11-Daagse Vitaliteit Detox Yoga Retraite in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Orion Retreat Center at Elements Boutique Resort 7 Spa, 53/5 Moo 4, Phang Ka, Koh Samui, 84140, Thailand

11-Daagse Vitaliteit Detox Yoga Retraite in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Orion Retreat Center at Elements Boutique Resort 7 Spa, 53/5 Moo 4, Phang Ka, Koh Samui, 84140, Thailand

Luxe Yoga en Detox in Koh Samui

Bij Orion hebben we een reinigingsprogramma ontworpen dat alles omvat over het reinigen van het lichaam met behulp van verschillende programma's. Onze activiteiten verzekeren onze klanten van hogere niveaus en vitaliteit. Yogasessies vinden plaats op ons platform met uitzicht over de Golf van Thailand en bevorderen kracht en lichtheid tijdens de detox.

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Waarom deze reis?

  • One Reiki healing treatments
  • Two daily colema procedures
  • One yoga class per day (weekdays)
  • Daily detox drinks, vitamins, healthy meals
  • One meditation per day (weekdays)
  • Various massages and treatments
  • 10 nights accommodation
  • 10 dagen met instructie
  • Engels
Verberg alles

The Lipa Lovely Beach Resort offers beachfront bungalows and rooms. Facilities, location and friendly staff create a perfect setting for your relaxing tropical island retreat. This is a place to relax and see how the island of Koh Samui used to be. There are no huge shopping malls just around the corner, just as there are no loud discos or karaoke bars. There are no beach vendors selling you unwanted trinkets and beads, just the sound of the birds on the wind and the rustling of the coconut trees.

Each room or bungalow has individually controlled air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot water, patio and chairs, satellite TV, DVD player, refrigerator, safety box, and unlimited drinking water. Each of the wonderful bungalows and rooms are decorated with a southern Thai style old world charm.

The 11 day detox package incorporates a pre and post cleanse as a part of the 7.5 detox package. This holistic program offers more support and guidance in the preparation for fasting and more comfort and ease following a prolonged fasting period. The kitchen will take care of your diet with healthy and delicious raw fruits, vegetables, and juices to balance the alkaline in the body and increase your vital life force energy. Dedicated and helpful staff will offer introductory information to the benefits of fasting and cleansing the system, day-by-day dietary guidelines post-detox, and support and attention throughout the program. You are supposed to feel comfortable and relaxed as you take the steps towards a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle.

By including massages in the program, the lymphatic system is stimulated, which helps to detoxify the body and heighten the immune system. Herbal steam and dry sauna are available and an excellent way to help gently detoxify the body, and revitalizes the body's largest organ: the skin!

Sample daily schedule

  • 07:00 Detox drink / juice
  • 08:00 Group yoga
  • 09:00 Meditation
  • 09:30 Coconut check in at the office/ colema / free time (if not fasting)
  • 10:00 Juice and supplements / breakfast (if not fasting)
  • 11:00 Holistic or spa treatment / consultation / free time
  • 12:00 Detox drink plus juice and supplements / lunch (if not fasting)
  • 13:00 Holistic or spa treatment / free time
  • 14:00 Private yoga / personal training session / free time
  • 15:00 Juice and supplements / smoothie (if not fasting)
  • 16:00 Daily group activity / workshop
  • 17:00 Afternoon colema / spa treatment
  • 18:00 Detox vegetable stock and herbal tea / detox drink / herbal tea with raw dessert (if not fasting) followed by probiotic capsule before sleep


Treatments, consultations, and courses will be scheduled between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Enjoy the Orion experience

With more than 15 years of experience in detox, they have earned a reputation for the effective and accessible detox and fasting programs in Thailand. Through the years, selection of specially tailored programs have been developed to support your journey and personal growth every step of the way. Your time with them is a healing and enriching experience for you, your body, mind, and soul.

Orion has created a retreat environment that can help those who are looking for new tools for their personal transformation, and for those who are looking for a break from their regular routine in which to detox, rest, and regain their vitality and clarity of mind. By infusing ancient wisdom's with contemporary holistic practices, they achieve the highest standards of treatment leaving you feeling in harmony, balanced, and completely revitalized.

  • Ari Barkan

    Ari is a Reiki master who has been dedicated to the understanding and practice of this esoteric art for more than a decade. He teaches internationally on the subjects of energy channeling and healing, creating ripples of change with the potential to spread globally.

