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Yoga Holiday in Kerala

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This is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of natural greenery and the sounds of nature and the river. Here you can experience the traditions and feelings of "Ayurveda" the science of life & "yoga" the science of body on the banks of river Periyar facing the forest. The place provides the perfect ambience for your mind & body by breathing the natural fresh air which keeps you calm & peaceful to regain your energy and to refresh your mind by feeling the science of life and the harmony of body, mind & soul. We value our relationships and understand our customers is the best way to give you the best.

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  • Daily one session of yoga
  • Doctors consultation/check up
  • Daily internal medicines during the course of the treatment
  • Meals as per Ayurvedic diet
  • 2 nights accommodation


  • Beginner

Yoga stijlen

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Elephant Pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat welcomes you to the world of authentic Ayurveda. A serene Ayurvedic resort located by the riverside, the resort combines the pleasure of a forest atmosphere with authentic Ayurveda treatment and wellness therapies. The resort has all the facilities to make your stay relaxed, comfortable, and rejuvenating. Accommodations in Elephant Pass are praised by a lot of visitors in and around the world.

Overlooking the shimmering waters of Periyar River and nestled among lush green Mahagony forests, Elephant Pass offers you a chance to unwind and have a holiday of a life time, while simultaneously rejuvenating your body and mind through effective and efficient Ayurvedic treatments. Spread out to offer nature’s view for your getaway accommodation, Elephant Pass is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday to renew your spirits.


  • 06:00 Internal medicine as advised by doctors
  • 07:00 Yoga session
  • 08:00 Breakfast meal as advised by doctors
  • 09:00 Sightseeing, will be chargeable for cab
  • 10:30 Massage or therapy
  • 12:30 Lunch meal as advised by doctors
  • 17:00 Yoga session
  • 19:00 Dinner meal as advised by doctors
  • 22:00 Bedtime


A.J. Solaman
A.J. is een zeer ervaren en gekwalificeerde yogadocent. Hij heeft een bachelor in economie, een master in sociologie en een diploma in yoga. Hij volgde een yoga docententraining bij Sivananda Ashram en zijn yoga-instructeur certificaat behaalde hij bij Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore. A.J. geeft al sinds 1996 les in yoga en is gespecialiseerd in Hatha yoga.

Retreat locatie

This retreat will be held in Elephant Pass Resort, Kerala, India. The magical call of the wild and the river is answered at Elephant Pass Resort, a luxurious riverside resort with a jungle atmosphere and is adjoined by the famous Elephant Kraal, Kodanad, Ernakulam district. With its natural beauty, serenity, and proximity to the river and forest, the resort provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural habitat.

The resort also had a good view to the famous church Malayattoor, which is on the top of a mountain in Athirapally forest on the banks of river Periyar, opposite to the resort.


You will be provided with traditional Kerala vegetarian food. The patient’s diet is being prescribed by the doctor and is being specially prepared by the expert cooks. Organic and vegetarian food will be served, as prescribed by the physician. Avoid overeating and eating before the previous meal has been digested, as well as avoid eating too quickly and swallowing without chewing.

Strictly avoid from eating any food from outside. Guests are advised not to take any food or drinks other than the diet provided at resort. Otherwise, it will adversely affect the treatments.

Spa behandelingen

You can book the following massages and treatments for an additional price.


A full body massage with herbal oil, which improves the peripheral circulation, prevents ageing, nourishes the body, provides good sleep, helps to maintain healthy skin, and get relief from muscular aches and pain. The procedure is done by applying of medicated lukewarm oil all over the body in seven different postures for a duration of 60 minutes.

Choorna pinda swedanam

It is a sudation process in which body is made to sweat by using boluses containing powdered herbal drugs dipped in oils or dhanyamla or vapor and applied throughout the whole body in seven different postures for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very effective treatment for inflammation of joints, rheumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis.


