Bron voor Rust&Geluk biedt rust en geluk aan door middel van vakanties met yoga, meditatie, paardentherapie, surfen en hanteren de filosofie van Louise Hay.

Yoga Retreats (7)

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6-Daagse Yoga Retreat met Paardrijden in Aljezur

mei | juni | juli | september | oktober, 2022
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6-Daagse Meditatie Retreat met Yoga en Hiken in Aljezur

mei | juni | juli | september | oktober, 2022
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Instructeurs (3)

Claudia Dunselman

Jim Kellerman

Gudrun Seitler

Beoordelingen (19)

Linda S

uit Portugal, april 2022

"Expect the unexpected ♥ "

I came to this retreat with a heavy baggage and an ego that was bigger than me. Despite my arrogant behavior and my narrow mind, Claudia and Jim took care of me like no one before.

Their patience and their love for Humans truly shows their power and their will to heal the world. They are two angels sent from the skies to help us poor souls to find our way in this world.

They changed me. They made me who I'm supposed to be. They unfolded all the layers of toughness to let appear this river of softness I keep hiding from the world.

I would spend my life with them if I could but you guys need them as well. So don't hesitate, don't think twice.

Go meet those 2 beautiful souls, they are worth every penny, every minute of your time, every ounce of your stored energy.

Janneke Kors

uit Nederland, juli 2021


Beter dan de hosts Claudia en Jim kan je het niet treffen ze verwelkomen je met open armen en kijken echt waar je behoefte aan hebt. Daarnaast was de omgeving geweldig.

Ratna Puryanti

uit Ierland, november 2021

"Better than expectation"

I stayed for 5/6 days but I want more. The whole package was great. The place, the activities, the food and the energy was unbelievable. Thank you Jim and Claudia for let me stay there and give me great experience for my personal growth, I hope see you again.

Andrea Fahmel

uit Duitsland, september 2021

"Way over the top!"

I loved every minute of my stay in Portugal with Claudia and Jim.

I think that everybody takes what they want /need out of the experience, but if you’re looking for a real reset, peace and quiet and just take a look at where you’re at and where you want to go, then it’s an amazing place to start.

The place is amazing, the food, the views, the guests with whom I shared my time and of course the hosts, who take care of everyone’s needs and wishes, and not forgetting to ask the right questions that led to amazing talks and insights.

I’d really like to go back and enjoy what Claudia and Jim have built with so much work and love.

Thank you soooo much!

Nina Robertsson

uit Zweden, september 2021

Authentic people providing a beautiful space to enjoy, relax and dig deeper. I’m so happy I found this place and had the opportunity to go. My warmest recommendations for anyone who’s looking to reconnect with yourself as well as with others.

Helen Powell

uit Portugal, augustus 2021

"Absolutely amazing experience - highly highly recommended "

Thank you ever so much Claudia and Jim for the wonderful rest and the serenity I found in your incredible home and surroundings.

I was lucky enough to stay in one of the tipis and absolutely loved the peace, tranquillity and serene nature of the overall experience. The environment was so calming, relaxing and gave me a chance to completely reset.

The tipi itself was incredible: spacious, cosy, comfortable and such a unique experience. Also the food I had was consistently constantly incredible (thank you!) - healthy, plentiful and absolutely delicious.

I was fortunate enough to be the only guest for the majority of my retreat and loved it so much that I chose to stay an extra night as I was enjoying the rest and rejuvenating qualities of the environment. Claudia thank you for the wonderful yoga session that we had and the powerful card reading afterwards, that meant so much to me.

I would recommend this so highly and it was the break and opportunity to find peace and solace that I have not found anywhere else I have ever stayed. Thank you again and I will be back soon!

Salima Bandjy

uit Frankrijk, augustus 2021

"What an incredible experience!"

This trip was amazing!

I did not know what to expect before going there but I got so much more!

Claudia and Jim are marvellous hosts. They know how to make you feel just like home.

Claudia is an amazing yoga teacher. I loved the classes so much. They were at the same time fun and I gained a lot of wisdom yoga 🧘‍♀️

She really wants you to have the best stay.

She is also a very good cook ;)

The horse riding instructor is so patient and kind. She makes you feel at ease on the horses.

The horses are beautiful! 🐴

Claudia also helped me to feel better on the horse by using yoga.

I will treasure the memory of these dans and hope to go back in a near futur.

Thank you so much!