  • Simon Belcher

    Simon Belcher is passionate about Reiki. He is a Reiki master and teacher. Since his initiation as a Reiki master, Simon has dedicated his life to working as a Reiki healer and teacher, initially in Brighton, England where he has lived and now in Thailand as part of the team at Orion.

  • Rocio Gaborit

    Rocio is a French-Guatemalan mom of two kids, a successful wellness coach (nutrition, detox, and weight loss), and a passionate yoga instructor. A natural attraction in subjects which are transcendental since a young adulthood had brought her in a path of holistic approaches and spiritualism. Under the guidance of Locana Sansregret (Padma Yoga), Stephen Thomas (Airyoga), Tracey Cook (Ekhart Yoga), and many others who inspired her to teach alignment following her intuitive compassionate approach by bringing the students to experience beyond their physical level.

Orion Retreat Centre is situated within the Lipa Beach Resort. Located on the peaceful, soft sands of Lipa Noi Beach on Koh Samui’s peaceful West coast. Famous for providing views of the island’s most breath taking sunsets, unspoiled natural beauty and the friendly atmosphere of old Samui.

2 Day Pre-cleanse:

  • 4 Liver Flush Drink
  • 3 freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices per day
  • 1 fresh coconut juice per day
  • 2 days all inclusive raw food diet

7.5 day Vitality Juice Detox:

  • Introductory presentation on the use of colonics
  • A full program of organic natural food supplements
  • Daily intestinal cleanser and pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement
  • 3 detox drinks per day with Betonite Clay and Psyllium Husk
  • 3 freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices per day
  • 1 fresh coconut juice per day
  • Selection of herbal teas
  • 1 potassium detox soup per day
  • 2 colemas per day using private equipment in your room or villa
  • Options of coffee, apple cider vinegar and garlic colema additives
  • Filtered water for the colemas

2 days Post-Detox:

  • Break fast fruit
  • 3 freshly prepared fruit & vegetable juices per day
  • 1 fresh coconut juice per day
  • 2 days all inclusive raw food diet
  • 1 Thai massage - 60 minutes
  • 1 aromatherapy oil massage - 60 minutes
  • 1 reflexology foot massage - 60 minutes
  • 1 massage of choice - 60 minutes
  • 1 aromatherapy oil massage - 60 minutes
  • 1 chakra balancing treatment
  • 1 Chi-Nei-Tsang treatment
  • 1 colonic hydrotherapy treatment (optional extra)
  • 1 massage of choice - 60 minutes
  • 1 meditation session per day (weekdays)
  • 1 private one on one yoga class - 60 minutes
  • 1 reflexology foot massage - 60 minutes
  • 1 Reiki healing treatment
  • 1 Thai massage session - 60 minutes
  • 1 yoga class per day (weekdays)
  • 2 daily colema
  • 10 night’s accommodation
  • Aqua Fit classes
  • Detox juices and meals as specified in the food section
  • Final nutritional consultation with take-home guidelines
  • Free unlimited drinking water
  • Group workshops, activities and talks
  • Guided beach walk
  • Initial wellness consultation
  • Optional liver and gall bladder cleanse
  • Airfares to and from Samui Airport (USM)

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Samui Airport (USM). Orion Retreat Centre will pick you up from the airport. Please inform the organizer if you require airport transfers. There will be a driver waiting for you at Koh Samui Airport when you arrive.

  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
  • De betaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet worden voldaan bij aankomst.

Geverifieerde BookYogaRetreats.com recensies

  • M
    Beoordeling van Marie Lord uit Verenigd Koninkrijk


    CONS Contra's: I felt the taxi services was too expensive from the retreat.

    PROS Pro's: All of it

    Antwoord van de organisator: Dear Marie, Thank you for choosing Orion for your Detox and Yoga retreat and for your feedback It was our pleasure to be able to host you and support you throughout your experience. We wish you success and joy for the future. Orion

    2017-Jun-08 14:22:03

  • S
    Beoordeling van Shalini Dass uit Australië

    Prison Paradise

    CONS Contra's: The management running the place seem more focused on getting the money quickly than making you feel welcome. The place itself looks tired garden unkept and in need of some major TLC. Unfortunately it didn't make me feel relaxed or enjoy the wholistic experience I was looking for. It's also quite far from anywhere else in the island and taxis being expensive you do feel quite trapped. I wouldn't recommend this retreat to anyone.

    PROS Pro's: The location is a beautiful setting next to the sea in a quiet part of the island.

