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Detox Yoga Retreat Spain

  • 8 dagen met instructie
  • This retreat is ideal for everyone who wants to spend time focusing on their own fitness and health and would like to benefit from the expertise of some of the best practitioners and teachers in the world. All you need to do is to let loose of yourself in a tranquil setting surrounded by sun loungers and screened by mature trees and shrubs. By the end of this week detox, wellness, and yoga retreat, you will come back a healthier, more energized person.

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    Waarom deze reis?

    • Daily yoga classes
    • Deep tissue massages
    • Detox advice and presentations
    • Nutrition consulation and cooking sessions
    • Guided hikes, fitness classes, and personal training
    • Daily gourmet detox cuisine and drinks
    • Healthy recipes to take home
    • 7 nights accommodation


    • Beginner

    • Gemiddeld

    • Gevorderd


    De maximale groepsgrootte is 30.


    • Instructietaal: Engels
    • De organisator spreekt: Engels
    Verberg alles

    During this retreat, you will be staying at the Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat. This is a unique, luxurious country hideaway set in beautifully lush Mediterranean gardens, far away from the tourist trail. The property is for the exclusive use of the participants in the retreat. The combination of a wonderfully peaceful location, spectacular scenery, swimming pool, pretty gardens, and luxury accommodation makes for a perfect destination for the retreat.

    The estate is divided into a main house and two guest houses, with a total of 15 beautifully designed rooms and suites. All rooms are spacious, airy, luxurious, en-suite, and all with delightful views. The 20-meter swimming pool is surrounded by sun loungers and screened by mature trees and shrubs. There is a delightful al fresco dining area beside the pool, in addition to the shaded dining terrace and the indoor dining room. Wherever meals are served during this retreat, you can be sure of gourmet detox cuisine.

    Here is an example of a typical classic week schedule. The schedule varies according to the location, seasons, and temperatures. This is not a bootcamp and the sessions are there for you to enjoy as many as you would like to attend.

    Day 1

    • Pick up from Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) and transfer to the villa. The route takes approximately 40 minutes
    • Dinner on arrival
    • Team introduction

    Day 2

    • 07:45 Herbal tea break
    • 08:00 Dynamic yoga class or run, jog, or walk
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:45 Group circuit training
    • 13:00 Lunch and nutrition talk
    • 16:00 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 16:30 Fitness training
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 3

    • 08:00 Breakfast
    • 09:00 Three-hour hike
    • 13:00 Lunch
    • 15:00 Personal training
    • 16:00 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 16:30 Massage
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 4

    • 07:45 Herbal tea break
    • 08:00 Dynamic yoga class or run, jog, or walk
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:45 Group circuit training
    • 12:00 Nutrition consultation
    • 13:00 Lunch and nutrition talk
    • 14:30 Chef's cooking demonstration
    • 15:30 Fitness training
    • 16:30 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 5

    • 07:45 Herbal tea break
    • 08:00 Dynamic yoga class or run, jog, or walk
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:45 Group circuit training
    • 13:00 Lunch
    • 15:30 Fitness training
    • 16:30 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 6

    • 08:00 Breakfast
    • 09:00 Hike
    • 13:00 Lunch
    • 16:00 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 16:30 Massage
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 7

    • 07:45 Herbal tea break
    • 08:00 Dynamic yoga class or run, jog, or walk
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:45 Group circuit training
    • 13:00 Lunch and nutrition talk
    • 16:00 Afternoon green smoothie and healthy snack
    • 16:30 Fitness training
    • 17:30 Restorative yoga class
    • 19:30 Dinner

    Day 8

    • 07:45 Herbal tea break
    • 08:00 Dynamic yoga class or run, jog, or walk
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 11:00 Depart for the airport

    Guests can enjoy hikes at their own pace as there are always at least three guides. On days you have a morning hike, there will not be a morning yoga or fitness training class. All other classes, such as yoga and fitness, are tailored to individual levels.

    Two guided hikes are included to exhilarate your trip and enhance your fitness level. With several guides on each hike, there is a pace and level for everyone. So everyone can enjoy breathtaking walks and be invigorated by the clean mountain air and the spectacular scenery.

    • Isaac Mullins

      British Wheel of Yoga (Yoga)

      Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

      Isaac began practicing Ashtanga yoga 15 years ago, initially only to complement his career as a dancer. At 23 his desire to pursue yoga overtook his desire to dance, prompting him to train as a teacher. He has traveled extensively in India, studying many styles including Ashtanga, Sivananda, and Iyengar. He has been lucky enough to learn from many great teachers. Isaac is qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and is certified by the Yoga Alliance.