In this process, specially prepared medicated liquid (Dhanyamla) is poured all over the body in a specific manner for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very useful in weight reduction and increases the fat metabolism.


The patient is allowed to inhale the fumes of medicated wick through each nostril alternatively, closed one nostril while inhaling through the other, and exhaled through the mouth. It is useful in diseases affecting the parts above the shoulders.


It is a sudation process and Abhyanga is done prior to this process. The body will sweat by using bolus containing fried medicinal leaves, turmeric, pieces of lemon, and garlic dipped into a vessel containing warm medicated oil and applied throughout the whole body in seven different postures for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes.

Face pack (mukha lepanam)

Special herbal medicines are made into paste with medicated liquids and applied to the face for certain duration. After that, facial massages with medicated oils or creme and fomentation are done. It is useful in toning the facial muscles, makes the skin smooth, and improves the color and complexion.

Foot massage

This kind of massage is done with the hands and feet for a duration of 60 to 90 minutes. This is Kerala’s traditional Ayurvedic massage which is excellent for rejuvenation, relaxation, strengthening the muscles, and improves general vigor and vitality.

Head massage

A traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massage. The therapy technician applies herbal oil on the head and massages with gentle movements and techniques. Ayurvedic head massage increases memory, gives relief from headache, and improves sleep quality.


Special medicated water and medicines are allowed to be held in the mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. It is an effective treatment for weak gums, toothache, and bad odor of the mouth.


Specially prepared warm medicated oil is poured over the neck inside the herbal paste boundary and retained there for a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in cervical spondylosis, neck stiffness, and pain and inflammatory conditions in the neck.


Warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back of the patient and retained for 45 to 60 minutes inside the herbal paste boundary. It lubricates the joints, keeping them flexible and pain free. It is very useful in lower back pain, spondylosis, intervertebral disc prolapsed, and sciatica.

Kashayavasti (Asthapanam)

It is one of the main panchakarma treatment in which the medicated concoction is administered through the anus with the help of vastiyantra in a required quantity. It is very effective treatment for all neurological diseases.


A type of Shirodhara in which medicated milk is poured in a rhythmic way on the forehead for a duration of 60 to 90 minutes. This is done for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, and others.

Medicated bath

Special herbal leaves and medicines are boiled in water and that water is given for bathing. It removes all the impurities and makes the skin smooth and fresh.

Medicated steam bath

Some of the herbal leaves are boiled and steam is passed to the whole body for 10 to 20 minutes within the steam chamber. The individual is made to sweat, it removes all the impurities and toxins of the body, prevents skin diseases, and reduces fat.


This is a panchakarma treatment in which oils or medicines and instilled into each nostril, alternately keeping the other one closed. The patient is asked to inhale well, so as to spread the medicine. Palm, foot, face, and shoulders are then massaged well and the patient is asked to spit. Prior to the nasal medication, local application of oil followed by fomentation is done at the neck, face, and shoulder.

It is indicated in disease of ear, nose, throat, head, and eyes. Also useful in facial paralysis, sinusitis, migraine, and mental disorders.

Netra prakshalanam

Medicated decodtion is made to flow from the medial canthus to lateral canthus of the eye. It cleanses and prevents the diseases in the eyes.

Netra tarpanam

A wall boundary is made around the eye socket with herbal paste and then medicated ghee is poured into it slowly with the eyes closed. Then the patient is asked to open the eyes slowly and retain the drug for a required time. It is very effective treatment for eye diseases like loss of eyelashes, clouded vision, poor eyesight, and it relieves eye strain and improves the eye sight.

Njavara kizhi

It is a sudation process in which njavara rice is cooked and filled in boluses made out of cotton cloths. These boluses are massaged over the body after liberal application of medicated oil. The rice used is cooked in cow’s milk and medicated oil. The boluses are then dipped in this mixture and applied all over the body.

It is highly nourishing, rejuvenating, and helps to improve the immunity. It is an effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatism, malnutrition of limbs, and also improves the luster of skin.