    2017-Jun-01 01:51:47

  • T
    Beoordeling van Tiziana Mora uit Italië

    2017-Apr-13 11:29:25

  • Beoordeling van Minny uit Hongkong

    "The experience with Orion Retreat Centre was amazing. The staff there were very helpful, nice, resourceful and professional. I enjoyed the time that I had with them. The program was packed with a wide range of activities and healing sessions. I feel like I was reborn at Orion. My life has just begun. I am full of energy, confidence and Iove now."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, aangepast


  • Beoordeling van a traveler uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    "A life changing experience - delivered by a dedicated, caring, professional and friendly team. My 13 day "detox & fitness" program was well planned, holistic, fun and most important - effective. Having previously visited "five star" retreats elsewhere in Thailand I enjoyed my time at Orion more even though the accommodation is quite basic the beautiful beach location and the friendly vibe more than makes up for it. I loved it so much I re-booked for next year before I left!!! Thank you Orion!"

    Trip Advisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Tony Vee
    10 uit 10

    "The results of our detox retreat at Orion have been nothing short of amazing. We both jut got our trousers back from being altered a size down which we were when we came back. Guess what, they need to go back again, as they are once again a size to big and that's all in just a couple of weeks. "

    "The gift you give yourself is exactly what it says on the tin, rejuvenation and vitality. We have a new kick in our step we were lacking before we went and we both are now sleeping around 2 hours a day less, WOW that's an extra day in a week if you add up the hours. Imagine that, we actually now have 8 days a week!!! "

    Orion Retreat Centre Facebook page, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Andrea

    "Right from the onset, the Orion team have been pure professionals in all my dealings with them. The detox program was well planned & easy to follow with the team on hand to always answer any questions. In addition to the detox you come away with profound knowledge of self as it's an holistic healing program in the truest sense of the word. I will be eternally grateful to Rebecca, Simon, Renee, Natalie & Carol. They change not just diets but lives!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveler uit Verenigde Staten
    10 uit 10

    "From my initial email correspondence all the way to their follow up email to me I was very impressed with Orion. Very professional, yet fun and full of positive reinforcement for all the changes one experiences while detoxing. I only had 5 days so chose the raw food and yoga program with colemas. I stayed in one of the deluxe apartments and loved it, true luxury and comfort. The resort is beautiful and well appointed. The programs well structured and informative. I learned so much, made friends and got healthier. I highly recommend Orion to anyone looking to feel, look and be healthier."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveller uit Groot-Brittannië
    10 uit 10

    "Did a 7 1/2 day detox. 4 days of raw food and 3 days juicing cleanse. I have never been to a retreat before and didn't really know what to expect. I found the staff from Orion extremely friendly and helpful in making my stay as welcoming as possible. The raw food that the restaurant served was excellent and all of the juices on the cleanse were delicious. The restaurant staff were always helpful and quite flexible if you arrived a little bit off schedule. The programme for the week was well organised but again quite flexible where possible. The Reiki and Chakra balancing that Simon carried out was for me a life changing experience as I'd never experienced anything like this before. The massages at the Spa were great and the staff there were very obliging. Some were better that others at the massages but I soon worked out who to book with! The room was kept meticulously clean every day and the accommodation was more than comfortable. The hotel facilities were good, the pool was lovely, there is a sauna and steam room and gym if you wish to make use. The beach is nice but one drawback here is that you a can't swim in the sea here unless you walk out for about 10 minutes as it's too shallow for swimming. The yoga and meditation was great and Natalie is an excellent instructor. I will definitely consider Orion in next year retreat plans. Thank you so much Orion."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveller uit Spanje
    10 uit 10

    "I spent 21 days detoxing with Orion. Prior to arriving I was slightly concerned by some of the reviews about the Elements resort but, this place was perfect to detox in. Orion only takes a small number of clients at any one time so that they can dedicate themselves to everyone as much as possible. You are given a pretty full schedule to follow for your stay and there was always someone available to explain or assist if you wanted to change any appointments around. Most people were single travellers and there were always other detoxers available to 'commiserate' with over a bowl of detox stock which brought a lot of fun to the whole experience. I lost over 6 kilos whilst at the resort. One of the features that made me choose Orion over other centres, was the healing aspect. I had a chakra alignment therapy that blew me away and I felt really positive about life in general at the end of my detox. All the staff are very dedicated and that really helped get through the detox. I would like to thank Simon, Natalie, Anastasia and Aleena for their help. This centre has a focus on detoxing and healing and the yoga is just a supplement. The yoga classes are aimed at beginners/intermediates (perfect for me) but I would have liked to have had yoga classes at the weekends too. There were lots of guys detoxing too - which was great to see as, not sure why, but I expected mainly women. In summary, a great team at Orion. I loved my time there and their knowledge about nutrition is second to none. I shall definitely take away a lot from my experience there...and hopefully implement that knowledge into daily life back home. Oh, and definitely try to walk up to the Conran hotel early each morning. Not only is the view outstanding but it is a great workout - I wish I had discovered it sooner!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Olga M
    10 uit 10