    • James Giuseppi

      (Sivananda Yoga)

      James was working as a trader when he discovered that yoga could relieve chronic back pain and assist in calming a restless mind. He had completed a teacher training course with Sivananda in 2002 when he was thankfully made redundant and began teaching full-time. The decade of city life gave him an invaluable understanding of the challenges of working in high-pressure environments. James' teaching style is an amalgamation of the yoga instruction he has personally experienced and his classes are accessible to all whilst he tailors each session to the individual needs and abilities.

    • Alan Kelly

      Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

      Alan has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, and teaching for seven. Since qualifying for the Yoga Alliance teachers certificate in 2005, he has been fortunate enough to be able to study with many of the world's renowned master yoga teachers. Through Alan's steady pace, creative sequencing and attention to detail he encourages his students to move freely, deeply, and mindfully into their bodies through asanas, pranayama, and meditation, bringing mind, body, emotions, and spirit into harmony and working together as one.

    • Joanne King

      Joanne teaches mindful breath-led yoga, inspired by many great teachers along the way. Over the course of 14 years, her yoga practice has grown towards a keen interest in the energetic effects of postures and breath work, the grace of flowing movement, and the contemplative practices of meditation. She teaches a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa flow, and Kundalini yoga. A love for words and poetry can be found weaved into her classes. Joanne is also a certified Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer.

    • Sophie Lewis

      Sophie draws on a variety of backgrounds including sports, dance, and Qi Gong during her yoga teaching. She teaches a strong flow of very creative, dynamic sequences that focus on building strength, stamina, and flexibility. For the last 15 years Sophie has trained in India and the UK, studying various yoga traditions, including Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. She has a background in triathlon and has developed a unique program of yoga for athletes. Sophie’s classes are energetic, imaginative, and motivating beyond the mat.

    • Erica Foulds

      Erica’s love and appreciation for both general fitness and precise movement started early, with classical ballet training. She combines a degree in human communication science with qualifications in personal training, fitness instruction, and indoor cycling. Erica is equally happy helping people recover from serious injury and pushing people to achieve their fitness goals. For the majority of Erica’s career, she has worked for some of London's top financial institutions as a corporate fitness well-being adviser and personal trainer.

    • Stan Blair

      Stan is a lifestyle coach, personal trainer, and fitness specialist.

    • Malcolm Coombes

      Malcolm is an exercise specialist using multiple disciplines to train a client base that spans a vast professional demographic from celebrities, producers, directors, and home executives. His classes have been a huge success in the fitness industry over the past 10 years. He aims to have you feeling energized, inspired, and wanting more.

    • George Dick

      George graduated degree in Sports Science and Biology, and has now spent over 20 years within the fitness industry. He has proven an extremely effective and motivational personal trainer over the years, with a wide base of expertise. He was senior fitness coach at Crystal Palace FC before becoming a senior trainer at Matt Roberts in Mayfair training many high profile clients. In the last few years his passion for skiing lead him to become a BASI ski instructor in Zermatt in Switzerland. George's philosophy to training ensures fun, effective, holistic solutions to every client's goals.

    • Kath Beesley

      Kath began personal training 12 years ago and has gained many fitness qualifications. She likes to make sessions enjoyable but hard so her clients achieve the results they want with a smile on their face. She currently teaches group sessions in gyms and outdoors with a variety of clients. Coming from a sporty back ground means that she particularly enjoys training sport specific clients and groups. She has run various marathons including New York and London, mostly dressed up for charities. Kath is highly motivated and she will make sure that her fitness sessions bring out the energy in you.

    • Willian Shombe

      Willan is a fantastic level 4 personal trainer, group instructor, sports massage therapist, and general practitioner referral specialist with over 20 years personal training experience. He began as a martial artist, then moved on to train as a dancer. He now runs his own company and trains people with medical conditions as well as working on these incredible retreats. Clients will be transformed both physically and mentally while with Willan on his structured programs.

    • Chris Manning

      Chris is a highly personable trainer and educator with an infectious passion and professionalism to create an environment where fitness goals are heard, nurtured, and executed. He is a published nutrition author, strength training specialist, and sought-after personal trainer who continues to enjoy a successful and varied career including running his own bespoke training and nutrition service. His mission statement is to be the fitness professional to provide the light-bulb moments which enable you to look after your health for years to come.

    • Alli Godbold

      Alli is a nutritionist qualified from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 1996 and specializes in weight loss and fatigue as well as digestive and hormonal health. Alli frequently runs cookery workshops and has her own popular cookery book. She is now working on her second book of simple, healthy recipes. She has also created an eight-week program for weight loss and improved health which has been hugely successful since it began in 2012.

    • Melanie Brown

      Mel's highly organized and extremely good at looking after guests, and it is a real bonus having her nutrition expertise along side her management skills. She fundamentally believes that eating well makes you feel better, as well as helping improve health. She likes good food and her consultations are always really enjoyable as well as informative.

