Yoga Docententraining in Ecuador

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Tip van een expert: dit is een van de populairste yoga retreats die wordt aangeboden in Ecuador.

Word een Yoga Alliance internationaal gecertificeerde yoga instructeur bij de Durgas Tiger School. Leer om te onderwijzen, inspirerend, initiatiefvol en een goede meditatie neer te zetten. Verenig lichaam, geest en ziel door middel van yoga en filosofie in het dagelijks leven. Ga mee in de persoonlijke verandering in een prachtige en intieme leeromgeving.

Hoogtepunten van de retreat

  • Daily yoga practice
  • 1 or 2 special activities out of the school
  • Mantra chanting, meditation, and pranayama
  • Tantra yoga and Kundalini yoga teaching lessons
  • Physiology, philosophy, and yoga methodology
  • Dance, art, and shamanism
  • 41 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals


  • Beginner
  • Gemiddeld
  • Gevorderd

Yoga stijlen

42 instructiedagen in het Engels
De organisator spreekt: Spaans, Engels
De maximale groepsgrootte is 20
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You will stay in Casa Kiliku, a place in the Andes not too far from the city of Quito and just next to the natural reserve of the Ilal Volcano. During the teacher training, Casa Kiliku will be close to tourists and open as an Ashram where you share meals, spaces, yoga work, and ashram life experience.

The houses are built by materials from the volcano, with bricks or adobe and wood. Every space is unique. You can stay on the big terrace and chat with others. Or just lie in the hammock and read or meditate on treetops dancing in the wind. It is pure luxury to offer a retreat place in a rural environment at the edge of the ecological reserve Ilal and so close to the center of Quito.

This place is made by ecological local materials and a sustainable way of living is promoted. Accommodation will be in double or triple rooms equipped with kitchen and bathroom with hot shower. You will share meals every day in the communitarian terrace enjoying the view.

Durgas Tiger School Ecuador Yoga Teacher Training Program

With the 300-hour course, you can list yourself as advanced teacher in YAI. The 300 hours help the student to deepen in the practice and focus in hold the asanas more time without loosing the relaxation and letting go of tensions, keeping a state of deep meditation.

Tantra yoga is based on the own experience of the student, when you dedicate yourself in practicing more hours you will get a deeper consciousness of your body and mind.

Living in the ashram enables students to focus intensively on their training, away from every day tasks and distractions, fully immersing themselves in a process of learning and self-discovery. Students discover the joy of deeply engaging in yogic practice and lifestyle without their usual responsibilities and away from busyness of daily life. A close, and energetic group environment is created to enable students to share their experience and learning process and thus collectively deepen their understanding of the yoga practice.

Durgas Tiger dance

Durgas Tiger dance is a form of movement developed by Iris Disse based on yoga energy work and different dance stiles, is another form through which students deepen creativity and relaxation in body movement. The training also involves voice work through mantra chanting.

Introspection, theoretical, and practical learning

Students are given time for self-study, reflection, and practicing teaching Tantra yoga classes between themselves. During the course of the month, students will also complete a written project.

During theory and practical learning classes, students learn about Tantra yoga philosophy and its application in every day life, yoga methodology, massage, and Ayurvedic medicine. Students learn the Ayurvedic walking massage. During massage classes, students also learn about the body, physiology, and anatomy.

As you are living in Ecuador with a huge American Indian population, students also have the opportunity to learn about Andean culture, its cosmo-vision and its similarities with eastern culture. During the course, shamanistic energy concepts are explored together with the Tibetan tantric tradition, to learn how these two different traditions understand energy, astrology, subtle anatomy, and physiology. This work helps Ecuadorian yoga students to integrate more easily with the eastern wisdom.

Karma yoga

Karma yoga is an important part of the learning process in community life. You help each other to maintain common spaces and materials, you take care of the pachamama (earth). Through Karma yoga, you keep in contact with the earth and its fruits and we contribute to the well being and learning of the group.

Kundalini yoga

Through Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bajhan, students learn another, different, approach to energy work in yoga. Students explore kryias, pranayama, and chakra theory.

Shamanic clown

Shamanic clown is an energetic training that combines improvisation, clowning, dancing, musical and rhythm work, meditation, and practical shamanism among other things. The work is a fusion of tools and experiences that you can use for art and life, to get more in contact with your inner child and intuition, develop the right side of your brain and your lateral thinking, release patterns and blockings, and open your ears and eyes to the present moment and the others.

It also helps to work in group in more effective and loving ways, to increase your creativity and artistic skills by looking at things in a completely new perspective. The clown is an archetype that repeats its presence throughout a lot of cosmo-visions along human history, from east to west, ancient and contemporary; the fool, the contrary, heyoka, etc.