    "I've had an amazing experience at Orion retreat. Everything was great. The location is far from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng, the beach with crystal clear water is quiet, all the healing treatments are perfect. It works so well along with raw food and green juice cleansing diet. Helps to detox not only your body but your mind. Staff is friendly and helpful. Daily schedule is well-organized, there is no time to get bored or hungry. In 2 weeks of juice detox I've lost around 5 kg and gained unforgettable spiritual experience."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Emily N.
    10 uit 10

    "My husband and I signed up for the 11 day juice detox to learn more about the wellness and detox space. We're pretty healthy so we weren't interested in losing weight. We enjoyed the community vibe as we met other detoxes for our regular juices/meals. We talked, laughed, and shared stories as we all were going through the same process. We loved the different juice combos and Thailand's coconuts. When it was time to eat our first raw meal, we were beyond excited and savored all of the flavors. Highly recommend taking the time for a pre and post juice detox. We became much more aware of our bodies and the digestion process. We were surprised at how full we felt drinking juice and coconut detox drinks. We've been sharing our new nutrition insights with family and friends. Leaving Orion we felt our healthiest yet!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Katemagg uit Volksrepubliek China
    9 uit 10

    " I came from a very hectic city life! Beginning of last year, my body was sending me strong messages. I became so sick with all symptoms like lack of motivation, low energy level, stomach-ache, abdominal pain and headache, back pain ... I gained 18 pounds in 2 years; I guess I overdosed myself in Chinese food. All my clothes could not fit. Obviously, I did not take care of myself and never take the time to listen to my soul. One day, I read an email from a New York friend who he came back from a weekend detox and he was explaining how good it was! That's triggered me to give it a try.Without searching too much, I bumped into Orion. Finally decided a 21 days detox program! It's my very first detox, also first time to Samui (although I have been to many places in Thailand) and I was being very opened to explore without too much expectations, simply hoping to reduce weight!After experiencing the whole 21-days, family and friends witnessed my transformation. They were so surprised and keep asking me how I did it! Truly this trip is the best gift I have ever had!My 21-day stay with Orion was way valued than the dollars I paid! I lost 6.8 kilos... My body is much more flexible now, where I was unable to twist my body to the side before. My usual morning headache was gone. I am so happy that my abdominal pain which I had for years, disappeared. My energy level improves so much that I did not feel tired after walking for hours now. I start to pay attention to my diet and my life style, and keep on doing yoga everyday. I feel much much much better now! I finally took my courage to take my old clothes out from the wardrobe last night, and BINGO I can fit into 80% of my old tops; I just have to work harder on my lower body to get my firmness back I am happy!Its amazing how Simon and his team put together a comprehensive program that I was able to spend true-quality time on healing myself and obtained deep relaxation! The content of the program combined Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing as well as Meditation Yoga were all first time for me. Big thanks to Simon for his kindness care and helpfulness. I enjoyed the treatments and the lessons, also the conversations that gave me insights on how to heal my self. Through out the whole trip, I was like enjoying myself in the heaven, exploring the journey on how to become a better being, taking care by a group of angels who are very knowledgeable and professional.I miss the everyday meditation yoga by beautiful Nathalie who is a super nice, caring and kind yoga teacher. Honestly I tried couple of yoga lessons back in my home town, I never like it because those focus on the physical level only. After this 3 weeks meditation yoga, I love yoga now and I feel uncomfortable if I skip one day. Most importantly, it helps my neck and spine problems a lot that I had severe pain for years. The Aqua yoga was fun too yoga in the pool, having good time with the group.. enjoying conversations and sharing!I also had physical training by Dr. Will, a very knowledgeable kind man, whom he tailor-made some circuits for me to fit into my body condition. I feel great to really work out my body and sweat. The Thai massage and body treatment at the Elements Spa were brilliant. My body therapist, JA is a super nice caring lady, who diagnosed my body every time before prescribing me the treatment that helped to improve the condition. Her Thai massage is simply the best I have ever had, surely I am qualified to say so after my 20 years regular massage experience.I must say, one of the biggest rewards from this trip was the introduction of raw food diet from Anastasia, the nutritionist at the Orion. I can never imagine how much my body enjoys raw food in fact I noticed now how bad I treat my body before!!! Its a true life changing experience, although I still have hard time trying to balance my diet with my family, but for sure that I will stick to what is good for me. Anastasia even gave advice after I broke my first long fast, and helped me to go back to the reality. The advice is great; also the raw cooking class was just fun and helpful. I feel so good eating and making raw food! Indeed big kisses and hugs to Alison and Trudy (friends I met there) who helped me to shop for all raw materials, so that I can kick-start my raw cooking back home!I also finished the Reiki Level I & II by Teachers Ari & Daliah Barkan, and Simon Belcher, they are very good teachers, knowledgeable, very caring and kind, spiritual and with magic hands. Just like Mr. Magic hands, the colonic irrigation professional who massaged my colon for 2 hours per treatment to help cleanse my colon and ease my abdominal pain. Its such a therapeutic experience for me, indeed I feel good after the treatments.I enjoyed every moment; I love the place and the people! I am so glad that I made a good decision and right choice. I am keeping up my yoga and raw food eating now, I feel good. With no doubt, Orion is the place for all who want to enjoy quality time with good food, good people, peaceful and stunning environment, with positive energy!As I am in Events and Weddings Biz, I spend most of my time working in hotels and resorts around the world 5 stars 6 stars private clubsI must say I like staying at Elements Resort & Spa. I feel so cozy and easy to approach, while maintaining 5 stars service environment. I stayed at both the villa with a private pool, also the deluxe apartment, both are well facilitated and with privacy. The staff at the Elements Resort & Spa is just great. Big thanks to the Manager, Zuzana and her team, who took care of my stay and was always there when I needed help. Indeed she is so caring and sensitive to customers, I told her I want to buy a Thai style dairy, and couple days later she bought me a gift a beautiful Thai dairy with elephant printing on the cover! The restaurant staff is good and they always remembered what I needed to eat and drink, plus delivered to my room while wearing beautiful smile on their faces all the time. The owner of the place, Mr. Stephen, an very interesting passionate guy, I am so glad he makes the place nicely, cozy and perfect for all people like me wanted to find a true heaven to take a break from our daily busy lives! I will make my stay here at Elements with Orion every year! "

