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12-Daagse Detox en Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retraite in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Cleansing Yoga Retreat Thailand

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Cleanse your body, mind, and soul at Orion Healing Centre! This 12-day retreat is Orion's longest running yoga program fused with their signature detox retreat. With this package, you will get the combination of purification, the effects of Ashtanga yoga practice with the signature cleansing retreat. You will be guided to restore your health and fitness and create the ultimate relaxation for body and soul right here at Thailand’s most transformative healing center!

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  • Daily Ashtanga yoga classes
  • 3 weekly Yoga Philosophy classes
  • Daily meditation or Nidra yoga class
  • 2 Thai massages and 1 Reiki treatment
  • Introductory lecture on colonics and post-detox guidelines
  • 7 days' detox drinks, supplements, and colemas
  • 11 nights' accommodation
  • 4 days' raw food diet


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  • Half gevorderd
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Yoga stijlen

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All the accommodation options are situated amidst peaceful surroundings on or within walking distance to the beach. The bungalows have sea views - either overlooking the beach or the beautiful bay of Srithanu. The area boasts private and magical beaches that feature a beautiful coral reef, perfect for exploring marine life.

The accommodation will ensure you peace and quiet during your stay. The Orion garden bungalows are located in the tropical gardens of the main Orion Healing Centre campus, where swimming points are located within a 5-minute walk. Wi-Fi is available at the main center and restaurant.

Type A - Orion backpacker

This is a basic fan room with hot water shower. Choose the simple life in Orion’s basic accommodation, a rustic bamboo room, equipped with a double-sized bed, a fan, and hot water shower. Situated in Orion Healing Centre’s garden, a few steps away from the restaurant, yoga halls, and herbal steam room, this room is a typical Koh Phangan backpacker bungalow.

Type C - Orion terrace

This is a standard air-conditioned room with hot water shower. Surrounded by coconut trees and plants in the second garden, this standard terrace room is equipped with air-conditioning, a fan, a queen size bed, and a hot water shower. Enjoy the tranquility while being just a short walk away from the yoga halls, restaurant, and herbal steam. You may choose the option of two twin beds or one large bed.

Type D - Orion sunset

This is an air-conditioned room with hot water shower and garden or sea view. Choose a room with a sea view, a few steps away from Orion Healing Centre’s restaurant, yoga halls, and herbal steam room. The room offers air conditioning, a fan, double-sized bed, hot shower, and a balcony surrounded by beautiful plants.

Type E - Orion serenity

This room is an air-conditioned room with DVD / TV and hot water shower. Orion’s superior garden bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, a fan, queen size bed, hot water shower, and TV / DVD player. A few steps away from the restaurant, yoga hall, and herbal steam room, this room offers a large balcony with cushions and table and is surrounded by beautiful plants.

Type F - Orion zen

This room is an air-conditioned room with DVD / TV, living area, and hot water shower. Treat yourself with Orion Healing Centre’s best room surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Its large balcony equipped with hammock will make you forget about your hectic life. The room offers air conditioning, hot water shower, flat screen TV / DVD player, queen size bed, refrigerator, safe box, and a large living area with cushions and table.


The practice

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a traditional style of Hatha yoga popularized and redesigned by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) in the lineage of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. It is derived from an ancient text called the Yoga Korunta, written by Vamanarishi, and schools the practitioner in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga.

The main components of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga are breathing with sound (Ujjayi breath), bandhas (locks), and Drishti (gaze). Together these three elements form Tristana. In this practice of yoga, breath is synchronized with movement - this is called Vinyasa. Its purpose is cleansing; producing internal heat leading to profuse sweating and detoxification of the organs and muscles.

Each of your teachers brings years of knowledge of the Ashtanga yoga system to Orion. They work closely with the teachers to constantly develop the program; keeping the resident teachers on a long-term basis, so that practitioners can build a solid relationship with them - known as ‘parampara’ - and benefit from this practice, not only on a physical level but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Orion’s dedicated and passionate teachers love to share their knowledge of the Ashtanga system beyond the mat and demonstrate how the Eight Limbs can be applied to daily life. The Eight Limbs or Ashtanga is described in the Yoga Sutras by the sage Patanjali.

Patanjali’s Eight Limbs

Patanjali being the first to create the foundational text or sutras from which all modern day yoga practices derive. By adhering and practicing the Eight Limbs or Ashtanga yoga path, the practitioner can achieve that state of union between mind, body, and soul. This is the step that ultimately leads into self-realization. “When all mental distractions disappear and the mind becomes one-pointed, it enters the state called Samadhi.” - Patanjali (circa 500 A.D.)