Clowning involves deep transformation; its a kind of shamanism of ourselves that will reflect positively in the creation of our lives and relations. Acting in a way that is different to the ordinary accepted, sometimes specifically the opposite and making it evident, help to raise the awareness of people through play. You cant play or laugh at the world if you dont start by laughing and playing with yourself.

Tantra yoga

Tantra yoga works with deep relaxation. Students learn the feeling of flowing into the asanas without struggle, developing a deep form of a deep yoga meditation. This technique is completed by the practice of bandhas, pranayama, the mantra chanting, Samadhi, sitting meditation, and Kundalini kriyas.

Together, the group will discover the ways in which to implement the yoga experience into every day life. Students also learn about the energetic exchange between Shiva and Shakti, the two polarities, and how to integrate sexual energy into their yoga exploration. During their training, students will explore Tantra yogic lifestyle, philosophy, and arts.


  • 65% of the course content is focused on Tantra yoga
  • 35% of the course content is focused on Kundalini yoga which energetically supports the Tantra yoga practice
  • Techniques of pranayama and principles of methodology are taught in both practices.

Other practices

  • Heyoca - the shamanic clown
  • Shamanistic practices
  • Tantric and shamanistic rituals
  • Chakra work
  • Shakti dance and Durgas Tiger dance

Daily schedule

  • Morning meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Morning session of theory or practical learning and yoga practice
  • Lunch and afternoon break
  • Afternoon session of theory or practical learning and yoga practice
  • Dinner
  • Teachings of Tantra philosophy, mantra chanting, dancing or special arts events related to the course material two to three evenings per week.


Daniela de Girolamo
APSE (Shiatsu Massage)
APTN_COFENAT (Ayurvedic Massage)
Daniela was born and raised in Italy. Between 2005 and 2010 she completed her studies as Ayurvedic Massagist, Shiatsu operator and facilitator, Qi Gong master teacher. Between 2011 and 2012, Daniela traveled to India, where she practiced Hatha yoga in Sivananda Ashram in Neyyr Dam She arrived in Ecuador in 2013 and started training in Tantra yoga with Iris Disse, while assisting with the creation of Durga’s Tiger School. She is now a master yoga teacher in the school, giving classes in meditation and Tantra yoga. In 2016 she certified herself in Ovarious Breath. 2017 Pregnancy Yoga 100hrs TT
Iris Disse
Yoga Alliance International (Tantra Yoga)
Iris Disse richtte Durga´s TIger School op. Bij haar yoga docentenopleidingen komen yogatechnieken, Tantra, sjamanisme en kunst samen om een echte verandering te creëren. Ze is een master yogalerares en geeft al 17 jaar les, waarbij ze spreekt over thema´s zoals liefde, spiritualiteit en seksualiteit op workshops, festivals en de Universiteit van Andina in Quito. Haar Durga´s Tiger School is een internationaal erkend instituut voor yoga docentenopleidingen. Ze is een schrijfster, actrice, docente en award-winnende documentairemaakster in Europa en Latijns-Amerika.
Nicolas Cambas
Nicholas is een Argentijnse kunstenaar en experimentalist die werkt met het onderzoek van kunst en therapie, vooral met behulp van verschillende aspecten van improvisatie en experimentele talen in theater, clown, dans, muziek en sjamanisme. Nicolas heeft de afgelopen tien jaar onderzoek gedaan, en heeft zijn persoonlijke stijl ontwikkeld in de prestaties, regie en pedagogiek. Hij heeft ook onderzoek gedaan naar verschillende lichaamstechnieken en talen, zoals het circus, hedendaagse dans, compositie (geluid schilderen), capoeira, yoga, en schermen.
Marcela Camacho
Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1980, Marcela relocated to Ecuador 1989. She has studied acupuncture, healing humanism, and healing-creative theater in the Neijing School of Quito, Ecuador. Marcela explores performance techniques such as physical theater, clown, art comedy, storytelling, stage, and theater of the oppressed. She also applies these techniques in different social scenes, developing each project with individual and group exercises.
Fanny Simbaña
Fanny comes from one of the native families of the mountain, the Ilaló. Her family has actively supported community life on the mountain through many generations. As part of the shamanism program, Fanny will share a little bit of her knowledge of the traditional medicinal plants that grow on the volcano. Fanny’s knowledge of medicinal plants was handed down to her by her mother and grandmother, as it has been from generation to generation.
Hector Villavicencio
Hector graduated in Political Science with a master in Business Administration (MBA). After few years working in what he studied, he decided to change his profile. He started meditating and then practicing yoga in 2004. He practiced and explored deeply different yoga styles, such as Hatha yoga, Vidya or classical yoga, Rocket yoga, Power yoga, Anusara yoga, Dynamic yoga, and Kundalini yoga. He has being giving yoga classes from about 10 years ago. He also practiced different meditation styles, including Osho, Zen, Taoíst, and Vipassana.
Tatiana Davila
Tatiana was born in Ecuador. In 1999, she studied Plastic Arts and at the same time Initiation Psychology based on the teachings of Karlfried Graf Dürckheim. Thanks to this, she empirically experienced art as a therapy. She started doing workshops in which she worked on the human development using art and the play as the main tool. In 2015, she realized a master with IASE of Valencia, Spain in Art Therapy. In 2007, she finished her studies in Humanistic Psychotherapy Gestalt with the IHPG School of México. She has been working as a psychotherapist from 14 years ago.
Rosa Maria Cisneros
Rosa is a Sociologist and during different years, she gave private counselings as manager of market research. In 2012, she trained as a Kundalini yoga teacher, and from that moment, she began to go in-depth with themes such as conscious pregnancy, upbringing without attachment, and breastfeeding. Now, she gives yoga classes for pregnant women, people who are trying for a baby, and women who just gave birth. Another one of the themes she works with is the couple and she gives workshops for couples.

