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2 november, 2016 is de beste plek voor het boeken van je yoga reiservaring. Wij zijn de grootste online yoga reisonderneming ter wereld met 2919 organisatoren in 251 bestemmingen wereldwijd.
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Want to share your passion for yoga with our community? You can get published on’s blog! 

We’re always looking for new authors who want to share information about various topics relevant to yoga and yoga travel. Through our blog, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of the global yoga community by sharing personal stories, interviews of yoga influencers, along with a variety of articles on yoga, travel, and health & wellness. We welcome you to be a part of this continuous goal! 

By contributing to our blog, you will be able to share your voice, experience and expertise to yogi communities and avid travelers worldwide. Should you have any suggestions about our blog or our site, please feel free to let us know! Whenever possible, we’ll do our best to respond and implement your ideas in a timely manner. 

If you’d like to see your work posted on our site, create your content following our guidelines below and send it through via [email protected]. Follow the instructions below and we’ll reply within 1 (one) week after we received your article.

Keep in mind that our audience mostly consists of women over 18 years old who are interested in lifestyle, fitness, health, spirituality, and of course, yoga! 

Ready to create and submit your content? Follow these 4 easy steps:


Step 1. Choose a category for your article/blog post


  • Yoga Destinations

E.g: Describe a Destination for a Yoga Retreat, The Secret of Bali, The Best Part of Spain, Yoga Retreats on the Beach, etc.

  • Yoga Styles

E.g. What is Kundalini Yoga?, What Yoga Style is Better Suited for You?, Can you do Hot Yoga?, etc.

  • Yoga Retreats/Tips

E.g. Tips for a First Yoga Retreat, How Does a Program Look Like?, Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat, etc.

  • Educational

E.g. 5 Yoga Poses When You Are Stressed, Tips to Have a Proper Alignment in Downward Dog, Breathing Techniques for a Better Sleep, How to Develop your Spirituality etc.

  • Lifestyle/Health & Wellness

E.g. How a Vegetarian Diet Can Improve Your Life, Habits to Gain Mindfulness, Tips to Be more Mindful and Increase Productivity, Food that Will Boost Your Energy, etc.

  • Personal Stories

E.g. How Yoga Changed My life, My First Teacher Training Course Experience, My First Yoga Retreat, etc.


Step 2. Create an article/blog post that meets the guidelines



Please keep your article between 600 to 1500 words (including image captions and title).

Note: With the permission of the author, would require the right to edit the submitted guest article/blog post as necessary.



  • Provide at least 5 clear, hi-resolution pictures (one must be a headshot of the author).
  • Should be related to topics discussed in the article itself
  • Format: JPEG/JPG/PNG.
  • Size: min of 500 KB and max of 2 MB.
  • List of sources for images (to avoid copyright infringement). Please submit caption and image credit.


Include links within the article/ post.

  • The article or blog post should contain a maximum of 3 links:
  • The links can be to the website’s/blog’s URL or a specific page/post within the website/blog.
  • The links may also be used to cite a source.
  • The links should always benefit or add value for readers. They should fit in context and provide with relevant/useful information.
  • For businesses/companies/websites that do or do not directly compete with Tripaneer and its sites, a link to the site’s or blog’s homepage is allowed. However, links to pages that list specific products/services are not allowed as we strive to provide our community with articles free of excessive promotion.

Note: Businesses/companies/websites that are in competition with Tripaneer and its sites, whether directly or indirectly, who wish to submit a guest post must have a Domain Authority (DA) that is similar or higher than


Step 3. Include an author’s bio


Before you send through your submission to us via email, please be sure to also include a brief bio/boilerplate about the author. This excerpt will be posted on the bottom of the published article/blog post. 

E.g. Alberto G. Güitrón is the Community Manager at, the world’s leading yoga travel website. He is a committed yoga practitioner. Equally passionate about writing and inversion poses.


Step 4. Share to website/blog and social media


  • Once published, will share all your article/blog post across its social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram).
  • In exchange, we request for our guest bloggers/websites to link back (do-follow link only, please) to our homepage ( and/or our sites’ landing page. 



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