    • Tanya Borowski

      Tanya is an incredible functional nutritionist and registered nutritional therapist. She creates bespoke weight loss packages using the functional medicine paradigm to again unravel the causes of individual’s reasons for incremental weight gain, plateauing, or inability to lose weight. She brings her passion and dedication to each client and empowers them to obtain their optimal health and well-being.

    • Emma Olliff

      Emma is a registered nutritional therapist and a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists. She believes that if you know how to take care of your body, it will take care of you, and her ethos has been borne out of a love of food and a commitment to health. Currently running thriving clinics, Emma is experienced in all aspects of nutrition whilst specializing in weight loss, digestive health, and hormone regulation. Emma also teaches workshops in schools for both children and parents.

    This retreat will take place in Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain.

    Nearby places

    • Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) - 40 minutes

    Deze vakantie is geschikt voor vegetariërs Klik hier voor meer vegetariër-vriendelijke opties

    On this retreat, the nutritionists combine their expertise with the creative flair of the chefs to produce your daily menu. It consists of light, innovative food that makes use of the highest quality fresh local fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, and other ingredients, all organic when possible. in:spa retreats is famous for its perfect blend of nutritious and delicious cuisine.

    The health and fitness profile form, which you will complete before the holiday, will provide you with the opportunity to tell in:spa retreats about any special dietary requirements that you have, be it vegetarian, vegan or other requirements and allergies. They cater for everyone.

    During the week, the chefs and nutritionists ensure that you avoid all substances which are hard on your system, including alcohol, and this combined with the relaxation and exercise is what leads to the feeling of euphoric well-being at the end of the week. On the final evening, however, all the week’s hard work is rewarded with a glass or two of wine. You will have worked hard and so more than deserve it. However, most guests feel so highly energized and healthy after their week, that they often choose not to have it.

    Sample menu

    Breakfast buffet

    • Fresh fruit platter
    • Scrambled eggs with basil and smoked trout
    • Homemade wheat-free muesli with soya milk
    • Homemade crackers with tahini
    • Selection of nuts and seeds
    • Mint tea, lemongrass tea, and ginger tea
    • Fresh orange juice and fresh pink grapefruit juice

    Mid-morning snack

    • Fresh green juice

    Lunch buffet

    • Rosemary mint turkey keftas
    • Steamed quinoa
    • Fresh garden rocket salad
    • Tomato, red onion, and basil salad
    • Beetroot, carrot, and coconut salad
    • Lemon tomato olive kefta dip
    • White bean and basil dip
    • Harissa paste
    • Balsamic viniagrette
    • Olive oil and argan oil

    Mid-afternoon snack

    • Fresh mint tea
    • Crudites with red pepper hummus dip
    • Selection of nuts and seeds


    • Split pea, garlic, and mint soup
    • Sesame salmon with braised fennel
    • Steamed spinach and baked courgettes with orange, pineapple, and cinnamon sauce
    • Steamed brown rice with fresh coriander

    De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

    • Ontbijt
    • Lunch
    • Avondeten
    • Snacks
    • Drankjes

    De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

    • Vegetarisch
    • Veganistisch
    • Biologisch
    • Regulier (gewoonlijk inclusief vlees en vis)
    • Andere dieetwensen op aanvraag
    (Als je speciale dieetwensen hebt, is het een goed idee om dit alvast door te geven aan de organisator bij het maken van een reservering)

    The selected venue is beautiful, but naturally while on holiday, guests usually want to visit areas of local interest. There is time for exploring most afternoons if you wish. in:spa retreats can help you organize a trip out to some of the must-see nearby destinations and taxi fares are generally pretty reasonable.

    Two sessions of deep tissue sports massages will be provided by the team of expert massage therapists and are included in the price.

    • 2 daily group fitness classes
    • 2 daily yoga classes
    • 2 deep tissue sports massages
    • 2 guided hikes
    • 3 daily gourmet cleansing and detox meals
    • 7 nights ensuite accommodation
    • A cooking demonstration
    • A nutrition consultation session with guidelines to take home
    • A personal training session
    • Constant access to expert advice throughout the day and evening
    • Daily healthy juice booster and healthy snacks
    • Pre-retreat detox advice
    • Pre-retreat questionnaire so in:spa retreats can tailor your schedule
    • Unlimited water and herbal teas
    • Use of the online library of healthy recipes
    • Wellness and detox presentation on arrival
    • Airfare
    • Airport transfers, unless you are a returning guest
    • Optional trips and activities

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI). in:spa retreats will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up and drop-off will cost you 22 GBP each way, but if you are a returning guest, these are complimentary.

    • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
    • De betaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
    • De rest van de betaling moet 70 dagen voor aankomst worden voldaan.

    London, United Kingdom

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