Retreat locatie

The yoga retreat will take place in Casa Kiliku, in the Andes of Ecuador, close to the capital Quito and on the edge of a natural reserve. You will be located three kilometers from the village of Tumbaco surrounded by high trees and mountains. The Kiliku is a little hawk living here on the volcano, the Ilal. For them, is the symbol of freedom and as he is seeing the reality from high above. It means that this place helps the yoginis to get a distance from their everyday life to fly into the experience of living in a yoga ashram, enjoying the green garden surrounding with flowers and old trees.

Nearby places

  • Quito - 25 minutes
  • Tumbaco, 3 kilometers


During this training, you will enjoy three daily vegetarian and locally sourced meals. All meals are always prepared with a lot of love mixing the Ecuadorian tradition with healthy and conscious recipes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available. If you have some allergy or specific need of special menu, Durga's Tiger School can serve vegan or gluten-free menus for a supplement of 5 USD per day.

De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten

De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

  • Vegetarisch
Als je speciale dieetwensen hebt, is het een goed idee om dit alvast door te geven aan de organisator bij het maken van een reservering

Wat er te doen is

  • Explore the yoga laboratories where students discover other yoga techniques like Ashtanga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow
  • Relax in the hammock and read
  • Take a day trips to hot springs, the mountains or to Otavalo Market etc.
  • Visit the surroundings to buy organic food and German bread, having a coffee and a chat or enjoy story telling or a concert.
  • Work with a shaman and medicinal plants of the jungle or the Andes

Spa behandelingen

The teachers specialize in a variety of healing arts and Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism is thus able to offer, at an extra cost, the following:

  • Abyanga and Marmas massage
  • Personalized Qi Gong practices
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxing massage
  • Tantric counseling about love, couple, sexuality
  • Zen shiatsu treatments

In de prijs inbegrepen

  • All the teacher training courses
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Dance, art, and shamanism
  • Mantra chanting, meditation, and pranayama
  • Physiology, philosophy, yoga methodology lessons
  • 41 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals
  • Ecuador taxes

Niet in de prijs inbegrepen

  • Day trips
  • Work with a shaman and medicinal plants
  • Yoga exploration laboratories


Driving directions from Quito

  • Arriving from Quito, you enter in Tumbaco through the Interocenica, you will see Santa Mara supermarket on your right and you just follow straight on for about one kilometer more.
  • You must turn right in the Guayaquil Street on the opposite site of Gasolinera Primax (gas station) by the Semaforo light.
  • Drive towards the Colegio Pachamama, crossing a bridge over Ruta Viva Highway, until you get to a big football field in Rumihuaico area (Comuna Leopoldo Chvez).
  • You go straight up to the hill, after 100 meters the street makes a Y split.
  • Then you keep right (the oposite direction from Pachamama) up hill on the new paved road.
  • You follow one and a half kilometers more or less and on the right side you see a blue house. Casa Kiliku is directly behind it. Look for the little sign that says Casa Kiliku lote 169.


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 100% van de totale prijs.
  • Jouw reservering wordt volledig terugbetaald als deze 60 dagen vóór de dag van aankomst wordt geannuleerd.
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Special discount

Two persons booking together are eligible for a special discount of 110 USD per person.

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