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7 Most Popular Yoga Destinations in Europe

by Alberto G. Guitron

Je eerste stop voor het plannen van je yoga retreats en vakanties. Vind alles wat je moet weten over reisbestemmingen en verbeter je yoga skills.
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Longing to do a headstand in front of the Eiffel Tower? Or a Downward Dog in the Colosseum? Or maybe rise from Savasana with the ring of the Big Ben? 

The Old Continent attracts millions of visitors every year, yogis and non-yogis alike. And while yoga retreats in Europe might not have the same ancient tradition as the ones in Asia, Europeans sure have learned how to organize a great yoga holiday.

They spice up yoga with their characteristic flavors, very rich culture and the magnificent cities within their territory. A yoga holiday in Europe is the perfect excuse to visit the touristic destinations, see all the renowned attractions with your own eyes and enjoy their delicious cuisine. But your trip would have a deeper purpose, you wouldn’t be just a tourist, you’d be a yoga traveler deepening your practice and connecting with others.

Check out which are the top 7 European yoga destinations, what they have to offer and what’s the best time to visit! 


spain yoga retreat

Spain is one of the most popular yoga destinations in the world and, by far, the top one in Europe. Its warm weather, beautiful beaches and an exquisite cuisine attract people who want to practice yoga immersed in its folkloric culture. 

Ibiza, Alicante and the Canary Islands are some of the most recurred regions in the country, but there are over 700 retreats on offer all over its territory.

Top places for a yoga retreat in Spain

  • Ibiza
  • Canary Islands
  • Mallorca
  • Barcelona
  • Andalusia

Best time to visit

The summer months of July, August and September are a guarantee of nice weather. 

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greece yoga retreat

Another Mediterranean country with mostly mild weather, Greece is a destination with much to offer for an unforgettable yoga retreat. From delightful beaches to majestic architecture, Greece is an ideal destination to strike some asanas feeling the sand between your toes while living the history that shaped our world. 

There are at least 250 programs you can choose from. But don’t get too philosophical picking, any place is excellent for your yoga vacation. Anywhere you go will help you relax and learn from the fascinating Greek culture and history.

Top places for a yoga retreat in Greece

  • Crete
  • Mykonos
  • Paros
  • Santorini

Best time to visit

From June to September you’ll most possibly enjoy a sunny holiday. 

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florence yoga retreat

Image credit: Alchemy Tours

Spaghetti, wine and… yoga? Yes! This charming southern country is among the top 3 European yoga destinations. Famous for its cheerful population, exquisite food, and top-notch fashion, Italy also holds some of the best yoga retreats in Europe to make it a remarkable place for a yoga holiday. 

Italy has something for all tastes. Want to Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany or any of the other regions that currently comprise more than 300 different yoga holidays available. 

Top places for a yoga retreat in Italy

  • Sardinia
  • Sicily
  • Tuscany

Best time to visit

July and August are the most popular months for yogis. 

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portugal yoga retreat

This beautiful country in Western Europe is not only home to many amazing surf camps, but also an excellent location for yoga retreats. And if you combine both practices, you have yourself one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have with a yoga and surfing holiday! Think of it as a moving meditation or a more extreme form of yoga. Hearing the waves crashing, holding your posture, focusing only on the present moment.

There are 300+ retreats available that offer this brilliant combo all across its territory, from Porto to Algarve. 

Top places for a yoga retreat in Portugal

  • The Azores
  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Algarve

Best time to visit

July and August offer great weather, but you could avoid the crowds in January and February.

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france yoga retreat

According to the World Tourism Rankings, France is the most visited country in the world with more than 86 million international arrivals registered in 2018. Arguably the most enchanting place on Earth, it is also a favorite for yoga practitioners. 

Aside from delicious food, an elegant culture, and impressive cities, this country also hosts nearly 300 yoga holidays that combine the romantic French atmosphere with the yogic philosophy. But the French charm doesn’t stop in Paris, France has lots of options among nature or in the countryside where you could find yourself practicing in an old chateau. 

Top places for a yoga retreat in France

  • French Alps
  • Haute-Savoie
  • Cote d’Azur
  • Occitanie

Best time to visit

France can get too crowded. So, if you really want that headstand in front of the Eiffel Tower, it’s better to avoid the summer and go in the spring, from April to June, or in the fall, between September and November. 

United Kingdom

uk yoga retreat

The United Kingdom might not be blessed with the more favorable weather of the previous countries, but it still offers lots of fantastic yoga retreats in England, Scotland, and Wales! From the wide territory and endless possibilities in London to the quaint villages and rustic houses in the countryside, thousands of yogis look forward to spending a yoga break on one of the 250+ programs available.

London doesn’t have that many options, but traveling within the UK isn’t too complicated if you want to pay a visit to the Queen. Or maybe you’ve been invited to a yoga session with Meghan Markle!

Top places for a yoga retreat in the UK

  • Kent
  • West Sussex
  • Devon
  • Wales

Best time to visit

Really, you could choose any month you want to come to the UK. While it never gets too warm and some places could be rainy, there are no extremes during summer or winter. That said, if you want better chances of a clear sky, the spring might be the best time. 

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croatia yoga retret

Croatia completes our list and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has visited this country. The Croatian beaches might not have the fame of those in Spain, but the beauty of the Adriatic Sea cannot be ignored by those looking for a nice yoga retreat. 

It’s an up and coming destination and, the success of its national team during the 2018 World Cup, helped the Croatia Full of Life campaign to grow its popularity exponentially.   

With around 50 yoga holidays in its small territory, there’s no doubt that Croatia is turning heads of yoga travelers everywhere in the world. 

Top places for a yoga retreat in Croatia

  • Hvar
  • Dalmatian Coast
  • Istria

Best time to visit

If you have flexibility, the best time to come to Croatia is during the shoulder seasons between May and June or September and October.

Looking for more yoga retreats in Europe? Go to and search among thousands of different options to spend a great time in the Old Continent. 

*Featured image credit: Captain Hanski

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