  • Yama (abstinences)
  • Niyama (observances)
  • Asana (posture)
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)
  • Dharana (concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Samadhi (oneness)

The retreat

Orion Healing believes that the first concept of the Yamas - Ahmisa non-violence to oneself and others must be achieved before you even start your daily practice on the mat. Practice from a place of compassion and love towards yourself. This begins with the food that you eat and the intention you set in your own practice on the mat.

The effects and purification of this retreat are profound and can create a strong transformation both physical and mental. It is recommended to have some previous knowledge of the Ashtanga system before committing. The intentions are to create the right conditions for Ashtanga practitioners to immerse themselves fully into their practice.

At Orion, we create space for practitioners to develop their yoga studies whilst enjoying all that our Centre has to offer. This includes delicious sattvic food, a herbal steam room, massage, Reiki and many more holistic healing modalities that will benefit your body and soul during your sadhana.

Resident Ashtanga teachers at Orion Healing Centre

Ewa Juszczyk will be your instructor for this yoga retreat. Ewa views her yogic practice as art, philosophy, and science. She personally follows the dictum that to be a teacher, one must first be a student and knows the greatest lessons a teacher can learn come from experience with a variety of situations and students.

She believes that as a teacher, it is essential to stay open to the continuous learning process, be aware of opportunities for growth, and practice with gratitude. Passionate, patient, and proficient methods of daily practice brought her to a deeper understanding of what yoga is about. With her greatest pleasure, she will share her experience, love, and trust of the system of yoga.

Ewa’s teachings are honest, pure, and challenging with a good dose of humor. Her purpose is to nourish, enhance, and regenerate the body; bring stillness to the mind and balance overall for personal development. Ewa’s hands-on adjustments are precise and effective, allowing her to awaken the inner potential of students. She holds a strong and charismatic presence with compassion, love and good will.

Based on her understanding of the needs and abilities of each individual, she inspires people to go beyond their limitations with diligent daily practice. The emphasis in her teaching is in proper alignment and a balanced flow of prana (life force or energy) throughout the body. Incorporating yoga philosophy each step of the way, she works with a great respect of the traditional parampara (teacher to student transmission) and constantly deepens her knowledge and teaching skills to benefit her students.


Ashtanga Mysore program: Sunday to Thursday, 07:00-09:15

During Ashtanga Mysore classes, students of all levels practice at their own pace while the teacher offers adjustments, alignment cues and - if necessary - reminds students of the sequence. The Ashtanga Mysore practice is developed over time as the teacher moves the student along the sequence by giving them new postures as they become ready.

Ashtanga led primary: Friday, 07:00-09:00

Students are guided in a led full or half-primary class. The teacher announces each asana and counts each Vinyasa so that students move in sync, holding each posture and transitioning with the breath.


Ewa Juszczyk
Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland (Physical Education)
BNS Iyengar (Mysore Yoga)
Ewa beoefent al 16 jaar yoga en geeft les sinds 2004. Haar yogareis begon met Iyengar yoga in 2000 toen ze studeerde met Geeta Iyengar. Het ging verder toen ze Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga ontdekte en studeerde bij een erkende niveau II docent, Basia Lipska. Verdere studies brachten haar naar Mysore om in 2012 te studeren bij BNS Iyengar. In hetzelfde jaar studeerde Ewa intensief samen met Kamal Singh in Rishikesh, India. Andere erkende docenten waar Ewa mee studeerde waren Maty Ezraty, Tim Feldman, Petri Reisenen, Noah McKenna, Ajay Tokas, Kino MacGregor en Bela Lipat.

Retreat locatie

The Orion Healing Centre is nestled in the serene Srithanu Bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The village of Srithanu is only a 500-meter walk away from the center. The place is set in a natural tropical garden full of butterflies and exotic flowers. The tranquil and friendly environment of the center and surrounding village allows all guests to feel completely at ease.

Srithanu Village on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand has become a hub for yogis and those on their spiritual journey. The area attracts healers, teachers, and students alike who all come together to create a real community feel. Many guests find themselves staying on after finishing their retreat at Orion and many more return each year, reaping the benefits of the relaxed pace of life, availability of healthy vegetarian food, and of course the majestic sunsets that characterize this beautiful beach village.