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van a traveller uit Cambodja
    10 uit 10

    "I did the 7 days Juice fast as i was in need to better understand my body and was in a stand still in my life. From the moment I arrived, the staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home instantly. I was quiet nervous and unsure about the experience but they made sure I was provided with a lot of information and reading material on day one.The surroundings were stunning. The rooms are spacious and the pool in beautiful. The hotel staff were excellent and couldn't do enough for you.I thoroughly enjoyed our meditation and yoga classes with Natalie. She was very informative, thoughtful with each student and helpful with their strength and weaknesses. I saw a big improvement in myself over the week. My balance, strength and mind was so much stronger. Thank you Natalie!Anastasia was an incredible nutritionist. She has changed the way I think about food and what I want to put into my body. She explains everything with loads of information, recipes and guidance and helps to modify for your needs and intolerances. Anastasia is extremely good at her job and knows so much. Her help didn't end when I left the retreat as she is so contactable and still helps me with my diet. I feel so lucky to have her support as I go through these huge changes. Thank you Anastasia!Simon, is a fantastic guy. He was so much help and made the whole experience so enjoyable. He is a well grounded, spiritual, wise person. I was lucky enough to have a few healing sessions with Simon and they left me feeling like a different person (in a great way) I throughly enjoyed having Simons positive mind and guidance during the retreat. He made the stay very accommodating and enjoyable. Thank you!I can't wait to visit again, next time I want to bring my friends and family. It is a very rejuvenating and positive experience.Orion is highly recommended."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Michael uit Duitsland

    "I really enjoyed the 11 days detox programm at Orion Retreat Center, it was definetly not my last visit. The whole team was supporting me on all terms and was always available for questions. I really liked the education of the nutritional consulation this was very helpfull for me to set my personal plan for good nutrition intake. The Yoga classes was great too :-). Thanks ORION."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Nigel uit Groot-Brittannië

    "Apprehensive about spending a vacation at a detox centre, but found Orion to be so much more. A 9 day detox program turned out not only successfully but also one of my best holidays ever. Located within a small boutique hotel with a community feel, the staff's attention to detail (individual detox programs are prepared for you) as well their friendly supportive presence helped to offset the challenges of detoxing. Departed feeling the best for years. Loved too the daily classes of yoga & meditation. Will be going back as also learnt a lot. Thanks to all."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Penny uit Australië

    "I would recommend this detox to anyone needing to take time out, lose some weight, get to know yourself and be far away from the stresses of everyday life. It is very quiet and the perfect place to detox and unwind. Elements is a small and wonderfully laid back hotel. Personally I loved it!"