I would highly recommend you I go there and enjoy the nature, staying in a tipi, doing yoga, horse riding and much more.

Carole Kurdi

uit Frankrijk, augustus 2021

"Amazing and refreshing place!"

Claudia, Gudrun and Jim are very welcoming, genuine and kind hearted! I enjoyed every minute of my stay: whether it was the yoga and meditation sessions, the surf, the horse riding, the nice walks and the great encounters, it was more than I could imagine for my first solo retreat!😍Plus, the place is really nice and relaxing and the tipis are comfortable. I highly recommend the experience!!

Thank you again Claudia & Jim for everything 🥰

Gwen Versluis

uit Zwitserland, juli 2021

"Magische Momente in der wohlduftenden Natur"

Die Gastgeber Claudia und Jim sind fantastische , liebenswürdige und liebevolle Menschen, die auch den extra Meter machen, um dir das zu geben, was du gerade brauchst. Dies sowohl im praktischen Sinne, wie zum Beispiel kleine Fahrdienste, Kurzwanderungen durch die magische Natur, Frühstückspicknick am Zelt, Essenswünsche, als auch - wenn gewünscht- im Sinne der persönlichen Entwicklung, wie zum Beispiel mit Gesprächen und Büchern.

Schön sind auch die Begegnungsmöglichkeiten mit gleichgesinnten Gästen, weshalb sich diese Ferien ideal für Alleinreisende eignet.

Besonders für Tierfreunde zu empfehlen: Drei Hunde und Katze begrüssen dich jeden Tag voll Begeisterung. Die Pferde nehmen dich geduldig mit auf Ausritten in der wohlduftenden, schönen Natur.

Nach diesen Kurzferien bin ich erfüllt und erholt nach Hause gegangen.

Odile Giger

uit Portugal, juli 2021

"Wonderful stay with very warm hearted people"

I was staying for 3 days at this lovely place and I absolutely loved it!!!

Staying in the tipis in the middle of the nature was so relaxing. Claudia and Jim are so warm hearted people and are truly interested to organize the stay that it fits you best. There is a very nice family atmosphere also with the othee guests.

Thank you again for everything- i will defenetly come back!!

Sofia Bravo

uit Portugal, juli 2021

"Thank you Claudia and Jim! The world is much better with you"

I was looking for a place to stay while doing some of my favourite activities, catch up on my horseriding, yoga classes, walking… I googled my vacations and google showed me the way to Claudia and Jim….the most welcoming and generous persons on Earth. They had me in their own place like I was one of their best friends and made everything they could to make me feel at home and comfortable. I can only say: thank you Claudia and Jim! (A special thank you to Claudia who was always with me in every activity and made sure I had everything I lwas expecting).The world is better with you! For sure!

Laura Becker

uit Duitsland, juli 2021

"Best place to learn, recover, breathe, live "

Claudia and Jim are incredibly open, warm-hearted and kind human beings.

I felt at home from the first moment, they were always listening and ready to help me with anything I needed. Not a typical retreat house but a home away from home by the ocean.

Beautiful house and surroundings, incredible nature, happy dogs. If you are looking to learn new skills like surfing, riding and Yoga or just a place to be in nature, meditate and contemplate this is the place to go to.

Thank you for everything.

Nathalie Simenic

uit Duitsland, mei 2021

"Amazing place to recharge"

I could not feel more welcomed in Aljezur than at Claudia & Jims place. Their knowledge and experience will guide you through whatever you are searching for. I also really liked the nice amd warm accommodation in the countryside but it’s also very near of the city center and the beach. Also I appreciated the time I spent with nature and the horses themselves very much. I am very happy I came to that place and found these beautiful souls in Aljezur !

Joana Mira

uit Portugal, juli 2019

Anfitriões muito atenciosos e pessoas com um bom coração. Todas experiências superaram as expectativas. Mais a beleza e calma que a Natureza ofereceu. Obrigada Jim e Claudia.

Linda Schnittchen

uit Duitsland, juni 2019

"Perfect for recharging some positive energie"

I really enjoyed my stay at Claudia's and Jim's accommandation, it was just like visiting some good friends. They did their best to make my stay as pleasent as possible.

Especially the nature and the beaches close to the accommandation are very beautiful.

I'm looking forward to going back one day!

Charu Singhal

uit India, juli 2018

"Source of rest and happiness "

Claudia and Jim are wonderful people and instructors who went out of their way to make sure everything was good. They tried their best to understand what needs to be worked upon and helped with it