Unieke kenmerken


  • Stoomkamer


  • Strand
  • Café
  • Tuin
  • Restaurant


  • Gratis Wi-Fi


De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten
  • Drankjes

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  • Rauw voedsel
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In de prijs inbegrepen

  • 1 Ashtanga yoga class per day
  • 1 fresh coconut per day
  • 1 healthy broth per day (7 nights’ detox)
  • 1 herbal tea per day (7 nights’ detox)
  • 1 meditation or Nidra yoga class per day
  • 1 Reiki healing treatment
  • 11 nights' accommodation at Orion Healing Centre
  • 2 colemas per day (self-administrated colonic) (7 nights’ detox)
  • 2 liver flush drinks per day (orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, and olive oil) (2 nights' pre-cleanse)
  • 2 Thai massages
  • 3 Yoga Philosophy classes per week
  • 5 detox drinks with bentonite clay and psyllium husk per day (7 nights’ detox)
  • All supplements: green plus, mega vitamin and mineral complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement (7 nights’ detox)
  • Daily use of herbal steam room
  • Filtered water for the colemas (7 nights’ detox)
  • Introductory lecture on colonics
  • Option of coffee, apple cider vinegar and garlic colemas (7 nights’ detox)
  • Papaya and bee pollen to break the fast (2 nights' post-detox)
  • Post-detox information and guidelines for re-introducing foods after your detox
  • Private colonic equipment in the bungalow
  • Raw food diet: 1 fruit salad, 1 garden salad (2 nights' pre-cleanse)
  • Raw food diet: 1 Fruit salad, 1 garden salad or steamed vegetables (2 nights' post-detox)


Recommended Airports

Driving directions from Thong Sala Pier

  • From Thong Sala, drive straight ahead.
  • Take a 6-kilometer drive to Srithanu Beach.
  • Take a short walk along the beach road and you will see a Thai restaurant named Ladda and J & P massage shop.
  • It is a way to go to the Moon Moon Resort, about 100 meters you'll see the Orion Healing Centre on the right before the hill.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Samui Airport (USM) or Surat Thani Airport (URT).

From Bangkok, you can arrive at Samui Airport (USM). Between Bangkok and Koh Samui, there are many daily services ran by Bangkok Airways. The flight time is about 1 hour. Afterward, you can get a connecting ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.

Alternatively, you can book your flight to arrive at Surat Thani Airport (URT) (the closest mainland point) that has a ferry connection to Koh Phangan. Air Asia, Nok Air, and Lion Air all fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani daily, the flight time is about 1 hour.

The transfer from Surat Thani Airport (URT) to Donsak ferry port is by coach or taxi and takes about 1 and a half hours. At Donsak, transfer to the ferry to Koh Phangan, which takes 2.5 hours. Prices for flights can be as low as 1200 THB.

Arrival by bus

There are many bus services from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Most of these are sleeper buses. They can be booked from travel agencies in Bangkok or by going to the central bus station, Sia Thai. The journey to Donsak, the ferry port for boats to Koh Phangan, takes about 10 hours. From Donsak, the journey takes around 3 hours to Koh Phangan. Usually, the ferry is included in the price of the bus.

Arrival by ferry / boat

Below is the ferry schedule from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. Please note that times may vary seasonally.

  • The Seatran ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m., 12.30 p.m., and 3 p.m.
  • The Lomprayah ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m., 11.15 a.m, 12:30 p.m., and 5 p.m.

The Seatran pier is located near Samui Airport (USM), approximately a 10-minute drive, and the Lomprayah pier is located a 50-minute drive from the airport. Please take this into consideration when booking the rest of your journey. Ferries arrive in Koh Phangan at Thong Sala Pier.

From Samui Airport (USM), there is a shuttle service to the ferry ports for Koh Phangan (this is usually available as a free service). Please ask for this service when you purchase the ticket for the ferry at the Seatran or Lomprayah ferry counter as you exit Samui Airport (USM).

Arrival by train

Trains leave Bangkok several times daily, the journey time is about 12 hours, sleeping booths are available for some services. After leaving the train at Surat Thani, the transfer by coach or taxi from Surat Thani station to Donsak Pier takes about 1 and a half hours. From Donsak, the ferry journey to Koh Phangan takes 3 hours.

There are 2 companies that run luxury coach services from Bangkok to Chumphon, which take about 6 hours. At Chumphon, you transfer to a large express boat that stops at Koh Tao before arriving at Koh Phangan. The boat journey from Chumphon to Koh Phangan takes about 2 and a half hours.

Arrival by taxi

Local taxis are available from Thong Sala Pier. Please inform the taxi to go to Orion Healing Centre in Srithanu. The taxi fare is approximately 200-300 THB per person.


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 25% van de totale prijs.
  • De aanbetaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet worden voldaan bij aankomst.
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