy flow and learn how to centre ourselves. We will learn about and practice Pranayama (breathing exercises) with movements inspired by Kundalini yoga and Qigong to improve our energy awareness.

Workshop 3 - Core awareness.

This will be a practical workshop to learn more about the core muscles and how to use them efficiently. Experience how the core supports us physically and energetically and how to apply the core muscles intuitively in our yoga practice and in everyday life.

Workshop 4 - Play with numbers for self realisation.

This workshop will be an interactive learning process from which we will gain insight into our individuality and I will share an approach and technique for reaching a still and concentrated meditative state quickly and efficiently using an old Indian counting technique.

Workshop 5 - A fun overview of yoga philosophy.

Learn about Patanjali’s ‘eight limbs of yoga’ which despite being thousands of years old provides a modern day road map to better knowing ourselves and enhancing our life experiences. We will explore how to personalise this road map in a way that suits you for balanced development of your yoga practice and balanced approach to everyday life.

  • Rebecca Black

    Rebecca has been teaching yoga for almost 10 years and her passion to share and help others through yoga simply grows and grows. You will find her teaching in her hometown, Glasgow or in the French Alps (where her heart is) in studios, outdoors in nature, on a mat or a stand up paddle board. Rebecca teaches a variety of styles of yoga but she is principally known and appreciated for her nurturing and intuitive Vinyasa Flow teaching style from which students receive a challenging yet supportive yoga experience.

Rustic Retreats run beautifully yoga retreats in the Sierra Espuna mountain range in Southern Spain. A stunning estate, totally off-grid, with zero light pollution, solar power, and fresh spring water. The unique yoga platform sits nestled into the side of the mountain, with breath taking views across the tranquil valley.

  • Mountain walking / trekking
  • Stargazing
  • Swimming pool
  • Al fresco dining
  • Environmentally friendly, off-grid site
  • Mountain side yoga platform
  • Wooden meditation cabin
  • Hammocks
  • Shaded terrace

Stimulate all your senses whilst you absorb the bright colors, beautiful textures, tantalizing flavors, and sublime aromas of the fresh food served at Rustic Retreats. The chef will create a myriad of fresh, healthy vegetarian meals to tantalize your pallet, all using the ripest, freshest, seasonal ingredients that are locally produced either from their very own organic garden and vegetable patch or from the local market and farmers.

Varieties of fruit are growing freely on the site such as lemons, oranges, almonds, pomegranate, and carob to name but a few. All vegetarian meals are lovingly prepared by a trained chef in the outdoor kitchen and are served 'al fresco' whenever possible. All meals are included in the price. The meals have been so popular with the clients that they are looking at producing a recipe book for next season.

Example menu:

  • Start the day with a fruit smoothie or refreshing mint tea.
  • Breakfast baby spinach omelet, cereals, fruit and French toast.
  • Lunch bell pepper frittata, bean and yogurt salad, and pumpkin bread.
  • Evening meal squash and zucchini casserole with wild rice and lemon tart.


  • All day snack menu is available but cost is not included in the price. Alcohol is available at a small extra charge.

Contemplate life in the beautiful wooden meditation cabin

Play plenty of board games

Relax or read books on the hammocks, shaded terrace, and sun loungers

Take a dip in the swimming pool

Take a hike in the surrounding mountains

Use the outdoor shower block to literally shower under the stars

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All meals, including daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and juice
  • Bed linen
  • Daily workshops, talks and mountain walks
  • Meditations twice daily
  • Stunning yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain
  • Towels
  • Use of beautiful swimming pool
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga practice twice daily
  • Airport transfers
  • Flights
  • Alcohol and snack menu (small extra charge)

Arrival by airplane

Fly into to Alicante, then it's a 2-hour train journey (6 EUR) through the beautiful Spanish countryside down to Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

Arrival by train

  • Arrive at Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

Arrival by taxi

  • You can get a taxi from the airport which would cost 170 EUR and upwards. Also, there are car hire options at the airport.

Murcia, Spain

Rustic Retreats biedt yoga retraites en workshops aan bij de Sierra Espuña in Spanje.

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