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Audrey and Efra uit Israël
    10 uit 10

    "We went for a 5 days detox and ended up doing a 7 days juice fast which was amazingly easy and well organized by Orion. The healing space is wonderfully and generously held and we really felt a deep cleansing is happening while we enjoyed our holiday, the pool villa and the diligent service.the yoga was very professional and added a lot to the stay.The hotel could use a bit of maintenance but the overall opportunity to do a full detox in such a luxurious environment is a real chance. I plan to go again next winter! And the following!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Catarina uit Volksrepubliek China
    10 uit 10

    "I had my first detox experience at the Orion Retreat Beachfront, last October. I spent 7 days on juices, yoga, massages, reiki, following the schedule prepared for me. As the days were passing, an inner joy was filling me. The fasting and the colemas helped cleansing my body and specially my mind.The retreat staff and the hotel staff take very good care of the guests. They really try to make a positive difference on their guests. Im planning to repeat this experience next year."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Mikhail uit Singapore
    10 uit 10

    "It was a great pleasure to stay in Elements/Orion, Koh Samui, during 6 days detox & yoga retreat in the beginning of October, 2014. The location is excellent for recharging the batteries, detox and weight loss: this is a very quiet part of the island Koh Samui, well connected to Singapore and Bangkok by direct easy flights. The airport is small, nice and clean.The Orion team led by Simon is excellent, big thanks to Elain, Dalya, Craig and others. The daily yoga lessons in the morning filled me with positive energy for the whole day.The Spa of the hotel is small and nice. The massage is highly recommended as supplement to yoga and detox. The pool is very good. The beach is pleasant with an excellent view and you can be alone there almost all the time, but the sea is too shallow to enjoy swimming, but one can walk on the sand a little bit outside and it can be nice to be there before the sunset because the view is fantastic.The programme of detox and yoga looked very well thought and professional for me, I felt much better after these 6 days, lost 2.3% of weight and it was fat which went away. I am eager to come again for a longer stay to try fasting."

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Mike uit Australië
    10 uit 10

    "I did a 16 day Weight Loss Detox retreat at Orion in June and left totally rejuvenated both mentally and physically. The staff were professional, caring and made me feel at home. I lost nine kilos in this period and I returned home with a new mental outlook on life and as a better person to whom I was before I arrived. I would like to send my thanks to Simon and all his wonderful staff. I can't wait to return!"

    TripAdvisor website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Josephine uit Dubai

    "TEAM AWESOME! Cant thank you enough for the past week. Its been phenomenal and exceeded all expectations. Everything has been perfect from the idyllic setting; the room (thank you for the upgrade/view), the staff, treatments, juices and everything else! The Reiki course was very very interesting and Im so looking forward to practising this further. The Yoga was the best Ive ever experienced, I felt a dramatic improvement within the space of daysI cant wait to come back with my mum and sister. Its really a life changing experience"

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Thomas and Hilda uit Zwitserland

    "Sincere thanks for 11 days of rejuvenation, both my wife and myself actually leave with lots of positive energy.It was not the detox juices, the colemas, the yoga, meditation, Reiki, swimming it was actually the whole package that was well balanced and worked so well!! We leave enriched with a new experience knowing that we will be back some day."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Alice uit Hongkong

    "Thank you for your kindness, generosity and wisdom. The way that you always make time for each and every person that comes here is greatly appreciated and truly makes the detox an experience something you have to do. Thank you for your humour and guidance."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van John uit Groot-Brittannië

    "You both took time to explain to me the process and expectations. For the next 7 days I had 40 years of muqoid plaque making its way out of me. As a result I feel fantastic and almost new again. Maybe for me life does begin at 40!! Thank you so much."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

  • Beoordeling van Madelon uit Nederland

    "It has been a small adventure. Im amazed where it brought my body and soul. As if a grey veil has disappeared. The pure freedom and joyfulness was an unforgettable present to myself."

    Orion Retreat Center website, aangepast

Koh Samui, Thailand

De perfecte locatie voor jouw wellness retraite met rust en ontspanning. De gift voor transformatie in een comfortabele en ondersteunende omgeving.

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