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26-Daagse 200-urige Yoga Docententraining, India

Dharamsala Yoga Docententraining in India

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De Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School is gespecialiseerd in vinyasa, vinyasa flow en ashtanga. De school staat geregistreerd bij Yoga Alliance en heeft een overzicht aan basissystemen en verwante wetenschappen. Of je nu een beginner bent of al langer ashtanga vinyasa flow beoefent.

Hoogtepunten van de retreat

  • Practice and learning of dhyan (meditation)
  • Practice and techniques of the four shatkarma
  • Vinyasa flow alignment and adjustment skill development
  • Learning and practice techniques of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow body alignment
  • Local sightseeing and trekking on weekends
  • 27 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily meals


  • Beginner

Yoga stijlen

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The yoga school is arranged in the upper piece of Bhagsu, a town which is above of the Dharamsala City and McLeod Ganj is a magnificent spot perfect for yoga classes. It is a warm and inspirable spot for classes. This spot is concealed and situated a long way from the Dharamshala city life.

The pathways in this area have an enthusiastic property. In the night times music and different occasions are composed here, at the day time in Bhagsu you can appreciate the tasteful heated breads and cakes.

The elevation there is between 1250 and 1982 meters. The temperature is close around 15 to 30 degrees Celsius in mid-April, May, and June. From the beginning of July to the end of September there is a storm season.

In the early hours of the morning and amidst the night times a light rain is to be expected. It can be cold, so some light warm garments would be beneficial for you. In the day time, it can be warm with little measure of daylight, clean sky, which is a lovely view to watch and to feel.

Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School India Yoga Teacher Training Program

Course curriculum

This four-week Vinyasa intensive teaching certification course is entirely unique program consisting a formal structure of preparation for aspiring yoga teachers.

  • Mantra chanting with ethics of the day
  • Kriyas - practice and techniques of four shatkarma (body cleansing techniques)
  • Practice and learning techniques of pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Learning and practice techniques of Vinyasa flow yoga asana (physical postures)
  • Learning and practice techniques of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow body alignment / yoga asana (physical postures)
  • Practice and learning of dhyan (meditation)

Anatomy and physiology

Understand of our own body needs to know that basic knowledge of physiology and anatomy. You will be taken through mainly five to six body system. In yogic anatomy section you will be guided for understanding physical body, subtle body and emotion body. Chakras, nadi, pranas, bandhas, and body.

History and philosophy of yoga

Tantra philosophy, eight limbs of yoga, Patanjali yoga sutra, Raja yoga, yogic explanation of Ved Vyas Bhagwat Gita, and yogic discipline and Indian Vedic culture.

Vinyasa flow alignment and adjustment skill development

Alignment and adjustment of yoga poses will be a mixture of knowing the optimal correct postures of Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga series of yoga, usage of props, limitations, restrictions, optional poses, connected yoga poses, etc.

Teaching mythology and skill development

Student will teach a small group class and discuss in a group about the class. This will bring a broad understanding about the teaching skills and creativity of series.

Demonstration and assisting within group

In the last week of teaching each student will play a role of assistant yoga teacher be with a yoga teacher in class. It will create a habitual for the aspirant teachers to go teaching with a new idea or way of approach to the postures of asana.

Training daily schedule

  • 05:00 Morning bell
  • 05:30 Morning tea
  • 06:00 Mantra chanting and shatkarma (yogic cleansing practices)
  • 06:30 Hatha yoga
  • 08:30 Pranayama (yogic breathing)
  • 09:30 Breakfast / self-study
  • 11:00 Yoga lectures
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Rest / self-study
  • 15:30 Yoga lectures
  • 17:00 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga
  • 19:15 Meditation / guest lectures
  • 20:00 Dinner time
  • 22:00 Sleep


Yashpal Rauotela
Yoga Alliance USA (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)
Yogi Yashpal was born in very holy place of Rishikesh and is the founding director of Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School. He is a gold medalist and multiple medal winner in numerous state, national, and international yoga championship events. He has been teaching for five years and is a master of primary series of Ashtanga-style Vinyasa flow yoga. He has an excellent knowledge of Vinyasa Flow style yoga. He is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance USA. Yogi has a masters degree in yoga science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar.
Sarvottam Kumar
Sarvottam is a yogi and meditation master at Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School. He is the senior director of marketing and a spiritual meditation instructor at the school and also a founding member of Meditation School Rishikesh - Shree Mahesh Heritage. His spiritual pathway onto wellness career started in 2006 after getting involved with the Art of Living Foundation. After continuously experiencing and sharing his yogic knowledge of the wellness world, he finally started his teaching in 2014 and continues to share his knowledge with disciples worldwide.
Mahesh Bhatt
As a yoga philosophy, therapy, and Indian Vedic history teacher, Mahesh is a master in yoga, specializing in yogic science philosophy. By profession as a yoga instructor, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Ayurveda yoga from Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Haridwar. As a specialist in Marma therapy, acupuncture, and Ayurveda body evaluation, he has been teaching yogic philosophy and treating local patients. He has been awarded a gold medal during his yogic career and has a master of science and PhD degrees in Yoga.
Yogi Rajesh
Yogi Rajesh has been living with holy and saintly people since his childhood. He was brought up in a place where spirituality is the home atmosphere. He is an expert in Hatha, Kundalini, and Mudra yoga, and Mantra Chanting. Yogi is currently pursuing a Master of Science Yoga Degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar.
Ajay Dasmana
Ajay has been contributing his sincere service of teaching yogic anatomy of the body at Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School since May of 2015. He has a Masters Degree in human biology, yogic treatment, and physiology. In addition to teaching at the yoga school, he has been rendering his services as a volunteer to the Indian National Kids Academy as an anatomy instructor. His core philosophy involves teaching and helping students to develop their inner body strength control & maintain their physical postures.

Retreat locatie

In Northern India, there is a wonderful city named Mcleodganj in Bhagshu, Dharamshala. The city is arranged in the delightful condition of mountains, waterfalls, and astounding timberlands. It is in a state named Himanchal Pradesh which lies in the northern piece of India. The school is near Skypie Guest House, near German Bakery Road. Dharamshala is a word made up of the joining of the two words dharma and shale. The delightful city Dharamshala is arranged amidst the Tibetan world in India. Dharamshala is a popular and appealing destination for Indian and remote visitors, including of the understudies and practitioners concentrated in Tibet.


De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten

De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

  • Vegetarisch
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In de prijs inbegrepen

  • 3 daily meals
  • 27 nights' accommodation in mountain view rooms
  • Course tuition fee
  • Local sightseeing and trekking on weekends
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