A thick piece of cotton wool is soaked in warm medicated oil and is applied over the affected area for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very effective in lower back pain, osteoarthritis, sciation, spondylosis, and other injuries.


It is one of the special therapies of Kerala. It is the combination of sudation and oleation process in which lukewarm medicated oil is dipped and poured all over the body followed by a gentle massage until the body is perspired in seven different postures. It is effective in neurological disorders, rheumatic disease, and low back pain and builds up immunity for a healthy life.

Relaxation or rejuvenation massage

Ayurvedic relaxation massage or rejuvenation massage includes head massage, face massage and full body massage with medicated oil for duration of 90 minutes. It gives complete relaxation of body and mind.

Sareera lepanam (herbal body pack)

Herbal medicines are made into paste with medicated liquids and applied all over the body for a required time. After that, a gentle massage is given. It improves the tone of the skin, makes the body feel cool, useful in skin diseases, and good for complexion.

Sarvanga ksheera dhara

Medicated milk is poured all over the body and head with a special vessel from a certain height in a rhythmic manner. It is good for skin complexion, pitha dominant diseases, and menopause problems.


It is a process in which a cap without top is made to fit on the head and medicated oil is poured onto it to a certain level. It is made to retain the oil there for a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in insomnia, paralysis, and headaches.


Intake of medicated ghee or oil for the preparation of the patient for the main panchakarma process. Medicine is given in the early morning in empty stomach and is allowed to drink medicated water to increase the digestive power. Light diet like kanji is given at the time of appetite. Snehapanam will increase the digestive power and useful in gastric problems.

Snehavasthi (Anuvasanam)

Snehavasthi or fat enema is the anal administration of medicated oil through a disposable syringe or vasthi yantra in a required amount. It is done before kashayavasti and is an effective treatment for neurological disorders.


In this process, medicated oil is poured continuously in a rhythmic manner for duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Shiro abhyanga is done prior to the process and gentle massages are done during the process. It is mainly for stress, headache, insomnia, loss of memory, neurological disorders, and others.


It is a type of Shirodhara in which medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead in a rhythmic way for a duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It is very effective for insomnia, skin diseases, stress, and others.


It is a special treatment of Kerala in which herbal medicines are made into a paste and applied to the scalp and then the scalp is covered with lotus or banana leaves for a duration of 30 to 60 minutes. Prior to this treatment, head massage is done with medicated oil. It is very effective treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and hair fall.


Udwarthanam or powder massage is the application of medicated powder or paste all over the body against the direction of hair follicles with a certain pressure in different postures for the duration of 45 to 60 minutes. Accumulated fat and adipose tissue is useful in reducing weight, gives stability and strength, and improves the skin tone.


It is done by application of herbal paste over the affected area and then covered by using medicinal herbal leaves. Then it is covered with cotton cloth bandaging. It is removed after a few hours or as per requirement. It is very effective in localized swelling and pain, joint injuries, and osteoarthritis.


Warm medicated oil is poured on the chest inside the herbal paste boundary and retained there for 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in chest congestion, bronchitis, and it improves the heart function.


Vamana or emesis is one of the panchakarma treatment in which the patient is subject to vomit after giving a large quantity of milk mixed with vamana dravgas. It is useful in bronchial asthma, skin diseases, fever, and cough.


In this panchakarma treatment, the patient is subjected to snehana and swedana. A single dose of strong purgative medicine is given to eliminate the vitiated doshas. After purgation, light diet like kanji is given. It is the treatment for piles, splenetic disorders, jaundice, intestinal parasites, and gout.

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  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Consultations with the doctor
  • Daily one yoga session
  • Daily healthy vegetarian meals

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  • Airport transfer


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
  • Jouw aanbetaling wordt volledig terugbetaald als deze 15 dagen vóór de dag van aankomst wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet worden voldaan bij vertrek.
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